Pros & Cons of a Chihuahua | Dog Breeds

I’m Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter,
and I am the “”Living with Dogs”” columnist for I’ve actually written 6 books and I’m hard
at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs — that’s as much
as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody’s life is complete
without one. So I’m here to tell you about a variety of
different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you’ll adopt one soon. The Chihuahua’s distinction is that he is
really the smallest known dog breed and when you, get into the really tiny teacup Chihuahua’s,
you’re talking a little, little, thing; that is even a little smaller than a squirrel. Chihuahua’s can be a little bit, bossy, let’s
say, and I think that’s because, when you feel that small in a huge big world, you know,
you feel really vulnerable and sometimes you have to beat your chest and make a loud noise
to make up for it. So, that’s something to remember with Chihuahua’s. That, they can sometimes feel threatened,
just, by the sheer size of a person. Now, this can become a problem with children,
with small toddlers, because a small toddler to a Chihuahua looks like an ogre. And, and, it’s unpredictable, and it might
hurt you somehow. So, this is really not a great mix, to have
children and Chihuahuas. It’s, it’s not ideal. Ah, it can be done with lots of supervision. But, um, really the Chihuahua has become quite
as kind of a status symbol for a lot of celebrities and kind of tote their little dog in their
little purse. Um, that’s fine, because the Chihuahua loves
to be close to you; they loved to be carried around. Problem is, is when people get tired of the
Chihuahua and they just toss them away, this happens a lot. We see, the animal shelters flooded with Chihuahuas
and it’s, really, really, sad. So, I guess um, my hope for Chihuahuas is
that people don’t equate something small with something insignificant and disposable. Because, it’s not, it’s still a little dog,
a little soul and, ah, it’s a actually a big soul in a tiny body and they deserved the
same respect the biggest Great Dane would get.

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100 Responses

  1. r says:

    wtf, this old duck has no clue! she can't tell a chih, from a cat,,

  2. Lupe Mccormick says:

    My lil Applehead Chihuahua weighs 1.5lbs. Her name is Nita..(Short for Bonita) meaning little one. She will be 7 this June. Love her to death. She is my baby n goes everywhere with me. Even to work! Wish I could post a pic of her.🐾❤

  3. LT05 Studios says:

    There is no such thing as a teacup you are talking out your back side you are a con merchant I own one myself

  4. Sandra S says:

    There are NO PROS of owning a Chihuahua

  5. Sandra S says:

    Her cats are cute and she has 2 cute dogs in this video. At 0:28 there are 2 cats, one behind her and one on the left hand side of the video, looking out the window

  6. Peter Dragos says:

    i wanna clear one thing up..their is no such thing as a teacup.. those are used to con people. all they are is photos.of the specific dog as a puppy.. research before you impulse buy guys. chihuahuas are beautiful dogs i have one of my own its my best friend .. a bit of a yapper but i love him.

  7. Jo Smith says:

    I had my dog and a. new baby they loved each other <3 <3. what shit they say

  8. Investigative Journalist says:

    I don't agree with a chiwawa or any breed of dog to be around children especially new borns. They are a threat to humans just as humans are a threat to them. I think we should love them but to remember that they are animals and not human beings which makes them lesser of value speaking from a positive place.

  9. eloy h says:

    do your homework there's no such breed call teacup chihuahua that's just people trying to get more money off of people by calling it teacup there is no such Chihuahua smaller than a f**** squirrel and I've been the shelters and never seen the full of chihuahuas I seen it full of pitbulls you don't speak facts and I don't know how do you write books on dogs if you don't know what you're talking about you sound like kellyanne Conway

  10. Eddie Tagle says:

    ALL those Chihuahuas look an awful lot like a pitbull?? 🤔

  11. Keith Carter says:

    u love pitbulls 2.

  12. poetic lycan says:

    my 1 year old in my Chihuahua gets along great…they play tug of war and love on each other…so idk what she means by they don't mix with kids hah

  13. chereshinka says:

    Chihuahua is a cat in a dog's body

  14. GuppyG says:

    We had a pure bred Chihuahua that we got for cheap because he weighed too much for competition and we didnt do really hard training or anything but he was still a sweetheart to my baby brothers.
    So no, you don't really need close supervision with every Chihuahua and small children or babies.

  15. Ben Veenkamp says:

    Um this person is a dog columnist? Clearly she knows nothing about chihuahuas. Stating the chihuahua loves to be carried around in a purse is plain naive. It's a regular dog and needs to be treated as such. I don't think I'll be reading this person's column any time soon.

  16. Robert Mes says:

    Amen god bless the chihuahuas

  17. tammymcginty123 says:

    There are no cons to owning a Chi..bc they are the best companion dogs ever.

  18. Francis Mcvie says:

    Not true they love kids mine does depends how they are reared!

  19. TheSuperProPlayer says:

    People always throw their chihuahua's and small dogs to shelters or to the streets, because they no longer "like to get pampered." It's sad.

  20. Cassandra Mitch says:

    I love all dog breeds, but Chihuahuas have a special place in my heart, I used to have one. She passed away in 1991, I miss her. Dogs truly are our best friends.

  21. Wendy Mcclain says:

    I have always had big dogs, mostly Rottweilers, I now have my first chichuaua, sweetest little Angel, wonderful with the grandkiddos, she is my service dog as she lets me know before I Have a stroke, she is such a blessing, so amazing!!

  22. Wendy Mcclain says:

    It is how they are raised, no matter the breed, my Chiuaua is wonderful with our grandkiddos, she is also my service dog. I have had many breeds, breeds people say will be aggressive, other things. I have never had a problem with any breed, you raise them right, any breed will be just fine.

  23. Tracy Spike says:

    why are you talking about Chi but showing pitbulls???

  24. I LUV MY DOGES Rudy and Lola says:

    Im 10 and my dogs dont mind me

  25. Chet youbetya says:

    Ahh she didn't say one thing other then being around children in regards to ALL the ISSUES Chihuahuas have like shedding and major toilet issues and fearfulness and dog or person aggression.

  26. Diane Alusow says:

    Chihuahuas are as tolerant of children and other pets as they are raised to be. As with all dogs, they are loving, willing to please and very affectionate. As a groomer of 51 years and having groomed many, sharing my house with 4 and having raised a litter ( all from unrelated lines) and as a Poodle person, who never dreamt a Chihuahua would share her life, I can attest to the fact that all of them are wonderful, well-socialized and fun little beings I feel privileged to know. The oldest one, a female, tends to maintain alpha status firmly but gently. She feels compelled to remind the others periodically, this includes larger dogs. They are temperamentally sound, fun-loving, good-natured animals.

  27. Rhonda Hunt says:

    No real Chihuahua expert would acknowledge a "teacup" breed. There isn't one. It is simply unscrupulous breeders breeding down the runts. It results in underweight, unhealthy dogs with a lot of genetic problems.

  28. lonna cere says:

    there is NO such thing as a TEA CUP

  29. littlebitofbeauty050 says:

    There are no such thing as a “teacup “ chihuahua. Also the small little dog walking down the street towards the end of the video was definitely not a chihuahua.

  30. Ruth De voe says:

    My chiuhauha is the best dog ever. He is my confidant and my best friend

  31. honey hush says:

    My Chihuahua looked exactly like the white Chihuahua in the beginning of the clip. Rest her soul. I miss her so. 12 years together. Still can't get over her.

  32. Hailey 14763 says:

    I just got a Chihuahua!!!

  33. Fflawed says:

    This video does talk about Chihuahua's, but fails to mention like….anything remotely important to their breed that might be useful in any way if you're looking into them. Why was this video made? "They are a small breed, and can become overwhelmed/overexcited by living creatures toddler-sized and up". An already short video summed up in a sentence.


    Chi's Freaking Rule!!!!

  35. Sister Pamela Pranke OPA says:

    They are also the longest living dog breed so bringing one into your family is a long term commitment. Dogs are not disposable.

  36. chunky boy says:

    The thing i dont like about female chihuahua is that their so vicious and mean, even if their not pregnant or protecting their babies why are they still so vicious

  37. Krisluvsutube says:

    Where do you live that shelters are "flooded" with Chihuahuas? At my local shelters all you ever find are Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes.

  38. bthor76 says:

    I'm in the hospital right now preparing for a stem cell transplant, have been in here for five days. I miss my chihuahua (Bandit) sooo much. I know he misses me too. I will probably be in here another two weeks before I'm discharged. This will be the longest we have been apart. We truly are soul mates me and him.

  39. Karon Hamilton says:

    my hubby and just rescued a 1 year old Chihuahua and she is so smart& sweet

  40. robert franklin says:

    Actually all 3 of my Chi's LOVE small kids, especially my little "Icey" (short for Isis). She sees a school bus or hears air brakes from a large vehicle & she goes ballistic. Every friday morning when she hears the garbage truck arrive it's a circus, because she wants to go see "the babies". I've even taken her outside on a lead so she can see for herself, but she won't believe it – gotta go to the bus stop & check for certain. Women & children completely fascinate her, especially toddlers.

  41. Kelley Smith says:

    Why is this video supposed to be about Chihuahuas yet this woman is shown with dogs that are not chihuahuas and the majority of the video is clips of other dogs breeds? Thumbs down of you are looking for video about chihuahuas that actually FEATURE Chihuahuas as she sparks of them.

  42. Zoe Smith says:


  43. cincymodeler1109 says:

    I have one and he is very friendly and affectionate. His only problem is that he can’t get enough attention.

  44. BroGamer says:

    I can't find a dog collar small enough for my chihuahua. Even on amazon i could only choose from between 3 different collars. The struggle.

  45. Long Zhin says:

    I grew up with one and it was fine

  46. Susie Arviso says:

    Sorry, but Chihuahuas can be taught early that barking & biting is a no no and can be socialized early with people, kids and other dogs & animals. It takes work and time and should be started when young, without compromise. They can even be taught tricks easily and quickly. Without training, the result is the typical barking, biting, growling domineering Chihuahua that only the owners like. No thanks.

  47. FaeWorkz says:

    I'm probably not going to be reading or watching anything from you anytime soon. All of what you said is all false, besides them being the tiniest of the breeds and angriest. Not all chi's are like that. I have owned my dog Taco for almost 10 years now. He's the most precious thing you will ever have the chance to meet. He's wonderful in public and around kids, if ever given the choice to have kids of my own, he'd be a perfect big brother. I know that for a fact because when my mom had my two younger brothers and brought them home, he was so protective of them. He would get snippy if my mom got close to them. And he's incredibly loyal to me and my family. He took in my fiancee fast, as well. Might as well add on to that, he sleeps all day and takes in the lazy life. Maybe you should spend a day with my dog. You'd know a lot more about chi's. 🐕 🐕

  48. Ron Melys says:

    nice video well done!!

  49. Chanel-808-life Hawaii Live says:

    I adopted a Chihuahua And I love her so much for the amazing dog she is #DontshopAdopt

  50. Basically says:

    Igore the children fact, my chihuahua gets so excited to see toddlers he has to say hi! However this is how you raise them

  51. Ilyana Douglas says:

    We just had to give my chihuahua away because she was too much for us to handle but I still love and miss her. 1:45

  52. Francis Mcvie says:

    What a load of rubbish I have a chiawawa and she loves children

  53. Judy Clark says:

    My little long hair doesnt weigh 3 lbs soaking wet. He's my little piece of perfect. Very shy around strangers,
    but once he warms up to you, he's all about getting petted and loved. My only problem with him is around big dogs. He doesn't actively run and cower when he sees one. But if a sniffing episode gets started, he's apt to go aggressively straight for the nose. When theres a large dog around, I simply pick him up or remove him from the area. I always get 'oh my dog won't hurt him'. I know that, I say. It's your dog I'm trying to protect from getting its nose bit. And there s always that one chance that if he does snap a nose, the big dog would snap back. One chomp is all it would take break him in two. My standard is everybodys friend. Other dogs, cats, kids, shes never met a stranger. Her and little man get along well other than both trying to get my attention at the same time. There's enough of me to go around of course I was always a big dog person, but I can't handle them any more due to aging. These 2 are my 'family' and we're all happy to have each other.

  54. Nolvora says:

    Agreed. My relative decided to give away one of their small dogs since they're no longer cute to them as they age and start making more trouble. I'm glad we adopted (my sister begged my mom to) but I'm really not prepared since we've always had bigger dogs, and yea, the stereotype of it being a 'celebrity's purse' dog. Luckily the chihuahua doesn't bark constantly if at all (which surprises me), can be crate-trained and has a funny and sassy personality. I'm only afraid that we as a family are too boring. What's sad is that my sister is never home to take care of the dog she begged to have.

  55. Dave Stambaugh says:

    I got a chihuahua from the shelter. They say he is about eight years old. Tino is the sixth chihuahua I have had. He is the first one that is not terrified of little kids. He must have been raised in the presence of small kids. I believe they are hard wired to fear little kids as they are of big puppies. All the evidence seems to show that Tino has spent some time as a homeless dog as he is totally socialized with other dogs and fears none that we come across. There is none of this agrresion through fear as with the others.

  56. Aurora Binley says:

    I have 2 chihuahuas and im 12

  57. J C says:

    A pit bull killed my baby Chihuahua, 😭😭his name was Pepe, hope I see him in the next world.

  58. Judith Chavez Badillo says:

    My Chihuahua isnt afraid of anything hes very protective and he doesnt like being carried

  59. a watchman on a wall says:

    they shed a lot

  60. Sophie Tremblay says:

    I have a chihuahua and he’s amazing with people including small children

  61. DWCross says:

    I have two one is mixed with a Jack Russell she loves it when people walk by greeting them with a wagging tail. The other is a Deer head that thinks it is a Great Dane let me tell you nobody comes near my front yard he is very boundary protective.

  62. Dim Leventis says:

    In a video about understandig chihuahuas all she does is showing us her dog collection ! but not even one chihuahua ??? She knows nothing about chihuahuas. My chihuahuas are very friendly to everyone especially with children and they act like every other dog big or small.

  63. Dianne Persinger says:

    Chihuahua's are the nicest dogs. Love them !!!!!!

  64. Bonnie Magpie says:

    …………Well I didn't see many Chihuahuas.

  65. Alison Henry says:

    I know three multi-child households who have at least two chichis each. and I have a jackchi myself, with three nieces and nephews. The strange idea that a child is terrifying to a chihuahua because they're huge to them would only make sense if adult humans were smaller than their kids. My jackchi adores my niece (9) and is the only person on earth other than me that he will go to when he wants a cuddle.

  66. Lisa Godin says:

    Tea cup Chihuahuas are NOT a breed. They're the runts of the litter. It is a con to dupe people. My Chi was the regular size who grew from one and a quarter pounds to six. The white Chi shown looked like my girl. She later had a tan back as she grew. Looked like lightly toasted bread. Chihuahuas can be bossy? My girl wasn't to me and I had her for 16 years! I had to break her of trying going after my cat if he got to close until I made it known that he was entitled to be just as close to me as she was. You don't teach that they won't learn. Bossy dogs of any breed are like that when you don't establish whose on top and it's not the dog. Children have to be taught respect of dogs which most parents won't do! When kids wanted to pet my girl I made it clear they don't rush her. The sit down calm!y, let her sniff you and rub her chest and she was fine. I had to threaten to kick a little girl who tried to kick my girl and she looked at me as if it was normal to try to kick small dogs. An acquaintance brought in her two-year-old nephew and told him no screaming, no chasing, no poking or tail pulling and he got it not only with my girl but with my cat too! He played ball with my girl and was gentle with her and my cat. If kids are taught young respect of dogs you won't have a problem. Chihuahuas do love to be close but they are DOGS not accessories and people who treat them as accessories shouldn't own any dog! I picked my dog up when she was a pup when it came to stairs because they were too big and she let me know when she was four months old she could do stairs and she did! When her legs became too stiff in old age I'd pick her up when it came to stairs then put her back down and she walked on her own after that. If she couldn't hop on the couch I'd pick her up and when she was ready to go into her bed she hopped back down and trotted to her bed. My girl never really walked. She pranced. She couldn't wait to get back home after the groomer to show her cat brother how good she looked and he'd give her the sniff test and a little extra grooming. Stop calling Chihuahuas an "it"! They have gender! Lazy people dump their dogs in shelters no matter the size. You get a dog for love and companionship. It's a lifelong commitment. My girl has passed and I'm just miserable without my girl. When I get over the grief I want to find another Chi pup to raise and love and cuddle and fuss over and best of all have the best darn watch dog. She thwarted two attempted robberies. Now I feel uneasy without her. She was very protective of the house. One robber going down in my basement that I heard my girl raising a ruckus when shoveling years ago seemed to be grateful I got to him and not her. She looked fierce on the other side of my kitchen door. Barking and fang showing but she never bit anyone. She just looked fierce. She'd bark when the cable guy would come but no teeth. My girl was only a yapper when you came in. She was the perfect lady on a walk but had to protect her from other people's dogs who were unleashed who tried to go after her and I scooped her up. It's never long enough with a dog. I miss my girl so much it physically hurts. Chihuahua power!

  67. Angela Lycos2.0 says:

    I grew up with Chiuahuas as a child, they taught me patiens and gentility. Which translates to how I handle shy or nervous dogs. The dogs my mom had where a dream when it comes to the little guys. Quiet unless some one knocked at the door and gentle with children, always wanting to be brushed or cuddled.

  68. nakea simone says:

    This video served no purpose

  69. Zachary Welborn says:

    She cant even say chihuahua right haha, she says it like it's spelled chiwowhua

  70. may day says:

    My Chihuahua is so mellow.Rarely barks
    cool as hell

  71. Trish Traynor says:

    She must have read a magazine article on Chihuahuas because she's never had one. They're hilarious, cheeky, easy to teach and maybe a bit stubborn but so are its of other breeds. Not safe with kids? Teach your kids not to annoy the dog but treat it as the intelligent little animal that it is. I had a Staffy when my kids were little and everyone said I would regret it because they're fighting dogs.She was the sweetest kindest dog you could imagine. My second Chihuahua came to live with me only 6 days ago and already he will come when called, walk on a lead, and sleep all night ( in his own bed)without complaining. I adore him and I laugh all day long at his antics. However, he is a dog. He won't be wearing clothes and going to dog birthday parties. He will know his place but be treated with respect. He's curled up on my lap right now having just gone 20 rounds of the room with a (stolen)wet wipe in his mouth.

  72. Umbra says:

    I loaf my Chi-Hua-Hua.
    Also, lady! You need to work on your chihuahua knowlage. It's the breedist thing again. It's all in how chihuahuas are brought up. If you give enough love and attention to it, it will be very kind and loyal to you. I have a chihuahua and he is the sweetest dog ever.

  73. Frank M Trevino says:

    It absolutely turns my stomach to know that people turn in or abandoned chihuahuas because they get tired of them. Those little guys don't have a chance at the animal shelter with all the big dogs…

  74. Doggs4Life says:

    cat person triggered

  75. Sir. Fuentes says:

    Best small/toy breed hands down.

  76. ServantoftheoneTrueGod AlmightyGod says:

    Chihuahuas are the best .

  77. Jerome Jones says:

    As a 6 foot 6 275 pound man I wholeheartedly loved my little buddy who is a Apple Head Chihuahua named pay pay that probably sits in my Sidecar Everywhere I Go

  78. Roxana Franco says:

    But how do you no get mad

  79. Queen. Kristal says:

    The reason why they give them up is because they are bossy and snappy dogs and can be a danger to if a family has a new baby or young kids they get rid of it so it won't bite and won't disturb the baby or guest.i know this because a family friend has one and is still will bite/bark guest and family even though he has lived there for 10 years.

  80. Fairyfreak57 says:

    Weve had 3 chihuahuas and one lived 20 years in spite of a heart defect. We now have a chiweenie 😂

  81. jim smith says:

    i love my chihuahua,used to have a 90 pound pitbull and a 110 german shepherd great dogs,both past away in 2018 at 13 years of age,horrible year for me and my brother,we decide to d o a 180 with dog sizes and it paid off so far,he loves both of us so much,when i go to work i can hear him crying through the doors.they need lots of love and exercise,extremely important,and a good diet!!!

  82. Michele Conley Eckert says:

    We rescued our Chihuahua, she was a Christmas present they no longer wanted at the end of Jan. We said we’d take her site unseen because she was going to the pound right then. She had no shots not even parvovirus prevention and we got her updated on all her shots and had her fixed. They paid $1,400 for her, we have her paperwork. I offered to pay her 1/2, but she said no. She was nice so was her son, but they didn’t have the time or knowledge to train her. All dogs need some training, especially Chihuahuas. I had asked God for a Chihuahua or a Pug for 11/2 years , she’s a deer chi, her Daddy says she’s a moose Chihuahua because she’s a little fat. Hehe. She is literally the bell of the ball when she goes into town with us. We rarely leave her at home, she loves going bye byes and loves clothes. Daddy bought her a pearl necklace from Macy’s because he said she deserved pearls. He would buy her a diamond necklace if he could. 😉
    Please Adopt don’t Shop! ❤️🐶❤️🐾🐾

  83. Mariah 151 says:

    Came here to see a chi. Not other dogs. Wtf.

  84. Ejirou Kirishima says:

    I just found a stray Chihuahua in my yard .he's white and exactly smaller than a squirrel. He is so adorable and he just fell asleep on my lap and we just chillin 👌

  85. Mary Heim says:

    My chi rescue is smart sweet and cuddles with my 4 cat rescues. He does not want to be a purse puppy.

  86. Daddy's Girl 76 says:

    Chihuahuas Rock! I have one, he's a great dog, friend and protector

  87. Elenaworl says:

    Chihuahuas r teh best doggos ever

  88. William Mignoli says:

    good point of view..I rescued Chip 18 months ago and for a small dog he is a handful at times.. but I am his senior single owner in his house and he gets all my attention. I work from home on computer 90% of the time so we are very close.I could swear when we are sleeping at night he is talking to me with his little groans and when I make a little groan back at him another one follows like a me crazy but it's true…he goes on a minimum of two long walks a day, morning and night and two short pee pee walks too and he really NEEDS that. He is a tiger outside around other dogs and a mouse inside when the rain hits the roof. He loves the rabbits and they play chase each other! But alas me and Chip we are tied at the hip now for life. He was four when I rescued him so I hope he will be with me for another 15 years or more..I don't take him to groomer..i brush him everyday and wipe his teeth and gums with dental dog wipes ( I use baby wipes everyday multiple times if it rains to keep him very clean) and his nails naturally trim when he gets his long walks.. Here is a neat short video I did of Chippy s hopping and skipping! Thanks for a great video too..Chippy Scuffs and Hops to the Birdie

  89. freda arbuckle says:

    This was about chihuahua's? video showed completely different breed. The commentary was simply a message saying, 'these little dogs can be bossy and are sometimes disposed of when people get tired of them'. No useful information whatsoever. You're best sticking with a breed you can knowledgeably speak about dear.

  90. Dark Knight says:

    I couldn't live without my little poopy heads,…they literally keep me going…and yes they are naughty, wouldn't have it any other way

  91. Adam Botello says:

    Her two chi are huge

  92. Sad Skye says:

    I have a teacup chihuahua and he is so cute and energetic and he is about to turn 5 years old so I have had him for 5 years I got him at 2 months old

  93. glow worm says:

    If this video is about chihuahuas why is it mostly showing pitbulls? I hate pitbulls!

  94. 101 101 says:

    She kedps on saying chi-wa-wa-s

  95. Michael Howell says:

    My Chihuahua peanut, said your video was good! He said bark bark!

  96. Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog says:

    There are no pros, Chihuahuas are straight up assholes and that’s a fact. Don’t Believe me? Google it because it’s true

  97. Ed K says:

    horrible. awful.   and those are their good qualities.

  98. Andrew Tobias says:

    She's a writer about dogs? obviously, she never had a relationship with a Chi. Only knows the stereotypes. She even didn't know about sizes. Smaller than a squirrel? Average size is four to six pounds. Okay to be ignorant, but to profess expertise is inexcusable.

  99. Jonny_mazerati says:

    She takes a minute to get into the topic ? Fail.

  100. Cynthia Pritt says:

    I just adopted one.Hes the best.

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