Pros & Cons of a Dachshund | Dog Breeds

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  1. mtn gnome says:

    That was it? Burrowing and short legs?

  2. Sir Cleduffy says:

    The cons are when there quiet

  3. James Johnson says:

    I miss my Dixie.only 3 years old had to put him to sleep.lymphoma.saddest day in my life.I miss him so hurts.even my bull terrier miss him .they were buddies and playmate.I ask St.Francis to watch over him.

  4. Penis says:

    A 2:22 minute video full of nothing. Thanks alot.

  5. Markfrostflame Literally god says:

    If dachshunds were mastiff sized they would be the best guard dogs on the planet.

  6. Tom Slak says:

    Dachshunds don't know that they are a small dog! I had one that would challenge EVERY dog we met while taking walks. She even challenged a fully grown Saint Bernard on his home turf! Luckily she was on her leash so the Saint Bernard wasn't hurt. LOL

  7. Rob Moir says:

    Sweetie dog

  8. Susan Bukera says:

    Dachshund owners do yourself and your dog a favor and get Pet health medical insurance…My dog got a spinal injury…
    Dachshund get these injuries easily from jumping up and down off furniture and beds…My dogs surgery cost 6,300.dollars…but thanks to Trupanion Pet Health and Medical insurance I was able to save my dog…and keep him from being put down… Trupanion paid 90 percent of the Vet surgical bill… Trupanion has their own video on YouTube…check em out…

  9. brian rennie says:

    naughty but nice

  10. YouTube Helper says:

    Do wiener dogs shed

  11. Gaming girl GAMING says:

    That's my dog

  12. dace villen says:

    my wife has the flu real bad and my two dapple dachshunds won't leave her side keeping her warm and loved

  13. dmoneybk says:

    What kind of dog is it that you’re holding in the beginning of the video? The one with short hair that is brown and white?

  14. Donovan Newton says:

    I love Weenees I have one that loves to shnergle

  15. Deepak Saini says:

    dachshudd dog kitne month bad hit mai ata h koi btaiga

  16. derek brian says:

    How they r breed?

  17. J N says:

    You forgot Queen Elizabeth

  18. Davey says:

    I have a dachshund and black lab mix (50/50) and she looks like a super small lab. Lab head. But all dachshund personality. Super affectionate and loving. She borrows all over the place. I adopted her before she was born because I have labs and he mom was so sweet (dachshund) I knew she would be a gem. I love dachshund so much more now.

  19. Ken Coasts says:

    Lil mother truckers are cute but crazy lol

  20. Diana Snow says:

    They are hilarious and cute af.Mine is a sweet derpy doofus but you cannot get mad at her.

  21. bobby long says:

    When I brought my Dachshund home at 6 wks, my family had never owned a small dog and we'd never had an indoor dog. Boy, were we in for a surprise. I'm not sure which of us spoiled him more. These "little guys" are the most affectionate and intuitive animals I've ever known. When I say he was my best friend, I mean he was my best friend. A lot of people will think that weird, but if you've owned a Dachshund, you know. He brought so much joy into our home, I know he was a Godsend. Every home should have one.

  22. bobby long says:

    Oh, and if you live in the country, they'll search and dig for anything. If they ever get the scent to something, they'll dig all day long. They get into the zone (lose their minds) and it's hard to get them inside.

  23. Oscar Garcia says:

    It's no surprise this lady is a journalist. She distorts facts and offers more opinion instead of factual information.

  24. biological daddy says:

    All I wanted to know is why dachshunds have long bodies

  25. Steve Glen says:

    Who's the good boy?

  26. Jay Low says:

    I live in Dominican republic and have 3 of this breed one died from a car accedente

  27. Mal Ouston says:

    Awaresum critters oh so lovable but with a mind of their own and an extremely loud bark.

  28. Kindred says:

    Pros and cons Not listedPit bulls everywhere YesTalking about herselfYesDachshund??What , huh, what dachshund

  29. Matthew Mosca says:

    Dachshunds certainly smile, but usually it is after they have the humans trained sufficiently.

  30. Paulo André says:

    Is there a way to make mine stop chewing my belts? I never get to see her doing it. She's very wily.When she's doing it and hears me approaching, she immediately runs away.

  31. warship satin says:

    pugs and dachshunds are the best dogs in the world

  32. Bruce Cutler says:

    My. Dauchound improved the quality of my life with love and loyalty far more than just a dog

  33. W K says:

    Gary Larson must have owned a weiner dog. Just read some of his comics. Funny thing is his humor is true to the hotdogs character.

  34. Tarek Salah says:

    My little dachshund had ivdd surgery just 6 months ago and blew another different disc this week and had to do another surgery, only 5 years old, i never let him go up and down stairs he doesn't even know how to- i don't let him jump off the couch much, i'm very careful and still..we are talking about serious money here..too bad i love that little bastard

  35. zngbnglscf 18 says:


  36. matter says:

    there are no cons

  37. RAGING BULL says:

    I just read that 7 of these dogs killed a lady

  38. Maudie Icrochet says:

    What cons?

  39. Abe Ibrahim says:

    All I saw was Pro’s

  40. RickitySplitz says:

    I have a 17 year old Dachshund that always like to get under a blanket when they sleep most of the time.

  41. Don Marti says:

    Pros: The dachshund will go one way when walking it.
    Cons: Your other dog will go the other way.

  42. Beanie Queen says:

    Aww there so cute i love dogs

  43. mmb says:

    This video did not teach me pros and cons of dachshunds. It taught me the history of dachshunds. Change the title of this video because it does not match up to the content.

  44. Georgette Beacham says:

    My Doxie was easy to potty train. He is the sweetest dog ever
    Stays inside, but goes out to potty. Comes with me to work every day. Has his own chair. He's treated like a king. Best dog I ever had.

  45. K Vogel says:

    Dachshunds are not bred to fight badgers to the death. You've probably never seen a badger, but they are big and tough. Dachshunds are trained to drag the badger from its den to be killed by the forester. Generally more than one dog is used.

  46. Black Coffee says:

    I really want a dachshund puppy 😩

  47. Olivia pinochet says:

    You can't say dachshund

  48. ultra red says:

    Ya my dachshund like to stay all the way under the blanket she was here my whole life but died 3 months ago she was 15 close to 16

  49. mango_ariyyy says:

    My doxie Tiffany ran up to two huge Boxers one night and just barked her head off. I thought they were gonna eat her, but they just looked down at her. I just recently found out she killed a snake, which is kinda hard to believe because I wasn’t there. Anywho, she is the best dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling mine hands down.

  50. Daniela Carrera says:

    Pros: everything, they are perfect
    Cons: none, they are perfect

  51. Emma Grønnegaard says:


  52. Emma Grønnegaard says:

    I want a dachshunds

  53. Air After says:

    The not being able to jump part scares me

  54. Guhbs Beats says:

    So needy. Never well potty trained. Loud and cant left be alone. Never listens. I HATE this damn breed and I love dogs so much

  55. Hallowed Queen says:

    My baby hunts moles. She loves digging for them.

  56. WeenerDawg says:

    can somebody help me ive been trying to google how many times i should take out my wiener dogs can somebody answer meh?

  57. Sofia Rose says:

    I relate

  58. Brian Chapman says:

    Little dogs with big personalities

  59. Standing In The Rain says:

    Dachshunds are afraid of NOTHING…..they are fearless little dogs and can hold their own with big dogs. In my opinion, they make great family companions. Just don't let little kids test them too much…

  60. Sinth Toaster says:

    You forgot to mention lenerd nemoy from Star Trek had a dash hound

  61. hillbilly thug77 says:

    Grew up with dashound they are fiercely loyal and have a Napoleon complex they think they are 100 lbs dog but they are awesome little dogs 😊

  62. JP Landscaping says:

    The thumbnail is a skinny malnourished abused wiener dog and timid not a normal dachshund…FAKE NEWS

  63. Ben Jenkins says:

    And now for the Cons… there are none foooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Goran Majnaric says:

    i have a mixed dog of this two kinds.

  65. stevo728822 says:

    Horrible barking dogs. Best to suffocate them with a plastic bag.

  66. Cyndi Schmeig says:

    Hello I've recently lost my fur babies in the last year ages 14, 16 . I really been thinking of getting another one but I'd like to have a med. Sz one / no shedding . Help . Thank you

  67. Erick Novak says:

    This lady does not have good information about dog breeds. You need to learn more about dog breeds before you decide to make videos plz

  68. Teri Thomas says:

    Here is a link for people who need info on dachshunds.

  69. PRO CAPSICUM says:

    Were are the pros and cons

  70. Keith Carey says:

    I have chiweenie so I got a great dog.shes mostly hound

  71. Keith Carey says:

    My chiweenie smiles alot

  72. Violetly Perfect says:

    We have a dachsund!!!!!!

  73. Christopher Yurdiga says:

    what a twat, vid sucked

  74. Rae West says:

    I have a Dachsy. (standard) She is fearless and loving. If you treat your dog right ,they are all great and would give their life for you.

  75. Kam says:

    They were not bred to "fight badgers to the death", only to flush them out.

  76. Kam says:

    Seriously, educate yourself before posting videos.

  77. 3 best friend says:

    I have hotdog dog her name blackie because her color is black and white

  78. MrTimbaline says:

    Video about doxies, shows her pit bulls for 20 minutes… wtf?

  79. Violetly Perfect says:

    I have a dachounds

  80. •Simply Sweet• says:

    I only looked this up because I have a little wiener dog 🙂

  81. Caden says:

    I’m thinking about getting a new dog a larger one than my dachshund does anyone know if he will get along with a larger dog???

  82. John Franco says:

    I have one, dachshund chihuahua mix. Got the Doxie’s face and body except longer feet. Loves to bite but not hard and very athletic. I love her, her name is Lucifer.

  83. alien_invation :3 says:

    Most of it is just the intro.

  84. Evil Genius says:

    Please Delete this video as it is poorly put together as said below…..

  85. Gun Reviewer kid says:

    I have a 6 year old miniature dachshund

  86. Antonio Kinsey says:

    This video is probably a good indicator of any of your other dog vids… Short, surfaced and lacking.

  87. MrHalfstoned says:


  88. Eddie Adams says:

    Pros best dog in the world and so cute cons nothing

  89. Henry Estrada says:

    So the pros and cons were???

  90. yershik says:

    I teally want to get a dutchhound

  91. snow wolf says:

    My dashound smiles a lot

  92. Ghost Lover says:

    I feel the same as the below

  93. Ghost Lover says:

    You need more b-roll. The Clip of the dashund walk-ing was shown twice and the picture of your painting.

  94. PawFectContent says:


  95. scottswan says:

    Full of pitt clips says where this opinion is unmistakably skewed…

  96. MrErikw26 says:

    Dachshunds are also stubborn as hell

  97. Mr. Pancake says:

    I could literally make a better list

    Cons: they are prone to jumping off of stuff, they can be aggressive, and they need certain type of dog food.

    Pros: they are adorable, they are protective of their owners, and they aren’t the highest maintenance when it comes to poo or pee .

  98. What Mimi Sez says:

    The original dachshund was a 50 pound dog so they could hunt badgers. These mini ones are bred down in size and are much too small to do the job. I have been rescuing doxies for 20 + years..wikipedia is a better option for info than you

  99. M Martinez says:

    Hmmm you showed other dogs rather than the Dixie didn't get that?

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