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I’m Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter,
and I am the “”Living with Dogs”” columnist for I’ve actually written 6 books and I’m hard
at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs — that’s as much
as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody’s life is complete
without one. So I’m here to tell you about a variety of
different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you’ll adopt one soon. Probably, the greatest “”Dog Star”” in Hollywood
firmament was a German Shepherd named “”Rin Tin Tin””. This dog was really extraordinary. He was gorgeous, he had talent, he could do
lots of tricks, and he had a really interesting, real life story; that was probably, even more
compelling than the characters that he played. He was discovered and rescued by an American
serviceman during WWI in bombed out French kennel. Because, of “”Rin Tin Tin”” the German Shepherd
became very, very, popular with all kinds of filmmakers, both big screens, and TV. There was a Great show in the 70’s called,
“”Run. Joe. Run.”” and, this was like, a K-9 version of
the fugitive. There was a German Shepherd and he was accused
of having done something very bad, that he was innocent of and he was constantly on the
run. That is one of the reasons I rescue so many
dogs. All right. Is that, is that show. And, the German Shepherd will always have
a special place in my heart, just as he does for so many people. If; you want to have a Shepherd, I hope, you
want to treat him or her nicely, and you don’t want to use him or her to intimidate anyone,
because, that’s really not cool. These dogs are just, cud, cuddly bears, they’re
huggie bears, and they’re very incredibly attached to their owners. They can suffer, separation anxiety, you want
to spend a lot a time with this dog. It’s not the kind of dog you just want to
tie up outside or leave inside alone. Um, this is why they’re really great, at guide
work and police work, search and rescue, they’re incredible with uh, with the blind, they’re
incredible service dogs in general. So, really, if you want a German Shepherd,
make time for him or her because it’s really worth it.

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57 Responses

  1. jonald1 says:

    0 views, thats sad 🙂

  2. 89 Alpha says:

    I understand this dog smells drugs and explosives… suer dog.

  3. NecroMalkor says:

    @JaviSR20DET You Sir, Are A Douche

  4. edon ex says:

    @JaviSR20DET your the reason why i sometimes go to church and pray for less stupid humans being born , insted i wish for a german shepherd who can actually save lifes

  5. Jen P says:

    I was almost attacked by a German Shephard BUT I still think they are beautiful dogs. I have nothing but respect for them. The shephard was protecting his owner-I was walking up to him and the dog was just protecting…

  6. Steven P says:

    15 minute advertisements now??? Screw this shit!!!

  7. Awesomegamez says:

    it would be nice if they did this for a Australian blue heeler. Thats the kind of dog that I own and I would like to know more about it.

  8. ryansmitty96 says:

    1 person has a cat

  9. Silent Sapphire says:

    ugh… wish there was more german shepherds in a video about german shepherds….there is only like a few stills… lame…..

  10. Arnar mar says:

    @ryansmitty96 DUDE check in the background at 0:14 – 0:17 its a cat dumbass!

  11. Charlotte Morgan-Owen says:

    I skipped the first 30 seconds.

  12. Matthew Lanister says:

    i think german shepards being used in police wrk makes people think their mean but their nice dogs and i like them for what they are

  13. Thewarloghe Smith says:

    Yeah, talk about German Shepherd Dogs and only show pitbulls?????? 2 minutes of my life is gone now!

  14. Moo WWs says:

    What in fucks name is this. I can't see any German Shepherd's LOL.

  15. KZoppa says:

    having german shepherds myself, you did give some interesting information for novices but maybe instead of simply showing pictures of the GSD, why not actually including some? All i saw were her personal dogs and goofing off with them…. kinda insulting to talk about one breed and not show them beyond pictures….

  16. kryticaldv says:

    "Expert: Julia Szabo" – what the fuck? what are you an expert of? these videos are ridiculous. all of your "howcast" videos are so stupid. you provide little to no information on these animals that you are supposedly an expert on, and no footage beyond a few still photos, which is completely pointless. you just ramble on about pointless shit like "The King's Speech" and "Rin Tin Tin" – give the world a break and take down these terrible and completely worthless videos of you and your dogs.

  17. CandyAppleRed says:

    So where is the footage German Shepherds? What about more information on how the breed began, the standard characteristics, etc.

  18. Jojo Ramirez says:

    @ryansmitty96 I love cats but my brother is allergic to them. I have a dog now… 😛

  19. Poopy Butt says:

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail…………….. this woman is a total hippie who is overdosing on lsd and acid and peyote all at once

  20. JustinFromSydney says:

    The German Shepherd is so stealthy that in this video, it appears as a pitbull.

    German Shepherd's FTW!

  21. TheBenben76 says:

    why is your pit leading you out your door! wrong so wrong! good dogs if you understand them but for the pitbull to lead you out the door or any dog he is the top dog not you trust me!!!!

  22. CoastalWalt says:

    Not having a GSD, I wonder how she knows so much about them? Wiki?

  23. verde085 says:

    I commend you for rescuing dogs, but this video did nothing to help me understand this breed. More than half of your video was about your love for dogs and your own, unimportant opinion of the breed. Terrible video

  24. Mojosbigstick says:

    Hip dysplasia? Overbreeding? I know you love these dogs, but this is supposed to be an information video.

    Are all your books as woolly and lacking in content?

  25. jhon reckner says:

    What the fuck you just talk and show a pit bull fucking retarded not a gsd

  26. TOXIXIFY says:

    Was this a product placement for you shitty books?

  27. Gina Hui Xu says:

    this video is NOT helpful at all! show how you play with your dog, talking about movie balabala. such a waste of my time.

  28. Gg Beats says:

    I like German shepards

  29. Danisaurus Rex says:

    This video did not really give me any information on German Shepards. Tard.

  30. jaytok7 says:

    PRO – GSD is the best dog breed in the world.

  31. Review Central says:

    Wait is this a pitbull review

  32. TREE HUGGAH says:

    thanks for the cool video.U R  invited up to NEPA so your pup can go swim in the river and run in our fields.:-)

  33. David Nomus says:

    Lots of useless general fluff. Not much about the breed.

  34. Kevin Parikh says:

    Literally the least informational video ever, stop making this series, its useless 

  35. Jordel Goslin says:

    She wrote 6 books ????

  36. Spyros says:

    Apparently this lady doesn't even own a German Shepherd? She's never seen with one in the video, just a bunch of Pit Bulls. Also she doesn't list ANY pros or cons about this breed.

  37. Salt says:

    Pros and cons? She didn't say ANYTHING about the German Shepard.

  38. hailey lewis says:

    What the hell. You don't even own a German shepherd and you can't even control the dog you do have. I can here to learn about a German Shepherd not look at you pitbulls

  39. 850 Jayy says:

    your not even talking about pros and cons

  40. adrian cano says:

    No wonder your in the "clearance section" at barns and Nobel lol

  41. Harvey Sanchez says:

    How is this pro and cons

  42. Rebel Gaming says:

    why would you not want to use them to intemidate anyone with it your defeat g the main purpose that they are used in America.

  43. Bren Mercedes says:

    Not very informational. And you just showed clips of your Pitbulls so it got confusing. Seems like you just did a quick Google search about shepherds instead of doing extensive research. German Shepherds didn't just become popular because of rin tin tin. There's way more back story to why they became popular but okay then….

  44. Pancho Lopez says:


  45. cljacobson27 says:

    Would be great if there was at least ONE GSD shown, rather than all the pits.

  46. Kalyn Marie says:

    uninformative and strays off topic for most of the video. there was no pro and con comparison.

  47. ToriBlueWall says:

    1:43 What kind of dog is that

  48. Terry White says:

    There are no cons to owning a German Shepherd Dog other than the gut wretching heartache when the day come to say good bye.

  49. Thora Mae says:

    Loved everything she was saying, except they were showing a pitt bull the whole time she was talking. An incredibly beautiful pitt, but still. 😑

  50. Classic WWE 2k Matches says:

    I didn't learn anything

  51. Maisy ;3 says:

    Wtf. U Don't know anything of the breed except the basics. First you need to get a bloody hold of your pit bull and learn it to walk nicely on leash and second if someone harms my family,me,the dog,breaks in, imma use it to intimidate them bish. So they freakin' go away. Geez.

  52. Thesneem Sulaiman says:

    I love your channel but i want to buy a new dog and i would like if u could pls make a video about golden retriever

  53. Omen says:

    So where, exactly, are the German Shepherd Dogs in this video? I see Pitbulls.

  54. Cassie Winchester says:

    I'm watching this with my cat and she's just staring at me…she knows

  55. Kindred says:

    2 minutes o waisting my time

  56. Stephen Buffalo says:

    Con: This video.

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