Pros & Cons of a Great Dane | Dog Breeds

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  1. Paronax says:


  2. seygra20 says:

    she has 4 cats that is surrounded by several dogs, several dog busts, plus dog wall paper

  3. ruonan zhang says:


  4. Sano Rocca says:

    Lost mine at 51/2 yrs best dog and miss him sooo much

  5. khayyamkhayyam khayyam says:

    Great Danes r the biggest and even some might live short there few years equels much more them others 12-or whatever years they live too. By the way u should have added more Dane in the clips

  6. Gloria Espinoza says:

    Im still getting over my dog dieing

  7. MaZEEZaM says:

    Nice to see the natural ears 🙂

  8. Bobby H says:

    Is that a stuffed pit on the wall behind your cat?

  9. Oros Abaddon says:


  10. jaeda davie says:

    I have a great dane

  11. Angel D says:

    I lost my son Rolex, 10.5years old GREAT DANE and Black in colour.. I lost him on 7th June 2016, and my family and I are not able to cope with his loss.. Best Friend, Most Intelligent, Talkative, Playful, Lovable, Innocent, Sweet, Understanding, Caring and believe me the list will go on.. We are not able to live our lives anymore.. After ROLEX left us our family has become just an ordinary family whereas with ROLEX we were extremely special.. This pain is unbearable.. I love my baby Rolex..

  12. Breanna Beech says:

    I have a black Great Dane, he has white paws and a white chest. His name is tucker. He is the biggest dog in my house but the sweetest and is a very good pup.

  13. I T says:

    She is secretly a cat lady. Look at the back.

  14. Ashlyn and Bella says:

    what dog breed is at 2:08?

  15. keyman keys says:

    It has been my experience with Danes is how needy they are . I've had 3 Danes in the past  that had to always be around me and would stand at the door and whine even if I went to the bathroom . Which made it even more difficult when I had to go to work . I can't wait to get another one but I will until I retire in a few years . They are awesome dogs .

  16. Carole Dufort says:

    When I turned 40, my then husband had asked me if I wanted an eternity diamond band or a Great Dane. And I was lucky enough to get this beautifuly female who lived to be 14!!! She never had any health problem and she died of bloating. One thing you need is a very very good and reputable breeder. This breeder is not breeding anymore and that is why I never got another one. I lost my girl 20 some years ago and I still miss her terribly.

  17. BBBYpsi says:

    American strains of Great Danes live 7-9 yrs on average. The European Great Danes strain lives 12-14 yrs. European is shorter but more stout & has floopier lips.

  18. srikanth r says:

    I would have loved the dog if this particular breed had little more lifespan Dane mastiffs have short lifespan compared to shepherd's retrievers

  19. chuckpell says:

    Thats it ! Just to correct something , great Dane can live 10 to 12 years. You just have to take care of them, good diet, good genetics and just good habits.

  20. Nellie TKG says:

    What’s with the pit bull head in the background

  21. Wilma Lehtola says:

    I want a great dane so baaaaaad…

  22. The Greater Dane says:

    I had an amazing female Great Dane form kindergarden to sophmore year of high school. She lived to be a whopping 14! I was very lucky to have her in my life

  23. Bladamone Sauce says:

    Im getting a great dane puppy next week! His names Attila and hes the largest puppy in the litter❤
    Also i love your staffies 😍

  24. Jac K says:

    My Old English Bulldog was expected to die at 8 to 10 years too but…she's still here at 12 years old and doing ok so far!!!!!!!!! So….don't always believe what you may hear!!!!

  25. Gabriel Plays cello says:

    My mom used to let her Great Dane sit on her lap as a puppy. And now she’s 150 pounds and still try’s to get in her lap 😂

  26. Italia 458driver says:

    That picture of the blue Great Dane in the video is absolutely a beautiful dog. I have had labs, retrievers, whippets, grey hounds, vizsla and wiemaraner, laso, a chow chow and a few other breeds. My Great Dane has built the closest bond to me of all of my pets I have ever had. Next in line would be the chow chow. Mine is still a puppy at 110lbs he is brindle copper and dark brown and in the sunlight people always notice how regal ans unique he is. He lives for attention and nothing makes him happier than cuddling. My other dogs enjoy a good petting and rub everyday but my Great Dane could be with me all day and never get tired of affection. If you want a gentle sweet dog that takes commands well and will adore you. A Great Dane is for you. They mirror your love and affection so much. I will forever be a Great Dane owner, I have bonded with this breed like no other. He protects my other dogs and watches out for them. His super patience playful and kind. If you love dogs and are put off by their size, don’t be. You won’t be disappointed.

  27. snvs Baskar says:

    Are danes good for first time owners? Plz suggest me your idea on that .

  28. Tarjinder Singh says:

    I'm going to buy a great Dane or a St Bernard

  29. Barry Smith says:

    We've had danes for over 40 years. One lived to be a few months shy of 15 years, one lived to be 12, one was 10. We have 4 now (no breeding, all spayed/neutered). The 4 we have now range from 8 years to 3. Notice that the one who was almost 15 was from 40 years ago, the ones we have today will not live that long because of bad breeding and bad food – even the expensive dog food is not as good as it was 40 years ago. Our dogs eat a expensive brand, table scraps,, and homemade snacks. A vet told me that giving all those shots cut down on the life of a dog. He stated it was the law to give rabies shots but not the other shots. If you take your dog around other people, other dogs, then you might need those shots. I pull my dogs off shots when they turn 4. We don't allow kids/grandkids to "ride/sit" on their backs, danes can end up having hip problems if they are not treated like a dog – meaning they are not ponies. Having danes 40 years ago and still having them today, I can tell you that the backyard breeders have destroyed a lot of the danes. Now to get a good healthy dane one has to pay in the thousands. If you buy a dane do a little research. Stay away from designer danes, meaning there is no such thing as a fawnaquin. Stay with the true colors of a dane. Stay away from white danes, they are usually blind and/or deaf. If you're going to breed your dog, stay with the correct colors. A fawn should never be bred to a harlequin, etc. Great danes are very smart – ours can flip on lights, open doors, open drawers, etc. But one thing a dane needs is human contact. They are NOT kennel dogs. You can train your dog to have the run of the house and not destroy it when you're not home. Never put them in a kennel.

  30. Champion Chicken Shower says:

    I have a blue fawn Great Dane. He has cancer. And a blue Great Dane female! She is our new breeder!

  31. Gay Piggo says:

    I have a blue Great Dane. Her name is Mila. Let me just say, she’s definitely not the brightest bulb in the box… but, she’s a really sweet, and funny! She likes to talk (a weird growl and yawn sound mix) to me and my fam about things in her world… best doggo ever! I also have a fawn boxer. Both are da best goggies!! :3

    Pro of Great Danes: Funny as hell
    Con: Owning a Great Dane means never getting to use the bathroom alone…

  32. EmG Is says:

    I have a tan great dane, and i love him!!!! Such a good dog, he is a good pet and behaves with my 3 yr old girl

  33. Terri Jacobsen says:

    how come they crop their ears anymore. I think their pretty with them done. anyway i cropped my dogs ears and he was beautiful.i miss him he was a a doll had a lot of fun.with him

  34. olivia xo says:

    It's adorable how they think they're the size of a little puppy.

  35. olivia xo says:

    It's adorable how they think they're the size of a little puppy.

  36. Zule says:

    The ONLY con to a Great Dane is their short life PERIOD!

  37. Kayden Curtis says:

    My two yay-hoos are 210 should I be worried lol

  38. nitetrane98 says:

    That's it?

  39. J A says:

    Stop using he for every damn animal, it could be a female. Use it or they.

  40. Alina Nechiporenko says:

    Nice video, but I don’t like how the person never actually shows the breed herself

  41. wyattmax og says:

    im getting a great dane soon so i cant wait

  42. mamba2777 mamba2777 says:

    i wishd id had great dane

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