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I’m Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter,
and I am the “Living with Dogs” columnist for I’ve actually written 6 books and I’m hard
at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs — that’s as much
as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody’s life is complete
without one. So I’m here to tell you about a variety of
different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you’ll adopt one soon. The Corgi is a fabulous little dog. It’s a herding breed. And pretty much everyone knows by now that
Queen Elizabeth II loves this breed. You basically, when you see photos of her
happy, it’s when she’s with her Corgi’s. Her dad, King George, had Corgi’s. That was their family pet. And the wonderful movie “The King’s Speech”,
which just won all the Academy Awards a movie could win, actually shows the Corgi’s, just
in passing but, you know, you can’t not show the Corgi’s when you talk about the Royal
family. And I think that’s definitely what’s driven
up the popularity of the breed. But honestly, with or without Queen Elizabeth,
the breed would be very popular. They’re super-cute. They come in two kinds; the Pembroke Welsh
Corgi, and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The difference is that the Pembroke has no
tail and the Cardigan has a tail. Otherwise, they’re the same adorable little
dogs. Again though, they love to have a job to do,
so try to give them something to do. Even if it’s just you know, aerobic games
of fetch. That’s a job and it’s a fun one. And it’s fun for you. It’s fun for the dog. They’re short-legged dogs so maybe they’re
not your best running partner, if you you’re a triathlete, but they’re super-great companions
to have around.

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100 Responses

  1. Terry Prieto says:


  2. ASAPKUSH says:


  3. ASAPKUSH says:


  4. bluehood89 says:

    fitfh, nice fideo

  5. chibikarina says:


  6. Albee IsMe says:

    showing pitbull in a corgi vid

    how perfect…

  7. RiddickCub says:


  8. Teemo Bot says:

    10th 🙂

  9. Dudedom7 says:


  10. Christian kathryn Grimes says:

    looks cute

  11. Kristen Li says:


  12. Anna Mikesic says:

    @riddick0846 One of them not trying to bitch lolz

  13. Maria Gutier says:

    Hi everyone. Just so you know I have a pembroke Welsh corgi and to be honest this dog is a bunch of fun. They can run extremely fast on their short little legs. My dog seems to rly enjoy learning new things and herding my horse. This dog is truly a great companion. But be warned. They have a lot of energy.

  14. GoldDougie says:


  15. Nolax says:

    this video sux!

  16. kryticaldv says:

    this video is one of the biggest self serving pieces of garbage i've seen in quite a while, and that's saying an awful lot on youtube. in a 1:51 video you showed exactly ZERO footage of corgis, and you only showed three still photos. THREE. and those 3 probably came from a google image search. in a 1:51 video- THREE STILL IMAGES of what the video's supposed to be about. and the "facts" you provide are not even accurate. if you want any kind of credibility and respect you'll take this trash down.

  17. ModernHippieMama says:

    you can't even spell "CORGI" right.. lol and the only difference isn't just the tail, they're recognized as two very different breeds. it's not like the wire-coat dachsund and the smooth coat dachsund.. it's like the belgian shepherd and the belgian malinois.. completely different.

  18. Hellcat Coyote says:

    Wtf? The tail thing is not the only difference. Pembrokes can also have tails. The pembroke is a bit smaller than the cardigan. The cardigan is a bit larger and is a lot older in origin than the pembroke. Cardigans come from the same family as the dachshund and basset hound, also known as the Teckle family while the pembroke is of spitz breed origins. And owning a pembroke myself, they make great running partners and have tons of energy!!

  19. nnard1616 says:

    pembrokes can have a tail; they're born with them. It's just that breeders usually lop them off when they're young.

    I wouldn't attribute their popularity to the Queen alone. There's also a popular japanese animation, cowboy bebop, that features a pembroke. Thus, a lot of anime fans are fans of pembrokes.

    I am really disappointed that you left out so much information on corgis. Very sad.

  20. chunky_lafunga says:

    you dont even have a corgi you fuckin idiot

  21. 44thatssweet says:

    Wow this chick is wrong in about a million different ways… She clearly knows nothing about corgis. Her review of corgis sucked and seems largely opinion based rather than factual.

  22. brandonheable says:

    shes from gugp right?

  23. ModernHippieMama says:

    @debfer328 uhh I'm not the only one to have said that, and yeah it is spelled C-O-R-G-I. I don't even remember commenting on this so I don't even know how you spelled it, but if I said something to you about spelling it means you spelled it wrong. don't be an ignorant fuck, just admit you made a mistake.

  24. Debbie Ferris says:

    @MsJayree Just makin' a comment MsRude. My God, you must be a pretty terrible person to say what you did to a total stranger! Wow.

  25. ModernHippieMama says:

    @debfer328 i didn't say anything wrong, pretty sure you've heard worse. and i'm not a person, i'm out of this world, so above average humans. so to clear things up, i would make a horrible person, if that was in fact, what i was. but it's not, thank God! don't wanna be associated with humans, BLEH.

  26. jrmendoza7 says:

    does this chick end up on that show Animal Hording?

  27. Monster Millie says:

    … Where did she get her information? Cardigan and Pembroke corgis are COMPLETELY different. Even Animal Planet with their own 2 minute segment about Pembrokes even talks about how they're completely separate breeds. Honestly, I could find a better video about Pembrokes watching people play with them. :/ Jeez… This video either needs to be fixed or removed.

  28. corgihanya says:

    so much misconception about Pembrokes and Cardigans. Also the spelling of Corgie is incorrect.
    It is Corgi. Pembrokes can have a natural bob tail. (no tail is wrong, they have one but a really small one) or have a tail. Since docking dogs is not allowed in most countries in Europe you will see that a long tail is more frequent.

  29. corgihanya says:

    The major differences between the 2 breeds is the build. When you put them both next to each other you will see it. The Cardigan is more longer and somewhat slimmer than a Pembroke. But this is because the Pembroke is a bit shorter in the body but are bit wider build. Also their characters are different. If you are considering looking into having a corgi or want to have more info about the breed. Please do ask advise from a registered breeder A dog is for life not only when they are puppies….

  30. kalematsuba says:

    How about showing more footage of actual corgis instead of recycling footage of some ugly painting and you walking your other dogs. :T

  31. xXNoobman444Xx says:

    poor doggie getting dislikes ;'(

  32. JesterFatal says:

    The breed standard has actually been changed. Pembroke Welsh Corgis do NOT have to have their tails docked any more. Although sometimes the docked tail occurs naturally, it is usually docked at a young age. Also, cardigans differ in build, coat color, head shape, and ear shape. Get your facts straight before claiming to have the facts on a breed!

  33. kimkg says:

    I agree with the other responses on this video. At the end she mentions that corgis are not a good breed for running, but actually they have a huge amount of athleticism. They are a working breed so they have the endurance to jog pretty far. Plus she doesn't give useful information about the breed. Potential owners should know that corgis shed, have a strong herding instinct, are high energy, and can loud barkers.

  34. Kristin R says:

    needs to get facts right. I don't need to repeat as responses below said it all but I agree whole heartily with them!

  35. com5 says:

    I don't understand this video. She's talking about Corgis but shows 3 of them and she has more face time than the breed itself.

  36. Phorate says:

    is this a video of corgis or is this an eHarmony video…

  37. Newzionis says:

    she's talking about herself

  38. Persephone00 says:

    I have a corgi, am a track star, and STILL my PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI runs faster than me!!!!!!!

  39. Kristine Kelly says:

    Actually there are a lot of differences between the pembroke and cardigan. I would think you would know this if your going to pretend to be an expert on dogs. These two types of dogs are from different breeds. They do not share a blood line. They have quite different personalities and different shaped ears. The only things they have in common is their fox like appearance and they both came from Wales.

  40. Bangle Dupree says:

    This is an extremely poor example of what she calls "reporting." She spends all this time talking about herself, and the last minute and a half quickly running through random facts that my seven year old knows about corgis. She doesn't really distinguish between cardis and pembrokes, and doesn't provide any information for a person who's trying to decide if either of these breeds is going to be a good match. REALLY AWFUL.

  41. Aromus Rodrigues says:

    I didnt see a single damn corgi in that video? was she the corgi?

  42. Rachel says:

    I have a corgi I love it

  43. Amy Cobb says:

    Did she actually just say the only difference between a pembroke and a cardigan is the tail or lack of tail, "otherwise they're the same adorable little dogs"? Clearly she hasn't spent much time with either if this is all she can say for the two. I hope she gives up on dog descriptions and advising people on dog breed pros and cons. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A CORGI, PLEASE DOG DEEPER! Talk to someone who owns one and really understands their needs.

  44. anFidhlear says:

    If someone is considering getting a Corgi, PLEASE look for better info than this rubbish video. This tells you nothing about them and their needs.

  45. Amy Cobb says:

    Seriously…I learned more about Queen Elizabeth II than I did about corgis..

  46. Woah Its Tae Tae says:

    Corgi, not corgie

  47. Many Dog says:

    I have heard a lot of people say fluffy corgis can't be bread and I want to know why.

  48. peacepuppy 1012 says:

    False Welsh corgis can run really fast and the cardigan and Pembroke are not the same besides tail they have different personalities and stamina not because of the tails

  49. abel2088 says:

    This lady doesn't even own a corgi 

  50. xxsteveo420xx says:


  51. essej says:

    dog adopting is an absolute pain in the ass process; a total nightmare. these rescue groups are so damn prejudice and insensitive it is enough to discourage anyone from wanting to own a dog. 

  52. interplanetjanet says:

    The Cardigan and the Pembroke are COMPLETELY different breeds. This lady has no idea what she's talking about.

  53. king julian says:

    This lady doesn't know what's talking about.

  54. king julian says:

    She gave many false information. Don't listen to her she is not credible. Pembroke and welsh are completely different. Pen broke look more toyish.

  55. Kelsey Bowles says:

    That is false information, cardigans and pembroke are two completely different breeds. Even though they look similar, are not related. They come from two different countries. She doesn't even own one and tries to portray as an expert. I own a pembroke and he is pretty fast. Before giving out information you need to learn about the breed and have experience with one before acting like an expert.

  56. H.O.R.S.E.S says:

    Very bad info

  57. Rua says:

    Cardigans and Pembrokes not the same… They are two different breeds with different ancestries. Please actually do some research before you start telling people you're an "expert"..

  58. Neb Sage says:

    no body cares about the royal family and their dogs.

  59. enjoy5566 says:

    I enjoy this video, however, there was way too much fluff and not enough information.  It seems to be building up the speaker, but not give anything concrete on how to enjoy the pros and cons of the dog in general.  This is highly disappointing and a time-waster.

  60. Ha Jin Claire Lee says:

    but pembroke corgis are super fast?!

  61. lindvior says:

    I came for corgis, I got a bunch of other breeds and didn't hear many pros and cons…

  62. TheRamenNoodle Lion says:

    Doesn't have anything to do with title

  63. LamsILikeYouALot says:

    I don't have a corgi and I came for information but I really got nothing. I can tell you some of this information is false and not helpful and I don't even have one.

  64. Veteran Trainer JCP says:

    flagged 🙂

  65. Reks G says:

    Me: why does this video has so many dislikes?
    watches video
    Me: Oh okay, Not one bit of info about the actual dog. What is this madness???

  66. Carissa Dennis says:

    Are those pitbulls in the beginning?

  67. Timmy Kaichouh says:

    Pembrokes have tales!!! Why does everyone say thats the main difference between the cardigan and pembroke?

  68. Shark Bait says:

    A Pembroke and a cardigan are NOT the same little dogs lol. The tail isn't the only difference.

  69. I love Dallon Weekes says:

    I came here for corgi info ??

  70. TheHellreaper25 says:

    Your literally just stating facts that sound like you went to Google not much effort at all.

  71. Etta Buffet says:

    she has nothing to say about corgi's…just a whole lot of garbage about the Queen of England

  72. Zerostar369 says:

    This video is bad and you should feel bad for posting it.

  73. glik9 says:

    where were the pros and cons?

  74. SummersWolf says:

    this should have a different title. its very misleading

  75. ye says:

    everyone pointed out that they’re different breeds , yea we get it but what about the fact that she said they’re not good running partners bc of their short legs ??? she literally said they’re herding dogs ?? THEY CAN RUN VERY QUICK YOUR CONTRADICTING YOURSELF IN LIKE A THIRTY SECOND VIDEO

  76. shruti Saldanha says:

    I love corgis u know there loyal smart cute and active

  77. Topi The WelshCorgi says:

    I love It

  78. Magdalena Wołoszyk says:

    Pembroke a have tails. It used to be docked, but now, at least in Europe,such modifications are forbidden. So we got long tailed Pembroke s. Some Pembrokes are born with reduced tail called bobtail but you can't breed two bobtails, the genes that carry reduced tail also carry some genetic diseases.
    Also Pembroke and Cardigan are quite a different breeds, tail or no tail.

  79. testing says:

    The only thing right about this video was the photo of the corgi in the very beginning. Cardis and pembrokes- totally different breeds. Pembrokes will have tails according to european standards, tail is docked according to AKC. They are also good running dogs.. they were bred for herding..

  80. Simon Lee says:

    I came here to learn if Corgis were good pets. Only heard you talking about Queen Elizabeth and her corgi. Disliked.

  81. kelgean says:

    Pembrokes are born with tails. People just choose to cut them off.

  82. Grace sadowski says:

    Maybe next time show photos/ videos of the corgi rather than completely other breeds

  83. Dan Czarnik says:

    "uh yeah i do reviews on dogs um yeah here's my review on the corgi they're like super great companions and like uh the queen owns a couple and um they're the same thing as the other corgis 10 out of 10"

  84. fourbeepaws says:

    The Pembroke Corgi does have a tail. They are born with them. It was fashionable to dock the tails but this is now banned in the UK.

  85. ClassyShows says:

    Gorgeous dogs!

  86. kelly shea says:

    Down voted. Your video is bad and you should feel bad about it. And there are no cons when it comes to the loyal Corgi

  87. Purrfect Pawz Productions says:

    Thanks for wasting a minute and a half of my life.

    Unless you really wanted to know about royal corgis.. ?

  88. guts4brekfest says:

    We just got bamboozled y'all

  89. Michael Plitt says:

    Heard more about the royal family than the dog.

  90. silvernode says:

    This video told me nothing and showed video loops of everything but a Corgi.

  91. Annette Morales says:

    Corgie? It’s corgi lady

  92. sus2731 says:

    WTF!!!! Whoever is in carge of this channel should delete this video. This woman HAS NO KNOWLEDGE of the breed. Cardis and Pem ARE NO THE SAME, they are 2 DIFFERENT BREEDS.

    Corgis "can't run" whaaaattt!!?? Doesn't she know they are HERDING dogs, have she ever seen or even hear of CORGI SHEEP HERDING?

    The only thing this idiot knows about Corgis is that the queen of England has some.

    Corgis are herding dogs, and as such, they are very smart, very independant thinkers, very fast, very loyal, very vocal, they need mental stimulation and exercise.

    Corgis are happy when they have jobs to do, they LOVE training sessions….one con of having a corgi would be the shedding oh yea, lots and lots of hair….

    Just look for videos of Gatsby the corgi…

  93. Amanuky Vang says:

    So….. what’s the pros and cons…. heard a lot about king Henry and Queen Elizabeth.

  94. jayuspunk says:


  95. Eric Ehrlich says:

    We have 2 – there is more different between Cardigan and Pembroke than just a tail/no tail – ears are different as well. Cardigan have rounder ears whereas Pembroke have pointier ears. But this was absolutely no help to anyone truly wanting meaningful info on this breed. And while you were talking about Corgis – you were showing other dogs? Just odd.

  96. GeneralHappyDeath says:

    Epic fail.

  97. adalyn c says:

    all i got from this video is that some queen of england loved corgis and that you have plenty of other dogs that aren’t corgis. also the first 30 seconds was of you talking about yourself which nobody came here to see. we all came here to see the pros and cons of corgis ok.

  98. Carlos Chavez says:

    This has a ton of false information and lacks information on the pros and cons. I know more about her and her books than corgis.

  99. kinggimped says:

    This is the least informative video on the internet

  100. DangerDog says:

    why is it a video about pros and cons if theres no pros and cons in the video? and why is there video of all kind of dogs beside corgis?

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