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I’m Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter,
and I am the “”Living with Dogs”” columnist for I’ve actually written 6 books and I’m hard
at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs — that’s as much
as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody’s life is complete
without one. So I’m here to tell you about a variety of
different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you’ll adopt one soon. The poodle is actually one of my favorite
all time breeds, and a lot of people dismiss the poodle flat out as a foo-foo dog, or a
frivolous, you know, not serious dog. But I have news for everyone, the poodle is
a very serious dog. Um, he’s an athlete, he’s gorgeous, he’s super
intelligent. He is really one of the most intelligent dog
breeds out there. Him and the border collie are the tops. Ironically, when we think of the poodle being
in the circus, wearing a tu-tu, and standing on her hind legs and twirling, um we forget
the fact that she can learn these tricks and this repertoire. This just proves how intelligent she is. So let’s not blame her just because some not
very nice people put a tu-tu on her. Poodles are incredibly athletic, they love
the water. Um in fact, the show-cut that we all kind
of make fun where it looks like topiary and he’s shaved in the back to look like pom poms,
this was actually designed to help them be more aerodynamic in the water. The other great thing about poodles is that
people who have allergies to most dogs tend to be able to tolerate poodles a lot better
because their hair is closer to human hair than to classic dog fur. One of my favorite, all time historical figures,
John Steinbeck the writer, wrote a very, very famous book called “”Travels with Charlie:
In Search of America””. And in this book, he basically drove across
the country with his standard poodle Charlie, and he had very, very trenchant insights on
the different pockets of American culture that he saw through his poodle’s eyes. You know, let’s remember that when we think
of a poodle, because poodles are cool.

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15 Responses

  1. Naomi W says:


  2. Daniel Barber says:

    First Command!

  3. Sam Staats says:

    My poodle is a SHE!

  4. Main94 says:

    My poodle hates the water. But she is very smart and energetic 😀

  5. Cassidy says:

    my poodle does not look like a poodle because he does not look poofy

  6. doglovervt99 says:

    I think she calls poodles HE because it is ALOT better than calling an IT don't you think? She doesn't make a video for every single person who owns a poodle. It doesn't matter what she calls it

  7. Duduzin says:


  8. Ethan Lamoureux says:

    So many words about poodles, but no video… of poodles. Also, why say that someone is not nice just because they dress a poodle in a tutu for a show? Poodles love the attention of a crowd, and dressing up or looking silly is a part of getting people’s attention, and poodles don’t mind that one bit!

  9. whimsical willow says:

    Why do you keep assuming the poodle's gende4??

  10. GÉT RĖKT says:

    Poodle sucks

  11. News that matter says:

    We're not interested in shitbulls, Aka pitbull. You claim to love poodles but own a house full of pit bulls they will surely turn on you As the leading dog breeds of killings, attacks and unprovoked attacks. Don't even show them in your introduction video. As of 2018 they lead the charts in deaths by bites. And as of recent they ate their female owner in Virginia. They were perfectly fine. There's no reason to own these breeds. Facts are facts. It is the breed and not the owner.

  12. SnowyChipMunk says:

    Where's the cons?

  13. Susan McKown says:

    standard. poodles. r u Don't no them until u try them ,,.
    ha ha listen in my younger years. I had labs Saymonds and. small poodles beagles. winerimers. and. .doggies. Rottweiler s , sitzues to
    loved them. so much. but when I got older I found a job I loved working with. ,Standard. Poodles. and toy poodles. o wow. Standards r so. different then. all the poodles. really. they r. so. much. can and loyal and. so. Smart .and full of. Love. but it depends on how u . love them and raise them to ! ,I found the. ,best that comes out of a. Standard. s I got. two since u spent a lot of time with. the. wondeffull poodles at the breeders I was working. at. .I fell deep in love with this breed. ,and the breeder I was working at taught me so much. knowledge. I was so blessed. she was a little eccentric ,,I lived it. u am. a little too it came from a great. women. was very smart. and witch she didn't" breed much .very careful .she was. ,I am. ,so. in live with all. doggies. but. Standards have My Heart. ,.I have had many .from here u still have. two is good for company. and buddies. .so Don't knock any breed until u try. it .love to u all .Susan M.c K.own … beau And Key.lay.

  14. Mrs. Roper says:

    HELP! i can't potty train my tiny poodle. He poops in the house every single day! He won't poop outside!!!

  15. JRB says:

    They can be aggressive with strangers

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