Pros & Cons of a Pug | Dog Breeds

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  1. Dudedom7 says:


  2. ASAPKUSH says:


  3. ASAPKUSH says:

    actullay i was first cause i was wathing videos so im first i watched this at 3:57

  4. Alyssa Farrell says:


  5. tyquizzical, void priest says:

    I like turtles. ;'3

  6. Ay H. says:

    @Dudedom7 fuck you NO ONE CARES !

  7. YamiKage says:


  8. Neo says:

    I have a pug. 🙂

  9. MisterMrErik says:

    Is anyone actually interested in understanding dog breeds?

    Or are they just watching this because they want to know how ridiculous it is?

  10. MisterMrErik says:

    Is anyone actually interested in understanding dog breeds?

    Or are they just watching this because they want to know how ridiculous it is…

  11. Flavia Procovanu says:

    Please make one about pomeranians 😀

  12. Amanda Lovatt says:

    LAST =D

  13. Taco878 says:

    Could you do border collies?

  14. Atomic Kennen says:

    @Kingjay144 I find your comment hard to masturbate to…

  15. Emma Elizabeth says:

    do a video of a golden retriever please!

  16. Ria Dass says:

    Pugs are my favorite!

  17. Axl Bxl says:

    lovely series, will you be covering all breeds? :p

  18. ShaunWhiteismyGinger says:


  19. Strawberry Jam Bud says:

    milo and ottis

  20. wendileona says:

    Its a wonderful thing that so many love, and nurture, care so lovingly, and cherish dogs so much, pick up for them, pick up their shit, baby them, bathe them, tolerate their slobbering and constant barking, their dirty smelly licked up testicles laying on your sofa's and car seats, can lovingly tolerate the cost of bags of food and vet costs and time consuming of these marvelous, god, near angelic creatures… because I SURE DON'T.

  21. tipomartins says:

    Pugs are so creepy o.O

  22. davidgboogie says:

    only 20 sec. of this video was helpful/informative. she really just rambled and rambled on about stuff no one cares about. i wanna hear more about pugs besides 2 facts that are obvious!

  23. aaroniamescua says:

    This video told me NOTHING.

  24. jubaboxer says:

    This video sucks.

  25. kryticaldv says:

    dear "Pet Reporter" – just make a series of videos featuring you and your dogs playing. that's clearly the only thing you can do with any degree of proficiency, since every one of these howcast videos i've watched that you've made have been complete wastes of time. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK WHAT FAMOUS PEOPLE OWN THESE ANIMALS OR WHAT MOVIES THEY WERE SHOWN IN, and chances are good that NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH YOU AND YOUR FUCKING DOGS PLAY.

  26. Ay H. says:

    @oreo199100 did i say about the video !!!?? i mean no one cares about U !!!

  27. Adrian Strider says:

    i love my pug pyieper 😀

  28. heyitseriko says:

    can you do a video about jack russell terriers? 🙂

  29. Augustusc says:

    Umm im a szabo im I dont think im related to you

  30. Frank Kwok says:

    Pugs are very loyal, kind, loving companions.

  31. Maia McCann says:

    people don't like pugs cus of men in black they like them because they rule at life. DUH.

  32. Aaron Chan says:

    Do the yorkshire terrier

  33. John Andryski says:

    UMMM just got a pug puppy had nothing to do with the movie Men in black!! She is cracked

  34. MrRock725 says:

    This video SUCKED it's pretty much all how cast does nowadays SUCK!

  35. Duane Laurent says:

    just keep lovin it.

  36. Blazeforever says:

    Pugs are the best pet dog for a family as long as you train them I think:)

  37. Blazeforever says:

    Cause they can be cheeky like my pug 🙂

  38. tylermoore94 says:

    I learned nothing about Pugs in this video… oh yeah, it's howcast. What else would I expect.

  39. caveman sally says:

    this video fuckin sucked. i didnt learn shit. fuck you

  40. joecugo says:

    @SkittlesLoli i know this bitch must not like pugs

  41. xsr8 says:

    Learned nothing, not sure what this video is for.

  42. Brussel Sprout says:

    she keeps saying "um"

  43. Ryansten10 says:

    funny how a majority of this video is of other dogs.

  44. 1ceYourPimpHand says:

    I'm guessing you have no access to an actual pug which is why you only filmed other dogs?

  45. Larson Erb says:

    There isn't a single pro or con in this video…

  46. vs bangoy says:

    I think you have no knowledge about pug dogs, You're a cat expert.

  47. Tom Shutt says:

    Literally nothing about this video taught me anything about owning a Pug.

  48. Midnight says:

    Just spent 2 mins 12 secs on not getting an answer.

  49. Saphira Dragoon says:

    don't get it not the best information

  50. AZ Claimjumper says:

    WHAT are the PROS & CONS… strayed from the videos topic, imo.

  51. Hannah Tawney says:

    what? This didn't help at all I wanted to know how to take care of a pug and the cons of owning one. Misleading title sorry but I give this video a thumbs down. :I

  52. laurence Quinn says:

    What a pile of shite

  53. Raiju Zilla says:

    This just stated obvious facts about pugs.

  54. 832cris says:

    Saw her other dog videos… Not impressed…

  55. suki sandhu says:

    i was looking to get a Pug but after watching your video i decided a Pug is not the dog for me.

  56. Bartman says:

    Cons: They need training (duh it's a living thing)
    Pros: It's a pug!

  57. Leamarie3d Forrest says:

    theres only pitbuls in her video???

  58. Sebby Dogg says:

    a pros and cons video without a single pro or con.

  59. Jada Waddell says:

    Con: they shed a lot so expect to find fur everywhere ! lol but pugs are still cute

  60. binboda says:

    Pointless video, it's like she was advertising herself. I wanted to know about pugs

  61. Mr Gunslinger says:

    Are you hungarian? You have a eroupean name.

  62. elizabitchtaylor says:

    This was not a helpful video.

  63. RexHead says:

    Pro: writing my 7th book about dogs. Con: you train them like any other dog?

  64. Michael J says:

    by far the least helpful video on the planet

  65. Coveşan ovo says:

    Probably the worst pug related video on youtube.

  66. Immaculate Candiru says:

    Did you know? Pugs have trouble breathing because a few hundred years ago someone thought it was funny that their noses were squashed up against their face

  67. ci3rlc603 says:

    they show more pics and vids of Other breeds than of Pugs.. w.o.t.

  68. sebs narvaez says:

    Didnt mention any pros or cons smh

  69. AgingFlux says:

    Not helpful in any way whatsoever.

  70. marcelo Rodríguez says:

    barely informative. at least change the title of the video to make it less misleading. no wonder why it's got so many thumbs down

  71. Kenny T says:

    I know nothing more after watching this.

  72. Richard Velasquez says:

    Why did you talk about pugs but then show us your dogs the entire time. Why, this is clickbait.

  73. Oko Mono says:

    Great video, but I don’t Appreciate click bait

  74. Kevin Wangs says:

    I'm getting a dog this summer so excited

  75. Casanium 9 says:

    1:17 what breed is that

  76. Christopher Trevino says:

    I am a pug owner and I will tell you my experience:

    Pros: They are loyal animals. They always want to be next to you like glue. They are basically your second shadow, as they follow you everywhere. Pugs are really adorable. They will get along with any human and any animal (if kept only to you, they will be shy. Keep them around people when young). They are extremely playful. Pugs are quick learners when trained properly. Hardly bark unless they are trying to get your attention.

    Cons: Biggest con is the expenses. Pugs are highly prone to serious medical problems. There is a 8/10 chance you WILL eventually need to take them to an animal hospital for some sort of surgery in their life time. Just know you will need to be ready to drop money between $1000-$3000 depending on what issue. Many things can occur. I dropped $4000 on mine ($7300 total, but Frankie's Friends Foundation helped with expenses), but that is because he was in the worse condition a pug could be in. Unless you are well financially stable, then I would not recommend this breed. You just don't know if they will develop major health issues until they are older (and your too attached).

    Other cons: Does not do well alone. Snores and farts a lot. Sheds A LOT. Must clean wrinkles. Can't be active dogs outdoors for long (could be a pro). Prone to being overweight. Sensitive to intense heat/cold. They are not good swimmers.

  77. dyon joran says:

    I got a pug

  78. AMD_Hawk says:

    I had a great time hearing the introduction… Now where's the pros and cons?

  79. Rosie Adore says:

    They come in black or tan? No. The most common colours are fawn and black. There are variations of fawn (apricot, white, silver) plus other more rare colours such as dapple etc.

  80. Fin Jeory says:

    This was just about promoting herself and Men in Black!👎🏻

  81. Mariguana says:

    Humans have bred wolves into these tiny creatures that can barely breathe. Thanks humanity.

  82. Jimmy Overly says:

    Fetishized is an odd word to describe pugs. Also the "tan" color of pug is fawn. Thumbs down for fake news!

  83. Swansong 007 says:

    That was a complete waste of time. You are a con woman.

  84. Swansong 007 says:

    This video needs to be removed. Do your job YouTube.. do it.!!!

  85. Valerie Wilson says:

    Men in Black is not why Americans like pugs lol!

  86. A. John Steadman-Brough says:

    A complete waste of time. SFA information about the breed.

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