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I’m Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter,
and I am the “”Living with Dogs”” columnist for I’ve actually written 6 books and I’m hard
at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs — that’s as much
as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody’s life is complete
without one. So I’m here to tell you about a variety of
different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you’ll adopt one soon. The Shih Tzu is a beautiful little dog. He’s actually one of the most ancient breeds
in China. And he was bred to resemble the little lions,
or big lions in Asian art. So he looks like a little lion. A lot of little dogs are basically bred to
be companions. They don’t have a job, per se, other than
to keep your lap warm, and to cuddle you, and to give kisses and receive kisses from
you. So, the Shih Tzu is a perfect example of this. And he has the little pushed in face and big
eyes. And there’s something so compellingly adorable
about this creature, that it just makes you want to do nice things for him or her. And, it’s interesting, because there are 2
entrepreneurs in America who both have Shih Tzus, and both did nice things for them. One is a dentist here in New York. Her name is Dr. Jennifer Jablow. And she’s huge into dog rescue and animals
in general. And her 2 little Shih-Tzus inspired her to
create a dental pen to keep their teeth white and clean. Because Shi Tzus, like a lot of small breeds,
have problems with dental disease. They’re very prone to dental disease, because
of the way their mouths are so small, and sort of pushed in. So, here she created this thing called Pawfect
Smile. And then, one the west coast, there’s another
entrepreneur who has a shih tzu who literally almost died from dental disease. So she was motivated to create another dental
product called Health Mouth. I guess what’s interesting about shih tzus
is that they inspire their owners to do great things. So, I guess you could call the shi tzu a career
coach. It’s funny, they are also known as the chrysanthemum
dog, but I think career coach is more accurate.

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100 Responses

  1. Sandy G says:

    I agree with this totally

  2. Sandy G says:

    I agree with you too

  3. Mister E says:

    I stuck an m80 up a shi tzus ass when I was in HS. It was the shit! Pun intended.

  4. lordyam says:

    shih tzus are the shit because they look like fucking eewoks

  5. sallyyy says:

    Try looking at urself in the mirror before u insult them

  6. lordyam says:

    would prefer inbreeding is OK when its a shih tzus, oh yeah go fuck urself. they are an awesome breed and fuzzy

  7. lordyam says:

    go fuck urself inbreeder

  8. Walks Through Life says:


  9. MrL0u1s4P1zz4 says:

    When he said "the shit" he meant it in a good way……. o_o

  10. MrL0u1s4P1zz4 says:

    Yes. Ewoks are cute. "the shit" is a term that means "the best" or "the coolest", and most teenagers swear for emphasis. Google Ewoks. They're freakin adorable.

  11. tessgirl100 says:

    Didn't learn too much with this video. You showed lots of pictures of your dogs, told about your friends but said very little about the Shih Tzu. Very disappointed.

  12. Nuno Baltasar says:

    nice dog

  13. kaya thompson says:

    I HAVE A SHIH TZU POO!!! His name is Friday. HES SO DAMN CUTE!!!! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!! ( That breed is a mixture of a Shih Tzu AND a Poodle)

  14. kaya thompson says:


  15. Ruchika Pal says:

    She yaps about everything But the Shih-Tsu!

  16. 25Luiza25 says:

    This video contained no useful information… I don't even want to know what the book looks like.

  17. francis monteiro says:


  18. Blakeb903 says:

    You don't know shihtzu

  19. MacyPooh196 says:

    Shih Tzus were used to guard palaces…they have a job.

  20. Raissa Bruno says:

    No information

  21. Lynzee Hague says:

    Hi I am Lynzee I have shih thu his name is hambone

  22. Ariele Akers says:

    Shih tzu's are ugly dogs and stupid my ex friend has one I hope it dies

  23. Angelica Shion says:

    I have an adorable and smart and also friendly shih tzu. Shih tzus rock!

  24. BROOKLYNBEAST226 says:

    This sucks ass big time. Completely useless!!!

  25. juxtopose says:

    I came here to know about Shih Tzu and not to learn about your effin Products!

  26. Marquis Decats says:

    hey Ariele Akers you are a brat. I own one and I love it. you are just a hater

  27. Dusty Rose says:

    I didnt learn anything…

  28. Aron mitchelle says:

    91 91

  29. Katrina Moreno says:

    they are not ugly dogs i have one

  30. opinionatedVegan says:

    I've 5 & they have great personalities

  31. Rhonda Graham says:

    I'm sorry, but how was this "pros and cons of having a Shih Tzu"? I'm trying to learn more about the breed and whether or not this breed would be a good fit for my family, not learn how people were inspired to create products for their teeth. Very disappointing video. 🙁 

  32. Omniya Dasoki says:

    this video is stupid!! 
    nothing about shih tzu 

  33. Daddy Kim Jung Un says:

    I thought my Shih Tzu looked like a bear which he does!

  34. Cocomoo says:

    This was not helpful but I have a shih tzu and love her and some of this info is incorrect

  35. TurboOvenMan says:

    You only focused on the entrepreneurs and a bit on the dental health of shih tzu's. Please label your video correctly. Thumbs down.

  36. Teddy Bear says:

    your video doesnt show much of shih tzus. misleading.

  37. kickinbackinOC says:

    Couldn't fill 2 minutes with Shi-Tzu footage?

  38. orchestralbunny says:

    not one bit of pros and cons. 

  39. Agree Disagree says:

    Everyone has the same thought. You are talking about one breed and showing another and my instinct is to pull my hair out hit dislike and never visit this page again.

  40. PurdyBear1 says:

    Shih Tzu's were bred as warning bark dogs for the Temples, and not as a lap dog.  It was only when they crossed over to China that they became a lap dog.  The Shih Tzu, like the Tibetan Spaniel were used to alert the Tibetan Mastiff of strangers.

  41. Rose Storm says:

    What a misleading video, I will not be watching any more from this channel. :/

  42. Daniyela Rakic-Slimani says:

    ha? Where was Shi-Tzu footage?

  43. Annette Santiago says:

    Ur acting like shih tzu dogs have bad breath…

  44. ronotardo says:

    your video sucks.

  45. Dragon101Defense says:

    I have one

  46. Wally Pantangco says:

    me too she is a girl the picture is the white and brown on ears only

  47. Finkardop says:

    they snore… very loud…

  48. Davees Art says:

    horrible video

  49. Sarahi Hernandez says:


  50. Sarahi Hernandez says:

    my shih tzu has a bad breath that's why I brush his teeth

  51. Krispy Dave says:

    I didn't come her for a commercial for shin-tzu dental products. 2 min of my life completely wasted.

  52. Krissy - says:

    Pros and cons about dental health in shih tsu's??? Oh come on!!!!!! stop with your evil clickbaiting shite!! Just stop… we come here because we love and own a shih tzu! I feel like I want to punch whoever runs this chanel hard in the face.

  53. Anonymous says:

    There's literally little to no footage of a shih tzu

  54. Camilo de Bonilla says:

    i have one, the only hard thing is grooming coats.

  55. XCalvin_KlienX MCPE says:

    Uhhh I didn't really hear the pros & cons sorry

  56. d villa says:

    do you know what a shitzu is at all?

  57. Just Me says:

    No pro's or cons about anything

  58. Michael Ross says:

    Why all the shade, folks? This video provided info I haven't seen anywhere else. Excellent!

  59. Claudia Anagnostos says:

    You are so fake it's not even funny why don't you tell everyone about the hidden video you abusing dogs and putting a 2 month old puppy in the freezer for 2 minutes for being a puppy

  60. Jon L says:

    How has this video got anything to do with pro's a con's?? All I got from this is that they are prone to dental disease

  61. Michael Ross says:

    A commercial masquerading as short info docu on Shih Tzus.

  62. Jb Lachica says:

    Misleading video – No pros and cons and I don't even see a single shih tzu on her video. this is not helpful

  63. Mary Grace Damsel says:

    Actually youre not talking about the shih tzu. Youre talking about your other big dogs. Smh

  64. Irish Malaca says:

    DR. Jenifer JABLOW

  65. Danie Nog says:

    WTF is this click bait delete this video omg

  66. Monique Cunanan says:

    I have a Girl shish tzu and a Boy pomerainian

  67. junktube4000 says:

    After reading that some vets want to outlaw Shih Tzu's due to health problems. I have decided for my next dog, I want a healthier breed of dog, with longer legs, but still cute like a Shih Tzu. Any recommendations? I have been looking at the Bishon related breeds, specifically the Löwchen.

  68. Jaborrius Mccoy says:

    I have one

  69. Beatrix says:

    The stupidest thing I’ve seen!!!

  70. Abby Arabian says:

    0:34 that looks just like my shitzu but my doggo has a black back

  71. Olivia RBLX says:

    I have shihtzu

  72. trina williams says:

    I own a shih tzu and this video was a waste of time. They didn't tell you that this breed is very smart, sheds very little but does require grooming. Their very loyal and happy pups. I love my paws….Boss is the best dog ever. I want another shih tzu.

  73. atorts03 says:

    Where are the pros and cons?

  74. Mayukh Sarkar says:

    report this video.

  75. Olive The Shih Tzu says:

    "there are no cons to shih tzus" my owner tells me

  76. Staník Lino says:

    Just AVOID this video and channel!!!

  77. tm garcia says:

    where is the shih tzu? geez

  78. Mahant B says:

    I really don't see nothing being discussed about Pros n Cons of the Breed. I learnt more about the Dentists who own two Shihtzus. Anyways thanks.

  79. oooh19 says:

    Awww being a companion is an important job!

  80. Crayzeecraycray says:

    Since there were no pros or cons I have one…
    Pro:They shed very little
    Con:They have respiratory problems because of their small faces.

  81. Linda amos says:

    very misleading title………………………… a waste of time.

  82. Something Fishy This Way Swims says:

    Thanks for wasting my time

  83. Daisy V says:

    What the??! did I just waste my time watching. Never again thanks.

  84. victoria pence says:

    Strange…she's talking about shih tzus but showing a video of several OTHER breeds!

  85. Kyra Lim says:

    I am really glad that you put in the effort to make these videos and I might get a Shih Tzu in 2 years!!

  86. lerche noire says:

    Some relevant footage would be nice.

  87. dave 1 says:

    Click bait…

  88. Anthony Jones says:

    What about the pros and cons? You never got to that. You even showed video of other dog breeds.

  89. Ashley Bellerose says:

    they're not cute or beautiful they are annoying and ugly

  90. Zacas Dim says:

    waste of time

  91. Expert Senior says:

    Well, thanks for the non-information about shih-tzus whilst showing other breeds of dogs!

  92. John Geoffrey De Jesus says:


  93. Taeyeol says:

    I came to learn and see how to get shirts us to like other dogs and this didn’t talk about cons JUST AN ADD

  94. vanna pastel says:

    Whole video talking about a shihtzu but showing us bigger dogs (not shihtzus) thumbs Down! For sure.

  95. Mintyinluv _ says:

    I came here to learn more about my Shih Tzu's not dog dental products :/

  96. Elaine Oliveira says:


  97. Dogelinq says:

    Glad i have a shih tzu

  98. William C says:

    Where can i find that Pawfect Smile Pen.

  99. spuspu Absher says:

    can you just shut up. no one wants your kickstarter product.

  100. Cory Followell says:

    There was literally nothing helpful about this

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