Pros & Cons of a Weimaraner | Dog Breeds

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  1. ThatLittleNoYesKid says:

    so i love how this video is supposed to be about weimaraners and yes your talking about them but why is this a video showing only various other breeds of dogs?? shouldnt it be about the dog you are talking about. i think they only showed the breed of dog once.

  2. steve xenos says:

    highest rated comment

  3. Jessica Phang says:

    is this the first vid that has no " HOW TO" in the title?

  4. Ay H. says:

    and now we have HOWCAST DOGS 101

  5. 999vilius981 says:

    what is the dog at 1:09 ???

  6. Spokidokes says:

    I Didnt learn a THING other than they originate from Germany. Oh and that this chick has a Major obsession with this dog artist guy.
    Howcast- can we not get a dog obsessed crazy lady to educate us on breeds?

  7. omgshave says:

    i love my weimarner, although they do like to cry alot when there not around people. But this dog loves you with all its heart and cant stand being away from you for more than 5 minutes.

  8. 3DChaz says:

    I like how the video is about the Weimaraner but all you see is close-ups and video of her pitbulls lol.

  9. ThatLittleNoYesKid says:

    @RealMissMoonBunny agreed.

  10. emma brenes says:

    gr8 video!!

  11. gvstradamvs says:

    ugh, as usual, ppl that never had or probably even met a weimaraner talking about how they look and all this superficial junk…i have a weim, heres a quick bio, NOSEY as hell, if you leave anything scented out, they will A)find it and B) 90% chance of eating it, they have a deep intimidating bark and growl, usually when someones at the door, as an announcement. they love to run, all day any day, although they dont really like the rain, prissy cunts, but they love the snow for some reason…

  12. Andrew Tournoy says:

    Why the help do u have ur stupid pitbull in every scene of this video? This is not a pitbull video…. Thumbs down

  13. Arnie Shaw says:

    Thumbs down for me. If you're going to talk about a certain breed, your video should feature the breed you're talking about. A bit informative, I'd say, but you need to work on your videography.

  14. Gaja Möderndorfer says:

    "… the waimaraner or if we are speaking German THE weimaraner…" LOL! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  15. Belle G says:

    Awful uninformative video.

  16. MonsterEzys says:

    showing pitbulls when talking about weimaraners… weird at least….

  17. BoostMusicPro says:

    I hate people talking about breeds as if every dog will have the same traits … Just like humans there all different my Weim is nothing like what I have read to expect .. Neither is my friends and for argument sake my mother in laws employers Weim as well..

  18. ARMY says:

    this video is fucked!!! great skit !!

  19. ThePuppylogist says:

    How about the Alaunt
    Dog Breed?

  20. Ihrin Rivers says:

    How is there about pros and cons?  all we find out is that Wegman's dogs love to perform.  I've had weims for the last 20 years (3 currently) and am involved with two separate weim rescues.  People buy weims because they look great and yes, they are beautiful in wegman's photos.  BUT the reality of weimaraners is that they are NOT for everyone and can be very different from other dog breeds.  Do your research, talk to breeders, read over rescue pages to find out about their personalities that are very complex and please do not listen to this woman who cant even be bothered to put weim pics in her video on weimaraners.

  21. Happyhomebody says:

    She ignored all the traits about the Weimaraner that come from breeding just as she would about her own dog breed that kills the most humans and other animals. Character traits have a funny way of coming out no matter how good a dog is raised and why we have nearly 500 humans dead in the past 3 decades from pit bulls. Many more disfigured for life. Pits are the only breed to scalp & dismember it's victims to death.

  22. John Ferguson says:

    why are you showing your bullys and not homeowners?


    They are great dogs. I had one for 13 years. If you're looking for a dog to really be a part of your family. Then this might be a good dog for you. They do need exercise walks, park, swimming. But as long as you spend the majority of your time with them they are awesome loyal loving dogs.

  24. Marcus Skyfall says:

    What's with the plinky plonk music? 😁

  25. Elizabeth Nimphius says:

    you gave absolutely no pro or cons that are realistic. In case you were wondering why the dislikes are pouring in. if I turned this video into a college professor I'd get an F. I could say more but I'll let you get back to writing "books."

  26. C Wd says:

    I have a Weimaraner she is so cute

  27. fred08830 says:

    A couple things …
    1) It would have been nice if the video was related to the narration/dialog.
    2) It would have been nice if the video included Weimaraners.
    3) It would have been nice if the video had more details about the pros and cons of Weimaraners as the title suggest.
    4) I love Weims but gave this video a thumbs down for the above reasons. 🙁

  28. Poteluz says:

    WTF, what are the pros and cons?

  29. Amit Vaja says:

    Maybe show a weimaraner dog when talking about them? Strange 🙁


    Those aren’t weims…

  31. Tony Featherstone says:

    why would a dog lover own animals that have had ears and tails hacked off?

  32. evodamis says: pros and cons..very cute..lady

  33. Paul Dangcil says:

    She doesn't even have any weimaraners….

  34. Ozma Blue says:

    Another Howcast Video Fail :p

  35. Sonja R says:

    I am totally confused. We saw videos of her own dogs which were not Weimaraners! Hey, that’s cool, but wasn't this supposed to be an informative piece on Weims???

  36. Dwayne Fick says:

    No facts at all

  37. owen swain says:

    If the book is like this video is anything like the relationship between the stated aim of this video and the disconnect with what is actually offered, it is a book I will definitely not bother with further I would not trust this person's dog expertise for any breed based on the total lack of useful Weimar information.

  38. Lionel G says:

    Seriously?… expert comments?… Think again.

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