Puffy Fluffy Slime pool Kids Adventure!

– [Carl] Fluffy bath! Fluffy slime bath! Whoa that is cool looking though. (upbeat music) Gage? – What? – [Carl] I think today’s the big day. – The big day for what? – [Carl] The fluffy slime bath challenge. – Yeah, let’s do it. – Okay. We’ve already done the giant slime bath, but there’s a different
one called the fluffy slime bath, where you mix a bunch
of shaving cream and glue and, well, let me just show you. There’s no way around it,
this one is going to be super messy. A super messy kid’s show. We have eyes contact
solution, like, a ton of it. We have. – [Luke] More! – [Carl] More, we have shaving cream. Where’s the glue? Is the glue in the basement? – I don’t know I’ll go check – Wait, why do you have to use glue? – So you need, like, a
whole bunch of Elmer’s glue, shaving cream, food coloring
and contact solution. And then a big bathtub, and
a really brave kid named Kyle to climb in and cover
himself with foamy slime. – Okay! Let’s do it! – [Carl] Tomorrow, for
the vlog, we’re actually going to do an experiment
and try to make giant gummy Pokemon characters. We’ve got Pikachu, and Charmander and
honestly, I kind of missed the generation of Pokemon, so I don’t even know what this one’s called. Is that more glue? – Yeah. – [Carl] What is this Pokemon? – [Gage] That’s Eevee. – [Carl] Eevee? – Eevee. – [Carl] Okay. How much glue do we have? – That’s two, and then
there’s four more downstairs, which Luke and Kyle are bringing up. – [Carl] So we have
like, 10 gallons of glue? – Yeah (laughs) – [Carl] That’s awesome. – This is how big they are. – [Carl] They are, let
me see your muscles. Give us a good flex. (strains) Look at Kyle’s muscles! Whoa, Kyle! (laughs) I’m excited to do the
fluffy slime bath challenge. – Me too. – [Carl] It’s gonna be awesome. – Yeah. – [Carl] Hey puppy dog! Hi! – We’re gonna do the fluffy slime. – [Carl] Are you going to
get in the fluffy slime bath? No. She better not get in there, huh? That’s not safe for puppies.
– Because it will get stuck in her body. – [Carl] Aw, it will get
stuck all over her hair, huh? – Yeah. – [Carl] Is that the last of it? – [Gage] Yeah. – [Carl] How many are you carrying? – Three. – Sweet! Alright, let’s get started. Yeah, so in tomorrow’s
video, we are going to do giant gummy Pokemon, and
we found these piggy banks these ceramic piggy banks
that work really good. We already did a giant Darth Vader helmet gummy, a Star Wars one. We’re going to try it
with Pokemon this time. Thanks so much, you guys,
for always supporting the Carl and Jinger channel,
I’m going upstairs right now to have another awesome day with my kids and it’s because of
you guys supporting and subscribing and liking our
videos and helping us grow so that everyday is a new day and we can make it an awesome one. And that’s the goal. And that’s what we’re gonna do right now. With the giant fluffy bath slime. (kids cheer) Whatever-you-call-it-challenge. This is so much glue,
it’s how many gallons? Count how many gallons of glue. One, two, three. – Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. 10 gallons of glue. – [Carl] Okay. Okay we’re going to go
with the contact solution – Oh! (laughs) It’s spraying right onto my face. It’s cold. Oh that’s cold! I’m doing a belly roll. (laughs) (upbeat music) – Man, it is cold. Whoa. That’s cool. – And here’s the fire fighter. Wahh! (laughs) – Most of the shaving
cream is going on me. (upbeat music) Look at my arm! (laughs) It got in my mouth! – [Carl] How’s that work? You got shaving cream, glue, contact solution,
green food coloring. – It’s fluffy. – [Carl] It’s a fluffy slime bath. Oh that’s really cool looking though. – Here, I’ll get it big. – [Carl] That is cool. Alright, let’s fill it up. – Let’s do this. – [Carl] It’s working pretty good. – Listen to this, when I knead it. (flops) (laughs) – [Kyle] Oh, look at the wall now. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, that is crazy. – It’s heavy. – [Carl] You guys think that we should add some blue for more color? – Yeah! – [Carl] Let’s do it! – [Kyle] Woo! Yeah! I don’t know what color
this is gonna make, but let’s see. That is a lot of blue. I guess I’m getting in now. – [Carl] You’re going to get in now? – Ooh that’s cold! Okay. – [Carl] Ooooh! (squeals) Is it all foamy? – Yeah! It’s all foamy. – [Carl] It’s fluffy slime bath! That is crazy. Is it really sticky? I think we need more shaving cream. Luke, should we put more
shaving cream in there? – Yeah. – [Carl] Let’s get ’em. (squeals and laughter) Is it really fluffy? – It’s so heavy! – It’s heavy and fluffy at the same time. – [Carl] Wow. – It’s like a taffy maker. – [Carl] It totally looks
like a big taffy maker. Wow. It looks like Laffy Taffy
candy, but it’s not. Totally not edible. – Ugh, I got some on my face. – I can’t get it off my hands. (laughs) – [Carl] It looks like
an entire slime suit. – Luke, high five. High five me and see what happens. (laughs) – Ah! We’re like Spider Man. – [Carl] That’s crazy looking. We needed way more food coloring than we actually used, huh? – Yeah. – Yeah. – [Carl] Oh, Luke’s in the tub now too! (yells) – Watch! – That is crazy. – Whoa, almost on my face. – [Carl] I can’t even figure out how we’re actually going to clean this up. (laughs) This is gonna be a problem. – Oh my gosh. – [Carl] Fluffy bath, fluffy slime bath. Whoa that is cool looking though. Does it feel like the right texture? Would you describe it as being fluffy? – Yeah! It’s like a fluffy, heavy thing. – [Carl] Man the entire
tub is completely full now. We even still have more shaving cream and more contact solution.
– And more contact solution. – [Carl] And we couldn’t get it all in. It just completely filled up the tub. Whoa! That’s crazy! (laughs) That’s awesome. – Like, weird. – [Carl] It looks totally like
a slimy candy syrup almost. – It looks like gum! – [Carl] It looks like gum! Yes! – It looks like chewed gum. That we’re squishing in our hands. – It’s like cooked gum. (laughs) Like all melted gum – [Carl] Does it feel good though? It seems like it would feel good. Like you’re relaxing in a nice day spa. (laughs) – It’s like a pillow. – [Carl] It is like a
big foam pillow, huh. What a fun kid’s challenge
and kid’s video to do. I’m glad we get to do all
this fun stuff with you guys. This is awesome. – This is super fun. – [Carl] Right? Oh no! It’s in his hair! (laughs) You guys have been avoiding getting it in your hair, haven’t ya? I can tell. We’re gonna do a fluffy slime experiment. We’re gonna fill up this bowl
with fluffy slime bath stuff. Can you get some in there? – I got some. – Super stringy! – [Carl] Oh man. Here ya go, try to get
some in there, Luke. – Okay, I’m going down big. – [Carl] We’ll see if this
freezes or what happens. There he got, that’s good. That’s pretty good. I’m not even sure how to
get this out of the house without making a big mess. (laughs) You guys this is a total disaster! I set it down for half a
second and now it’s like, stringing all over. I even got some on the stairs. This is not good. It’s all snowing and cold
outside here in December, so I’m just gonna set this
in the garage and we’ll see if it freezes or turns solid or stays the same or what happens. This is the reality of the clean-up. We’re scooping it out one bowl at a time into a
giant garbage bag in a box. (laughs) It’s a lot of work to clean this up. Well that’s it for the
fluffy slime bath challenge. This kid’s video has been awesome. Thanks for hanging out
with us in the video today. Click anywhere on the screen
in order to subscribe or watch more family videos. – There or there. – [Carl] Anywhere. And we will see you guys next time. – [Boys] Bye!

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