– Hello, everyone. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Take some pugs, take a swimming pool cake, the amazing retro swimming pool cake that I never, never had as a kid. I always saw them, I was
like, ugh, I want one. Fuse it together. All right, you have got
a pug swimming pool cake. Decided I was gonna make
this, a lot of you guys went crazy about that on
Twitter, so I was reading a bit of it. Yeah, I’m gonna be honest
with you, straight up. I’ve already baked my
cakes, because I don’t want to wait for them to cool down. This is all about the finish, right? And I’ve also spent six hours last night just doing the most
simple pug modelling using different colour fondant,
but I’ll come onto that right at the end. If you support me on page,
you would see a little behind the scenes, but we need to move on. Or we need to start. So the chocolate cake
recipe I’m using is one that Mrs. Barry used in a previous video. The link can be up here
and down below if you haven’t seen it. And all I’ve done is made
two of those sponges, and I’m just letting it cool down. But we’re gonna make the
buttercream first of all. Buttercream, butter, butter cream. The first thing is you
make sure you’ve got nice room temperature butter. Plunk it into your stand mixer. I’m just gonna… Just gonna beat it. Beat it. Next we add in the icing sugar. All righty, so in that goes. Cloud, the cloud. (blender whirring) All right, we beat the
hell out of that, it’s nice and creamy. So to give it that chocolate
vibe, two tablespoons of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of milk. This will loosen it up
a little bit, make sure it all grips together. We’re not making too
much buttercream today, just enough, ’cause
it’s just gonna be like a supporting role in this major movie. Don’t know what I was
going with the hands. (blender whirring) And hey, presto! We have got ourselves a
proper stonking buttercream right there, just enough. That really does make
one of the nicest tasting buttercreams ever. Next, we’ll grab our
cooled cakes, and it’s time to make the pool section. So this is my bottom
cake sponge, and I’m just gonna put a light frosting just over this. If you wanted to go for
like a chocolate orange cake vibe, or maybe a
mint cake, you could have added extract into the
frosting, as well as the cake. It’s looking good, loving it. Now that is a sponge
that I deliberately made a little bit higher, so you can get a bit of depth in this. Now I won’t frost the outsides just yet. As I say, we’re gonna
start to work on the pool. So I’m gonna cut out a little hole in the middle. Just gonna do a relatively small circle. Gonna go down like maybe half an inch. Just using a spoon to help me pull the sections out. Obviously, make the
pool as big as you want it to, but for me, I’ve
got one of the pugs in the pool, and another
pug out of the pool. So I’m not making it so
it completely overtakes the cake. But what I will do is
use the back of a spoon to just kind of flatten
it, sort of define those edges, you know? That’s not looking too
bad, but if we put the blue water effect which we’re
gonna go for against a chocolate cake like
that, it won’t stand out. So we’re gonna roll some
icing over this top part. So, folks, this is some
icing sugar coating a big old block of royal icing. So the sort of stuff
that you roll out most birthday cakes with,
or sometimes marzipan. Yuck. I’ve also got this rolling
pin, which is actually really good for icing,
it’s really sort of smooth. It doesn’t get all grainy
like the wooden one. I’m trying to just keep it moving. I’ve got way too much. I’m just making sure I’ve got enough, and it’s not too thick, either. Want it thick, but not, I
don’t want to completely overtake the cake in icing. Right. That will do. Cake comes back in. Just draping the icing over. See I’ve got way too much. And I’m not even doing the sides, I’m gonna cut those off. But what we want to do is kind of lift it to get the pool area as
good as we can, okay? I’ve got to make it look
like a swimming pool. All right, let’s carve
some of that excess. What I’m doing is just
really tucking that in just to make sure that it’s
got that nice edge on it, you know? I’m loving that. Now, to trim off the sides. Bit of a clean down. Just for a little bit of
fun and to make it look a teeny bit more like a swimming pool, these are some blue icing
squares I’ve cut out last night, which we’re gonna stick on top of the white icing. So I’m just gonna… I’ve got a pastry brush. I’m just brushing the
icing with a little bit of water, because if you do
that, it kinda turns into a bit of a glue, really. It’ll grab stuff. And obviously we want
it to grab the tiles. So all I’m gonna do is
take one of my tiles, press it down like so,
and then join the next one kinda next to it on a
point like that, okay, so it kinda looks a little
bit like a swimming pool tile. Hopefully you’ll see what I mean by this. I think that looks pretty neat. You know what? Amy? Amy? Hello. (laughing) It’s me. Boston, no, you’ve got no hope over there. I’m making this for you, okay? So we’re gonna give the side
of the cake a very light frosting, okay? Now for those of you that
like cakes, I have got a lady local to me who makes
the most incredible cakes. She has her own business,
does all different styles. She would absolutely smash this. And she’s expressed and
interest in coming on and doing video recipes
on here, which I really like the idea of, but I also
like the idea of getting myself and also Mrs. Barry to
maybe sort of do challenges, so she’d challenge us
to do something and she can judge it and stuff like that. So it could be really, really fun. So those sorts of stuff
is gonna happen once the studio is finalised. I’m just finishing
finding a camera person to work with right now. So meeting lots of people,
but it’ll be really exciting once it’s all done. There we go, that’ll do nicely. Next up, I am gonna take
a KitKat bar and I’m gonna snap it in two and hopefully
this’ll give our swimming pool a nice kind of gated community vibe. Just stick that round there. Doing it in twos. ‘Cause it’ll make it
feel like it is rigid, but it gives you enough
flexibility to work around the cake. There wasn’t a massive amount
of buttercream on there, but that is actually
gripping really nicely. This was the bit I was
worrying about earlier, like what if it’s not gonna fit? So we’re gonna put one in like
that, and I think I can just snap off the one finger and
it might be able to just wedge in there. Yes. (laughing) Wow, that was pretty cool. Now as you guys know, I
am not a master baker. I can make a cake taste good. The new book, in fact,
has got 50 cakes and bakes recipes in there. Stonkin’. But in terms of visually,
I’ve always struggled. But I’m happy so far
with how this is going. Now with it being a swimming
pool cake, we’ve got to get that cool swimming pool effect. And I’ve picked up this stuff. This is called clear piping gel. It’s like a sweet edible vaseline. But everyone online seems to say that this is the best way to get that
really cool water effect. So this is what we’re gonna use. But we’re gonna dye it, a little bit blue. So we’ll take a mixing bowl. Dollop that in there. It does kind of look like jelly. Jelly could work. I couldn’t find a blue jelly. And I also, just people ’cause they raved about this, again, it’s
called clear piping gel, I had to get it. Apparently ’cause the
texture of it just gives off that constant watery vibe. So here I have some sky blue
coloured food colouring gel. Ooh. Oh, wow, look at that. Amazing. So all I’m gonna do now is create our pool by spooning that mixture into the crevice. Part of me feels like it’s
gonna be best to start in the middle and then work my way out. (laughing) I love it. We’ll finish the cake
off now with the models that I made last night. They took me absolutely hours. And I would actually love
to show you me making them in real time, but there’s
just not enough light in the kitchen to do that,
which is another reason when I have the studio
all going and working full steam, I can show
you the whole steps. But let me show you them. First off, we’ve got a little beach ball. I made that out of red and yellow icing. Quite simple. Now Amy’s quite a hungry
pug, so I made her a little cake, complete with candle. Oh no. A leg just fell off, but that is Amy, complete with tongue wagging
out and a little collar. There’s Boston with his tongue wagging out and his little white
medallion that he’s got, sat in a rubber ring. So I’m gonna try and set him in the pool, but I might need something underneath him, otherwise he could sink. And of course no pool party is complete without a little banner. I made this out of some bamboo skewers and card. And cocktail umbrellas. (laughing) So I’m gonna put this on the cake. I’m gonna show you what it looks like. Ladies and gents, I present
to you the pug cake. The pug pool party cake. I don’t know what we’re gonna call it. It’s the cake. So we’ve got the tiles
there, and the swimming pool area, we’ve got a little beach ball there, we’ve got Boston in the
water with the life ring on, of course with his tongue hanging out. And Amy sat there. Her arm did fall off and land in the pool, but hey, eating a cake, being sensible, hanging out in the shade
under the umbrella, which is actually propping her up. I am over the moon with
how this had turned out. All right, folks. I don’t really want to slice
this up, but I’m gonna do it anyway, because I’ve
always wondered how people slice these sort of cakes up. With a knife through the cake. Oh no, stay there, stay for me baby. Let’s just try and do a little slice, so the kids can see it later. Oh no. There. There we go. Chocolate cake and the pool is kind of… Someone pulled the plug out on the pool. Mmm. That is good. What do you think? You’re on a rubber ring, look. It’s saving you. Huh? Kinda see the resemblance, although he’s keeping his tongue in today. What about you? Eh, she wanted to go sniff yourself. Ugh, your breath smells. I need to go wash my hands now. Someone did suggest on Twitter I should have just used the salt
and pepper pug pots. You know, these things. That would have probably
been a lot easier. But anyway, as I say, I
hope you enjoyed this. Maybe we could make a
regular cake of the week segment with me, Mrs.
Barry and also this expert and have some fun with that. But I hope you try it. If you do, tag me in your pictures @myvirginkitchen. Subscribe for regular
recipes and food fun. Don’t forget to follow
our behind the scenes channel with the Barrys,
or also the podcast every week on a Sunday, goodbye.

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    ► full recipe / write up http://www.myvirginkitchen.com/recipe/pug-swimming-pool-cake/
    ► Chocolate cake recipe used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3Uor03hJuE

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