Pugs 101: Tips for Traveling With Your Pug – Part 1: Safety & Heat Control

Hello out there in Pugland, and welcome
back! As you can tell, the days are getting warmer and we’re heading toward
spring and summer. With spring, we often start looking at taking some road
trips. In today’s video topic, we’re going to bring
you some tips on how to travel safely with your Pug, and how to keep them nice
and comfortable when the temperatures are getting warmer. So, let’s roll the
intro!When traveling with your pug in your automobile, we always recommend putting them in a crate. This is for your safety as well as theirs. If you should experience
an accident when driving the safest place for your dog is in its crate. A
damaged car can easily allow a dog to escape, and then have to face the hazards
of road traffic, or get lost. This crate is actually one that we use when
we travel with our dogs. We secure the crate by putting the seat belt right
through the handle. If the seatbelt doesn’t work then we use bungee cords
and tie it into the seat bolts. This way, it’ll keep keep the crate from moving in
the vehicle. Here are some other tips for keeping your dogs cooler when traveling in the car. On hot days, we always turn our car’s air
conditioner on before we bring our dogs in. By putting the air conditioning on in
your car first, you lessen the chance that your dog can get overheated. Crate fans are a great way
to help keep your dog cool when traveling. These particular crate fans
have two different settings: they have a high setting and a low setting. They can
be battery-operated and they run off of two D size batteries. And, conveniently
enough, they also have adapters that plug right in. When we travel, we always make sure
we have fresh batteries as well as extra batteries. The average battery life is
about 10 hours on the low setting. When we travel in our car, we attach the AC
adapter and plug it right into our car’s electrical power. Our van has the ability
to plug right into an electrical outlet in our car. Makes it extremely convenient.
There are other ac/dc adapters that plug directly into your car’s lighter. When
the adapter is in it bypasses the battery so you’re not utilizing your
battery life. We use the low setting for temperatures under 70 degrees to keep
the air circulating in the kennel. For temperatures above 70 degrees, we put it on high. You turn on the fan speed that you want, and you hook it right on
to your kennel door. This way, your dog has air flow. And you can even feel the
air flowing out the sides of the crate. The other thing we do to control heat
for our dogs is we use what is called a cool-down mat. This mat is waterproof
and is designed to provide a cooler temperature for your dog to lie on. When
he or she lays on it, it feels cool to the touch and it helps to disperse
coolness all over their body. The way we use that is we fold it in half, we just
put it in there just like that and our dogs go and lie on it. For very warm days
we also use what we call a cool-down jacket. When
you’re going to use this jacket, you get it wet with cool water, wring it out, put it
in a Ziploc bag, put it in the refrigerator. And when it’s time for you
to travel, you just put your dog in it, zip it up at the back, and put them
inside. So, with the cool down jacket and the cool down mat, along with the fan, our
dogs are kept extremely comfortable. They can even do well for a short time
without air conditioning utilizing these tricks. In addition, we will bring along
frozen bottles of water so we can keep the cool down jacket cool by just adding
cool water to it throughout the day. You can also put this directly into the
crate to help keep the dog cool. They can lie on it or they can chew on it. They
can lick it and get that nice cold condensation to help keep their little
bodies cool. We also fill a spray bottle full of water. We use distilled water for
our dogs to drink. The night before, we put this in the refrigerator along with
the cool down jacket. Throughout the day, we can spray the jacket. We can also
spray the dog’s feet, pads of the feet, and we can also spray their belly, and
directly into their mouths. This helps them keep nice and cool and
prevents them from overheating. Besides the cooldown jacket, we also have used
dog belly bands to keep the underbelly of the dog nice and cool as well. This one
is from Pupstar and it’s made very nicely because it has material that’s
absorbent in the interior. We will get this one wet, soak it in ice cold water
overnight, and then put it on the dog. So this is designed to go on the dog’s
belly, and it makes it very convenient and comfortable for them to stay cool.
We can take it off and re-soak it in cold water and put it right back on.
Keep that coolness all day long. When we travel with our dogs in the car, we
always prepare a cooler just for their products. We found that the Ultra Arctic
Zone original is a great little tool because it collapses, it can be made
smaller or larger to expand for our needs.
We put the cool pack into it on the bottom. We use a Ziplock baggie and we
put the belly band that’s been soaking in ice-cold water overnight into the
Ziploc baggie. We also put the cool down jacket that’s been soaking in ice-cold
water overnight into the Ziploc baggie as well. Zip that up. Squeeze all the excess air out of it. Put that right on top. We follow that up
with a bottle of frozen ice water. And then the bottle of distilled water
that’s been in the refrigerator overnight. As you can see, that fits very
nicely. We consider this a first aid kit for dealing with heat. If the temperature
is greater than 70 degrees, we take this along with us when the dogs travel. The other thing we do is make sure our dogs always have access to water when we
travel. Since spills can happen in the car, we found the best solution for that
was created by MidWest. This is a stainless steel bowl that can hook right
on to the side of your dog’s crate. We put some water in here the night before. About an inch. Freeze it, and then that way, as the dogs become thirsty, they can
lick the water. Helps to minimize the spillage. I’ll show you how this attaches
to the crate.Ta-da! Now your dog has access to water. A place
for you to pour more water in later, and the fan is also going to be able to
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