Puppy Agility Training, A Labrador Retriever And One Mind Dogs German Turns

– Oh no, I just stepped in poop. That’s one thing that drives me crazy is when people don’t
clean up after their dogs. I mean, if you’re taking
your dog for a walk, bring a poop bag! I don’t know what the point is of letting your dog poop all over the place, especially if you’re
gonna go walk there again. Drives me crazy. (squeaky dog barking) Kind of a dull and dreary day today it looks like it’s gonna
rain and I know that thunderstorms are in the forecast so I thought I’d come out with Hippy Shake and Deegan and go for a little walk
before the rain comes so hopefully we make it through our walk without getting drenched cause I didn’t bring any wet weather gear. (peaceful electronic music) Some people talk about their heart dog and our logo is, in fact, a heart dog. Deegan is the dog that
basically changed my life. I had her from when she was born, I got her as a puppy. And when she was about two, she started to be quite difficult and she actually ate a sock and I had to take her
for an emergency surgery. I had grown up around dogs. My parents raised and trained
working dogs basically, but they weren’t pet dogs. So I was a little hesitant to take her to like a family obedience class, but all of my neighbors
and actually my vet recommended taking her to McCann
professional dog trainers. And I’m so glad that I did. After a couple of weeks, I
started to see her change. It was such a dramatic thing for me. Basically, at that time,
it was so gratifying to see this wild and crazy black lab become a biddable dog
that was so much more fun to work with, to play retrieve with and do all the things
you want your dog to do, that I fell in love with dog training. I spent, you know, the next
year or so training Deegan and I was there so often
that Marty and Deb asked if I wanted to become an instructor, so basically it’s like a
year long apprenticeship. I did my apprenticeship, again, loving every moment of it. There’s something really special about seeing a dog build a
relationship with their owner. Especially when that dog comes in and they’re wild and
crazy and you can see them start to work a little
bit for their owner. Not because they have to,
but because they want to. And that was amazing for me so I finished my year long apprenticeship and I became a trainer. That was maybe ten years ago now. And it’s, this dog has basically changed my life. This dog has changed the people that I’ve been introduced to and the
relationships that I have. And has introduced me to a bunch of people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. So at the time, I really
wasn’t that excited about training her but looking back, it’s incredible the difference that she’s made in my life. (upbeat electronic music) After that swim, it’s pretty apparent that Deegan is in desperate need of a brushing. Her coat is really coming out. She often does sort of blow
her coat a couple times a year. And it’s pretty bad right now so we’re gonna have to
address that when we get home. – Hey, good morning. I’ve been missing in action. I should say good afternoon actually. I’ve been missing in
action a little bit today because I’ve been buried
in front of my computer. I have a really big agility camp that I’m hosting this
weekend at the agility arena and I have been trying to come up with some really creative games and courses and all kinds of stuff. We’re covering some pretty cool topics so it’s forcing me to get
my creative juices going. Which is actually a lot of fun. And I have to come up with some prizes and some things like that
before the end of the week. So hopefully I can come
up with something good. Anyways, I just thought
I would take a break and train little Pop-Pop
here on a few things. We don’t have a huge yard here. Obviously I can go to a big giant arena whenever I want to but it’s
great to have a few things here so I can pop out whenever
I want to throughout the day And just do like a little
bit quick with her. And tonight, unfortunately, we have to miss our agility class. We take two agility classes a week. Foundation Agility classes at our hall. At our agility arena. And we also take two
obedience classes a week so she’s really busy. Oh, did you find something? I think somebody’s ready to go. So, tonight though, I
have to cover for somebody instead of being able to take class which is still fun too, of course. So I thought I would get
some extra training in now before I have to go to work tonight. So yeah, hopefully we
try something fun today. (upbeat electronic music) I have 30 minutes before dinner is ready. I have a countdown on my phone so I’m quickly taking
these guys to the park because I have an extremely bad habit of after teaching all night and not seeing my best
friends in the whole world who I happen to teach with, we get chatty and there’s not a lot of dog training that goes on. Unless we like, make an effort. But I teach with my good
friend, Angela on Monday nights and it has been like three weeks
since we’ve seen each other so anyways, I’m really looking forward to like, sit down and have
a conversation with her. We’re so busy, it’s hard to stay in touch. Anyways, so exercising the dogs now. So if I don’t train, I
don’t feel as guilty. These guys are having fun though. Especially this little one. Miss Hippy Shake! Up, up! Yes! Hippy needs a haircut really bad. She’s gonna get one this week. Good girl. Ready? Go! (dog squealing) (laughing) She loves to do that, it
makes me laugh so hard. – I don’t know if you guys have
ever used a Furr-manator but these things are really really great. If anybody’s a lab owner, they know this. They know what this is all about. When you’re lab starts to shed. She must be the hairiest dog or the sheddiest dog we’ve got. – [Girl] The sheddiest dog? – Yeah. Yeah. I know that’s not a word but– – [Girl] Did she come
with that leaf on her too? – I think the leaf wasn’t on her at first. But it may have ended up on her. But if you’re a bird in this area, you’re pretty excited that we have a lab. – [Girl] Yeah, we have the best going rate for bird house material. – This is a Serta mattress
for a bird somewhere. (laughing) – So the beginning of the
week is pretty busy for me I teach 13 classes,
agility classes a week. Five different levels from foundation ranging all the way up to
international handling. And we just had a brand
new session start on Tuesday night so I went
ahead and asked them what their goals were for the next 8 weeks and they sent back a bunch of ideas. So I love that because I can both help them accomplish
whatever goals they have and it also give me an opportunity to be more creative with classes. So this week we have lots of fun stuff that we’re gonna be doing. There’s some pretty challenging obstacle contact tunnel discriminations, we’re gonna be doing
working on getting the dogs to slice across the bars
when they are at open angles which tends to be for a lot of the bigger and faster border collies a really easy place
for them to knock bars. Weave distractions with tunnels and jumps and all kinds of stuff really really close around them so the dogs have
to learn to sort through that and then a bigger scale course where they’re gonna be focusing on using the difference between front crosses and blind crosses and where each of those things in best suited. And then also working on German turns which is
more international style maneuver which a lot of
people struggle with. So I’ll be doing that in
my more advanced classes. So it should be a good week. I’m looking forward to getting
back into the swing of things last week was pretty easy because there weren’t as many classes
because of the holiday. And this week we’re
right back at it again. (electronic music) It’s the last class of the night. It’s our international handling class. And there’s a few people away today so it’s a small class which has been awesome cause these guys get to do the course like a bunch of times. So we’re just about to
try the one where there’s like a million German turns in 18 obstacles or something so we’ll try and get a couple shots for you. (electronic music) Hey guys, we just finished class. We just came in here to
debrief a little bit. Now Ang and I teach a couple
of the classes tonight and then the last one she
actually takes with her dog. With Cecil, and how did you
think class went tonight? – It was good. It was hard. Lots of running, lots of running. – I made her run a lot tonight. Now Ang is getting ready with Cecil for what competition do you have next? – AAC Nationals in BC. – Yeah, so all the way
out in British Columbia where she’s gonna be trying out for the AAC World Championship team with her Aussie, Cecil so
that’s gonna be awesome. So yeah, we’re both tuckered out. We’ve done our chatting. We did little bit of
training with the puppies, and now we’re going to bed. – Time for bed.
– Hopefully we get home before midnight. Okay good night everyone! See you tomorrow. – Good night. (video game music)

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  1. Madison Winters says:

    im doing a little event like what you did at woofstock at the Terrace Bay Fall Fair and i have never done anything like this in front a huge crowd and i just wanted to see if you guys have and tips that i could use also i know you all are busy but if you guys wanna come on september 10 to do a little show or something your more then welcome!

  2. McCann Dog Training says:

    That sounds pretty cool Madison! September is a busy month for us so I don't think we can make it to the show. This may sound silly, but the best thing you can do for any event like this is to plan ahead, and have fun! Decide on what your routine will be and have fun both practicing it AND performing it! Don't forget to have someone record it so you can watch it after!

  3. MissLadyFair Pets says:

    Great video! Love watching you guys do agility course work! Is the German turn only used in International Handling?

  4. Lilia says:

    Loved hearing about Deegan. 🙂 Dogs really are amazing creatures that can change and really enrich our lives and I find that training them makes such a difference in your bond with them.

    Also love the BC pup and watching the training! The collar also looks cool! Where is it from? 😮

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