Puppy Dog Pals Pot O’Pug Episode 6 – Maya Daly

PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT & SUBCRIBE video! Thanks you very much! Oh Movie probably holding stomach. It’s not my paw. That’s your paw is Oh, what is it Bob? Hey, where’d the doggie go. Oh my computer. Oh darn, it’s broken But at least I can look forward to seeing you two when I get home from work Enjoy your nap hissy Roly did you hear what he said? Bob needs a pot of gold to fix his computer if we can find one at the end of the rainbow That’s just a legend. What is that at the end of every rainbow? There’s a pot of gold It looks like the rain balloons behind that Factory, but we know someone who does oh Sure, I know that Factory I collect stuff other people throw away and when this friend of mine found plants for that place in the trash See that ditch right there You want to crawl through that to the front door? Then when you’re inside the factory you’re gonna ride this conveyer belt through the Assembly Room Stay out of trouble and that pot of gold will be yours. Don’t worry Bullworth. Nothing is gonna trip us up This is a waters getting deeper or my leather game shorter stay down, I’m gonna take a peek and see with our guard dogs Yeah, and there’s the front door so come on then next room here we come This next one was called the Rapanui These bubbles are wrapped around us so tight we can’t walk and we’re in trouble gotta pop these bubbles on the doggy We did it Rollie we did it Yeah, I just wish there was more bubble around for us to pop cuz I could play with that stuff all day Well, then we’re just gonna have to pop all of it The whole way without going pop pop pop pop we’ll have to walk between the bubbles Okay, Willie your turn And now that we’re in the bet we should be able to see The rainbow in the pot of gold, well you got you Dogs other than me aren’t allowed back here Mine too your friend of bullish. I am I love how that guy collects stuff that’s being thrown away So when I found the plans for this Factory in the trash I gave them to That gold home for Bob take whatever you want. It’s all gonna be thrown out anyway Hey, I should give some to pull worth We saw me into the rainbow and the pot of gold even though that wasn’t a pot but that was nothing the gold Wait a minute. You mean there actually was something there must have fallen out of my computer this morning, but I didn’t see it Haha, it works. But you know what? There aren’t any dogs who are more special than you Hello, I know ain’t nothin I play with it or anything Bob uses the picture on the puzzle box to help show them how to put it together. That’s a strange-looking spotty kitty. Oh, Excuse our froley ARF must finish vacuuming up all this leftover kibble Finish the puzzle without the picture of the leopard to help good look at that, huh? It’s time for work Hour feels bad for ruining your puzzle box and I feel bad The bomba said so all we need to do is find them a new Leopard easy What our luck words live find a leopard for Bob so we can finish his stuff I must warn you Leopards are big cats and they can be hard to find and I do like to be alone and hide in high places And your cat Lakeisha shit since you said, oh, please oh, please. Oh, please And hot really hot You just said that binge ooh, so Those are leopards there. Why do I bother I never loved her Jade leaves? Howdy down there puppies. I’m berry berry good giraffe pleased to make your acquaintance. I’m bingum I’m gonna climb that tree and see if I can get a better view to search one Thanks, sorry, I’ll help you down there. We just got here and already you’re a mess. Oh Look over there It looks like a watering hole cool If I wore leopard, I would go there too. Doesn’t hurt to try. I’m pretty hungry from traveling halfway around the world Thanks, Barry the giraffe. Yeah. Oh I’m gonna play that muttaqun never played before Excuse me. Have you by any chance seen a leopard around here, you know the times you find on the jigsaw puzzle box Do you know where the leopard is now? Oh my god leopards This fella is a pretty hard cat to find his spots help him blend into the trees where he lived Let’s follow those paw prints and find that leopard so proud to finish his tummy, I Don’t see his spots help him blend in it makes it hard to see. Oh Of course follow me We take your appetite Just try it we need to be quiet when you talk But just try it so now that we found where he lives Where is he he must have heard us Hey my favorite cat toy. How did that get here? I forgot I brought in case I feel the urge to play was it I Just love funny noises these squeeze it down lower it sounds even funnier Mr. Leopard Please call me Titus. Whoa. Mr. Titus. We really need a leopard right Rollie Rollie I Got stuck again Look at his fur, it’s so stained that he almost looks like a leopard cub Come on guys, we gotta get back home. So Bob can finish his puzzle Of course not and thank you for helping us out on our mission That’s the last piece of the puzzle Thank goodness. You did because you look just like a little spotted leopard Your own squeaky toy ARF come help me get the bath door. Maybe we can share it. I Don’t know guys. I’m doing just Their royal pugna’s It’s my mom’s birthday party tonight, so we’re all gonna treat it like a queen. Okay. I Even got her this paper crown to where we don’t know how to do that Yeah, and we’re gonna find a queen to look alone how they have a queen in England maybe you should go there Missy Steve’s got a part a Perfectly sure and it’s our mission. Let’s go Now those men of the furry hats are the Queen’s guards Frank and it’s their job to keep Anyone from getting through the palace gates? Maybe if we can get those guards to smile a laugh, they’d be so happy. They let us into the palace Then we’ll give them something to laugh about if we can’t get past those guards We’ll never get inside that palace unless you go through that doggy door right there that dog you won’t right way, huh? um crumpets worth cream puffs cold trifle bottom the third at your service But you may call me dump it pretty please Well, since you said pretty please I don’t see how a chap like me can say no to eat biscuits at tea time One must never eat their biscuit until after they’ve been given permission This is a challenge Nope Can I have a biscuit please? There is no greater compliment to the Queen than to sit still in her presence. Yeah, I remember on one such occasion We were sitting still for a second That means walk like this Everything’s alright then This is a royal mess, we didn’t mean to make a mess I’m so sorry it pops but tea time with the cleaner starting soon and I need to straighten the whole way before it begins Whoa, what’s going on? Looks like Bob’s party Wait a second fancy table with biscuits it 40 Chew toy Has anyone spied my purse Rollie that’s the cleanest purse. Oh, is that what this thing is? Perfect Good that sounded just like him just take one the way you’ve been treating do If we go out there, so no, we’re not krumping although I do like a good Scratchy behind news Hope it where are you? Good doggy? Thanks for filling in until I arrived Home so we can treat Bob’s mom like a queen then. Let’s rollio right here back on teachers meds Hold on. It was a good trip. I say good Here you go kasib doggie biscuits go ahead boys eat those treats This way mom Thank you Rollie I always like to have this right by my side and we even learned a special birthday song just for you mom Ready Pop’s you’re special I Feel like a queen good work jack jolly good you too champ Good and Gimli time for the birthday portrait? Remember to sit still you guys perfectly still they must know it’s my special day Wow Yeah You two look like you’re having a good time Fun with the toys in this box, but it’s time someone else got to have fun with them Ribbit What are you gay? Oh You did. Oh, did you guys just ruin walk rough? We would who’s what Bob in his room with ruff ruff Bob at the beach with ruff ruff Poverty’ just about everywhere. He went with ruff ruff Designer died today This place is amazing There one perfectly poufy Poots Come on Roli, let’s take ruff-ruff in there make him perfectly poufy to Rossini just enough step step up. So that’s a lot of stuff So this puppy up But we’re gonna need some kid power to do it Chloe Wow, that looks so good. And there’s just one more thing to do with this doggy. So follow me When I go down you go up and when you go up I’ll go down I Think we used too much bingo an early power sometimes bingo. The only power is gonna be a dangerous thing And now it’s time to get our doggie looking stop tacular first to get him clean Then we give them some style We might as well get ourselves looking good. Sue Here comes the cleaning. I like that color it matched my eyes We did it Rollie perhaps toy looks as good as ever day Party everybody choose enough. Doggie Oh Rollie they think we’re tight. Yeah, but they dressed us up so nice for their party. We should stick around just to be flight For canned food. Let me tell you something. That’s no party pretend to eat Looks like the party’s over. Yes Oh No, what if she takes pop story? What if we take it first? Okay, everybody have a good day Yep, Bob won’t even know we took it out of the box Hey guys Give me a minute before I say hello. Okay, I just need to put this stuff outside You’re just giving this stuff away Jenny buddy who wants it, huh? I want it. Can I keep a mommy, please? I’m glad I found someone to give ruff ruff to Because I don’t need to pretend doggy anymore. I have two of the best

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