PUPPY French Bulldog jumping / French Bulldog puppies First Step Up / dog jumping down stairs

Hi, sister. Bacon~ I heard that the baby sleeps a lot.
Why aren’t you sleeping? Let’s go to bed now! Bacon that I hugged quickly fell asleep. By the way, do you have to sleep with that face? Time to wake up and pee and poop. Let’s take a piss!!! Did you pee?! too cute bacon Bacon is a baby with many questions. Bacon! Bacon! Come here~~ (Laughs) It’s high enough to go down. I can’t do it. Is it too hard? Go up there. Hehehehehehe so cute..
cuter bacon with shorter legs There you go! Good job. wiggling toes Shall we just go down? To jump off? I can’t go.
I came too high than I thought. Shall I jump? Auntie, can I go up? Don’t come! Oh, yeah.
Let’s go another way. Oh, my.

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  1. Ym Ji says:

    I was happy and fun thanks to you from this morning.

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