Puppy Haul ft My Puppy

Welcome to fancy Fridays. Oh, hello if you’re new here is a go Home we bought some stuff that’s not So I’ll roll the footage right now since we love that. Oh my god. She loves it. Oh my god There’s new callers. You need a caller cuz you don’t have a caller what you call her. Do you want you want a pink one? You want to get a pretty one for you, right? yes, I Really like that one You’re not interested oh you like the bowl oh Well, she really likes em. Oh, okay. We’ll get the book. Oh my pretty girl Are you eating a messy My god, there’s so many donkeys Look at all the doggies there big ones. Oh My God, look at that meanie one That’s so cute. Oh my god I was a super cool groovy Fantastic Footage we’re at five Okay We are at five thousand and ninety three subscribers right now. That’s crazy to me. Oh my god. I’m love Easter I’m even tear up and I’m not sure why um Happy tears, obviously. Um, I find that crazy love each and every single one of you guys I appreciate you guys Hello They don’t care do they of Pardoned um Each and every single one of you guys I can’t bully. We’re at five K. Um, let’s get to 10k, baby And I just want to say that I appreciate you guys me and finchy appreciate you wanna go. Fuck your sister I mean 20. Oh my god. What are you doing? Means auntie appreciate you guys and you guys truly mean the world to me and you guys are so sweet I love when I get to talk to you guys and Um, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to see What else comes what new subscribers we get because I love it I hope we just become a bigger family Okay, um back to My new video on that so um, you guys won’t be Pardoned um, so you guys won’t be getting shoutouts for a little while. No, it’s time to do a haha First theme is we got this bacon lemon Drink I’m not sure what it is so cute is don’t eat your clothes thing We got is this banana and I wash Rosanna pansino video she got a banana and I was like, ooh, I saw the banana and I was like, I’ll get the banana and also I have two other dogs So hopefully they’ll like some of this stuff don’t eat your clothes. Oh my god, dude, like the banana But her at this pretty paint it’s now printed out the collar too little collar for donkeys His dog bad I Got this little doggy, but she Liddy loves it. You can tell she loves it because she’s not lying on it So what a good deal. Oh My god, oh My god Frenchy then we got this cauliflower toy. I’m not sure why we bought so many toys quarantine She’s loony the laziest dog over here it is Wait does do you like Because we got don’t be jelly Not sure what that motivation was BFF Because she’s my BFF. I loved her we got her this Captain America Blue thing the guardians of the galaxy under woman true, but now it’s time for the fashion show part of this video That was all over the Fashion Show and because enjoy if you like me or my channel subscribe I’m also hosting a macbook air giveaway. Um if you wanna hear about my love story, I’ll put that in link below and I’ll see you guys very very soon. I love you guys so much They’re wonderful human beings you guys are living the best and I’m so excited to see our community and channel grow And I’ll see you guys right here

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