Puppy Is Abandoned 5 Times In A Row, When Vet Takes A Closer Look He Realises Tragic Truth

Puppy Is Abandoned 5 Times In A Row, When
Vet Takes A Closer Look He Realises Tragic Truth
For one little puppy, the first 7 months of his life were full of confusion. Ivor the
Staffordshire Bull Terrier was moved from shelter to shelter. In just one year, the
poor puppy had five different owners. Every time he started to settle into a home
he would be kicked out again. No family wanted him as they believed he was stubborn and disobedient.
People claimed that there was something wrong with him and that he couldn’t hear anything.
By the end of 2017, Ivor had, unfortunately, entered the RSPCA’s system for sheltering
animals once again. This was the 5th time he had lost a family he hoped would be his
forever home. Every single one of Ivor’s owners said that
he was too loud and he wouldn’t stop barking. Because of the numerous homes Ivor the Staffordshire
Bull Terrier had been removed from, the shelter wanted to investigate more directly.
Ivor the Staffordshire Bull Terrier had a disability that nobody had discovered
After Ivor’s 5th family returned him to the shelter, the RSCPA decided to investigate.
For a breeder with several puppies, it can become difficult to learn each puppies needs.
Sadly, nobody had noticed that Ivor was deaf. When the volunteers tested Ivor’s hearing,
they learnt straight away why he was struggling to fit into a normal household. Ivor couldn’t
hear anything! Ivor’s previous owner hadn’t realised
he was deaf, in fact, none of his previous owners had realised.
Thankfully, the animal shelter learnt about Ivor’s disability and they began to learn
sign language to communicate with Ivor In fact, Ivor was a pretty quick learner.
The yearning for conversation and affection must have driven this lovable pup to push
harder to understand. At first, the trainers built up trust with
Ivor then they introduced him to the basic commands. Shortly after, Ivor had been put up for adoption
once more. Thankfully, he met a loving human called Ellie Bromilow. Ellie and Ivor bonded
instantly, furthermore, it was only a matter of time before Ellie adopted Ivor into her
home. The RSPCA had already taught Ivor a handful
of commands, but Ellie was keen to educate Ivor even further!
Ellie’s mission was to help Ivor discover everything he’d missed out on in the other
homes he’d lived in. “He’d already learned the sign command
for “sit” and “come” from the staff at the RSPCA centre, but now he knows lots
more like “lie down”, “stay”, “all gone” and he’s learning “roll over”,”
It turns out that Ivor is a very intelligent dog, he just needed to approach the world
from a different angle. Because of his disability, Ivor’s sense of sight, smell and touch are
greatly enhanced. Ivor loves using his strong sense of smell
to chase down things his owner has hidden around the house. On Ivor’s Facebook page,
there’s a post that reads: “While other dogs may miss things, my eyes
are trained to observe everything. Even when I sleep, I see all, I feel the vibration of
doors and footsteps and can sniff a piece of ham from a mile away,”
But Ivor’s favourite thing is having a nap After a long day of adventures with Ellie,
Ivor the Staffordshire Bull Terrier loves hopping into bed and relaxing with his loving
human. Ivor loves spending time with Ellie and communicating
with her. He watches everything around him and knows when somebody is trying to talk.
“Having a deaf dog is just like having a hearing dog. We still speak to him as we sign
and I chat to him a lot – even though he can’t hear a word,” Sure, living with a deaf dog can be tough,
but if you’re as loving as Ellie is, it can be the biggest reward of all.
We’re so happy that Ivor the Staffordshire Bull Terrier finally found a forever home.
Have you ever looked after a dog with disabilities?

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  1. Ann says:

    Aww cute little puppy

  2. Soothsayer1356 says:

    I had a deaf dog and learned it signs. Great dog. Very attentive dogs. They do go on vibrations. She knew when a door opened and shut in amother room. She was attached to my dad and knew when he was sick. She would lay at his feet in the worse of time he had until his death.That was over 25 years ago. Maybe they are together now playing ball like they use to. Their senses are amazing.

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  5. Southern Belle says:

    God bless you for taking the time with this precious Pooch God bless you both

  6. cher z says:

    Poor dog. It's a shame it took Ivore 5 home returns too be dx'd. If he had been dx'd sooner he would have been placed with the right family. Happily, In the end he was. Yeah! Ivore?

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