Puppy Mudder: Behind The Scenes | Tough Mudder

So excited for the first ever
Puppy Mudder, presented by Nulo. These furry fireballs are looking
to mark their territory right out of the gate. You don’t see this type of epic
teamwork at the Westminster Dog Show. Tough Mudder’s been
bringing the toughest events on the planet since 2010, but
this one is by far the [BLEEP] cutest. Refueling with Nulo, a key
component here on course. These puppies are really taking teamwork
and camaraderie to a brand new level. These pups were up, down, wet,
wild, sniffen and snackin. Puppy Mudder is off to an
adorable start in 2017. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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