Hello! I’m currently at the freight distribution centre waiting to pick up “Zacs puppy he has no idea is coming” “I’ve got everything ready. I’ve got some toys, food and the crate here” “OMG!” – excited squeal “Zac, come look at this cute video” Mum calling out – “Soph come here” “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

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  1. greg clark says:

    best ultimate girlfriend ever….. See this is how you win men over ladies . You buy then chocolate brown labrador puppies. ;-))

  2. Saharoza Se says:

    first song?

  3. jUsT a ViSiToR says:

    I feel like a kid again!

  4. Po Tato says:

    Your camera couldn't focus cause it was trying to find the male human in the video, only the head was appearing so it was freaking out. You should do the same thing when you tell him your pregnant down the line. Great vid!

  5. sodbuster925 says:

    he is adorable  class act young lady

  6. HellaCrayy says:

    Aww, that's so cool. 😊

  7. Nicksta532 says:

    Thats awesome, If my girlfriend did that for me id marry her on the spot!


    There eating chocolate 😂

  9. Emily Bladen says:

    It was like that puppy new you were his owner

  10. Sid Shades says:

    He cant break up with her now

  11. π says:

    sa ma cac pe cainele tau si pe tine!!

  12. Brma man says:

    Lucky dude my girlfriend give socks

  13. dorothy jack says:

    OMGGGG he's so adorable. N thats the sweetest gift… Love it…

  14. Madison Hamilton says:

    I miss my chocolate lab 😭 he got hit by a car on his first birthday…yes his first birthday 😭 I left for school and went to the store afterwards to buy him gifts for his birthday..I was soo ready to play with him and show him his toys..got home and saw him lying dead by the road..he was the best dog ever..he knew tricks and was very intelligent..why would sumbody just leave him there 😭😭

  15. Collin says:

    What is the song that you use in the beginning, please ? Thank you.

  16. Energy123 says:

    Ahh, Need to hold the tear's :,)

  17. Noneya Business says:

    Omg that puppy is beyond cute!!!

  18. Mia Mc love says:

    the Music dont Fit at all!its to sad….

  19. Pool Cézanne says:

    I'm more than happier how dogs feel having his new family, not for the man. lol.

  20. babarameez raja says:

    what the name of the song plz

  21. The fake Justin Y. says:


  22. Rizsmo says:

    No clue who the fuck you people think you are. Hating on them for getting a puppy instead of a shelter dog, I mean the puppy is gonna be born either way and they probably want a dog that's gonna last a while that they can train and raise. If you get a 7 year old dog I mean, it's great of you, helping it's last years be in a home but you won't have the same bond as you would with a 7 year old dog that you raised

  23. NotYourBanana says:

    aw man i think i cried a bit

  24. Madi elyse says:

    i love how exited the puppy is

  25. jeff says:

    best girlfriend EVER

  26. Neymar Jr says:

    only if my GF could do this. Oh wait I don't have one😢

  27. iPooKaePoo says:


  28. Iridious says:

    man i want my future girlfriend to be this kind and whole hearted.

  29. TheRabbitBunny says:

    Cute puppy! Pussy would be a better idea! 😉

  30. mnym8ts says:

    Awe make me cry with joy ,such a beauty

  31. Carl Smull says:

    Great video made me smile. I can relate to this video since my girlfriend surprised me with my Yellow lab Charlie for Christmas 2 years ago. Best gift i have ever gotten.

  32. Pod says:

    he has mild bunions 5:23

  33. Irina Bazan says:

    What's the song called?

  34. Grosse Chiasse says:

    I hate to see happy people, smiles make me angry, I want everyone to be bitter and sad and obnoxious.

  35. Arpan Bhattacharya says:

    What struck me was the dog immediately knew the love….animals are always so much better than us.

  36. Adel Tayee says:

    make more videos moe growin up with you guys…i bet h's the double the size now

  37. MS Deluxe says:

    what is the name of the song in the video?

  38. Mia Meowzerz says:

    Uhg I love men who love animals xoxo

  39. Dinusha Illeperuma says:

    soo lovely

  40. Tushar Kanti Ghosh says:

    men also love puppies???very unmanly!!

  41. amit kumar Singh says:

    I like the music of video.

  42. Sylvia Consuegra Jaramillo says:

    Bello!!! La alegría llego a sus vidas

  43. Reymundo Navarro says:

    that is really sweet awww

  44. xyz xyz says:

    I would be crying with happiness if my gf gives me that puppy, and after that bang her cas of the happiness she gave me.

  45. F Jon says:

    Damn boy! You better put a ring on her finger ASAP! That's one hell of a woman you got there. Spend everyday making her happy.

  46. Karlos Papandeos says:

    Любите животных и не обижайте вить они добрые и преданные

  47. AJ Evans says:

    Puppy Power

  48. Chrys Gnt says:

    What a gorgeous and sweet little dog!!! Great video.

  49. Amaya terasu says:

    top girlfriend.

  50. C Culver says:

    that's how you scam a boyfriend into a marriage

  51. Masbate Dreamers says:


  52. Seni Josh says:

    Thats was so cute!!!!!

  53. Evanescence29 says:

    awww this is the cutest thing ever >.< i wanna do the same with me bf

  54. Heywood Jablowme says:


  55. Sammy smith says:

    My friend has two Labradors.
    They are great pets.
    Strong and beautiful but they do get big.

  56. Not.enough to.go.around says:

    are you guys still together?

  57. pheniks0 says:

    that is just the happiest little ball of fur ive ever seen 🙂
    congrats 🙂

  58. mrsmoyster says:


  59. Dontyou Know says:

    I'm a man and this makes me to cry!

  60. Nycole Lomas says:

    that was so sweet

  61. Nycole Lomas says:

    and how u surprised hima

  62. patatakap says:

    Treasure this moment….because moments like this one come once in a lifetime.

  63. Lindsey Braconnier says:

    that pup has the right personality for that guy. Probably couldn't believe how smart the pup was. Good pick outta litter.

  64. Maik Müller says:

    Name of the intro?

  65. simon heywood says:


  66. matthew emad says:


  67. Rogelio Rios says:

    genius way to introduce that puppy

  68. Laby 70 says:

    Whats the song in the beginning????

  69. Sue Mark says:

    every time I say I want a dog to my parents they say we already have 2 🤔i think they may be referring to me and my brother .. I want a dog

  70. Sabrina White says:

    what a beautiful dog!

  71. CrazyDaisyGracey says:

    Adorable ❤️

  72. jonathan mano says:

    is that ice tea in the back of the car =O

  73. Sachin Pigdon says:


  74. Cole Harpell says:

    Wish you would upload again

  75. Jack Saltzberg says:

    Damn i want him

  76. Jennifer Knipe says:

    So nice of her

  77. bob builder says:

    whats the music at the start plz

  78. Luandy Elam says:

    he is bloody lucky to have you! and that is for sure one cute puppy <3

  79. juan ortega says:

    nice !!!

  80. Shahnaz Poursaied says:

    If it was Iranian boy friend,he could definately slap you with such surprise and there were all possibilities that due to this surprise he could leave you and sleep with Ms Shaheen. Sad,Sad,Sad. No I will not surprise or give puppy or kitten as gift to any one.

  81. nightshade1621 says:

    That's so sweet, love it! Going to have to steal this one from your book.

  82. Erin Smith says:

    NOpe Nope I didnt Cry.. I Promise!! I swear OMG..

  83. James McKay says:

    That dog is so adorable

  84. Furkan Kılıc says:

    Song at 0:57?

  85. Zeno Button says:

    Never let her go.

  86. ULSTERISBRITISH 1690 says:

    That was class the way she did the video diary of the pup. I'd love a girl to do that for me lol. It's usually the girls seen getting this surprise but in reality us guys are probably just as emotionally attached to our dogs if not more. Well done this couple 👍

  87. Michael Delvalle says:

    well she's a keeper

  88. William Harvey says:


  89. D. H. says:

    Labradors are the cutest puppys at all 💞 Miss my after nearly 14 yrs lost #BlackLab so much. #TakeCare of him 🐶

  90. SwampySack says:

    when i see vids like these i seem to randomly turn to my 10yr old dog & rub his belly.. appreciating every seconds left of him.

  91. Dana Joan says:

    Sophie hows the puppy now? 😎😁

  92. Jenny Duncalf says:

    That tail 🙂

  93. Thomas Sliders says:


  94. Blee Pérez says:

    so cute

  95. sean im says:

    If he didn't marry her then I don't know what marriage is

  96. Sarah Corrigan says:

    Puppy Surprise! Anthony Reyes Corrigan & Sarah Ann Threse Corrigan Reyes ♡ ♡ ♡

  97. Farazafc07 says:

    Best video ever!

  98. 50hellkat2 says:

    What a gorgeous lab.

  99. XIV Words says:

    People and dogs are made for each other

  100. mathwizz75 says:

    esta cachonda la chica

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