Puppy Training & Care : When Do Puppies Stop Growing?

Let’s talk about, “When do puppies stop growing?”
There is actually now perfect answer for this because small breeds versus medium versus
large breeds all finish maturing into adulthood at different times. Generally, overall, you
could say that most breeds by eighteen months of age have finished growing. Larger breeds
actually may still be growing for two to two and a half years. And what we’re talking about
here is mainly bone growth. Bones grow from the end plates and so these long bones like
the femur here grow from the ends. And so as these large breeds grow, again, that’s
going to take much longer. You know, as far as filling out and their full weight is concerned,
you know, and average is probably about eighteen months of age. Most companies as far as dog
foods are concerned recommend to feed a puppy or a large breed food until they’re about
a year of age because what they’re saying is generally most dogs can go on to a puppy,
I’m sorry, an adult food at a year of age and beyond. And that usually is adequate.

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  1. Adrian Labastida says:

    I️ trust this guy , he’s wearing glasses and has charts

  2. That Husky is Crazy says:

    OMG, my dog is so big and only 10 months old !

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