Puppy’s First Year

It’s not easy to take care of a puppy. But it’s worth it. My name’s K. This is Kush. My wife and I got Kush over a year ago. Kush makes me a more happy person. My wife and I, we’re laughing so much more than before. Honestly, I can’t wait to go home and let her kiss me. Kush was a crazy puppy, but right now he’s much calmer. I’m still crazy. [laughs] I love the calm Kush better than crazy Kush. My Kush changed my life. My name is Sandra. My name is Emmett. This is Tommy Girl. We’ve had her for about a month and a half, and she’s three months old. I really wanted a dog for a long time. I was trying to be very linear, like “OK, we’ve got to check, this is stuff we’ve got to do before we even go look at adopting a dog.” And Sandra broke me down one day and was like “Let’s just go look.” Of course the second we walk up, the dog just looks at Sandra with these eyes, and is just like “Mom” basically, so I was like “OK, that’s that.” I care for her so much. Yeah, I think your maternal or paternal instincts kick in. You know I went from not knowing this thing existed, to a day later I’m carrying it home with us, and I felt like Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard or something. I didn’t want anything touching or getting in the way. And also I think how much it makes you feel like a family. I think we think for three now. [laughs] Yeah. I’m Kat. This is Klyde. Today marks exactly one week that he’s been in my life. I’m the biggest dog person. In 2005 I got a dog. His name was Sherman. And he was the love of my life. He died. Losing him was really tough, but I just realized that I had to have an animal in my life again. So we showed up at In Our Hands Rescue and I filled out the application. We set eyes on him and we knew it. And they let us take him home that day. I mean it’s only been a week, but the way he greets me when I come home, it’s pretty amazing. You know, there’s already an unconditional love that you can feel.

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    Awww I love dogs ❤

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    We also believe dogs deserve the best life possible 🙂

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