Q&A #1: Cruelty Free, Standard Poodles, Future of Beauty Blogging, Affiliate Links, Disclosure

Hey guys welcome back! Today I’m going to be doing my Q&A video. These are all questions from you. crueltyfreelucy wants to know, What is your
best tip for foundation matching? So my best tip, for me and people like me,
is to match your foundation to your neck and chest. For me personally, I have rosacea so that
means I have a lot of facial redness. If I match a foundation to my face it looks
red or too dark. It looks like I’m sunburnt. It’s not a good look. But if you match more to your neck and your
chest, you’re going to have a more uniform look with your body and that’s what you want. So it’s better to stripe your foundation here
and here and see what matches, and then put it on your face. Rather than just match to your face. Because your face may be a different color
from the rest of your body. So you should try to match that so you are
uniform as opposed to this floating dismembered head that’s either too dark or too light. I wore the wrong foundation shade for years. It was because I kept getting matched to the
wrong shade at the MAC counter. I would go to MAC and say please match me
to a foundation, they would match me NC15 or NW15 because, at that time, that was the
palest they had. So I would literally have a dark head and
a blindingly white neck and chest. A friend of mine finally said, why don’t you
look online at indie brands or something, there might be a better match for you in mineral
makeup. I was like, ok, I had no idea that these brands
existed. hausofhounds asks Why are you such a babe? Haha! Ok but seriously. What is your favorite color your hair has
ever been? So my favorite hair color that I’ve ever done
is actually a tie between two different ones. There’s a purple sunset hair color that I
did to myself, which I love because it was like purple pink and orange. I’ll put a picture of it up here. I also really love this purple combo that
Christian did on me, which was like pinky purple by the face and blue toned purple at
the tips. I thought it looked amazing. So I’ll put that picture up too. I actually really really want to change my
hair right now, but Christian is currently in Norway. I’m going to have to wait until he gets back. mybeautybunny asks What are your favorite
brushes for eye makeup? So I know I did a whole video on what are
my favorite brushes for hooded eyes but I’ll touch on a couple of those brushes right now. The Sigma E25, Sigma E36, Sigma 06, UD iconic
brush, UD tapered blending brush, UD moondust brush, UD tightline brush, detailed smudger
brush, the Kat Von D Double Ended brush, and the real techniques base brush. Those are probably all of my favorite eye
brushes. But I’ll put a link to that video where I
talk more in detail about eye brushes that I love so that you can check them out and
see what they look like and see how they work on my eyes. alison.renae asks what’s your Favorite long
lasting liquid lipstick & cruelty free hair products. My favorite long wearing liquid lipsticks
are Jouer liquid lipsticks. They don’t really have any exciting colors
but all the shades that they have are extremely comfortable to wear and they last for hours
and hours and hours. They don’t really make my lips dried out and
they don’t want to peel off afterwards. I love the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks but
the next day after wearing them my lips want to peel off. So that’s not my favorite thing to deal with. For hair products I love Cocoa Pink. I love their Argan Replenishing Serum, I love
their Argan Therapy Creme Conditioner, ShamPink Shampoo, basically all their hair products
that they make, I love. The other cruelty free hair products that
I really love are Batiste Dry Shampoo, which is vegan, Overtone Go Deep Hair Mask, is my
favorite hair mask. You just buy it in whatever color to match
your hair and it helps to keep your hair vibrant forever and ever. For stuff like hairspray, probably Paul Mitchell
because again they’re cruelty free, I think they’re leaping bunny certified. Their products are amazing. oyveysenorita asks Why/how did you pick your
username? So my username on Youtube is PhyrraNyx. The name Phyrra comes from my D&D character,
because I’m a geek. She’s a drow elf character that i played years
and years ago. And Nyx is the goddess of the Night. So I’m basically saying she’s a night elf,
but that’s not really what she is. Her Name was Phyrra, and so I’ve played that
character in some incarnation for years and years and years. Absolutely love her, that’s why I chose that
for my name because I got so used to that from gaming. decadencecalling asks What are your top cleansers
for dry skin? Right now I love the Metrin Double Cleanse
that I’m doing. It’s a really creamy cleanser at the beginning
and a lathering cleanser second. The double cleanse thing is awesome. I also love the Paula’s Choice Optimum Hydrating
Cleanser, the Paula’s Choice Calm Resist Cleanser, the one for rosacea is really nice. The other thing that I really liked is the
Abbey St. Clare Aniba cleanser, but that’s another one specifically for rosacea. Those are my favorite ones. I did just buy a new cleanser to try out from
Glossier – the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I haven’t tried it yet, I don’t know if it’s
any good for dry skin but my hope is that it would be good. Ivy Perez asks What made you start blogging
and then do YouTube? So I actually started blogging because, as
I mentioned previously, I was wearing the wrong foundation shade. I started trying to find mineral foundations
online. I couldn’t really find a lot of reviews, this
was in 2008, one of the only sites I could find reviews was theShadesOfU.com by Aileen. so I was like, well I guess I could just start
writing about my experiences. So that’s really how I started blogging, was
I just started writing on my livejournal and transitioned to writing on my blog. I made the move to do Youtube videos because
people kept asking me to do videos. Now, I have anxiety disorder, and right now
I take medication and see a therapist and that’s awesome. Before, I was trying to do this and I was
just struggling with it because I get so nervous that I get really stiff and it’s really hard
for me to open up and loosen up and be the way you would see me if we were hanging out
in person. I’m getting better at it, it’s definitely
something you can kind of see come through when I hang out with Mickey because he’s really
funny. So that’s how I got started on it. I never really wanted to do Youtube, I never
thought anybody would want to hear from me I was like why should I make youtube videos,
there are already people out there who are so much better, because when I started, I
think the big people were like Michelle Phan, Elessa Jade, Koren from Enkore Makeup, so
I was just like I don’t really know, I’m not a professional Makeup Artist, and people kept
saying yeah but we like what you have to say because you’re unique, you’re honest, and
so that’s really how it started for me and that’s why I’ve continued with it. I always disclose, I tell you what I really
think of something, whether it’s positive or negative and that’s what I’m going to continue
to do. next question, Ivy Perez asks What is your
one holy grail skin care product? Holy crap, this is hard! I would have to say it’s one of two items
and I’m sorry it’s really really hard for me to narrow it down but either the Paula’s
Choice Calm Resist Moisturizer or the Lucy Minerals Ambrosia for Dry skin oil. I use this twice a day. This stuff, holy wow, it’s really helped my
skin. One of these two! That’s the best I can do. ericadoom5 asks Why did you decide to start
blogging? Best advice for someone just starting out? Well I already talked about why I started
blogging, my best advice for somebody starting out is be authentic, be true, share your honest
opinion, don’t just start a blog because you want free stuff, you may never get free stuff. I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to start
blogs, I’ve helped them start blogs and then they give up on them because they say it’s
too much work. I personally feel like if you’re going to
start blogging you have to be willing to be consistent, just like with Youtube, you have
to be consistent. You have to tell people you’re going to blog
once or twice a week, whatever you’re going to do so that they know to look for what you’re
doing. Put yourself out there, be friendly, don’t
just go spam people and leave comments of go check out my blog, go check out my video. That really irritates people. But there are all kinds of places that are
approved to share stuff that you can share your stuff, like Twitter, Facebook Reddit. Just make sure if you’re sharing your content
on Twitter Facebook Reddit, that it’s an approved place to be sharing. And please don’t spam people in the comments,
it’s really really annoying. Tracy Dunn asks a bunch of questions, I’m
going to go through all of them. What inspired you to go cruelty free? I started blogging in 2008 and in 2012 MAC
decided to no longer be cruelty free because they started selling in China, where animal
testing is mandatory. And that was really my catalyst into going
cruelty free. because I used mostly cruelty free products
but I still bought some drugstore brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline and Cover Girl. And I stopped buying those brands because
I was like, I can’t believe MAC is doing this. MAC, for as long as I’ve known about them
has been cruelty free. I first learned about MAC in 1999 when Ray
took me to my first MAC Store. I was like oh they’re awesome and they don’t
test on animals and they say that. No, they started testing on animals, they
basically decided they were going to sell in China. That just really, I don’t know, it was so
upsetting to me that they were going to throw their morals out the window to sell in China
that I was just like, I’m not going to buy from them. It was so fucked up. And it really upset me. I wrote MAC a handwritten letter and said
please reconsider. And they never sent me a response back. I sent them an email and got a canned form
letter bullshit back about how they were going to try and change China from the inside. And I didn’t believe it. Yeah that’s what pushed me into going Cruelty
Free. She next asks when did you decide to start
blogging. I started blogging in 2008. Before that I kind of shared my makeup looks
on livejournal and a friend of mine suggested maybe I should start my own blog. she said
you might really enjoy doing it. I was like ok, you’re probably right, because
I started basically sharing some of my reviews on my livejournal before I moved to my blog. She also asks, I’m sure you have a large collection
of makeup, what do you do with things you rarely use. So for me, any product that I know after I
review it that I’m not going to use it, I give it away to friends.I don’t sell makeup
and the reason I don’t sell makeup is because I don’t believe in selling PR samples. As far as I know you should never ever do
that, but I don’t see something wrong with me giving something to a friend who will use
it, so that’s what I do with it. for most everything I’ve really been trying
to pare my collection down to what I use and anything I am not going to use up, I do put
into a donate pile and my friends can come and pick things out of that box.I used to
give stuff to a friend who would take it to her church for the women’s shelter stuff. so that’s what I do with it. and people are
usually pretty happy to come by and pick out an item or two. Heather Kelly What are your top 5 cruelty
free makeup brands? Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Silk Naturals, Fyrinnae,
and Sugarpill. Those are my top 5. She also asks can you do a video on your makeup
collection. At some point I will. I’m still trying to rearrange my makeup room
and get some more shelving up. It’s not finished yet. so I want to wait until I have this room the
way I want it. And then I will happily do a video on it and
say hey this is my room. This is the smallest room in my home so I
don’t have a lot of space and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to utilize my space. Mickey had some ideas so I may actually get
his help in rearranging my room. Until that happens, I will not be making a
video but once I have that done I will do a video. delilah.sue.huckleberry Best technique for
applying indie (loose) eyeshadow? So in my opinion, the best way to apply most
loose eyeshadows is, it depends, if they’re a duochrome or a super sparkly color i think
that you need to apply them over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy or Darling Girl Glitter Glue and
then you usually just brush it on. But you can also pat it on to try to help
the duochrome nature or whatever show up. so one of those two methods. I’ve found personally that when you’re working
with loose eyeshadow you dip your brush in and you tap it off and then you pat pat pat
it on. You’re going to tap it on the lid. And that will give you a nice even coverage
of color without a lot of fallout. I know that with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy it says
to brush it on, so in that case I would load your brush up a little bit more and then just
brush it on once it’s sticky. jozi_brooke What procedures/facials at a medical
spa do you love and or recommend for someone with a similar skin type to yours? So I have rosacea, I have sensitive skin,
and I have dryness. For me I personally recommend IPL to treat
rosacea to help reduce facial redness. I’m actually in the process of trying to find
a new doctor to go to to get IPL done. I really wish my dermatologist’s office would
offer IPL service. I feel like half the doctors that I’ve checked
out in Tampa that do IPL are freaking quacks. They overcharge and they don’t do a good job.So
I feel like it’s really difficult to find a good medical spa to get stuff done where
they’re not overpriced. But yeah I don’t do a lot of spa facials. I go to the spa to get my nails done and eyelash
extensions done when I was doing them, and sometimes to get a massage, but I don’t really
go to the salon that often for facials and stuff. Maybe I should but I usually just give myself
a facial at home or I use a mask at home. My favorite mask is the Glossier Moisturizing
Moon Mask, which I think is great for my dry sensitive skin. msjudixo What do you think is lacking in the
beauty community. (A product type, knowledge sharing, professionalism?). I feel like there’s a lack of diversity in
the most popular bloggers. I feel like there’s a certain look that a
lot of the most popular bloggers have and I don’t have that look. I feel like it’s hard for people who do not
share that look to break that barrier. What videos would you like to see more of
in the community (tutorials, reviews, diy, etc) I personally would like to see more helpful
tutorials that explain techniques for how to apply eyeshadow to different eye shapes. Like I said, I’m not a professional makeup
artist, and my eyes are hooded and slightly downturned so it’s been really hard for me
to find people who create tutorials for my eye shape, and that’s why I’ve tried to share
my tutorials but I’m not an expert, I’m not trained, I don’t have certification in makeup
so I do the best that I can and I ask my friends who are makeup artists for tips. so I would like to see more makeup artists
do tutorials that are helpful for people of all different eye shapes. Not just my eye shape, not just hooded, but
all the different eye shapes. because I feel like it can be very hard if
you don’t have a lot of lid space to find people who have eyes that look similar to
yours doing tutorials that will help you learn how to apply makeup better. khmaashIf asks if you had to part with one
type of makeup product for the rest of your life, that you use every time, what would
that be? Wow, I would part with Mascara. because I
much prefer getting lash extensions even though it’s expensive to applying mascara. just.vjAs
a brown gal i have a very hard time finding perfect complexion product shades especially
those that are shipped internationally in the organic line for sensitive skin . Any
recommendations? So I don’t really have any organic recommendations
but I do have vegan recommendations. Cover FX is a brand that acknowledges all
global shades of beauty. I wear their shade N0, and they make all the
way up to N120. I wear N0, which is a super pale neutral. N120 is a deep ebony neutral. They also have a lot of golden shades which
are warm and pink shades which are cool. And everything in between. So I think they offer like 40 shades in 3
different lines. so in their cream foundation line, 40 shades,
in their liquid foundation line, 40 shades and in their powder foundation line, 40 shades. Unfortunately in the Custom cover drops they
don’t offer N0, they don’t have as wide of a range in the custom cover drops, which is
too bad. I absolutely recommend Cover FX because they
acknowledge that women of all colors exist. They don’t just have 20 shades of beige. They don’t just have light and medium shades. They have really deep dark shades and they
have really ultra pale shades. It’s a really nice refreshing change. I wish every brand was as conscientious about
pale skin and deep skin. I feel like too many brands focus on just
the 20 shades of beige and call it a day. chrisamayhew asks How long have you been on
YouTube? What made you start your channel? I think I started making Youtube videos in
2009 or 2010 but they were terrible. Terrible, terrible terrible! I started actually making swatch videos of
some of the Meow Cosmetics collections, I think. Obviously I started my channel because of
my blog. I started my blog in 2008. And it is now 2017. I’ve been doing this for almost 9 years. It’ll be 9 years in May. Kind of crazy. Lorraine Valdespino Could you explain the
difference/intersection between vegan and cruelty-free? So every product that is vegan is normally
cruelty free. Vegan products, what it means to be vegan
is that it doesn’t have any animal products or any animal by-products, no animals were
harmed in the making, so vegan is like, I don’t want to say pure but for the purpose
of this video, we’ll say Pure. Cruelty free products are products that no
animals are harmed in the making but they may have animal byproducts, and by animal
byproducts I mean things like honey, beeswax, or milk. A product can be cruelty free but not vegan. What is the best way to find samples for products
that are only sold online- to test foundation colors, for example? Really, all you can do is email a brand and
ask. Some brands do samples, like Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae,
they offer small samples. Other brands don’t offer samples, like Silk
Naturals doesn’t offer samples but they have an excellent return policy. fancyfluffysocks What is the thing you love
most about Phaedra and why? Can you see Phaedra back here? Sleeping on this bed? What I love the most about Phaedra is that
she is my awesome cuddle companion. She keeps me feeling calm. Like I mentioned previously, I have anxiety
disorder, and having her in my life, she’s just been like this stable rock, she calms
me down. If I’m upset what I like to do is actually
just hold her in my lap in my arms and just pet her and it just calms me down. It makes me feel so much better. So I love that she has such a calming positive
effect on me. Amanda Rowe Not a beauty question at all,
but I love poodles too, though I’ve never owned one! How/why/what lead you to adopt a standard
poodle? I know they’re super smart–does she need
a lot of exercise and attention? So actually, all of my pets in my entire life,
except Phaedra, have been adopted. Phaedra I bought. And the reason I bought Phaedra is that we
couldn’t find a standard poodle to adopt. In Florida, I don’t know why, there are plenty
of Poodle rescues but they all have miniature and toy poodles. They rarely have standard poodles for adoption. The few standard poodles that I saw, as soon
as I saw them, they were already adopted out. So I ended up finding a breeder and buying
Phaedra. Now I think that Phaedra and I were meant
to be. Because Phaedra has a health condition called
Addison’s Disease. And I feel like if she didn’t have me as her
owner, she probably would have been abandoned, given back to her breeder or or killed. Because Addison’s Disease is a very expensive
health issue. Every 6 weeks I take her to get her DOCP shot,
and that shot basically keeps her alive. With that shot she’s very healthy and active,
but because of that I feel like she probably would have been abandoned. And if you don’t keep Addison’s under control,
they will go into Addisonian Crisis and die. It’s a really serious condition. I love Phaedra, I think she’s the best. Originally what I wanted to get was a doberman. I wanted to adopt a doberman. but Ray’s allergies are so bad that when we
went to look at dobermans I realized I couldn’t do this to Ray. he was so miserable. so I started having to look into what breeds
of dog are hypoallergenic, because he’s not allergic to Phaedra. he does just fine with her. I started looking at poodles because I took
this animal planet what breed is best for you quiz online and I came up as being a very
high match to poodles. because I wanted a smart dog that was easy to train that was
an excellent companion that loved people was ok around cats. because I still had my cat
at that point in time. I had a cat named Quasar, who was a Birman
cat that I adopted when she was 9 years old and she lived to be 15.5 years old. So I have actually kept an eye out to adopt
another standard poodle but I swear every time I see a standard poodle they’re gone. within 24 hours or something ridiculous. there are tons and tons of miniature and toy
poodles that are always available for adoption but I don’t want a little dog. The way we ended up with Max the pug, he was
supposed to just be temporary and he’s been here for probably 7 years at this point. It’s been at least 6 years, I think we adopted
him some time in 2010, 2011. And he’s like 14.5 or 15 years old at this
point. He’s an old pug. And my husband is very allergic to him. we’re not even supposed to have him. Yes she is super smart. Poodles are supposed to be the smartest or
second smartest dog breed, depending on who you ask. She does need lots of attention, that’s one
of the reasons I got her because I wanted a companion and she’s really good for my anxiety
because she does help me to stay calm. I used to take her to work with me when I
worked in an office. and everybody there loved her. that’s how I socialized her because we had
like 30 people in the office and she would just go and hang out with everybody so she
got used to people of all different colors and different shapes and different sizes and
different smells. So she loves people. She does need a lot of exercise or Play. I can’t always go outside here in Florida
during the summer because of my rosacea because I will have a flare up from my rosacea. Basically too much heat and humidity and sweating
is not good for my rosacea. It causes me to have a lot of problems. so when I can’t go outside with her I absolutely
have to play with her for at least 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes more, it just depends
on how she’s feeling. and she’s 9, she’ll be 10 in August. She is still very very active and still loves
to play so when you see her in my videos she’s worn out and napping usually. Sometimes she’ll play with a toy but in general
she wants to play with me with her toys. We’ll play tug of war or we’ll play fetch,
I’ll toss things for her. and she really enjoys it and basically you can exercise your dog
in the house if you have to but it’s much better be able to take her for an hour long
walk so in the winter time I can normally do that and that’s what I do and also sometimes
I take her to the dog park there’s a great dog park by me that she loves. but it’s a crapshoot when we go as to whether
or not it will have people there. sometimes there’s a lot there, sometimes it’s
empty. she is work but i knew what I was getting
into when I got her because I researched dog breeds to figure out what dog breed would
be best for me and that’s how I ended up with standard poodles and that’s what I tried to
adopt and when I couldn’t adopt I went to a breeder. I’m all for adopting pets, I’m just, if you
have specific issues, like for my husband Ray, he needs to be around a dog he’s not
allergic to on a daily basis, like Phaedra so that’s why we have a standard poodle. The Last Question is from Rachel Nix What
do you think is the future of beauty blogging? So my opinion is that you’re going to see
a continuation of microblogging where you have these people who only blog on Instagram
or Snapchat and that’s all they do. So I think that’s going to continue. Although I personally think that Snapchat
might be dying out. So I think because Instagram kind of went
for Periscope with their Instagram Live and Snapchat with Instagram Stories, I think more
people are like me and just want to use Instagram rather than 3 different apps. So I kind of feel like maybe snapchat gonna
die out or at least it’s on a decline. I’ve never really liked snapchat. but I love Instagram I feel like the only
thing missing from Instagram is the filters so maybe if Instagram gets its act together
and puts some filters in more people will like it. I think you’re gonna see more people doing
all the microblogging, who just swatch and blog on their IG. Videos are obviously on the rise. More and more people watch videos than read
blogs, The other thing that I think that we’re gonna see is that I feel like more and more
of you guys are asking for, demanding really, people to be honest and transparent about
things. And people like me, who have always been honest
and transparent you love, but when you see other, bigger beauty bloggers who are not
transparent or honest you call them out on it and I think that’s going to continue. I think that honesty and transparency are
key. And if you have somebody who’s lying to you
about whether or not it’s a sponsored video or if they’re using affiliate links, it’s
going to turn you off and make you not want to watch them. I know me personally when I watch a video
if I can’t tell and I suspect something is sponsored, I do get a little disappointed
and I definitely don’t always believe everything I hear because I don’t know if they’re honest.
and some people just don’t disclose (even though it’s the USA law) and it really drives
me crazy. Alright so that’s it for this Q&A. I hope that you enjoyed this and let me know
if you want me to do another one. If you enjoyed this video please give it a
thumbs up and share. I love it when you share my videos, it makes
my day.And if you haven’t already go ahead and click that subscribe button so you don’t
miss my next video. Thanks so much for watching!

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