Q&A on coronavirus 2: Soap vs. Sanitizers to infection from pets

to prevent infection with the
coronavirus people have been buying masks sanitizers and simply staying at
home instead of going out when it comes to protecting yourself it can be hard to
know what’s the best way and to be sure there’s a lot of misleading information
online so Archie jong-un asks some professionals info Demick that’s how the
World Health Organization described the huge numbers of stories about the corona
virus referring to an overabundance of information some stories are accurate
and some are not it’s making it hard for people to find trustworthy sources fear
surrounding the virus have been amplified by social media one of many
questions is whether the virus can spread through public toilets the answer
is no the virus is transmitted by droplets from a patient you can inspect
the person through contact with the skin but people should flush the toilet with
the top down and always wash their hands after using that toilet and try to avoid
touching their eyes nose or face some worry about catching the virus from
their pads however the types of corona virus that
cats and dogs can catch are different from those that affect humans while
animals have problems with their digestive systems due to corona viruses
the Nouveau corona virus rather causes fever and respiratory problems while we
don’t yet have a cure for kovat 19 corona viruses that affect animals are
easily Kerbal and the new epidemic is not communicable between humans and
animals the corona viruses animals have that
don’t affect humans and there have been no reports of kovat 19 being transmitted
between humans and animals online there have been rumors that the virus can be
prevented by taking vitamins and substances like ginseng to boost immune
systems however there’s no prevention or cure for the virus at the moment
antibiotics work on bacteria but cannot stop viruses such as kovat 19 vitamins
and medical herbs can boost your immune system it’s the same for exercising and
eating well but while these substances strengthen the immune system they don’t
cure the virus itself certain medicine Vence Tavares from sticking to
respiratory cells but that just lowering the chances of infection washing your
hands is the most effective way to prevent infection while there’s some
debate over whether soap or hand sanitizer is more effective experts say
there’s not much difference according to a recent experiment 96% of
bacteria were eliminated by washing one’s hands for 30 seconds sanitizer
killed 95% of germs experts say soap is effective enough and
sanitizers are recommended for their convenient to Jonghyun Arirang news

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20 Responses

  1. Catarina Meehan says:

    https://youtu.be/U-p9_PwLA8M it has arrived in New York

  2. Farm life with Hula Grrl says:

    no one washes their hands for 30 seconds (every time)

  3. Moya Montgomery says:

    You can't wash your hands without using your clean hands to turn off the tap…unless it's automatic like here in Oz. Do your business and wash your hands but DO NOT USE THE HANDS DRYERS that you stick your hands in. They are known to spread faecal matter.

  4. kingair001 says:

    so…..the virus wasn't transmitted from bats to humans…??? then the "official" story is a lie and it's a bio-weapon…..thanks.

  5. arte gotica says:

    When will China release the Press release about the long awainted animal protection laws? Let's wait ‼️ look forward to the press service…. let's wait ‼️….we are waiting ‼️….. let's wait ‼️……. stop mistreating abused Animals! Stop boiled alive skinned alive dogs in Yulin horror festival!!! Forever!!!👺 shame!!! Let's wait ‼️…..

  6. GroProdigy says:

    That picture Tho. How was that dog mask made that was a great protection set for the dog

  7. ** says:

    God i wanna punt that stupid poodle like a fkn fg so bad!

  8. Jason West says:


  9. Jason West says:

    you and me ant nothing but mammals

  10. Dr. Kris says:

    1:38 I thought they were translating cats.

  11. Dr. Kris says:

    1:38 I thought they were translating.

  12. Johnston Steiner says:

    Lookit those cute cuddly wuddy doggies
    Whos a good boy?
    You are! Yes you are!

  13. Sislertx says:

    Wow…bullshit about toilets..PEOPLE…china plumbing not.same as western!! Even if it.wasnt ..IF U HAVE DIARRHEA THERE IS VIRUS THERE…OMG…

  14. Jip Atkinson says:

    Leave the pets alone, they are cool.

  15. Nuksa says:

    I hate to tell you this but coronavirus can be in patients’ poop. So in theory you can get it from a public toilet.

  16. Thomas Lindenthal says:

    Airborne diseases include any that are caused via transmission through the air. Many airborne diseases are of great medical importance. The pathogens transmitted may be any kind of microbe, and they may be spread in aerosols, dust or liquids. The aerosols might be generated from sources of infection such as the bodily secretions of an infected animal or person, or biological wastes such as accumulate in lofts, caves, garbage and the like. Such infected aerosols may stay suspended in air currents long enough to travel for considerable distances; sneezes, for example, can easily project infectious droplets the full length of a bus.[1]

  17. Justin says:

    The virus can transfer via surfaces and persist there for several days. Do pets and toilet seats not have surfaces?

  18. David Cloutier says:

    This virus can be destroyed by a frequency of 200,000 to 300,000hz but Heath officials of the World Health Organization, have already a different agenda, as this Virus was created in a military laboratory to set into motion a world economic crash of the transportation of food, building materials and other goods. You will soon see and hear another Stock Market crash. So be prepared for what is to happen.

  19. Alex Gonzales says:

    If anything people can give pets there covid 19

  20. Thom Anderson says:

    Jury is still out on how covid-19 is transmitted.

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