Quasi The Hunchback Hound

RACHEL: He is a true German shepherd, just shortened. COMM: 4-year-old German shepherd Quasimodo is believed to be one of just 15 dogs worldwide
living with short spine syndrome. COMM: And his unusual looks have made him a social media star. RACHEL: It’s crazy how viral it went. I mean we had no idea. I teased it on our Facebook
page a few weeks ago, and it got a nice amount of likes but nothing like out of control,
and then as soon as we made a Facebook page for him, which is ‘Quasi The Great’; he
stoles everybody’s hearts, you know. So I have been working really hard at making
sure that we are posting about him and really showing his personality, showcasing who he
is because to be honest he represents a much bigger group. Quasi was actually found running
as a stray in Kentucky and they couldn’t catch him, it actually took them 5 days to
catch him and they had to use a live trap. Quasi was really fearful and scared of people
at first. The first day I met him he was so scared and shy and I thought, “I wonder
if this dog really does enjoy life,” and as soon as I got him home I realised how much
he does enjoy life. He is goofy, he is playful, he loves girl dogs, he thinks he is Casanova,
not Quasimodo. I think anybody that sees him kind of falls in love with him. COMM: Quasimodo is now being cared for at Second Hand Hounds in Minnesota. RACHEL: Second Hand Hounds was founded in 2009. I was fully pregnant with my daughter
and I always joked that hormones made me do it. We save thousands of animals a year. We
are almost at 10,000 since 2009. SARA: Quasi has what’s called short spine syndrome. Basically what that means is that
the vertebra in his back are compressed and he is actually missing a couple of them. Right
now we are not really sure what he will need in the future. We are having him see our specialist
again to kind of make sure that nothing else needs to be done. Right now he is just on
pain meds. He is doing great, he is mobile. RACHEL: He loves to nibble, he is very mouthy. He loves to herd, if he sees something running
he wants to chase. COMM: Quasi does have to do some things differently because of his condition. RACHEL: Because of his neck, it’s really hard for him to bend down to eat his food,
so elevated food bowls or me holding it like this is typically what we do. COMM: The team have sent a vial of Quasi’s blood to geneticists at the University of
California to help discover what causes his rare condition. And while they have already
received 1,200 applications to re-home him, Rachel and her family are in no rush to part
with their unusual dog. RACHEL: He is a sweet dog. It’s going to be hard to let him go. Right now we are just
trying to find out more about his personality so we can make a perfect match for him. But
I urge everybody that has been inquiring about him to go to their local shelter and find
a dog that’s a great match for them because Quasimodo is one of millions in the shelters
in the US and worldwide who need a home.

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64 Responses

  1. Angela Lycos2.0 says:

    He's a little odd, but still cute

  2. Richard Red says:

    I want him

  3. yt wolf says:

    He's just a small dog with long legs

  4. henrik h says:

    Is Quasi still alive?

  5. Gwen Thomas says:


  6. Random stuff because I'm bored says:

    I love this doggo

  7. Random stuff because I'm bored says:

    He’s trying his best and he is amazing

  8. UZI'S BISKIT says:


  9. Captain Morgan IV says:

    C O M P R E S S D O G

  10. Masked Gamer says:

    Huh guess the Predators From Alien Vs Predator do have some alien German Shepard's.

  11. i800thizz says:

    a dog head on a monkey body

  12. Ava Razor-Harrison says:


  13. Caitlin Lyons says:

    He looks like the warewolf in Harry Potter

  14. Timefliesbye says:

    "Who is the monster and who is the dog! Hear the bells of Notre DAAAAAAME!"

  15. Diego Galvan says:

    I'll better be dead
    That's true animal torture lmao

  16. WilMc Chill says:

    He looks even cooler than a normal dog tbh

  17. Error :D says:

    ight I’m abouta head out

  18. Karlos Raul says:

    That's a hyena

  19. Wolf Comics 101 says:

    I can see why nautradam got burnt down

  20. Justin Gaykamangu says:

    What a beautiful pet

  21. J Ritchie says:

    Me:y’all wanna get famous?
    Y’all:how we gonna do that?
    Me:we’ll need a dog an axe and good acting skills

  22. TheCyBorgeALT says:

    I can’t stop laughing at the way he runs, he’s adorable

  23. Harold Abaya says:

    Benzino’s dog

  24. Wolf Gangster says:

    I have never laughed so hard in my life.

  25. Dadada Duck says:

    Serious sam #gnaar but cute

  26. John Calderon says:

    Take em to the back and pull the trigger

  27. 100000 subscribers without a video says:

    Hey I saw this on ig

  28. Марияна Кермедчийска says:

    Im sorry

  29. Amgad Gaber says:

    I’m sorry but his run has me dead😂😂😂

  30. league song says:

    Perro de coscu ndeah…….

  31. Neilas DeJoy says:

    at least it wasn't people messing with dogs genetics

  32. A Fat Penguin says:

    best boy

  33. Schiller Memestar says:

    When the barber cuts your neck hairs.

  34. Legendary Cinematics says:

    I’m dying

  35. j m says:

    ok, first, it would be amazing walking him at night

  36. Mr. Magistral Malik says:

    I would take care of any dog. Even if they looked like that.

  37. X X says:

    Why would you give him to others. He's at home with you. And feels safe. He obviously loves and thinks he's yours. Please don't take a chance giving him a different home. I've seen deceptive adopters. THE ABSOLUTELY NICEST PEOPLE YOU WOULD THINK. But it's very different when they have the animal that they have adopted.
    I have so many stories, I can't tell you. I just with a complete heart say to you why do this to this beautiful dog that is so attached to you.

  38. Smexywolf Boi says:

    I want to collect a bunch of hunchback dogs then take them to brunch then just to lunch so I could call them the lunch brunch hunch bunch

  39. Ur mom says:

    when he started running 😂

  40. Ur mom says:

    That dog built like mofuckn potato 🥔

  41. regina says:

    This is the cutest boy ever

  42. Oh yeah yeah guy says:

    If you laugh your going to hell

  43. Ibrahim Conteh says:

    Who else came here from coryxkenshin try to not laugh

  44. Monte Wolf says:

    He can work in horror movies

  45. Evan Eisenhardt says:

    He is sooo cute

  46. 5KBands Mehki says:

    That dog look like he in pain 24/7

  47. Gate says:

    I'm laughing that just looks so ridiculous

  48. sty cool says:

    omg hi is cute!!!

  49. It’s A Wild Canada says:

    I honestly want more short Spine dogs

  50. Jewl of the Nile Jewl of the Nile says:

    Poor baby.

  51. Jewl of the Nile Jewl of the Nile says:

    I love him.awwww😍😍😍

  52. leo fernández says:

    Its like lakadhara

  53. deity deity says:

    He looks like me😿

  54. LOL U MAD BOIII says:

    I want one

  55. 6Psycho6Savage6 says:

    Aw can I have him? He's so precious, I just wanna give him loads of cuddles and look after him 😍

  56. I Kvd says:

    Chernobyl dog😄

  57. Stanislav mitev says:


  58. madman09634 says:

    Panoramics will make him normal

  59. Spidergwen58 says:


  60. Alex Triboi says:

    Im fine as long people don't try to breed him
    Yeah he's cute and all but for God's
    sake don't breed him cuz i don't want people ruin the sheepherds like they did to pugs

  61. Otaku Just today says:

    It’s funny but so so sad

  62. J Cuz says:

    How can you let him go after taking him like that….does that not mess with him mentally?

  63. Steela Bobby says:

    A hunchback, just like me

  64. Bell Iron Fist says:

    He is literally the cutest dog I’ve ever seen even more than my dogs (don’t tell them I said that)

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