QUISIERON SECUESTRAR A MI PERRO…*tristemente no clickbait* / Daily En Joda #31

Giianpa: Now that we are more relaxed I’m going to tell you guys what happened In brief I took out Alfredo And they wanted to kidnap my dog I don’t know, two guys came on a bike September 7th, 2017 Hey Squad, what’s up? Here we are on a new day, my name is Giianpa I almost drop everything You guys must be asking what’s inside the box… Kenjisama: The box… Ta ta ta taaaa What’s inside this magical box? You know what is it? You know what is it? I don’t know, let them guess Turn, turn the lock son of your mother There you haaaave, very gooood *♪♫* Giianpa: Tremendous drone maaaaan Nah, really Squad… *Giianpa and Kenjisama singning* This isn’t mine Because I’m poor I borrowed this drone from Alexis Sanzi from JodasArgentas To film the diss track’s videoclip. Thanks Alexis, subscribe to JodasArgentas And we have to get this back to him so… Hey, if we leave and escape to Mexico with the drone? We will never come back, never come back Kenjisama: What are you waiting for? Giianpa: They would left the country for one drone, they would leave their lives behind They would left their families, they projects, dreams But at least we have a drone I don’t give a fu** *car alarm* Oh, OH SHI* Kenjisama: HE’S STEALING, LET’S GO! *♪♫* *Giianpa singing* Giianpa: Don’t spoil Kenjisama: Don’t spoil kids because this is to another level Giianpa: This diss track is for Jackie Pauly Paaaaauly Stay sharp Jackie Pauly we’re going to diss track you really hard Kenjisama: Jak Pol you’ll see… Giianpa: We are going to Gran Berta’s house For the ones who don’t know what Gran Berta’s is, they are a couple of guys wich create special effects with after effects like super cool things We don’t know what are we going to film, they invited us to film Leave the camera steady… Really trippy thing are going to happen I love to see how special effects work, how they film one thing and the result is completely different Leave the camera steady… Leave it steady Everything is post-production and that blows my mind Another thing I want to add today Squad We are going to apply to new dinamics on our videos But I’m only telling one of them now The first dinamic Is the most simple and easy, we are going to send one salute per video To you, to the Squad To one member from the Squad, from the Nigiri Squad Long time without saying Nigiri Squad Kenjisama: NIGIRI SQUADTO NIGIRI SQUADTO *laughs* We are going to send one salute per day Kenjisama: Turn leeeeft Giianpa: To the left, wait, I’m going to hit the bike Use a helmet stupid Kenjisama: My friendo, my friendo Giianpa: We’re going to send a salute per video and the only thing you have to do To achieve that salute, in this particular case For example, there will be different rules in each video In today’s video the only thing you have to do is follow me on Instagram And comment in my last picture: “Giianpa, I wan’t my salute” And, in tomorrow’s video I’m going to salute you And tomorrow we are going to see a different dinamic For you to win a salute on the Giianpa’s videos! *346 minutes later* Giianpa: Do we have the same?
Gran Berta: We have the same Giianpa: Can you explain to me why did you painted it? No, you painted it *gibberish* Gran Berta: This is more wrecked he painted it all Giianpa: Ohh, you didn’t painted it? It ended like that? *chatting about the camera’s painting* Gran Berta: Yeah man! *laughs* Kenjisama: He speaks like me *♪♫* C’MON MAN, LOOK! I reached 100K Giianpa: 100K? Kenjisama: Look at who you teased Giianpasan Giianpa: Wait, it doesn’t focus Kenjisama: Look at who you teased Giianpa: There you have it Kenjisama: Piece of idiot Giianpa: Noo *laughs* Kenjisama: I salute Gran Berta
Giianpa: Gran Berto?
Kenjisama: GRAN BERTO! Gran Berta: C’mon!!
Kenjisama: C’mon!!! Giianpa: Cheers Kenji! But you have to admit that it was thanks to Maria Becerra’s picture with you You nerd Kenjisama: Thank you Maria! Thank you MARIAAAA Giianpa: You’ve hanged up from her fame Kenjisama: Look who’s talking Giianpa: I hung up on…? Who…? Who? Mica’s second verse…? Do you want me to upload it? Huh? Huh?? Kenjisama: Fu** this *laughs* Giianpa: Wait, this is very important we have to say it on the Vlog Noooo, stop, stop, stop, some Vlogs were blacked out because I had the camera like this And this guy, Gran Berto *laughs*
Why did he told him like that? Agustin Told me that pressing this little button, I have this camera since last month I do this and I look more bright!! I just stepped over something soft I don’t know if it’s bunny’s poop Yeah, absolutely Gran Berta: You are walking over Norberto’s bathroom Stupid Norberto, I’ll make you stew Do you play golf Kenji? Are you a pro? *dab* Kenjisama: Clash Royale
Giianpa: Clash Royale? Wait wait, we can’t start any Vlog without doing the legendary… Kenjisama: Dance *♪♫* Oh, stop, wait We’re going tooooooo Play mini golf! I played golf on the WII *laughs* I was awesome on the WII Gran Berta: We have to get it through the tunel Giianpa: That’s what she said *laughs* Gran Berta: We’ll make 3 games Giianpa: Let’s go, okay 3 games, best of 3 *♪♫* Giianpa: First round
Kenjisama: it’s going to be like the court *dumb noises* *♪♫* Gran Berta: Hole in one
Giianpa: Hole in one? Gran Berta: Yeahhhh Giianpa: Wait, he got this really calculated… I’m next Kenjisama: C’MON GIIANPASAN Giianpa: I have to make a hole in one Kenjisama: Hole in one
Giianpa: That’s what she said *♪♫* Kenjisama: WOOOO *laughs* NOOOOO GIIANPASAN THE GLASS!! *keeps laughing* Wait wait, seriously Gran Berta: Intruder, intruder
Giianpa: POW! *laughs* Gran Berta: Intruder, NORBERTO *one hour later* Giianpa: Last shot!
Kenjisama: Give me the ball Gran Berta: Wait, I have and idea You guys are losing
Kenjisama: I’m scared
Gran Berta: You already lost actually But we raise the bet… If the ball get to the hole In one shot We are going to eat from Norberto’s bathroom Giianpa: No…
Gran Berta: Yes
Giianpa: No…
Gran Berta: Yes Giianpa: But if it doesn’t? Gran Berta: You eat from there Giianpa: It’s worth it? Kenjisama: Trust in me, trust in me Giianpa: Are you sure? Kenjisama: This goes for the Nigiri Squad *laughs* Giianpa: Ready Kenji? Kenjisama: Let’s goooo
Giianpa: I will kill you if you lose, you have to win Do it for the Vlog *♪♫* OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOO Kenjisama: Umm, I want to say goodbye Giianpa: No, no, NO WAIT Wait wait, hold on a second That’s fu**ed up, no, no Gran Berta: C’mon, a bet is a bet It was a pleasure to meet you guys Giianpa: Kenji, your hand FOR THE SQUAD! FOR THE VLOG! 1, 2, 3! *♪♫* I have it al over my teeth *laughs* *gags* Gran Berta: He’s going to throw up! Giianpa: Can I drink this? Is it water? Gran Berta: Yes! Norberto pees there *laugh* Nah, I lied Nice bet
Kenjisama: Why the fu** did we came here Giianpa: I feel like Goete. We say goodbye to Gran Berta’s offices An afeternoon… Gran Berta: Before you guys leave come check out the studio
Giianpa: I didn’t saw it We didn’t film a lot, we spent all day talking We came here to make a special FX video which we didn’t make because we stayed all day talking Ohhh, nice Maribel! Ohh, I know this one, the video from Instagram These are the subscribers goals? Or the kilos that need to be lowered? What are my eyes seeing here, a sticker from my friends JATV? You seem to be like really good fans, man *laughs* They post a sticker in the office, everyday they get to work and you remember about JATV Gran Berta: That is there for us to see it everyday and get it trought our subconscious Giianpa: Everyday JATV JATV Gran Berta: Where are the Giianpa’s stickers? We don’t have, they took it away from us Giianpa: Okay okay, who took it from you?? Gran Berta: No no, we really don’t know Giianpa: Oh… Okay okay, open the goddamn door *laughs* *three hours later*
Patrick: Can you do it for once? Giianpa: Today was an awesome day filming with Gran Berto, Alberto Kenjisama: And the great Kenjisama *laughs* Giianpa: Now I’m taking this little boy for a walk *laughs* And later…
Kenjisama: Give me food, I’m going to eat Giianpa: Nono, stop, you want to eat my dog *laughs* Okay let’s go Kenji to take this boy for a walk Kenjisama: No, Giianpa you take the dog I’m going to prepare A snack for you guys, it’s okay? Giianpa: So sweeeet! Kenjisama: Oh Giianpasan! I didn’t make the chocolate milk yet! Giianpa: Wait, cut the video *sigh* Now that we are more relaxed I’m going to tell you guys what happened In brief I took out Alfredo And they wanted to kidnap my dog I don’t know, two guys came on a bike One came down I thought he was going to rob me And he started to pull the belt to take my dog I pull as hard as I could, I think I hurted this little boy a little bit I pulled like his neck, his throat And the good thing about these dogs is that they are light And I could pull him like this And I grabbed it as I could and started running Always when somebody tries to rob you Don’t run, but literally if the life of my little brother is in danger I wouldn’t care if the robber had a gun or something Luckily they didn’t have anything, they just wanted to kidnap him But always run against him Everytime they want to…
Ouch, I my finger in his eye *kiss* I’m so sorry fatty When there is a car or something like that run against him Because in some way they can’t chase you I don’t know what I can say to you Everything went to the hell, you can go out with an expensive phone Because you can’t pleasure yourself by having it because you know that on every corner they can steal it from you Now I can’t even have a DOG *laughs* *kiss* stop snorting A fu**ing dog kids For the ones who don’t know Dogs like Pugs, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs Are really expensive dogs They are a little more expensive than the other dogs And they steal them, literally And they later, I don’t know, they sell it, they make them to breed But they steal dogs in the streets kids, be careful Because is not the first time I hear it and maybe you are saying “Who’s going to steal my dog?” They wanted to kidnap this fatty, I’m scared to take him for a walk I don’t know what I’m going to do I live in a flat And the dog deserves to go out for a walk I shouldn’t be so much careful because I’m afraid that a sick without a life comes in a bike And wanted to And wanted to take him away from me, a beloved one I have a lot to talk about this it’s just not animals or whatever Any person could be kidnaped Here in Argentina more than anything Maybe everywhere If you are a girl or a little girl, be careful walking on the streets Always walk along the houses side Educate yourself, realize that everything is not okay Today everything is literally fu**ed up Sadly it’s like this, one, as a citizen, has to Find a way to adapt, sadly And know how to be careful To take care of yourself because You went to the streets, they grabbed you onto a SUV And you… And you are never coming back… Do you understand? You told your dad that you went to the market And you never came back And they didn’t found you anymore, do you understand? I believe that my Squad is full of little boys, but I think This goes to the parents. You must be really careful with your kids Everything is fu**ed up, be careful with your dogs Even more if it’s a fat and expensive dog *laughs* Now I laugh about this issue That’s why I cut the video, because I couldn’t speak I cried like an a**hole, but now I’m fine So Squad… Be careful and I’ll see you tomorrow as everyday At 6pm Say goodbye Alfredo *almost breaks in tears* *kiss*

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