Race. Flash vs Superman | Justice League

I Can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing this how’d it all bury Curious myself yeah, and it’s not like a competition. You know well It is a competition, but you know it’s not like a macho Measuring thing, but if I win you’re off the team If I win Bruce said something about you having to take us all to brunch, Oh see now that’s cold that’s a betrayal. I feel stung by that Okay, but if I win I get to tell everyone deal Which code you know I’ve never seen the Pacific Which is that way because The Sun and it’s

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49 Responses

  1. BlueFeral says:

    Flash runs weird

  2. TNON GAMING says:

    Considering Superman was in running position….I felt Very Underwhelmed once they started racing.

  3. Kevin Kosmo says:

    Wtf.. I was expecting Supes to run on foot (not flying) …you know….like in that famous Alex Ross painting.

  4. Lý Nhật says:

    Trash movie

  5. Vegesther says:

    Knights of the round can defeat superman.

  6. Undecidedsceptic says:

    Flash is faster read the comics

  7. IcE_ BoY says:

    Amm, watafak?

  8. Kun Drad says:

    He never told anyone, so Superman most likely won.

  9. Christopher Gugliuzza says:

    Probobly the worst flash Anyone could ever imagine

  10. DatBoi LEE says:

    LMAOO OMG! they weren't kidding with the cgi on superman's mustache. he looks like a rabbit with several carrots stuck up his noise.. jeez..

  11. Rori Land says:

    So if Superman is that fast what’s special about flash?

  12. All The Colors Contracting says:

    The Justice League movie had so much potential to be much better than what we were given. It wasn't that great. At all.

  13. Force says:

    Wtf they do to Supermans voice?

  14. Savion Ramsundar says:

    the cgi superman face haha

  15. mattwho81 says:

    Comic book quote
    Superman: “Barry I should do this, I’m as fast as you, I’ve even beaten you in races sometimes.”
    Flash: “Clark… those were for charity.”

  16. Gerotop says:

    Another thing they get wrong. These Superheroes ain't got time to be having trivial competitions like this, when there's so many other things they could be doing. Most times Superman and Flash had a "race" in the comics, it was either for charity, or for saving one thing or the other.

  17. Noob master 96 says:


  18. Rob The Dude says:

    holy fuck thats a ugly Flash costume

  19. WasntNoFun says:

    Why does Flash get in that weird stance?

  20. Darth Sadus says:

    Barry runs like Dr. Evils's son in gold member. Barry runs like he's on the verge of a stroke. Barry runs like if he cant run. This movie sucks.

  21. Pancouver venguins says:

    People who don't know the flash well won't know they nerfed the hell out of him. Any time these two have raced in the comics the dash never tried and let it be a close race for fun. He can run around the earth and be back at the starting point in mid conversation and Superman wouldn't even realize it. Yes Superman is insanely fast but people who don't know comics have no clue how fast the flash is and his mind works that fast as well, he called the batcave computer slow lmao. And don't even get me started on on Wally West he's way faster than Barry.

  22. Co Zo says:

    why does he run like that

  23. Thicc Pollo says:

    Bruh momento

  24. Marcos Antonio says:

    Esse flash é sem graça demais

  25. EQUINOX says:

    2019 and still all i can see is the bad CGI facial hear cover up, what ass hole actor is like i cant shave deal with it….

  26. IPYES says:

    I wanted to watch superman..but then I was reading, that dc is trash compared to marvel. And I see kinda why. The marvel movies weren't that great. So dc will be just a disappointment

  27. sauronmanfavs says:

    thor: I win

    Flash & Superman: How?

    thor: Because I'm Batman
    superman: watch out oh no, wonder women has beenn captured hahahaha its a reheeeen nooooo

  28. Plebo YT says:

    Grant gustin is way better

  29. CoffeeMati says:

    É só colocar um uno com escada e adesivo de empresa pra correr que o flash e o Superman não vai nem ver a sombra do carro.

  30. Jake Shumway says:

    I've never watched this but the actor portraying the flash seems like a bad choice

  31. Ja zz says:

    Men grant gustin should play the flash.
    I mean he's the best

  32. Kenny Plays says:

    Why does dc suck

  33. Svade Err says:

    Flash's suit is garbage. It's like a scraps putted together with a rope. They should've made a fitting one atleast. His suit here is painful to watch, honestly they didn't give justice to this character.

  34. Nakoob says:

    Batman won

  35. Barry Allen says:

    Spiderman vs Captain america

  36. lambey 611 says:

    The flash is incredibly annoying in this film and not funny

  37. Memoo 22 says:

    If you look closely you’ll see saitama run past them both …

  38. Yağız Kunduz says:

    But… Who won? Anybody know?

  39. Daviragao says:

    N gostei desse flash, única coisa q estragou o filme

  40. james thompson says:

    Who won

  41. SkyzTeam says:


    who won

  42. nickv500 says:

    Superman shouldn't be flying

  43. Mohammadzai umair says:

    98 talking 2 racing

  44. AWE5OMEANT says:

    I hate how Flash runs with his arms flailing.

  45. grack says:

    I don’t like how they illustrated flash in this movie

  46. Will Melucci says:

    his top lip ????????

  47. Spllitz _2289 says:

    I prefer flash from the show the flash

  48. Axelander says:

    Who wins in the comics?

  49. JJcupcake 507 says:

    Yeah but ….

    WHO WON????

  50. THE MAFIA says:

    The Video Starts at 1:02

    Thanks me Later

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