Radiation Oncology at UTCVM

So Suzie is a 10-year-old beagle girl and her owners brought her in because she had difficulty eating and so Dr. Tobias in surgery saw it first And they saw this big mass in her at the roof of her mouth that was hanging down And kind of given her difficulty swallowing and eating and so what Dr. Tobias did is they anesthetized her she shaved off that part of the mass that was hanging in her mouth To get kind of an idea what we’re dealing with. Dr. Tobias saved her life that day. I thought she was done. Oh yes, did that surgery on her and she come back to life. and then you guys with the radiation every day is getting better Suzie’s a typical hound at heart. She is a tiny beagle and would be very petite if she didn’t have some extra love around her hips She is a daddy’s girl. Oh my., yes. She loves her dad and dad loves her. And they are going above and beyond to give her the best care. She can have. Oh, she’s his. She’s definitely my daughter She’s got her own chair She sleeps with us at night. She has two couches. She bought her a two thousand dollar couch and she can sit at the window and look out and we got a king-sized bed we get a quarter on each side she gets the rest of it She lets us sleep with her though She’s perfect. She really is That’s really fun to see that they love coming here; that we’re not doing anything that hurts them or that makes them feel sick. They’re still happy healthy in their eyes. Just because she has no idea she has cancer. we took her in to get her teeth cleaned and he looked down her throat He says, “I’m calling UT.” I said do what you gotta do– we said do what you got to do. We got to do it? Yeah? Also, her parents are lovely. Dad when he came in he was like so yeah with this treatment we’re gonna have it for about two months, and they were still willing to go forward with it And I was like, “No.” Hopefully we’ll have her for longer with the treatment. Two months was just like if we weren’t do anything it would grow back really quickly, and he was like all that just best news ever He was so glad that we can do something for her And they they would do anything they can. Dawn our assistant usually buys them either a toy but with Suzy it will probably be treats, so yeah usually they got a big bandanna with Tennessee orange and a big white T on top of it. Beagles are just the lovingest dogs I’ve ever seen. She never does anything, that we think. She’s just the perfect dog for us

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