Raising A Dog Is Like Raising A Human With Adelaine Morin | The Dodo You Know Me Now Meet My Pet

I feel like a mom
right now. Oh my God. Hi, my name is also known as the crazy
yellow lover on YouTube. Now meet my dog, Why’d you do this to my hat? Did you do this? It was so nerve-wracking
taking care of a puppy so small. I was like, “Do I let her
sleep in my bed?” She was like this big. She could fit in my hand. She
was so teeny and itty bitty. I’d pick her up and she’s
so fragile and so baby. I knew in that moment
that my life changed and that I would have this in my life forever. And…we got the ball! She was pooping everywhere,
peeing everywhere. Blue. Did you pee? It was a really long
process. But it was all worth it
for this little stinker. You fell asleep in my closet? Blue, you look so cute
in your little pajamas. Go get it! Good girl! No matter how cute you
are, you can’t have pizza. Blue… What did you do? Is that a water bottle? Blue, is that a water bottle? Hey, Blue! Where’s my breakfast? It was right on the table. I know you love me, but sometimes you
don’t really show it, baby. Blue, yo! You’re like 4 pounds heavier! Blue, stand. Good girl. That’s a really big stick. I don’t know if that’s
going to fit inside. Blue snored that night,
which kept me up. Blue barked at the vacuum. It’s OK, Blue. You’re going crazy!
You’re going crazy! She’s like shaking right now. Blue’s freezing,
she’s shivering, so she’s wearing my
jacket like a little burrito. I’m wearing a nice shirt
— appropriate — some jeans, some
running shoes. We have this carrier. I feel like a mom
right now. Oh my God.

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