– Hey. How’s that breakfast? – [Announcer] Over the years,
Coyote Peterson has had, or at least he thinks
he has had a wide range of conversations with animals. – I can speak sloth. (high pitch screech) – [Announcer] So tonight, on
Conversation with Creatures, we are visiting Ohio’s number
one science center, CoSi to speak with its species and find out if they are as excited to
see Universal Pictures’ new film, “Dolittle” as Coyote is. – You can talk to animals? – Yes. – [Polar Bear] I’m coming, Doc! – [Announcer] With us tonight, Harold, the fast talking turtle, Mrs. Owl, the one eyed hooter, and Mr. Blue, the chillest
skink from down under. In a special performance by the talented basketball-playing rats,
Bernard and Bianca. Now, here’s your host, Coyote. (audience applause) (mellow piano music) (footsteps) – Good evening. I’m Coyote Peterson and welcome to Conversations with Creatures. Tonight, I will have a wide
variety of guests on the show, many of which are the
most intelligent animals I think any of us have ever seen. First up, is a very handsome and very wise turtle named Harold. Good evening, Harold. Good to see you. I can see you’re very
excited to get started. Okay so first question, here we go. So, all turtles have shells. But one thing people often times ask me is do turtles change their
shells as they grow bigger? Okay, Harold, right
into the microphone now. Tell us. Do turtles change their shells. – [Harold] Of course not. Who is this guy? I thought I was getting
interviewed by Dr. Dolittle. Is this a movie set? Am I on TV? Oh, look at all those cameras. Hello? Is this thing on? Well let me show you my good side. Oh boy, I always wanted to be famous. (farts) Oh, excuse me. – Oh, Harold, let’s turn this way. Just like this. – [Harold] Hey, you. Don’t touch my shell, weirdo.
– Ah, this is the one that we all wanted to answer. Are you excited to see Universal Pictures’ new movie “Dolittle?” – [Harold] You better believe it. In fact, I already ordered my tickets. (Coyote laughs) – Yep, me too, Harold. Me too, buddy. Harold, thank you so much
for being here tonight and for answering all these questions to the best of your ability. Dr. Aldaboa, if you would, please escort Harold down off of the stage as we prepare for our next guest. This next animal is
known as a screech owl– – [Harold] I’m flying! Wee!
– A very wise owl. And I have a feeling some of the answers we’re gonna get out of this hooter are gonna be pretty exciting. Welcome to the stage, Miss Owl. Now, you are a screech owl. Very fascinating and adorable little owl. Yes, you are very, very cute. Now my first question, if you’re ready. Why do owls hoot? You know, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot. – [Ms. Owl] Hoot? Did he say hoot? I’ll give you a hoot, mister. Owls do not hoot, we call. And we only call when we have
something of intelligence to say to another owl. – Very fascinating. Very, very interesting. No, yeah, I appreciate that. Huh, yeah, you know what? Actually my favorite owl
call is the barred owl. I like how they call, you
know, the who cooks for you? Who cooks for you? (mimics owl call) (audience applause) – [Ms. Owl] How awkward. Clearly, this man is not an owl. Are we done here? Somebody call my agent. – [Coyote] Okay, so last question. – [Ms. Owl] Oh, heavens,
is he still talking? – Are you excited to see “Dolittle?” – [Ms. Owl] Ah, finally! A sensible question. Of course. Several of my avian fans will be starring in this motion picture. We need more birds on the big screen. (Coyote laughs) – All right, Dr. Aldaboa,
if you would please escort our guest off the
stage and we are going to be getting ready for our next animal. – [Ms. Owl] Thank heavens this is over. Now take me to the movies. – Yeah, thank you. You did fantastic. See how she’s winking
at me the whole time. I knew that owl was gonna
enjoy that interview. I’m a little nervous about this one, it’s our first international guest. This is the blue tongue
skink from Australia so wanna make sure that I’ve got my questions all properly prepared and obviously, I gotta get into character. If the blue tongue
skink has a blue tongue, I gotta have a blue tongue too so eating some candy. Got my blue tongue ready. This animals speaks in
tongues, I’ve gotta be able to relate with this animal. (audience laughter) That’s how you say hello in skink. These animals communicate
using their tongues. Now, I have to tell ya, I’m
a little nervous because you are our first international guest so we will get right
down to the questions. Okay, here we are. Hey there, Mr. Blue. Are you excited for the
upcoming release of “Dolittle?” – [Mr. Blue] Boy, does
a kangaroo have a pouch? You better believe it. Woo-wee, this movie’s
gonna be a real ripper. I can hardly wait, mate. – Yeah, no, I know, me too. I cannot wait to see all of the surprises that they have in store for us. All right, well thank you so
much for being here today, Mr. Blue, I think it
is time that we move on to our next and our featured
guest of the evening. I know you guys have all
been waiting for this moment. Our official sporting
event is about to begin right after this commercial break. (Mr. Blue laughs) – [Mr. Blue] Hey, mate. How’s about you give me
a lick of that lolly? (audience laughter) – What we are going to do next is actually put these two rats into a basketball court and watch them play this incredible sport. Are you guys ready? All right, I’m gonna
pick you up and put you in the court. Oh, they know that it’s time. Here we go. Bianca is headed into the court. And Bernard, if you are
ready, let’s head off and into the court. There we go. So what I have here is
what we would consider a rat basketball. And as you can see, they
are warming up on the court. All I need to do is drop this
ball right into center court for the tip-off and before you know it, these rats are gonna get the game started. On the count of three, one, two… No, no, no, stay inside the court. Three. Time for rat basketball. All right, guys, go for it. Oh, and Bianca’s got the
first ball and ooh, slam dunk! That means that she has
earned a little Cheerio treat. And here comes Bernard. He now recognizes that well, it is time to play some basketball. Bernard, oh, look at that! All the way through the hoop. Have you ever seen a rat actually dunk down and through the basketball hoop? Okay, Bernard, there
is your Cheerio treat. And Bianca scores two more points. We’ve got a nail-biter here. Okay, Bernard has got the
ball, dribbles down court. Oh, from the free throw line, slam dunk all the way through the hoop. And Bianca, two-handed slam dunk. Almost broke the rim on that one. These rats just keep going. Have you ever seen rats this athletic? Now, this is a part of these
rats’ daily enrichment, which means that this is their exercise so playing basketball is a good way to earn some extra treats and of course, to make sure that they’re healthy and fit. I cannot keep up with how fast these rats are capable of dunking basketballs. Here comes Bianca going for the steal. Oh, is she gonna get away from Bernard? Bernard playing defense,
Bianca makes the steal, and two-handed slam dunk! We’ve got ourselves a tie game. Here we go, coming for the treat! And you know, they’re actually
faster at getting the treats than they are dunking the basketball. But as you can see,
these rats have learned that as long as I get that ball or the ball and my body through that hoop, there’s a good chance– in fact, a definite
chance we are going to get that Cheerio enrichment treat. Oh, Bianca! I think she’s gonna take the win! Bernard, does Bianca win? I think Bianca has won the game. Well, I would definitely say
it was a very educational day. And my ability to communicate with animals from the box turtle to the screech owl, the blue tongue skink, or
even basketball-playing rats, would maybe even impress
Dr. John Dolittle himself. I’m Coyote Peterson…. – [Bianca] Be brave. – [Bernard] Stay wild. – We’ll see you on the next adventure. All right, you guys ready for
another round of basketball? Sounds good to me. – [Harold] Oh, thanks for
watching my show, guys. As you can see, having
conversations with creatures can be a challenge, even for Coyote. But we sure are excited
to see our animal co-stars up on the big screen. I don’t know about you,
but I’m definitely excited to see “Dolittle” on January 17th. And I know this re-imagining
of the classic tale is sure to be pack full
of charismatic creatures and will be a grand adventure
for the entire family. Welp, that’s a wrap. How’d I do? (audience applause) Okay, come get me. I’m flying again! Yahoo! – [Coyote] Hey Coyote Pack, if you enjoyed Conversations
with Creatures, make sure to go back and
watch our last collaboration with Universal Pictures where we traveled deep into the caves of
New Zealand to encounter the dragon-like world of bioluminescence. And don’t forget, head to
theaters on January 17th to see Robert Downey, Jr. as “Dolittle,” where he will have his own
conversation with creatures on the big screen. (nature sounds)

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