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It’s so tasty You look like a bulldog when you frown Hi, I’m Hoon from Hoontamin channel Today we will try Mexican tacos We invited great people today We will introduce you David Today we are going to try Mexican tacos David is from Argentina And he knows Mexico well Maisong is from Venezuela Our special guest will be here in a few minutes We are not only trying new food But because I don’t know much about Mexico We will listen about Mexico too We have lot’s of Latin American subscribers We are going to experience a variety of contents that can approach Latin culture Actually we didn’t plan anything today And a beer before even starting Not sure if it will be a VLOG or a Mukbang I’m not sure if it’s going to be a cultural exchange But we will have a fun try Before starting We finished all of this What is this? Isn’t it tasty? I keep eating it I think Cormie is eating more Cormie ate more Cormie has finished her glass of beer And filming right now Cormie will appear some time later May I give this? Thank you Today we will try the tacos first What tacos are we trying today? This place is ‘Pocha Libre’ It’s five minutes from Nakseongdae station So it’s easy to come There are normal tacos And also burritos There is everything, but You only can try ‘Chorizo taco’ in here The owner herself made the taco He is telling you That he likes sausages… Chat for grown-ups I think our subscribers had understood But I don’t know The ‘Chorizo taco’ specially made by the owner You can only try it here And there are two more One is called ‘La Bandera’ What does ‘La Bandera’ mean in Spanish? Flag ‘La Bandera’ means flag Although the name is like such It’s real name is ‘Burrito Ahogado’ It’s putting the burrito on the sauce It means it’s sinked in the sauce Because I can’t speak Spanish Please understand if the subtitles are not good enough Abigail from the KBS program ‘Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies’ What means? Abigail is very famous in Korea She has been in several Korean TV shows ‘Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies’ is the most famous We have finally met her in person It’s all thanks to David Looks prettier in person Celebrity I will teach you a song It’s a famous song in Latin America When you drink beer He has asked why this place is called ‘Pocha Libre’ Shall we invite the owner? This place is called ‘Pocha Libre’ Why is it called ‘Pocha Libre’? Do you know ‘Nacho Libre’? Korean people like ‘Pocha’ We sell soju here The combination of Mexican food and soju ‘Pocha’ means ‘Pojangmacha’ (cart bar) in Korea How is it? Delicious This is charming too And the word ‘Libre’ means ‘living freely’ Do you live freely? Of course Today we will try Mexican food All of our nationalities are different David from Argentina Abigail from Paraguay Hoon and Cormie from Korea Republic The owner from Guatemala Maisong from Venezuela We come from five countries I can’t speak Spanish But since David is good at Korean I shouldn’t say ‘yes’ to everything Maybe in Spanish ‘buy all of these’ ‘Buy 100 bottles of beer’ The moment I say ‘yes’, ‘oh my god’ What are we trying today? David recommended us These are the most typical tacos in Mexico The foods are prepared Personally I’m curious about this chorizo taco I will cut this and serve it to each of you This is ‘salsa roja’ (red sauce) It’s a spicy sauce This is ‘salsa verde’ (green sauce) Green and red sauce Which is more spicy? I think this one is spicier It differs for each person Some say this one is spicier But others say this one is Then we can put them together, right? Actually it has both This side is red, and this side green It means it’s spicy There’s grain inside Grain? It’s rice Rice, beef, beans And several vegetables Should we eat this first? A sinked burrito I’m not good eating spicy food It’s so tasty The beef is so soft The rice is familiar Does it suit the Korean taste? I personally think it’s yummy, but There’s a bit of coriander The spices are a bit unique It might be a case of likes and dislikes for elder people But since younger people prefer unique tastes I think this will be a cool dish If you ask before, they don’t add the coriander I personally like coriander However there is always coriander in Mexican food A bit spicy This is spicy for Paraguayans taste Paraguayans don’t eat much spicy food Not even 0.01 percent It’s the same in Argentina Also in Venezuela But our Mexican subscribers always say “Mexican food is really spicy” “You Koreans won’t even imagine” But some are really spicy How much spicy do you rate it from 1 to 10? How would it be? Personally 2 Try this sauce From 1 to 10? About 2 I should give you lots of green sauce Spicy, right? I think it’s about 7 or 8 About 2.5, maybe? Try more sauce Let’s make Cormie try it Whole lot of sauce How is it? Not spicy at all I put capsaicin on Korean Buldak ramen The Korean spicy And the Mexican spicy taste are different, right? The spicy taste of Korea stirs our mouth And feels like the spicy taste is being pressed in the mouth But Mexican food, definitely it does have a spicy taste But it hangs on top of the tongue So it feels sharp But the Korean spicy taste beats the mouth out Personally these sauces are not spicy Korea has a bit sweet spicy taste But the Latin has a sour and salty spicy taste This green sauce is not spicy I will try this red sauce That much? I think it will be fine You are going to be hard Venezuela can’t stay just staring Show us your manliness Not spicy 3 out of 10 Spicy, right? Not spicy? Such a weird person You need to eat this in one bit How is it? It’s a bit different from La Bandera’s taste The meat is soft and savory I thought it would be greasy because it had lots of meat The sliced onion catches the greasy taste out The spices and ingredients harmonize well They are showing each other’s individuality in the mouth It’s too good to eat at once, split this more And savoring it Which do you choose from the two? Which was tastier? I want all It’s all mine Maisong chose ‘Taco de Chorizo’ Taco is like Korea’s street foods and snacks But this Burrito Ahogado is a dish It has rice and beef And also beans and vegetables It’s a good combination It’s something you can eat for a meal In Korea, this is a meal, and this is a beer snack Like street food We can eat both, eat this first And then eat this with a beer It’s a wise interpretation In that sense… I will let you know one more thing Follow after me What was this called? It’s so tasty I will eat it right now It’s so of my taste I thought of one thing after eating this Does it suit the Korean taste? Korean will like this too I like coriander But if you take the coriander out It might suit the Korean taste perfectly If you would compare it to a similar Korean food? That’s a bit difficult Could Koreans eat this kind of food often? This would be just okay It’s not hard but soft The meat suits the Korean taste perfectly I’m not sure about this sauce But it suits the Korean taste very well It’s hard to compare to Korean food For example, red bean porridge Like putting fried dumplings in the porridge Like dipping fried dumplings in to the porridge To make a comparison It’s tastes ike savory beef and chewy glutinous rice cake And the soft taste of the porridge all mixed together A bit of unique spices with coriander I think I can explain that Cormie, try this You don’t like coriander? You can’t help this The coriander scent is not strong Soft and yummy Could Koreans like this? Difficult to explain, right? You can only try it here The owner gave us dessert and tequila Specially for free Are you happy? Very happy Wave shot! Maisong is cool I will explain it in Korean When you drink tequila you first eat salt Drink the tequila, and eat the lemon It all has a reason As you eat salt you make saliva run on you mouth Then you can smoothly drink the tequila When the bitter taste of alcohol rises after drinking The lemon neutralizes it And then when do you confess to your crush? After drinking about 6 shots And then do it Do you have a crush? Tequila can’t miss in Mexican food Now it’s Cormie’s turn Cormie has never tried tequila before I have tried whiskey This is a reaction video I don’t know how to drink it Put salt on top of your left hand Salt like this Eat the salt now Swallow What Wait It’s coming Fantastic It’s so hot Better than what I thought It’s hot It’s still hot in here I think it’s not bad You get drunk if you drink a lot, right? Of course The most anticipated dessert How do you say ‘cinamon’ in Spanish? Delicious It so churros flavor Isn’t it similar to churros? I think it would be easy to make at home The dumpling batter they sell at the supermarket Fry that and sprinkle a bit of cinamon and sugar Would be just this flavor I haven’t tried this in Korea This is a hidden dish It’s not in the menu It’s a special dish Today we experienced Mexican foods It was different from what I thought It was smoother than what I thought A bit unique Not as sharp as I thought And it can be a familiar taste to Koreans too I think it’s because the owner cooked it so good And as we experienced these dishes today Actually I just wanted to simply taste them Today, David from Argentina Abigail from Paraguay Maisong from Venezuela It’s been a great opportunity to make a fun video with them Because today is the first time Cormie had tequila She won’t forget this We just had a some Mexican tacos today I want to experience a variety of food, including home meals Today is not the end It could be the first time of cultural exchange We will try a lot of different contents Hoontamin channel, don’t forget to love us and subscribe us Share love to these people who were on our show Show love to the channel ‘Hola desde Corea’ too I also hear Abigail made a channel You will like Abigail and Maisong because they’re fun too But don’t forget about Hoontamin channel Hoontamin channel, love us and subscribe us Our wonderful trip will continue

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  1. Mokktezuma says:

    Primer comentario. Saludos desde Tijuana , BC México😃

  2. Leir Bag Tosa says:

    Min. 0:12 parece que se limpiaron la nariz con la bandera, poca madre.

  3. Estrella Miriam Chavez Martinez says:

    Los burritos no son tan mexicanos como piensan😏, pero siguen siendo muy sabrosos, espero puedan venir a México y probar los verdaderos tacos, saludos desde CDMX 😘😚

  4. R.K Love says:

    Оо выглядит очень вкусно😍

  5. francisco da silva jr says:

    Mande um abraço para Cormie. Loved vídeo!!

  6. R.K Love says:


  7. Oriana O says:

    Conchale jaja no he visto el vídeo completo pero ahí voy, dándole like.

  8. R.K Love says:

    Хочу набухаться но я не пью😂

  9. 훈타민 Hoontamin says:

    ☆ Hoontamin collaborated with :
    * David :
    * Maisong :
    * Abigail :

  10. tv그글 says:

    멕시코음식 좋아하는대 꼭 가보고 싶내요. 보다보니 여자분 미수다나온 아비가일이내요?

  11. chaparrita ruvalcaba says:

    Buenos días desde Mexico las salsas q probaste no son originales mexicanas por eso no estuvieron tan picosas ojala tuvieran oportunidad de venir a México a probar la comida original

  12. Ada Calderon says:

    De que se ve rica la comida se ve rica.. pero al parecer los Coreanos comen más picante que los Mexicanos.. eso me gusta, pues a mi me gusta bastante el chile.. yo en México comí tacos en Emiliano zapata, en puebla, y en veracruz, todos estaban ricos y los que más me encantaron fuero los que comí en Emiliano Zapata.. estaban tan deliciosos..

  13. WILD X WEST says:

    For real mexican food you gave to go to mexico sir

  14. Eduardo Ram says:

    Saludos desde 🇲🇽 , nada es igual como probarlo en su país de origen, he probado comida coreana aquí pero pienso que no es lo mismo a si la pruebo allá en corea 🇰🇷.
    En pocas palabras VENGAN A MÉXICO!!🇲🇽😁

  15. Erick Ab says:

    8:58 la pregunta mas famosa que todo buen amante del picante hace hahaha

  16. Marcela Sofia says:

    Maisong ♥️

  17. Fer Chavira says:

    3:32 chorizo portuano xd

  18. Oswaldo Chacón says:

    Un magnífico video, felicitaciones. Sigue así. Si es posible prueba comida de otros paises de Latinoamérica, como por ejemplo de Ecuador.

  19. Hola desde Corea says:

    Salió excelente el video!!! Ya se viene la versión HOCA!

  20. jacquelina yackie says:

    Excelente vio todo muy rico.que lindo ver a tantos youtubers tan grosos juntos😃👍👏👏👏👏👏im a new suscriber 훈타민

  21. Maria Teresa Arista Rodriguez says:

    Hoon, lindo vídeo, sabias que la cerveza que estuviste tomando (corona), es mexicana? Y con respecto a los tacos te recomiendo comer los de "Dos locos" (ahí en seul están ubicados), es de dueños mexicanos y esos si son tradicionales mexicanos, saludos como siempre desde Chiapas, México

  22. Maria Teresa Arista Rodriguez says:

    Y perdón pero tus invitados se equivocan, los tacos mas típicos de México son el de pastor, el de carne asada, barbacoa, cochinita pibil, etc., para ampliar mas tu experiencia te recomiendo contactes a CAFE JUSEYO o CLAU MB COREA ( youtubers mexicanas que viven en Corea )

  23. thatzombieplace says:

    We would love to see you come to theu.s. or mexico!

  24. Darth Vladi says:

    They are surprised of you dealing with the sauce like a boss because they are not used to it (their countries do not consume that much spicy food). However I can tell that Koreans LOVE spicy food just like mexicans. I think Korea and México are the only 2 countires in the world that LOVE spicy food and they both can tolerate high levels of "spyciness"

  25. Ricardo Montiel says:

    These don't are tacos.

  26. Luis T Silva says:

    Muy bueno pero me hubiera gustado subtítulos en español 😅

  27. ArClCh MP says:

    … Yo no hablo coriano… JAHAHAHAJAJJAJAJAJA

  28. ArClCh MP says:

    Antes del minuto 2, el Venezolano ya se bajó la cerveza.

    Claro que si es Venezolano…

  29. Dried z says:

    Gostei do vídeo, é legal ver eles provando comida diferente

  30. Francisco Jimenez Ortiz says:

    Por favor hagan una reacción a la canción "100 años " de Pedro infante

  31. miguel castro says:

    jaja no mamen pinches burritos jamas van ahogados.. tacos al pastor .de suadero de barbacoa. etc.etc. ESO NO ES COMIDA MEXICANA.. NO ENGAÑEN.

  32. miguel castro says:


  33. Tsunayoshi Sawada says:

    Si no se enchilo Hoon (creo que es el nombre del señor 100% coreano) entonces no es salsa picante Mexicana, ya que los Coreanos y Mexicanos compartimos el mismo gusto por el alcohol y chile, de hecho los coreanos que vienen a México a probar los tacos con salsas normalmente en su primera vez se enchilan xD (pero les gusta 7w7), los Mexicanos somos conocidos por echarle chile al chile xD.
    Otro punto a destacar, es que hasta donde yo se los tacos mas comunes, al menos aquí en México son los tacos al pastor, por supuesto hay una extensa variedad, y en cada estado de México hay algunos que son mas populares que otros.
    Pero aun así esos tacos si se veían de calidad, no como los "Taco bell" Dx

  34. janohermano says:

    Si dirigen su contenido a cosas mexicanas van a subir

  35. Tu picador says:

    agarran muy chistoso el taco JAJAJAA buen video

  36. Evelin So says:

    Que rico guacamole me hizo agua la boca. ..👌 excelente video!! Saludos !!

  37. jaimerodriguezreyna says:

    Hola saludos a todos una observación los tacos mexicanos se comen con las manos no con cubiertos y los más populares son los tacos al pastor

  38. juan peña says:

    real mexicans don´t need salt and lemon to drink tequila we drink it straight up

  39. mpd5005 says:

    La dueña es de Guatemala y tiene un restaurante de comida mexicana. No confío que esa comida sea muy mexicana. 🤔🤮

  40. michayos1 says:


  41. michayos1 says:


  42. Gustavo Rosales says:

    Hizo falta el dictamen de un mexicano, lo único seguro por su sabor es la cerveza y el silantro…

  43. Jose Tellez Briseño says:

    Falto decir después del tequila un "¡viva México cabrones!"

  44. Love says:

    eso que están degustando no es 100% mexicano

  45. Fernando Flores says:

    pero que estupidez probar comida qués que mexicana y no hay ni una cocinera mexicana y ni un plato de cerca mexicano en esa mesa mucho menos las salsas, si tan solo prueban un habanero se cagan, no lo aguantarían, el taco de chorizo o longaniza ni siquiera se parece al de México mucho menos el burrito, y lo peor no hay ningún mexicano para que les diga que onda con esa comida, vaya prueba de comida mexicana, el tequila no siempre esta en la comida mexicana, ni siempre se le pone silantro a toda la comida, en calidad de mientras vayan todos y chinguen a su puta madre

  46. Elena Hernandez says:

    Buon appetit ,un saludo desde Monterrey N.L.Mexico ,un abbraccio a tutti voi ,merci beaucoup garcons ,au revoir bisou !!!!

  47. Nushk TR says:

    Creo que hubiera sido mejor tener a alguien de Mexico como invitado para hacer este video. El ir a mexico y comer unas cuantas veces o ser latino no te hace experto. Just saying…
    As a Mexican it feels a bit frustrating hearing all these inaccurate comments about my food wishing I could explain it better. Also, cheap crappy tequila is the one that burns your throat, not the high quality one. Tequila connoisseurs know you do not need salt and lime. It is smooth and tasty.

  48. Alfonso Cardiel says:

    En el extranjero los tacos mexicanos no pican o la salsa mexicana no pica pero vengan a México y, en México y verán

  49. Joaquín Llano says:

    Paraguay 🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾

  50. Ramiro Robles Garcia says:

    Rico saludos desde baja california MEXICO

  51. Leslie P.Guajardo says:


  52. Braulio Roman says:


  53. Horacio Hidalgo says:

    yo que radico en Los Cabos la dueña del lugar trae una playera negra con el logo del arco de cabo san lucas :O

  54. Linna Uchiha Senju says:

    Tacos mexicanos y la dueña no es mexicana(?….osea(???

  55. Lizard of Oz says:

    Y este restaurante en donde esta? Me refiero al pais!! Si se quieren enchilar de a deveras, vayan a Yucatan a probar salsas con chile habanero!! Hasta el diablo mismo se enchila!!

  56. Beangie says:

    Koreans eats lots of spicy/hot foods, once I tried a dish it was so hot I was sweating I think they have almost the same level of spiciness on some foods

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