Rebel Wilson & James Corden Found Making Cats Very Comfortable

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  1. Madison Harrill says:

    Okay I love the guy they casted as rum tug tugger. But can you imagine Harry styles playing him

  2. Carla Hernandez says:

    Who’s in the middle?! I felt so awkward for her…

  3. Amelia Ford says:

    Can't wait for it to come out in the UK………

  4. Mac Richardson says:

    Why is Casey Musgrave wearing a cheap black wig???? That looks like a Disney Princess awful wig.

  5. notcaryll says:

    She managed to convince the director to let them sit around. She's a good lawyer.

  6. The name is V says:

    …I’m confused who wants to see this movie?? Like if you’re going to watch in theaters..

  7. N K says:

    Won't watch it if Taylor swift is in it. Gross.

  8. Rylee Quinn says:

    It’s uncomfortable for us too

  9. Bxlla Entartainment says:

    I thought it said making cats very uncomfortble i was like who wouldnt be

  10. bic boi says:

    0:20 oh look james is wearing a fat suit….and rebel is ….in a skin suit…..

  11. Brittany Mae says:

    Love you James <3 you make me smile every day :)!!!!!!!

  12. Kartika Dewi says:

    This is why i want to watch cats

    James CORDEN

  13. Nicolette Jenkins says:

    Did she call T.S. Eliot's book 18th century? 🤔

  14. Dances with Dust Bunnies says:

    Erm….20th century poetry, Rebel….

  15. Simon Wilson says:

    not good

  16. Boom Bang says:

    Cats trailer was not most horrifying trailer I have ever seen.

    It's very weird and scary looking

  17. Olivia Tomlinson Styles says:

    Kacey looks so uncomfortable, it's like when you are trapped between friends who only want to talk to each other.

  18. Clay Chiarelott says:

    18th century poetry, Rebel? How about 20th century poetry! It’s T.S. Eliot! /pedant

  19. The Great Lazy Aku says:

    I feel like I am the only one excited for the Cats Movie to be released, it absolutely looks amazing in my opinion and I bet they did a wonderful job in the movie!

  20. thejesster1993 says:

    The only two plus size actors in the movie and they’re comic relief? How absolutely refreshing and not at all problematic at the end of the decade.

  21. Alexander Marshall says:

    Not evens million views. Janes Corden is done!

  22. arrogantgodjealous says:

    How silly of them to think they stand a chance being released the same week as a new Star Wars movie.

  23. Angel on a journey says:

    I’m so confused why she said sexual

  24. Matt Ci says:

    fun fact: the movie cats has a 1 star rating on rotten tomatoes

  25. daniel mayer says:

    Kids going into this with their parents thinking its a fun PG rated sing song movie

    Cut to a year later kids putting a needle into their arm with catnip and repeating the phrase "itll be over soon, itll be over soon" rocking back and forth in the bathtub

  26. doug avila says:

    I hear Her musical number is with dancing cockroaches with human faces. THAT I have to see. Maybe stoned.

  27. TiggerLiveToo says:

    whats fascinating is that these two are sitting there talking about Cats like its not the worst film in movie history, even worse than Ishtar…

  28. Henry Jones19 says:

    Cats dead

  29. Goudurix says:

    What a wanker Corden is. He takes roles in terrible films, talks about how incredible they are until the reviews come in, then acts as if he knew they were shit the whole time.

  30. Diogenes' Lantern says:

    What an absolute mouth breather.

  31. L.C.French Productions says:

    This movie is what made the tomatoes rotten

  32. Joel Menjivar says:

    what a piece of sh** film

  33. Thonmoy Rahman says:

    And I found watching cats very uncomfortable.

  34. Kristen C says:

    I wonder if anyone will come back & post about hot horrid the movie was.

  35. Saif Chowdhury says:

    He’s allot bigger than I imagined.

  36. Cat Defender says:

    I think Bustopher and Jenny are cousins in the movie.

  37. Claire Halloran says:

    I found watching it very uncomfortable

  38. Zanzibar Slimm says:

    My least favourite "actors" in the world 💚❤

  39. Sofia Randal says:

    If James corden wasn't in there it wouldn't be a box office bomb

  40. THE CRAFTOONS says:

    I like how you can tell neither one of them really cared for the movie. The never praised the movie. Which is rare for stars to do while the movie is still in theaters.

  41. Elxm says:

    The girl in the middle fake laughing and being so awkward 🤣🤣

  42. jason walters says:

    Bad bad movie

  43. Leon Nottingham says:


  44. Jeane Lopez says:


  45. Joseph Zielinski says:

    Not bad, green outfits in non-cat costume effect.

  46. The softest part of a woman's breast is? says:

    ….So Rebel and James aren't the same person?

  47. Giant Booger says:

    Rebel Wilson continues to get roles after one terrible film after another. Amazing.

  48. Slapstick Genius says:

    The schedule for making the cats movie is rushed. But Rebel Wilson and James Corden really love it, because it made them comfortable!

  49. Austerity Cat says:

    Huge movie Cats

  50. Mio Sanchez says:

    Unpopular Opinion: Rebel Wilson isn't really funny : (

    I think she's a very talented artist but she is stuck on this script that always makes her some sort of comedy relief.

  51. Giberish Boner says:

    how are they reacting to the bad reviews?

  52. Hunter Wilder says:

    I'm glad they were comfortable because everybody else wasn't

  53. LIAM LIAMESQUE says:

    That movie sucks

  54. Marcelino Dreams says:

    I hate how people are crapping on this movie. It was beautiful.

  55. Kana Beats says:

    hmm. they still looked weirder as cats than in the green suits lol

  56. Enigma Cast says:

    OMG Rebel is so thicc <3

  57. TheTallest Nol says:

    I don’t get why people hated the movie and why they’re making it adult. The original is made of T. S. Elliot’s Practical Book Of Cats. A CHILDREN’S book, mind you!

  58. Robbiebrad says:

    OMG is he actually trying to wear a suit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. tmaz85 says:

    The highlight of these 2 hack frauds careers.

  60. CocoaTnT ;P says:

    Anyone here in 2020, also RIP KOBE

  61. CrazyCat 243 says:

    I actually loved the movie.

  62. Heavy Makeup says:

    1:28 when james touch the woman in the middle hand. Why she wipe it right after? 🤔

  63. Shmacked Muffins says:

    They’re literally the worst part of the movie, and that’s saying a lot.

  64. Andrei Rachieru says:

    How are they so enthusiastic about the worst movie in history?

  65. Simon Compain says:

    Stick to talk shows buddy …

  66. RAE RAE says:

    That's probably y the film was shit if the director listens to Rebel!

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