Recap: Men’s Basketball at Yale

[Music] Lob play to Baker, who throws it down Kirkwood, Eurostep, layup, count it Ledlum steps into a three, that’s short Gets his own miss Back in to it and lays it in Have to come in this building and start well because this because experienced group has never been [inaudible] Very much an inside-out team, the Crimson are but he hasn’t had an impact yet Ledlum with the nice feed to Djuricic. His layup is good. Checked by Baker Fadeaway J, blocked by baker Great length there by Baker Kirkwood gathers himself and lays it in Djuricic all the way in Outside, he’ll launch, connects 11-2 run, Haskett’s jumper [inaudible] It’s Juzang open for three, that’s good Juzang to the rim, got it, plus the foul Djuricic, he’ll launch and connect [inadubible] Djuricic [crowd noise] Juzang hit the free throw to make it a two-possession (game) Missed it. Bassey grabs the rebound and it’s all over

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