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30 Responses

  1. Hugh Janus says:

    For a dog that loves water, she didn't look too happy! And no kiss for you!

  2. NewDaysOldWays1 says:

    What a great video!  Yellow Labs are the best. I have one who's 8 yrs old, acts just like your guys.  What great personalities they have. So funny.  The long walk of shame for the rise off was great!  Thanks for the info and great laugh.

  3. Flannel Acres says:

    @3:20 still miffed.  Hee-hee-hee!  She's hilarious!  🙂

  4. DracePlace says:

    so eric …. was princess really abused by a skunk or just an unwilling model

  5. Jenn Harris says:

    Awww Henry sweet Princess?
    I always love when you feature the sweet pups in your videos?!!!

  6. Michael Wilson says:

    Wow after that abuse she deserve at least 4 cookies and an hour of playing with that ball. haha

  7. Pudgy Picker says:

    I hope I never need this….but it's good to know!  TFS!

  8. Clutch10011 says:

    So .what your telling us is all your Labs started out as brown and black Labs,,,,LOL!!!!

  9. LavenderDebs says:

    FANTASTIC, back of the brain, under the bathroom sink solution! Pretty sure I would use just a dribble of dish soap and a good squirt of something like DrBonners for stinky dog smell, but I'm all in if Peppy LaPew settles the argument.

  10. lisamr40 says:

    I'm confused! I thought Your dogs loved the water? I've seen many videos of them jumping into the lake /river. She looked very unhappy! Poor pup! Lol TFS!

  11. James Campbell says:

    that dog was not happy.

  12. Rich Andrews says:

    And here I thought your dogs were natural blondes…

  13. terry saunders says:

    I lv my lab and nice to no thet

  14. Professor Branestawm says:

    Great dogs you have there, they seem really loyal and friendly. My dog too loves to swim in lakes, rivers as well as diving in to mud and bog water. And just like your dog hates being bathed to wash it all off. LoL! And the old saying is totally true, "A mans best friend is his dog". 🙂

  15. Teresa H says:

    LMAO. Henry was not pleased with being the star of that video. Henry may need her agent to up the billing cost. LOL. God Bless and take care.

  16. Julia M says:

    If the problem is yeast, you might want to try a tea tree oil shampoo (tea tree oil is anti fungal).  Also, vinegar helps kill yeast.  You'd have to substitute vinegar for the baking soda in the recipe, because baking soda plus vinegar = volcano!

  17. Sofia Rivas says:

    Your dogs are so cute, thank you for sharing.

  18. Sofia Rivas says:

    Some times too much river fun made them smelly, thanks for sharing. Your dogs are so cute

  19. dellasmom says:

    I don't think that Henry quite appreciates the asthetic benefits of smelling better!!  The picture of reluctance!!! 😉  Her expression was PRICELESS!

  20. Fred Hinch says:

    Be very careful with the peroxide as it can blind the dog. Use the tomato juice bath trick if you want a pink dog that smells like a skunk.

  21. Phaedre Bombastic says:

    a good way to apply this is with a bottle. hair color bottles work great just make the hole bigger,or just use a water or soda bottle with a hole in the lid. the empty dish soap bottle works the best!

  22. Ouis Sandy says:

    lanolin free dish soap

  23. DorkAJStudios says:

    can u do it without baking soda or tomato stuff?

  24. j :3 says:

    Thanks for this video! A few months ago my dog got sprayed and it STUNK!! My mom used this recipe and our dog smelt better in no time. Last night my dog got sprayed again! Good thing we have this recipe!

  25. Darrell Poe says:

    Could you do a video of how to Wayne Ohio train your dog

  26. Mindy B says:

    Tried this 4x along with every other remedy on the internet and nothing seems to work? hes an inside dog too and it's been a month and it's still strong idk what to do

  27. 365 Black says:

    It doesn’t work it masked the smell then when it drys the smell comes back.

  28. XxMøöñ Crüsh says:

    Thanks for the help my huge shepherd got sprayed by a skunk
    But now I know how to get it out THX!!! :3

  29. Melisa Delagarde says:

    This is our #1 go to….working in a dog shelter its regular occurrence especially here in Atlantic canada …if its for skunk smell….apply tge combo and let sit for 5 min…..then rinse with water and repeat with the remaining mixture once more to relly neutralise that smell….otherwise you will have a residual smell linger for weeks every time the dog gets wet or damp. liquid can be replaced with hand soap…just use a bit more… well if no hydrogen peroxide available….you can replace it with white viniger

  30. Melisa Delagarde says:


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