replacing kong…

hey good morning little gang what is poppin okay guys the title of the video it’s not clickbait this time is for real man I sort of feel bad cuz I mean I do feel bad obviously Kong can never be replaced and that’s the title of the video but I’ve been sort of I don’t see like depressed but like lonely and down try without Kong like I lost a homie it’s true homie and I’ve said it in the video I don’t want to be one of those people that just like replaces a dog with another dog but first guy I guess I am oh yeah we got a new member of team maverick he’s so cute I couldn’t not and the way it all came about is incredibly spontaneous and weird and you know like that’s what I that’s me that’s what I like to do oh fuck dude anyways guys do not forget it be a frickin be chop your besmirch shot mr. beast calm got some of the brightest merch in the game mom I got the hoodies t-shirt the t-shirts dandelion yellow the hoodies butter yellow and the hats or mustard yellow I would we make them all the same color that doesn’t make any sense so we made them all three different shades of yellow gotta get it so I can keep giving away money anyway let me flash back to yesterday when we introduced a new member of the family to team maverick yeah hell is your problem right now like all the time hey by the way we love you Logan awesome all the times a lot of creators say it’s just like harder your best not to do ours you know get the cage I’m gonna f this man off what are you gonna do Spencer present yourself in front of them say hello to this for how many more fans are gonna watch this exact video we just all say goodbye to him yeah yeah be careful people that follow you on our team and we didn’t want to step on any toes or anything we understand it’s a hard time since she just had a pub gone and so I just want to see if you wanna check him out he’s at home he’s a rescue it’s like a super dope dog I’m sorry you you’re saying you brought me a dog yeah so we brought you a dog or a dog to my house brought a dog here huh so you think this dog can replace Kong he’s exotic super crazy-looking so much energy oh by the way let me through three times I already don’t like him he’s not calm I know it’s not how many times a week getting delivered a puppy oh my oh my oh my what you think oh my god oh this isn’t a wolfdog what kind of dog is it no he’s a husky but he’s an exotic cousin how long is your tongue always stay in his mouth it never just hangs out well he’s just chilling but on the drive up here we like that we like that cuz with my lad I thought a tongue probably look at his nose bro they look like it looks like air pops oh my god oh no we have a real problem Oh yo trying to bring us his dog to make us feel like it was grow we kind of made out a little bit and it just seems like fate – how he just showed up here like in a Maserati with a guy that [Laughter] oh my gosh oh my god that was close let’s see what he does next to Kong’s gravesite let’s see how dope you really are gorgeous this doesn’t even look like a dog he’s like more grass anymore grows you hold this dog for a second I can I do a little rendezvous with my team yeah you guys want to talk inside real quick what do you think and also so fast I feel uncomfortable potentially too quick so we’ve got a lot of opposing viewpoints no like we got to get this dog you know say we can’t get this dog [Music] he looks great on camera it’s like he’s a Content dog I’m not gonna lie but I don’t want to get a dog for content I didn’t get Kong for content I got clone cuz I loved having your dog yeah issue lonely now he’s very lonely I would say yeah is she looking for a younger brother yeah she gets along great with boy dog that’s a pro this is a husky outside that looks like a lion they are taken from the team although you already look like a new biggest thing is that this is a rescue dog so maybe we like hump the brakes get it checked out George rescue George I’m with Logan and the rest of the team we’ve got a dog outside you give us one about the dog that’s outside I’m having a real internal struggle right now yeah I said this in the podcast I don’t want to be one of the guys that like their dog dies and you just replace him in a second but I’ve been feeling lonely I’m not gonna lie I feel like I lost at homee and I said like Mike kinda sucks having he’s alright but I need like a you know one of my boys I need a homie who’s gonna have my back and I think like we kind of got the same color eyes those are a little lighter he’s better-looking oh hey we should we just had the logo help us decide to because the song was a dog of the people and and this unnamed dog would also be a dog about the dog of the people do you remember what Kong kept doing we gave him the keyboard he kept doing the same number Kong had a favorite number two hundred and eighty thousand seven hundred forty seven hundred eighty-seven this log it’s two hundred eighty thousand seven hundred forty seven likes which by the way was Kong’s favorite number he wants to be bought two hundred eighty thousand seven hundred forty seven like low gang you decide oh my god does this [Music] [Music] okay listen man random guy Ricky you showed up at my house I want the dog sure man he’s yours oh my god you’re gonna do great things in this world I know it you speak up oh whoa I don’t think he’s trying to kiss him I know you say oh actually one thing me and mavin agree you can’t just like replace his brother like Kong and maverick we’re brothers funny just didn’t see him like that see more like they hate each other if I hated each other I feel like maverick hates everything never do that again oh no you stop sucking your own dick dude it’s been at least five he’s young he’s even bored of himself oh I guess so this dog he’s so cute ah oh my gosh she’s chewing on my finger it’s weird like having to raise a dog from like puppy age again I haven’t done this in so long the last time obviously what’s up since con I’m positive he is gonna into bed and pee everywhere but you know what that’s a risk I’m willing to take if I can cuddle with my new puppy oh this is kind of crazy I feel like he smells we’re calling used to pee or he’s peeing right now oh god i extremely miscalculated that whole thing what’s he doing advise why are you doing this bad dog does he even know yeah come on put your back into it no you can’t get up there you go get those back legs up yeah you got it yeah you need to be careful you’re right on the edge oh no oh my god he doesn’t understand physics this is horrible he is gonna be trouble I can tell Hey it’s past your bedtime dog be honest I went to see Avengers today you got to stay up late it’s 1:30 a.m. you gotta get your shit together dog I have early morning oh I’m a dad all over again Chase is pissed okay I may have made a mistake I I don’t know if he’s ready to sleep with me being honest this is a complete total fucking disaster okay I think I found a solution and I placed the dog in a cage next to my bed this seems promising I feel like this is a good idea if it’s not please tell me in the comment section with that said I’m gonna take my snow leopard and try to go to sleep I’ll see you guys in morning aah [Music] now if you look closely you’ll see a snow leopard in his natural habitat and Encino California yo this dog is being awesome we took him to the vet a little bit ago and the vets like y’all I’ve never seen any husky like this ever a real maverick dog stop eating grass please welcome to the family young gagging you’re gonna do great things guys thank you for watching this vlog I meant down below what you think we should name them cuz we still haven’t quite figured it out yet and if you’re not subscribed you know the drill hit that subscribe button that’s not least cough your merch shop mr. beast comm you know how it is we got Donuts spelling beasts but they’re different than regular Donuts they’re melting the melting donor so so a snow cave Lincoln by oh and you suck you’re plugging other people’s merch I mean there’s not other people’s does my merch how did I hear Logan Paul back home so this is my merch ok I’m going out my new puppy logo I’ll freaking love you guys and we will see you next time take it easy family [Music] [Music]

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100 Responses

  1. Ibrahimovic Bra says:

    why not a dog, which can actually fight back against an coyote?

  2. 『・Cøøkie Gøcha・』 says:

    Still not as cute as Kong, but still cute

  3. Alexia Colt says:

    I’m weird but does anybody miss mark I was jsut watching other vids

  4. Reese Lavene says:

    I miss Kong and maverick

  5. Ashley Armstrong says:

    Kong I'm sorry Logan

  6. Ashley Armstrong says:

    I miss kong

  7. Angelique Miller-Lawson says:

    Literally as soon as 4 of them saw the puppy, you can see that it was love at first sight for all of them. I’m glad the cameraman caught that exact moment.

  8. Diodegracia Soliano says:


  9. Jayla Halfyard says:

    You should name him hustler

  10. Chase Sullivan says:

    I miss kong rip kong 2017-2019❤

  11. Mykal P says:

    I think the name for the dogs to be Daniel book for short Danny

  12. Ricardojr Bolaños says:

    Make extreme videos to beat ksis Subscribes and hope you win ksi at the boxing Match

  13. Ricardojr Bolaños says:

    And sorry for Kong and Maverick fuck the Coyotes

  14. Celastine Cuevas says:

    Yessssssssss get him NOW!😍😘😇

  15. Crazy Gamer says:

    Replacing Kong is a good idea but get something like Gabe the dog and Kong

  16. Eric Lightning says:

    Name him snow

  17. Oxic 285 says:

    No dog will replace kong

  18. Emerson Chenalloy says:

    Very cute puppy, very inappropriate title😔

  19. Melissa Newson says:

    Leving him in there will give him angsiede

  20. Xxninjawolf Xx says:

    This is kong in a different form sent down from the heavens

  21. Lacy Sandlin says:

    You should name him snow

  22. Gabriel Kent says:

    You should name him beast

  23. ljbibkhh9 ksjjxuhudjx9 says:

    Levels were good Keven

  24. Raven Harris says:

    Im positive our Kong The Savage is happy you moved on 🐶

  25. mobile alex says:

    He t bagged Kong's gave

  26. Nicola Surowiecki says:

    It's not replacing it's making new memories

  27. FRANKalpha22 says:

    Cute af

  28. Zoe Foster says:

    You should get the puppy

  29. funzuz Roblox says:

    I cried watching

  30. funzuz Roblox says:

    It’s so sad 😭

  31. Tysons Insane Gaming Videos says:

    11:31 bad idea I did it I f*cked up

  32. Thomas Garcia says:

    Does anyone notice that Logan is wearing Mr. Beast Merch 😆

  33. Jocelyn Goodin says:

    His name needs to be Oreo or cookies n cream

  34. Brandon McCoy says:

    Name him Targaryen

  35. Declan Jackson says:


  36. ashwin narayan says:

    This wanker doesn't deserve another dog

  37. Tatum Ferns says:

    Yes yes

  38. Loris Lupci says:

    like if you want kong back

  39. Christopher Durham says:

    I love your new dog he is so cute and well be the dog for you i love your video video and I would be videos so much cuz they was the best love Chris

  40. Brownie32 P20 says:

    Was if he die,s then what

  41. _SebTheIdiot_ says:

    Broly is the re-incarnation of Kong, coming down from heaven to bring Logan joy once more, and Kong is in his true form now, KongDaSavage has returned

  42. Jackie Lopez says:

    But your not replacing Kong because Kong's spirit is still with y'all R.I.P KONG

  43. sans max says:

    hey logan if you don't wanna forget kong you should make a sign and named it "WE MISS YOU KONG"
    thats all

  44. eksimo says:

    bruh replace ur brain

  45. Wayne Williford says:

    As soon as I saw him I instantly started crying

  46. Kaitlyn Nilsson says:

    you should totally name him Tek

  47. Piggy Bog says:

    Kong's spirit is in this dog.
    Edit: it's pretty much a dogs purpose but in reality.

  48. Lorenzo Finocchi says:

    It's a bad idea

  49. This guy does stuff 21 says:

    Logan's address is 4546

  50. MoMo For Life says:

    when logan's new dog did a pee at kong's burial place that's not a good thing,
    as that burial place is where kong's scent is the strongest, so when the new dog did a pee there it means that
    he was trying to get rid of kong's scent
    RIP Kong

  51. Nicholas Nadeau says:


  52. Nicholas Nadeau says:

    I'm a fun

  53. Nicholas Nadeau says:

    You have niec cars

  54. Lilly Lillicorn says:

    Kong got reincarnated ♡ and also AWWWWW

  55. Nicholas Nadeau says:

    He looka nice

  56. Nicholas Nadeau says:

    Feed him

  57. Melly x Red says:

    Logan Paul u should keep that dog inside at night into it gets bigger and older you don’t want the same thing happening R.I.P Kong

  58. Morgan Garzini says:


  59. Ocean Man says:

    If the midget was snatched by a coyote would you replace him?

  60. Ahmed Sayed says:

    i got a duplicate of kong

  61. Loki says:

    ❤️ RIP Kong ❤️

  62. Tatted Mango says:

    Bit disrespectful but alright asshole

  63. JOSUELANDSTER _ says:

    I missed calling a lot

  64. Emmy Love says:

    the best part about his breed is they will fuck a coyote up . I have a year old brownish white Siberian husky and I live in Ohio and she don't fucking play with that shit and she's the most energetic loving dog too <3

  65. Natalee Freedlound says:

    kong jr

  66. ITZ GHOST says:

    Fuck u

  67. Laura Jagła says:

    280,747 [*]

  68. Serenity Englar says:

    Gotta say u can never I mean NEVER replace kong the savage

  69. Monica Neumann says:

    R.I.P Kong, we could never replace you💔💔💔😖😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  70. Mahdi Al says:

    I I have a husky her name is snow and I like her she’s all white

  71. lulama. jr says:

    Kong cant be replaced rip

  72. Govind Jayaprakasan says:

    he so cute but kong is much more cuter

  73. Alma Gonzalez says:

    Kong was watching over logan and kong sent down new family and new memories for logan. Thank you for the memories Kong you will be missed R.I.P KONG

  74. Nathan Malling says:

    Hell continue kongs legecy

  75. Ava King says:

    I think u should call him kong so that he is a piece of kong that u will always love:)

  76. Mishmeath Pagan says:

    It is a good idea to out the husky in the cave to calm him down i also had my husky for 2 years and hes Big like a cayote!

  77. Annie texting Stories says:

    You can never replace kong

  78. Catac Cata says:

    Beautiful puppy

  79. Kaaprozz Koskiz says:


  80. Kaaprozz Koskiz says:

    I miss Kong tong

  81. Cristine Gonzales says:

    I hate that dog he killed maverick and ijust saw it i know im late but sorry logan… i shouldent made this comment because it might make you cry………❤

  82. blob crabs says:

    Its name should be Spot!

  83. Ryan Honeycutt says:

    The dog is so cute that you should by it and it's name should Spot the Maverick savige

  84. master dan101 says:


  85. Silver 1234 says:

    Name the doggy oreo

  86. Ernesto Garcia says:

    He is wearing mrbeast merch

  87. InTheLifeOfMe says:

    I'm serious babe him Anthem

  88. xibei li says:

    You should take him I love husky I really want a Pomsky Pomerania and a husky

  89. Camrin Clark says:

    you should name him king

  90. Ruth Danzer says:

    His new puppy is beautiful. I'm not a fan of the Pauls but I get really emotional when it comes to animals and animal deaths. But Am I the only one who noticed his shirt. Logan Paul isn't the only one who has beast merch. If you are an old fan of KSI, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

  91. Landyn Nelson says:

    Sorry for kong

  92. M&R M&R says:

    I feel soo bad for Kong I hope he’s alive

  93. gaming details says:

    If the dog pees an kongs grave that mean ms he is his property and if he marks is property he liks his property that means he liks kong



  95. Albert handi says:

    Your dog is having diarrhea that's when the dogs eat grass. Get it to a good vet 😁😁

  96. Oscar Boyce says:

    get it

  97. Oscar Boyce says:

    get it

  98. Jehramy says:

    Kong would be proud because he peed right next to his grave and that means he is a savage

  99. Alex Murillo says:


  100. Roman Herrera says:

    Yes BECAUSE Kong send this DOG to you

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