Rescue Dog Funny Reaction to GIANT Tennis Ball: Try Not To Laugh

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  1. TaliaEliana says:

    Lmaooo! That tennis ball didn't stand a chance! ?

  2. Rocky Kanaka says:

    What do you all think? Is this the perfect size Tennis ball for my dog Flip?! Would you get one this big for your dog?

  3. Stephen Lloyd says:

    Flipping awesome. He is so HIGH energy. You needed Flip for the unboxing

  4. Stephen Lloyd says:

    You could have used the pumpkin in your pot for a nice soup for you and the dogs

  5. Corgi Mom says:

    Now that was a dog enjoying a tennis ball!?. I bet he still will have a blast playing with a deflated tennis ball. Most of the time dogs like their toys well broken in.

  6. Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf says:

    I was wondering if you were going to let him play with it since she was so scared of it…… He's Beautiful!! hahahahahaahahahha it's soccer time……… He's on a Destroy mission!! That's a cool pot it looks like a large crock pot! Sure make a meal or bake a cake in it………lol Isn't Smashing Pumpkins a music group…………lol ❤️????!

  7. FireCracker3240 says:

    Oh, it's been a while since I've seen a Smashing Pumpkins video. ????

  8. FireCracker3240 says:

    Awww, Flip freaking LOVED that tennis ball. It goes to show you… just like with people, there's a gift for every dog.

  9. Elisha Morris says:

    I would like to see you cook something for your dogs in the cook pot.

  10. Elisha Morris says:

    Loved seeing your boxer play with the tennis ball. So worth it. Poor Zoe.

  11. Jessica Todd says:

    So the insta-pot looks good. I want to see you mke healthy meals in it before i get one since you offered. As for the pumpkins are you going to cook them since you broke them? By the way i gotta get that tennis ball. Jake and the others will love it.

  12. David Goodridge says:

    Flip loves giant tennis balls!! ? PS I have though about the idea of making meals good for dogs and people if thats possible.

  13. Minna Rellahan says:

    Love it!! Finally a happy owner to the gigantic tennis ball!!  I give that size to my dogs too and I get a kick out of watching them try to brake it and usually eventually succeeding in it!! 
    Wow, it did not take him long but he'll love it anyway!! And yes, please cook a meal and show us!!

  14. Darryl Drax says:


  15. HeckNoGMOs says:

    Your enthusiasm though! ??

  16. Sabrina Tianyi Cao says:

    I think your dog loves it a lot!!! So sweet☺️

  17. Mari Surratt says:

    Goes to show that bigger is not always better! Funny!

  18. RoSa LaPlant says:

    Awww… too cute!

  19. Aqua girl says:

    Warning this is overloaded with cuteness??

  20. Jane Stanley says:

    I love my pressure cooker. you can make treats for your dogs. best thing to do for your dog make your broth and recook the bones and tgey become soft. great for older dogs

  21. 1CherryTree says:

    Zoey says to Flip:  "Hey! That is MY Christmas gift!  I don't want it, I don't like it, BUT I don't want you to have it either!"  Typical children er dogs.

  22. Lisandy ! says:

    This was so funny ! Ur smaller dog hated it but the bigger dog loved it ! Lol so cute ! I love dogs !

  23. Ronda Meier says:

    Boxers are so awesome! But you need to be able to keep up with them! Lol I can't adopt one because of physical limitations…. But they are the most expressive, best personality dogs EVER!!! Check out Layla the boxer dog channel here on YouTube omg is she a goof ball! Lol

  24. Ronda Meier says:

    Flip "I chewed it into submission dad" lol

  25. Daphne Loose says:

    Flip was having so much fun with that giant tennis ball!! Flip needs more tennis
    balls like that.
    the Instant Pot is just a real fancy crock pot.
    like the song!! who sings it? Foo Fighters?
    hope you gave the leftover pumpkin to your beautiful dogs!!

  26. I hate school says:


  27. Molly G says:

    My dog LOVES his huge KONG tennis squeaky ball!

  28. LetsPlay Toys says:

    That ball is the same size as my dog! Literally!?

  29. Ally J. says:

    First video on youtube that doesn't have a thumbs down haha

  30. Karina Maganda says:

    I would get a giant tennis ball if I have a Dog??

  31. kaitlyn strait says:

    3:13 it’s behind u

  32. shygirlnow2011 says:

    smashing pumpkins

  33. J Wildberry says:

    A deflated ball is not ruined! Through a lot of hard work, your dog killed it so that it can be carried more easily!

  34. Kelsey Gray says:

    they have big tennis balls at petsmart he might enjoy

  35. jack sundborg says:

    4:44 he ran into the grill love your channel so much lol

  36. Molly Gibbons says:

    Rocky what you do is AMAZING!!!!!! Your so nice and generous person!!!!! What you do is so inspiring! I love you!!!!!

  37. Molly Gibbons says:

    I LOVE your dog!!!!!!!!

  38. Niamh Twinn says:

    I have 3 words so freaking adorable

  39. Person S says:

    I got one for my terrier he loved it so did we because he didn't destroy it in seconds because he's to small to get his mouth around it

  40. Roni Rios says:

    I have a tennis ball 4 times that

  41. lady poly says:

    Flip is such a goofball…. hahahaha…. he goes nuts with that thing!

  42. Rawr_Kitten says:

    When flip saw that ball i saw his eyes go huge and his jaw drop and he was saying oh my gawhhhhhdddd!!!! Its its!!! The king ballll!!!! (The instant pots are a good item but not the first series.. they had to work the bugs out of it)

  43. Kody Woywitka says:

    His a pro at basket ball

  44. Lysette Morgan says:

    does flip ? football. what team does he likes.

  45. Gypsy Marriott says:

    Who else finds it adorable when he runs his mouth flaps ?❤️????❤️?

  46. Stephen Peck says:

    I have been making steamed brown rice, veggies, drop of chicken Boris, ginger, parsley, tuna or grilled chicken every morning for dogs in morning and I have some as well

  47. Shanice Hooker says:

    y are you pumpkin patch.

  48. Shanice Hooker says:

    pumpkin patch is going to still flip.

  49. May's D.I.Y's says:

    I love your dog

  50. Donna Fingland says:

    your really cool

  51. Josi Kara Boe says:

    Omg Flip was just watching y’all smash pumpkins trough the window ?

  52. Addyson Sywyk says:

    my dog winston is just like flipp for a pit chuauaua

  53. Valerie valencia says:

    You are such a good person

  54. Lindsay Hayward says:

    Lol my dog does the exact same thing! She loves giant tennis balls!

  55. Rick Harris says:

    Flip is like my dog Macy

  56. Jay says:

    I got one for my lab. Wish it had lasted more than a week. ?
    Flip is cute ❤️

  57. Sierra Stewart says:

    It was probably because the ball was the same size of the dog?

  58. Ava Finger says:

    I want to see how many of your biggest fans my name is Ava And I am seven years old

  59. Weirdotopian Stories says:

    My dog had a bunch of little tennis balls ( all of which he tore apart ) and I think there were about six in all. He could only fit one in his mouth, or so I thought. I found him with three just stuffed in his mouth and three right in front of him ( he has his paw on one ) and every time I got closer he growled XD.

  60. Julia Wintersgill says:

    Im not sure who's reaction was better. The dogs or urs lol. :D. Either way pure joy is awesome to see! And u have the best laugh I've ever heard. And I've heard some really gr8 ones.

  61. Tink Aherne says:

    gahhhhhhhh i thought finally the dingo ate ur baby comments had gone what an horrific thing for people to continue i love watching u but damn so triggering hearing that little thing in the background i remember that trial and being a child with it all over the news thinking how horrible it would be to have wild dogs attack and eat ur child then be accused of killing ur child and all these years later still have people mock the situation its just messed up Aussies have way more things u can make fun of us for…

  62. Robert Leonard says:

    Hi Everyone ?
    Remember. .
    Every View Counts
    Every Like Counts

  63. Joce T says:

    I bought an instant pot but do not use much

  64. Nicole Loves Jesus God says:

    My dogs abs cats each have a voice too

  65. Gecko Bagel says:

    I dunno who’s happier, him or flip. xD

  66. Teresa Clifton says:

    Your dog is beautiful!

  67. sky lillian says:

    is flip up for adoption

  68. killerzz code red says:

    Omg I'm scared he popped it B-)^_^

  69. FoxGamer 1780 says:

    Did you see her in the background

  70. Im a Puppy says:

    everyone watching the vid saw the tennis ball under the fence

  71. GeckoLoverZoe says:

    That dogs like:


  72. Bella Cheung says:

    YES And like of agree

  73. J L says:

    This made me laugh so hard! I am a 5'2" woman. Yeah….I played baseball. But watching this dude swing a bat?!…..HILARIOUS! Great content.

    No follow through. Just sayin….

  74. BAKED BABE says:

    ?♥️♥️Best video ever

  75. Kassidy Lynn says:

    Awesome but I can get the same thing for $5 at 5 below

  76. Maritza P says:

    Like my grandpa told me men never grow up

  77. Hydralisk says:

    I think that’s a win from flip

  78. Heather King says:


  79. Heather King says:

    Funny how dogs can get in to things?

  80. chief 123 says:

    I can’t believe you were punkin patch! and you are working for the game master on 2018 and you I know you understand how good you are because you want to save your dog and comparing.let me tell you …you love geocaching! Really!

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