Restoration | Callisto 6 | Season 2 Episode 1

– Hello everybody, and welcome
back to Los Angeles, 2119. Hi everybody! (everybody screaming) I was, I really… There are times where I’m like, I should take after Jason Carl and really set the mood
at the top of the episode but I’m too fucking excited right now, so, hi everybody!
(girls laughing) – This is the mood. – It’s true, this is the mood. So, we’re back after our little stint away in which this hour was filled
up with some amazing gaming by Aliza Pearl and Overlights. (clapping)
– Yes! – Your first time in the GM
chair, how did that feel? – It was so fun and I
loved it and I’m hooked. – There’s a lot of people asking for more Fractured Paradox, like– – Oh my God.
– And uh, there’s not alone. I think Sam also. I think me also. – Yeah.
– I think a lot of us. – I think literally everyone
who ever watched, also. – Uh, yeah, yeah, that’s about right. It’s strange because we’re
in 2019 here in present day, which of course is Blade Runner
year, which is kinda weird. (everyone sighs) – Wow.
– Happy Blade’s year? – They pushed that to 2049 now. – Oh, is that. That’s okay, once we passed 1996 and Khan had launched into space and I was like alright,
I’m just gonna take this. So, I have to start this episode off. Apparently while we were away, Dog Might Games put
together, or Dog Might… What’s their official title? Is it Dog Might Games? Dog Might is what we just
call them around the office. I just want to make sure but… Dog Might, as some of you guys know, they make really rad
products for like RPG’s, like dice trays and GM screens. And our amazing producer Cliff went behind my back and talked to them and Dog Might got all excited
and they made me a GM screen which I’m now suppose to reveal. So, I’m going to.
– Okay. Here.
– I’m supposed to look at this and think, oh oh oh oh oh. (everyone gasping)
– Whoa! – Oh my.
– Wow. – Uh, yeah. – What?
– Oh! – Whoa! – Oh my God!
– Check that out. – Oh wow, it’s so pretty. Can we frame it? – That’s so awesome. – Oh, and its magnet? – It’s all magnetic, yeah. – Oh my God!
– Oh man. That is, I– – It’s so beautiful. – That is some sexy shit. I’m just gonna say it. – Wow.
– I hope people are not offended by this, but I don’t think you
can pull that off, bro. – I don’t know. We might have to actually–
(everyone laughs) We might actually have to conclude– – Like to pull? – I might have to conclude
the story tonight. – Aspirational GM. – Thank you Dog Might, holy hell. Like, and this is just some
of the stuff that they make. Like, the GM screen that I was
really eyeing for a long time was their Viking GM screens,
they mix like really cool, they make a yggdrasil GM
screen, it’s all green with the tree of life
on it, it looks so rad. This though is now near
and dear to my heart. – I gotta say, Overlight got gifted a beautiful dice tray from Dog Might. It’s gorgeous. It’s just so, yeah. – So, speaking of that, it’s our first episode
back for the season. So there’s a lot of things I
have to go through real quick before I can jump into the story. The first thing I need to go to is, I just want to give a quick
shout out to my producer Cliff– (everyone cheering) Who did such a fantastic job
putting together our new look and getting us more
resources and giving me this fucking awesome screen. And of course, Holly, who
is always the GM master– – Yeah! – Making things awesome. And so, the big announcements
that I have tonight is we actually are super grateful to have two sponsors for the season. – What? – We are so grateful, it
really helps support the show. It’s been magnificent. So I’m gonna go ahead and read off and thank our sponsors real quick. Um, the first one is
a huge, huge thank you to Oakie Doakie Dice. – Woo! – Yeah, Oakie Doakie Dice. And the second one is
our good beloved friends at none other than Monte Cook Games. (cheering) We are huge fans of Monte Cook Games and they jumped in on sponsoring
Callisto 6 Season Two. So we are– – Wow. – Yeah, we are both touched
and excited by that. And I’m gonna read off real quick. So Oakie Doakie Dice, it’s brought to you by
the same people who make Ultimate Guard, both brands
believe in the same philosophy, which is gamers from gamers. And, Oakie Doakie Dice are available in all markets except North America, but that’s gonna be launching in March. So stay tuned on that. And they’ve got all the different types of dice choices that you need. So they’ve got 12mm, 16mm, and all the RPG dice sets. You’re holding, that’s one
of the dice that they have. They have the solid,
translucent, speckled, enclave, gemidice, which are one of my favorites. Marble, glow in the dark, metal, and then my favorite cause it’s extreme, the metal glow in the dark. That’s right, I love those. – That’s what I’m holding and
they’re heavy and awesome. – Yeah you can threaten people. – Yay. – We never do that! – Right right. So you can find them
at, @oakiedoakiedice on all social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And thank you so much to Oakie
Doakie Dice for jumping in. And I’m really looking forward
to the release in March. We’re super grateful that they’ve been jumping in to sponsor the show. Thank you. – Whoo! – 12mm ones right now in my hands. – Yeah.
– These are 12mm. – Big old stack of D6’s. – Small and cute. – So Monte Cook Games has
something going on called the New Gamemaster Month. Now this is something that they told me that they were doing. I was super excited about this. It’s a free program that brings you inspiration advice and
step by step process that guides you and other prospective GMs up to and through your very first game. So New Gamemaster Month is
basically a month long seminar in the form of twice weekly posts which means you can jump in
on any time at any point, plus a community of current GMs and fellow learners on
Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #NewGmMonth. So really Monte Cook Games is just they’re trying to bring
out more storytellers. We had great success with that when Aliza took the center
chair, which was nice. So thank you Monte Cook
Games for doing this. So join New Gamemaster Month now and be a GM in February. You can use a coupon code. Ready for this? Measure Z–
– Whoa! – In the Monte Cook Games shop at checkout for five dollars off. – Oh gosh it’s so cool but
so scary at the same time! – Yes they’re rad. – Just a quick poll. Who has cue-pon and who says coo-pon? – Coo-pon! – I say cue-pon and every time I heard the lawyer in Jurassic Park
say coo-pon, I always– – I do both, honestly. – No you don’t. – Like cue-pons and coo-pons. – Amy, we know you swing both ways. – I say paper discount. – Do you? – Paper discount.
– No you don’t. So unless there’s anything else, I know that’s a lot of announcements
at the top of the show. Wait, I’m sorry. Silly me. We have a Sam Loses Their Shit episode. (cheering) I’m sorry, I forgot about that. (incoherent babbling) – Did you short circuit? – If we’re gonna come back from break, then this is the way to do it right? – Mm-hmm. (rustling) – Ooh what do y’all think it is? – Dice! I’m just kidding. – Probably though. – What’s it gonna be? – Art.
– Lentils. – Everything that came to
my mind was already taken. (laughter) – A box of pencils. – What’s in the box? (arguing) – Dice! – Do I get a cookie? – Pencils, you are correct. Dice you are also correct. – I mean, pencils! – Lovely lovely fake dice. – There is not a note in here. I have my suspicions of dice patron. At me on twitter to
confirm so I can thank you. This is such a lovely start to the day. (clapping) – Yay.
– Not bad right? You got a whole new box
of pencils to shatter as I dump horrible plot point
after horrible plot point. – It’s time for GM intrusives. – Eric, we’re gonna go
off air at some point. – Yeah I know, I know, we’re done. – You can’t hide on stream forever. What? – You will have to face the consequences. – This is gonna be good. I’m excited. (cheering) – So without further ado, let’s jump in to the episode. And also, get ready folks. Because along with the audience, you guys are about to learn
the results of Measure Z. (gasping) – It’s time to begin second
season of Callisto 6. (cinematic music) – In the wake of the recent series of alarming tectonic activity
in the Los Angeles area, more sightings of alleged super-beings are being reported across the city. One LA motorist told authorities that they spotted what
looked like a young man passing high speed traffic
on the 405 while on foot. And… And we’ll come back to
that in just a moment. But right now, I’m being
told that we may have final results from tonight’s
historic vote on Measure Z that will decide the
future of Los Angeles. Our analyst have now projected
that Measure Z will pass. Measure Z, the municipal wide law, that will significantly alter the political landscape of Los Angeles, perhaps one of the most significant laws to pass in the history of the city has been ratified by the
citizens of Los Angeles. A stunning upset. As we know, going into the day of voting had Measure Z down in the
poll by almost 15 points. The controversy that has
suddenly exploded around the major corporations as well
as the stunning replacement of the star CEO, Kylan Krause, likely all played a major role. This is a major victory
for Mayor Kade Gao Peng and indeed perhaps the
future of Los Angeles. (cheering) (laughter) – 12,000 votes. – Oh my god!
– Wow. – 12,000 votes from our fan base. – That’s incredible. – Do we know like, the final count? – Uh, it crushed. (cheering) It crushed. And just to give you a
glimpse behind the GM screen, we rigged that election. – What? – Cliff and I came up with the crazy idea because there’s no way Corporate
LA was gonna play fair. So we added in a few thousand
votes against Measure Z. – Wow. – Or for Measure Z. Or no, sorry, against Measure Z. And Super Punks came
out and annihilated it. – Wow. – Hacker Punks, I’ll
see you at hyper chase. – You guys rigged the election? – It’s the way it’s done isn’t it? Isn’t that what you do? Isn’t that how things are done these days? (everyone groans)
– That’s how politics work. – I was gonna say. – Wow. – And yet… (laughter) – We shall prevail. Okay well now that it’s
gonna probably be a shit show let’s do this. (laughter) – Thank you to all of the
Super Punks and fans out there who voted on Measure Z and
contributing to the show. And changing the course
of this experience. I know there’s a lot of people out there that wanted to go darker. Don’t worry, just because Measure Z passed doesn’t mean it’s gonna
be sunshine and rainbows. Although we already
know that with the dads, they are plenty of rainbows in this game. – Yay. – Yeah so, we are going to begin. Let’s see, I didn’t even
go through my notes too. – Viva la revolution. That’s my really bad French. (eerie music)
– It’s been one day since the incident that
took place on the train. And you know you were
spotted rescuing that train. You know some of you were filmed and yet some of that footage,
even though has been reported, you notice that on the news reports, none of it is being broadcast. Maybe it’s not ready? But speculation is abound
as you have all watched the news reports say that
supers are being spotted. They can only be talking
about you guys, right? With the explosion of the C6 energy source on board that train thanks to
one glitched out supervillian lurking in the matrix,
the dark I should say, there is a lot of questions as to what the landscape of the city looks like. But there are two things, two variables, that are most important right
now and in play for the team. Right now, we start off opening our season in Blue Dolphin base, in the middle of… (laughs)
– This is so cool! – I know, I know, I know. I love the– – I did it at the same time.
– Your timing! – Look over there! Or whatever direction it is on the screen. – So we’re gonna begin
tonight in Blue Dolphin base. It’s been a day later, and
laying on the medical bed, in front of you guys, in the lab, is an unconscious woman
in a fine business suit. You’ve known her for
the better part of a… Over a month now as… A very dangerous individual. Who’s been called Oniko. When last we left off, she
had been rendered unconscious as that C6 energy explosion took place. As she is laying before all of you on the news, on all of
the screens, popping up, is the long awaited statement
from Mayor Kade Gao Peng. You’re all sort of in
the same room together gathered around the medical bed. She is, I’m assuming,
under a safety restraint while she’s on the bed. – Uh yeah. – I would think so. – Yeah. – But on the screen you see coming up a press conference
being held at city hall. For the past 24 hours, the city has been nothing but talk show, radio show, like talking heads. Everybody is talking about what this means and Corporate LA has
been completely silent. Y’all are glancing up at the screens here inside the Blue Dolphin base and you watch as the crowd departs and all the clicks of cameras going off as the mayor steps up to the podium flanked by LAPD and a
few other politicians. Oya, your father, you see, city councilman is just in the
background behind the mayor as they’re all gathering
on the television screen. Mayor Kade Gao Peng takes the stand and there’s a hush, and he reads the following words out loud. There is a new day dawning
for the city of Los Angeles. Last night the people of this
city demonstrated once again their resilience, and their
courage by voting to reclaim the destiny of this great
city by taking it back into their own hands. This morning, I was happy
to receive a phone call from the president of the United States who congratulated the city
if Los Angeles for once again demonstrating the power of democracy. We spoke at length about the far reaching
implications of this vote and she agreed that this
is a line in the sand for the ever growing
power of the influence of global mega corporations in the hold that they have on government. This morning I have ordered
police commissioner N. Kayley, and he motions over to, you see a very broad shouldered woman, Pacific Islander looks like, hair tied back, decorated police chief or police commissioner. Full uniform, standing
very passively next to him and nodding in support. Says, I have dedicated
her to begin implementing a full disarming of Corporate
Los Angeles security forces as well as dismantling of toll roads leading into Corporate LA. And this is just the first of many steps. In the coming months, my
administration will restore balance to our city and
ensure the prosperity through equality in rule of law. There will be great challenges
and difficult time ahead. Change is always hard. But change is vital. And Los Angeles has declared
that it is ready for change. Thank you. And reporters shouting out questions the moment he begins to move away. And the report comes back. Well there you have it everybody. Ladies and gentlemen, the report, the statement coming in
from Mayor Kade Gao Peng. This is a momentous day
for Los Angeles 2119, and now we’re going to
go into news reports now. And the implications this is going to have on both the economy and
the the healthcare system of Los Angeles as we all
know that’s deeply rooted in the backing of Corporate Los Angeles. Back at the studio, and then
it goes into the talking heads. You see all of them popping up. (laughs) Yes, Sam has a whole
section in the player guide written about healthcare in Los Angeles. – Why would I do that? – Don’t worry, your good
work will not go to waste. There’s a quiet that settles over everyone as the background chatter
begins to roll on. And the only sound
inside the lab right now aside from the background screens is the occasional thudding
noises made by Sal who’s moving around in the main room, and the beeping of the heart monitor that’s keeping track of Oniko’s vitals. – I wanna go ahead and stretch
to turn off that television. (zapping noise) No remote needed or verbal command cause I’m just showing off. (laughter) – Quick narrative beat. Lacy something you would’ve
realized more then anybody else. Last night, when that C6
power explosion took place, something very similar to the very first time it took place happened. Tech in the area glitched and went offline like an ENP had popped. It was very brief, very very brief. Probably about two maybe three seconds. Like a blink and then powered back online. – Excellent, so they’re gonna be sensors that would’ve picked that
up and would have records. – Yes. Oh yeah, definitely.
– Fantastic. – City power would’ve tracked that. – That could be compared to previous– – There has by the way been news reports of a major power outage and the train accident is
definitely in the news. It is being buried however. Completely buried. Even though there’s eyewitness accounts saying that they watched somebody pull a Fred Flinstone and stop a train, they are still getting
completely swallowed by news of Measure Z. – I am limping a little. (laughter) – Yeah your boots have literally just… The leather of the boots
have peeled all the way back and have been utterly destroyed. – I loved those boots. (laughs) – Some new boots. – Yeah we get you new boots. – Maybe season three
we’ll get a boots sponsor. – I love boots. (laughter)
Cool! – Did you see how excited Gina just got? (laughs) I’m gonna gif that. I’m gonna go home and find that. (laughter) – I’m wearing boots right now. – Cut to me emailing Eric later like, hey Eric, listen, can Anton
start driving a Ferrari? (laughter) It’s important to his character. – We’re working on retirement plans. (chatter) – They did it, they fucking did it! – Yeah, congrats. – I mean I don’t know how
much good these cities can do. Not Papi, he’s got this. It’s gotta be better than what we had! – Yeah but like, you know,
everything we learned over the past few days, the corps are behind this too apparently. Sorry not to get all
cynical, but you know? What’s gonna change? – It’s important to stay realistic. – Like if Papi knew who was
really funding Measure Z, he wouldn’t be happy either. – Yeah. – Shit, well I think we
can all say that you know, we’re moving in the right direction. It’s just getting to where it needs to be, that’s gonna be the trick. You know, we had faith in this city to do the right thing
or whatever, but yeah. Are they gonna… Are they ready to face the consequences of what they voted for, you know? – Yeah. Well I guess–
– I think so! – I think it’s too early to tell. – Then how about we just celebrate? (laughter) – Yes I like that. That’s, yeah. – I go to the kitchen to
see if what we have… If it’s fizzy. – I’m standing over Oniko and I’m basically like watching her and ready to do some shit if she– – Yeah same. – First of all I’m–
– She… She is a loaded weapon basically. Like at all times. – We’ve all seen her. – So glancing down at Oniko, you do see the occasional head jerk. Almost like somebody who
might be in a nightmare or somebody who’s having fitful sleep. It’s hard to say. – Do I have–
– Well they exist in this lab. Can we hook up any EG? – Yeah absolutely. – Awesome. That would confirm the
presence or absence of dreams and all that stuff. – I think that’s probably something Lacy probably would’ve done already. – If I thought that it was indicated. – She’s been behaving like this since you got her back to the base. So–
– Yeah. I mean if nothing else, it
would be useful to know, and it would help monitor,
in case there’s seizing or any other unusual brain activity. – There’s a lot of erratic brain activity. She is exhibiting all of
the symptoms of somebody who has slipped into coma. But she is not behaving like somebody who has slipped into a coma. – Mm. – Her brain activity will behave as though someone has gone under but then all of a sudden
it will hit spikes. And that’s when she has
those restful moments. So she goes from this placid,
comfortable sort of stoic look to suddenly looking like
she’s having a nightmare and then back. – Okay. So there are like coma scales.
– Mm-hmm. – Based on motor function and eye opening and things like that. We should understand
that she is fluctuating within that scale. – It’s correct. It looks like she’s dipping kind of all… She hasn’t plunged deep into a coma but she is definitely fluctuating on the let’s say the upper levels of
the spectrum where she is… You know there’s that sort of like, if you will, towards
the top of the spectrum where people who are in
that state can actually hear or subconsciously
aware of things around them. She’s hitting that and
then dipping below again. And it’s all… It would not take much for Lacy to surmise so I’ll give this piece of
information to you as a GM. It would not take much
for you to surmise that the cybernetics that are installed all throughout her brain and body might be trying to reboot, or they might be trying to
activate some kind of command. Or they might be in conflict
with her organic brain. But one thing is clear. That it’s all internalized
and it seems like it’s… It seems like it’s
following the same pattern over and over roughly. Like what you’ve probably
noticed by this point Lacy, is that her fits are incremental. They seem to happen like
every 15 to 20 minutes. She’ll go into a fit and then calm. – Okay. So we’re timing those intervals? – Yeah.
– To see how– – There’s slight variations. It’s not like– – The larger sample size we have, the greater we can see a
pattern in the variations and decrease perception of randomness. But um, I guess I could look at whether there’s
something going on in there? I could do that. – Uh… – I arrive back in the room
with an enormous handful or beers, and fruit juice,
and canned horchata, and just whatever we had. I’m gonna be like, yeah! Look I’m all for celebrating
but in all honesty, I don’t feel comfortable with this weapon in our secret base that
could no longer be secret if she wakes up. – It’s secret. – Is she okay? – Not really. There’s something that’s going on with her brain and probably
directions from those uh… Why do you look around? – I’m getting time. Shake shake shake shake. – I didn’t see anything. (giggles) – Sorry you were saying, I got distracted. – Yeah it seems like maybe… Like there’s a brain fight with the tech. – Oh damn. – Or it’s a crash and reboot cycle. – Can we take the tech out or something? Or I don’t know, override the technology? – I would have to diagnose
what the tech problem is and also do a more medical
evaluation of whether the tech could be safely excised. If it is hooked into her
basic autonomic function, you need that for breathing,
and for regulating temperature, and all the things that you don’t think of doing consciously. – You said you’re gonna have to prep her? Or are we gonna have to
perform some kind of surgery or something? – I’m not qualified for that. – I don’t know if any of
us are qualified for that. – I feel like you would
be the most qualified. – Probably. – Um… – But maybe we don’t put that
pressure on them right now. – I can diagnose the tech. (laughs) – Anton goes back to the drink. – I swear if anything
happens, like if she wakes up, I’m shocking her. I don’t care. I don’t want her to wake up in here. I don’t want her to know where we are. – She has signal jamming. She’s not getting any words out to anyone. It’s okay, that’s okay. Just please don’t shock her
while I’m working on the tech. Thank you.
– No of course not. But I’m just saying.
– Okay. Okay okay okay. – Not to be paranoid or
anything, but you know. – Alright, I’m gonna
check out the tech now. – Okay, chair, hand, smack. – Drink? – Pineapple juice. Okay. (giggles) – Careful she shook ’em. – No not that one. – Oh okay. (laughter) – As I’m like wiping some of them. It’s not like I don’t mean to. – Okay. Hey I think I have a diagnostic. – Is this our first roll of the game? I think so. – Why are you putting that on me? – So with Oya and Hopps keeping a very sharp eye
on this lethal assassin, an instrument of death, laying on the bed.
– We got this. – You move over to your
diagnostic equipment that you managed to get
set up here at the base. (zapping noise) Pops up in front of you and you see that three
dimensional tech display pop up in front of Lacy Mass Effect style. They move this digital read out of sight and begin to pull up what looks
like a neural scan of Oniko but it also seems to have all
her medical abilities on it. All of her charts, the
heartbeats, and also a brief map of the nervous system. And one of the things that you guys notice looking at this nervous system scan, it looks like a very
preliminary surface scan. It’s not like a deep scan. Like a quick medical
examination sort of thing. One of the things you notice though, is even if you’ve glanced at images of the human nervous system,
Oniko’s is different. It looks like it has been either added to or it was mutated from the beginning. But her nervous system is expansive and covers even more space and covers even more… It looks like it has even more connections than the typical human nervous system. It looks like it fills
the entirely of her body. And some of them are not
registering as organic. Some of the branches
of the nervous system, some of the branches leading
up to her finger tips and around her head do not look like they
were organically built. Looks like there were
synthetically applied. And you begin your scan. So alright Lacy. – I’ll get more info
from that from a biopsy. – So tell me what are you trying. What is exactly Lacy is trying to do? – I’m interfacing with the tech right now to see what commands it is issuing. And I’m grabbing the error message logs to find out why those
commands are going wrong. – Okay this is gonna be a hack roll. – Okay, what’s the difficulty?
– As you’re interfacing. The difficulty is… It is eight. – Okay that’s fine. That’s super fine. Okay, yeah. – The moment you begin to um… I’m guessing you’re doing
this using your abilities yes? – Uh-huh. – And using the assets of the computer? – Oh it’s whole– – You’re watching that
familiar look on Lacy’s face as they begin to slip
into the digital world where they’re beginning to
interface with their brain, digitally interfacing with the computers. Linking with the tech
inside of Oniko’s brain. And you see immediately, Lacy, you stiffen as you find the tech that’s waiting for you here. The best way to describe it, cause it’s not really
something that can be described except for metaphorically for those of us who would
not be able to comprehend what it is like to hack
our brains into a computer. Essentially like walking into a room expecting to find a bunch of locked doors but instead discovering
it’s a giant steel wall. And as you interface with this, the first thing you notice
is the sophistication level of the security lock out
inside of her command functions inside the cybernetics of her brain. It’s more advanced than
anything you have ever seen or heard of. The sophistication level here is not been anything you’ve seen designed
by anything up to date or even theorized in popular mechanics or any kind of magazine or publication. And as you enter into this realm
and as you see these locks, these sort of digital claws
clamped down in front of you, you become aware that the level of genius or amount of work that came
into locking this down, Lacy, it’s extraordinary. You’ve been wowed by things. Tales is a thing to be wowed by. This… You didn’t think this was possible yet. – Is that why it’s difficulty eight? Got it. – But it’s Lacy. – But it’s Lacy. – They’ll be fine. – Why do you say that? (laughter) – No pressure. – Yeah I know right? – As we’re on other side. – Um okay. I will expend a level of effort. I have my wrist computer
for an asset of computers. Sweet Baby helps me
with diffusing devices. I have specialization on all tasks involving electrical machines. – So you got your two assets,
you got your specialization. You’re spending a level of effort. – Mm-hmm. Do I get coding? – Hmm. – I often don’t with hacking. In all–
– I was gonna say I didn’t think you would here. – So if I were writing a skeleton key… Um cool. And then I do have my technopathic powers. With two powershifts. – Okay so you automatically get two powershifts from your superpower. – Right. – The closest six energy
source supplies you with that and so you will drop from
eight to seven to six. And then the rest of these
will take you down to what? – I think with that one level of effort that gets me into seven. – Seven, so you don’t have to roll? – No cause there’s one left. – Oh so your difficulty is now one? – Yeah. – So you roll a three or better? Alright, make a roll. (dice rolling) – Natural, 20. (cheering) – First roll of the game? – Pineapple juice! (laughter) – The key! – That might be Lacy’s first. They don’t (inaudible) a lot. – That’s true, I don’t know
that you ever rolled a 20. I’ve been watching Cass for 20’s. – Wow. – Pineapple juice, we have figured it out. (laughter) – You guys this is it! – Pineapple juice! – Yes, sponsorship please. – Dole, hit us up! – So with a 20, you have the
option of having a major effect of course since you’re not attacking, that’s what you’re gonna get. So Lacy, this wall, sure. It’s not like anything
you’ve ever seen before but the wall’s never seen Lacy either. This wall has been designed
to interface and block every anti-security viral software program that has ever been written by human kind. Nothing in this security software
is ready for a technopath. Nothing in this security software that’s protecting Oniko’s inner functions is prepared for the improvisational
genius of a technopath. And it cannot adapt quickly enough. You find the gaps in the
code and literally, Lacy, it’s like for Sam speak, it’s like when you’re in that smooth glide during a good swim. You just find that flow and
the wall literally goes… (makes short circuiting noise) And like a gate, an iron gate just… (makes unchaining noise) You all watch Oniko’s
body stiffen on the table. And instead of becoming erratic, she goes completely neutral. Lacy, you begin to see
the command function and interface codes come up on Oniko. There are multiple programs
working through here and you’re actually getting a good idea of what the inner workings
of Oniko look like. The cybernetic… I guess the best way to say it, the encasing of her cybernetics
all throughout her body is almost complete. The bone’s organic, they do have some synthetic enhancement particularly in the joints which would allow for some superhuman reaction times and whatnot. But that’s usually fed
to the nervous system which you also see synthetic
strands of nervous system that had been… That’s something else
I need to bring up too as you’re looking at this. As you know we are in the age
of cybernetic enhancement. – Right. – And there has been a
lot of leaps and bounds in helping people not only
acquire cybernetic limbs but recently, a lot of your research has gone into this stuff to the point. But allowing people to
have cybernetic limbs actually will, and this is
actually happening today, believe it or not, but allowing people’s brain
to actually be able to know when they’re touching
something or whatnot. This is advanced to the point where today, people using cybernetic limbs
actually have the option to be able to say oh,
this is hot, this is cold. Their brains register these things. It’s gotten pretty advanced. Lacy, the science, the synthetic weaves
in her nervous system, again, you’ve never
seen anything like this. This is decades ahead of what Cassium is working on right now. The tech that is filled, that is running through… The tech that is running
through Oniko’s body is extraordinary. To the point where Lacy, I imagine, knowing Lacy, it’s cause to be dazzled. The tech that is at work in this woman’s body is extraordinary. It can’t be emphasized enough. There’s nothing today that
resembles any of this. There’s nothing that can
be done on the levels… Some of this stuff looks
like it’s been updated at the cellular level. You see a lot of a lot of evidence of very active, from the looks of it
very successfully active nanite technology moving
through the system. It looks like it’s
triggering off and enhancing neuron fires to the brain. Whatever Oniko experiences,
you’re becoming aware that her abilities to move quickly are almost on the precog levels. And in fact, might
enable her to be able to dictate through impressions around her. She might know what you’re
about to do five seconds ahead of what you’re about
to do just by reading you. Her reaction time isn’t just her reflexes. It looks like she has the
ability to read movement in ways that you’ve never seen before. To answer the big question. The cybernetic enhancements
to her system are so extensive there is no question that
removing will kill her. – Yeah. – There’s no question.
– It’s off the table. – Here’s the other thing that
you find kind of disturbing. There’s no way that a lot of this stuff could’ve been applied
when she was an adult. A lot of this stuff
would’ve had to have been grown in synthetically into her system. It’s very likely that over
the course of her life she was continuously updated and updated and applied and applied and applied. And you do see protocols running. You see all sorts of protocols running. These lines of code are
just as sophisticated as the tech that’s moving through her. When Kylan Krause kind of
crudely called her inhuman, on a few of those occasions, you’re getting an idea as to why. Because it looks like the
commands she’s receiving, the command codes that’s coming through, none of them appear to be operating on any kind of logistical
basis that a human might operate on. In other words, the
Oniko that you have met and have encountered probably only exists
as a computer program. It looks like this is a
body that’s been hijacked by a AI or some kind of intelligence. And currently right now, it’s disconnected from it’s source code and it’s running through
all of these repeating safety pathways, just
trying to reboot the system. And there it is again. With that roll, you can feel it. There is a consciousness here
that’s not a part of the code. There is a being somewhere
inside this person. That has been locked out. Maybe, for god knows how long. You can only imagine the implications of what it must be like
to be locked in your body that’s being controlled. It’s very, let’s just go into the… I know you’re thinking we’re having Genial Rule flashbacks here. – Pencils, I know. I was doing it. (laughs) – I was breaking psychic ones. – But it’s very similar. Except for, it’s sort of a… Think of it more of as
seven or nine kind of thing. Where this is somebody who
probably as a very young child was slowly removed from having
any control of their life. And has been… It’s a chilling implication, but it looks like you’re
encountering a conscious that has essentially been
in solitary confinement for decades. – Sparks fly out of the TV. (sparking noise) – Huh? – Did you do that? – You just see some of the
tech, some of the screens, in the entire room fluctuate for a second. (buzzing noise) – What’s happening, what do we do? – Luma, you’ve seen Lacy
angry before but you see… I mean, I’ll let Sam
tell you what Luma sees. – Mm-hmm. Lacy doesn’t show things. So you can see all of those
things that are sub-threshold and just how tight their hands are. – I saw this stuff. – Okay so I have a few more questions based on what I’ve seen. – Sure, yeah. You’ve rolled high enough so
I’ll you some leeway here. – With this coding architecture
and these protocols do they look like something
that could’ve evolved incrementally from any
existing computer architecture or do they look like they were ground up from a completely different
source than our existing uh yeah. – That one. It looks like she has over
the course of her life probably consistently
received system updates as the consciousness in her
body started to assert itself. Essentially, it’s… It’s winter soldier, right? It’s basically every now
and then has to go back and get reprogrammed and
then set loose again. It’s the same sort of set up where it looks like she was constantly having to be rebooted to keep her in line. – So the logs would
theoretically have a location as part of a go-to. – Yes.
– Kind of thing. – Mm-hmm. Okay. (buzzing noise) There is… Not only gives you, Lacy, knowing the implications of
what you are about to see you not only see that it gives location of where this reboots happened but there are visual logs
from Oniko’s point of view. – Oh god. – Boo. – It had been stored. – I pull them. I don’t watch them right now. I’ll be making notes of everything
about this architecture. – Okay. – And passing through Sweet Baby to note because I have a lot of code to build to support the consciousness. – Yeah that’s a health thing.
– Cause that requires an alternate architecture to take control of the extent motor systems that were conditioned on working from that AI. So I’m going to have to build something to support Oniko functioning as Oniko.
– You’re essentially gonna have to build an assist device for Oniko.
– Yeah. – Let me just also say this. You’re coming across
Oniko’s last command lines. – What do they say? – Well one, there’s a kill
order on Kylan Krause. – Hmm which one? – By the way we should understand Kylan and not Fletcher, yes? – That’s correct. When you discover the kill order, it’s the Kylan that
escapes to find you guys. Do y’all remember where
you left him by the way? – In the warehouse that I Ratatouilled. – That’s right. – The rats. – The rats. – Oh yeah we should probably go back. Bring him a sandwich or something. (laughs) – Here have some ice cream. – He’ll be fine. – Kill order on Kylan. There’s a capture order on the six of you. – Interesting. – Yeah. Take alive, keep bodies
intact if must kill. – Okay. – It specified, that being
specified is kind of terrifying. But there’s also a lot
of other command codes. Like you see a transcript of the speech that was spoken on air. If you remember correctly, Oniko is actually not
the one that read it. Oniko, you’ve yet to hear her speak. Instead it was done through interpreter. – So we can see the
protocols for the signs. – Mm-hmm. Yup you see all of them. Interestingly enough, it looks like Oniko’s using sign language. It does look like Oniko
was born hearing impaired. And it doesn’t look like
that was actually ever fixed. It looks like it was replaced. You’ve seen the hearing
replacements before. – So they did like a modern
2119 cochlear implant kind of thing?
– Exactly yes. – Where you kill the
auditory nerve itself. Digital input.
– Yeah. – Which presumably, yeah.
– Yeah. – Has evolved on existing function. Interesting, okay. – They fucking came for
disabled people again. – Cass can you hand me some
of those cookies please? – Yeah.
– Thank you. – There’s a person in there! – Just smell, just smell, just smell. Listen focus on one scent. Just smell the cookies okay? – Is anger a scent? – Not this one! Not this one right now. – Okay okay okay. – Focus on that when you
can do something about that. You can’t do something
better right now okay? (Lacy gasps) Give her another juice. Cass, get them another juice. – Thank you. – You want some juice? Do you want a non crushed cookie? (giggles) In a minute. – We have to focus. There’s a person in there. The Oniko we know is not… She was–
– Oh fuck that! – Hot bedded by AI code and updates and they took a person. – We’ll find them and we’ll
punch the hell out of em. – They did this to her. – Okay okay. How do we fix this? Can we reverse it? – She’s still in there
so there’s hope, okay? She’s still in there. – I have to build a new architecture so that she can run all of that stuff. So I have to put that on the list. – Okay. – It’s a really long list now. She was supposed to kill Kylan, she was supposed to capture us. – Capture, okay. – And keep our bodies. – What? – Capture us or capture our bodies? – What does that mean? Elaborate. – Oh thank you for reminding me. The capture order, the whole moving the Callisto
6 energy source to the train was a trap. It was set to get you guys. – Whoa. – And it looks like it
was probably thwarted by the fact that the– – That we’re awesome? – Sapient computer glitch in the dark decided to blow it the hell up. – Or that. – Okay.
– That’s why it was there. – That’s why it was there. – That answers the question. – It looks like they were
setting this whole thing up to get all of you, it’s all six of you. – That’s why what was where, what? – They were gonna blow us up?
– The Callisto 6 bomb was a honey pot. – A what? – It was a trap. – Oh.
– For us. – Did I get that right? (chatter) – Bees, I don’t understand that metaphor. – We’re Winnie The Pooh. – Bear. – We’re the people it
was supposed to attract and then get further.
– We’re the flies to the sweet thing, right? – Yeah. – You attract, uh– – Hey are you, okay? You pull the TV up. – No one? That is not okay. – Clearly. – That is the correct response to that! – No argument from me. – Okay. – Can’t she be saved? – Can we talk to her? – Not until I build that code. So I have to do that
first and that takes time. – I say let’s put that
on the top of your list and then we can all
take shifts watching her and make sure that she doesn’t do anything or wake up until you can
help her get control. – Oya.
– Yeah? – Can you… Can you see this working? Does this work in any scenario? – Ooh. – Can you see it?
– Let me try. Can I do premonition? – Yeah dip into the future and see. Pull a Doc Strange and see. – She wakes up and slices all of us up. (laughs) – She can’t, we took her weapons away. – That’s true. – Yeah you took her
tools of weaponry away. – Sure. – Her body is also very much a weapon. But slicing is probably not
the one that’s gonna happen. – Slicing is probably not
in the order of the day. – So I want to use it. I wanna learn a random fact about her. That’s what I– – Okay. That’s just a spend, right? You don’t have to roll? – Um yeah I guess it’s just a spend. Two intellect points. – Two intellect points. Cause you have an edge
in intellect, don’t you? – I do. – So it’s only one intellect
point to learn the future? – I have an edge of two. – Whoo!
– You have an edge of two? You get to do this for free. – Yeah. – It’s at this point I’m gonna go ahead and tell the audience that
in between season one and two they have all ranked up to tier two. – Hey hey yeah!
– What. – The C6 team is definitely not to be screwed with right now. Alright so Oya, you look down at the still form of Oniko which is still stiffened. Even as Lacy has withdrawn from her mind. Of all the abilites that manifests, some of them are like, obviously Anton’s is pretty
obvious when it happens. And when Hopps does it, it’s spectacular. But the ambient power display in the room whenever Oya dips into
reality manipulation and gazing into the future
is on a whole new level of haunting and awe inspiring. Even now as you raise your hands up, Oya, the glow begins to form
around your finger tips. And all of you begin to sort of, it’s an indescribable feeling. – I’m also watching your
hands very carefully. – Yeah.
– Don’t worry. – You gaze off into the future. You’re gonna a see… Now what exactly are you looking for? As you look into the possible
realities in front of you? What’s your question?
– I’m looking to see if… I think, if we’re able to talk to her. – No if Sam building the code… If the code works in any scenario. – Will the code work then? Will we be able to untrap her basically. – Is there a realm of possibility? – Your eyes eventually begin to roll into the back of your head as
all your visual just give way and you being to gaze off into possible choices that are being made. You begin to hear voices. Some of them to your childhood, some of them possibly from your
future or possible futures. And you can hear distant echoes of Luma offering Lacy cookies and you see a brief image of Cass slapping herself in the face in glitter. You kind of like sifting
through all of the experiences that you’ve been through and begin to pull back the
curtain of this possible future. It’s impressions, sounds
and feelings that you get as you are tipping into this
track of choices that you make. And you hear a voice
you’ve never heard before. A woman’s voice. You hear… It sounds a little on the raspy side. Like older? And for a moment, I’m throwing
a GM intrusion at you. (gasps) – Alright. Not gonna… – Don’t like it.
– Like it. – Okay.
– Oh god. – You lose your concentration because the voice you hear, you hear what is unmistakably
an older version of yourself. (gasps)
It’s like Oya. And you snap out of it immediately. – Did it work?
– What’d you see? Did it work? – Oya, as you snap out of it, you don’t know why, you don’t know how, but inexplicably, your mind
immediately connects it to the image of the woman
you saw in the drop ship. (gasps) Immediately just clicks suddenly. You know exactly who said that voice. And you have no idea why. – I know. – Everything tells you. You just reached out to yourself. – Oh ho ho ho ho ho. – It completely blocks. – Oya. – I don’t… Sorry I don’t know if it works. – Okay. – Yup on it. – And I need to get that. – Okay but that doesn’t
mean it doesn’t work. Thanks for trying. – Yeah. No problem. It’s all good. Thanks. – Okay um, I can’t do this right now. I’ll do this soon. I’m worked up. – Yeah yeah yeah yeah. – It’s okay. We can all watch and make
sure nothing happens. Until you’re ready to start. Like it’s fine. She’s fine here right? She’s under observation. – She’s in that loop, the AI is disconnected from
any of the motor functions. That shouldn’t reconnect. That’s why it’s doing the cycles mostly. – Wanna break stuff? We got like a whole room of junk. Always helps me. – Shouldn’t they rest maybe? – I guess that’s good too.
– Center themselves again? – I thought there was that
research that suggested that if you break things it actually
just makes you more angry. But I’ve always tried not breaking things. So okay? – We can use the training room.
– We can go break things. – There you have it. – Cass has gone through
like 20 dummies already. – Okay.
– Ridiculous. – I’m gonna try breaking one thing. – We can try. – On the research, I’m not sure. – Yeah I think I wanna break things. – Get them a plate. – Okay. – That’s easy to break. – Cut to a few rooms away. (laughs) Lacy in front of one
of the training dummies that Cass has all but
decimated by her knuckles. – Montage! – This is again, this kind of reminds me of
that moment in the Matrix Morpheus is fighting Neo and everyone just goes running
down to see what happens. Like everyone kind of peeking in to watch Cass and Lacy into this room in front of these training dummies. – I go to the kitchen. – You find Sal. Sal is in the kitchen.
– I don’t think I wanna see my friend angry for that long. – Okay as everyone’s kind of
crowded into the other room and you hear thudding sounds and probably some laughter, Sal walks over to you. (heavy robotic footstep noises) And stands over you. – Happy unders to you Sal. – We’re out of coffee. – Oh, are you thirsty? – Thirsty. – Oh okay. We got lots of pineapple juice. It’s really tangy. Kind of makes your tongue go numb. Try it. (giggles) – Takes it and just drinks it and goes. (gurgling noise) – More. – Oh okay. Three juice boxes. – Takes it and just… (gurgles) – Okay bye. (laughter) – And the thudding of Sal just begins to, you just watch as he takes the juice box and just crushes it over his mouth. – Okay I take to organizing the kitchen. – Okay. – Cass just pulled a bunch
of things out of the shelf so I’m gonna put them back in. (laughter) – Yeah you’re just putting the cereal– – Everything’s fine. (laughs) – We’re fine, we’re fine. – I stayed with Oniko. – Oniko?
– Yeah. – Who else is staying
in the room with Oniko? – I’m gonna stay. – Okay so the two of you… What’s that?
– I’m also gonna stay. – Alright so Cass and Lacy have gone off. You’re teaching Lacy how to throw a punch. – If you want, what sounds good? There’s crushing, there’s throwing stuff, you could do a thing with the robot maybe? – Oh um… They don’t want to do
that anymore for now. – Okay. – So just me. Maybe I can see how you do it first. See one, do one, teach one. They say that in medical
school that I never went to. – See one. Do one. – Punch! – Teach one? – So I’m curious. Did you take anymore, I want to know how strong Cass is now. – Did you up your strength at all? – We don’t have power shift stuff yet.
– She looked down the most. – Oh yes, extre-muh-ly. – Extre-muh-ly. – I have my two power
shifts in strength tasks. Just at all time. But I did train in heavy bashing. – Really? – Yeah.
– You got that now, huh? – I don’t know I did all
that combat practice. – Do you wanna heavy bash? – I think technically I
need a weapon to do that so I pick up the nearest
extremely heavy thing. – Okay you pick up one
of the other dummies. – Yup. – These dummies which are
weighted down and able to… This is the stuff that professional boxers are not able to punch over. You lift one of these things up and hit it with the other thing. Hit the thing with the other thing. Okay so… What’s impressive is not, I mean, Cass looks kind of like an olympian getting ready to throw a javelin the way she just kind
of picks this thing up and uses the heft and
slams the thing down. And as you kind of
bounce back from the hit there is something very
Hulk about her right now. Just the way she kind of bounces back, there’s just something about
the way she carries herself. But you see that hit, bam! And then you kind of
bounce back for second. – You can feel it. I feel like it’s like
math but for your body where it helps. (squealing) I mean yeah, there’s angular
dimension going on there. (laughs) – Make it work for you. Let your anger work for you. – Maybe you could show me again? – You said teach one. I don’t know how the
phrase works but, okay. (grunts) – Lacy continually asks for
demo and not participation. By the time they got here they are like this is really not for me. – Vicariously, you are
getting all of your anger out through watching this woman do
– That’s exactly what’s happening.
– superhuman feats against a poor defenseless dummy. – Things are being destroyed. – It’s the gratification of
watching your friend just exhibit this incredible feat of strength. Bam, over and over and over. Back in the room with
Oniko, the three of you have just been sitting there
silently looking at her. And again, she’s kind of
begun to return to her pattern of every now and then just twitching a little bit in
the bed but laying calmly. Doesn’t fight the restraints or anything. – And there are physical restraints? – Mm. Lacy has secured her. She is well taken care of there. If she was Cass, you’d have
something to worry about. But Oniko seems to be pretty well secured. – Nobody’s Cass. – I really wanna talk to her. I wonder what it would be like to I don’t know, to be hijacked
by some computer program. – This is why I don’t
let them put any of that phone stuff and you know… I know obviously it’s not the
same, but still, you know? It freaks me out. – I know this is complete stretch, but the only thing Hopps
is thinking is like kind of seeing similarity
between Oniko and her mom. – No. – Like it’s a stretch
obviously her mom’s not that. – I mean it’s a stretch by– – But it’s like being
a slave to technology. – It’s a stretch by circumstance for sure. But there’s certainly a likeness
to the fact that your mom at least your mom behaves the same way. – Right. – As Oniko’s behaving right now. – Right right.
– Yeah. – What do you think is gonna happen? To her, to us? – I mean we have the new CEO of Cassium. – Pyramid Star.
– Pyramid Star right? – There’s a chirping sound coming through the communications
devices to all of you. – Huh? – You see the register come up. – It’s the number that you
gave Kylan to call you. – Oh. – Wait Fletcher? Oh no. We forgot about him. My bad. – Alright open up the message. – You guys see Oya’s
link connect to the call. Who else is connected the this call? I’m guessing everybody yeah? – I’m not. – You’re not? Okay, you wouldn’t, you have
your phone in your back pocket. – I have my tablet. – Yeah. – Is he pinging us all? Cause we’re in different place now. – Yeah think of it as like a six way call. – For sure. Especially just after that whole thing. Yeah I’m just gonna look over. – You see all of them
reacting and Anton’s glasses lighting up like they’re
getting a call basically. Wait do you have the lenses or you have the glasses, don’t you? – Yeah.
– Anton has glasses? – Mm-hmm.
– Okay cool. Yeah you see Kylan, pop up in your screen. For those of you using the contacts, I think that’s you Lacy, is that right? You and Oya? – I haven’t but I’m doing
this for her benefit. – Thank you.
– Okay cool. So for you Lacy, it’s a digital image you can kind of see in front of you. But you see Kylan’s face pop up. It’s very dark where he is. Even though it’s early
morning for you guys or I should say late morning. You see Kylan’s face pop
up and says, hello friends! – Hi. – Uh sorry to bother you, it just I’ve been in this
warehouse for a while and I’m not sure where to go or what to do. – Quick question. Out of context, he cannot… Is it a two way thing? – He can’t see anything
you don’t want him to see. – Perfect. Cause I was gonna
position my body between– – Privacy issues were taken into account when this tech was made.
– Great. Thanks Lacy. – But yeah. You do see that just from
the shadows being cast on him it’s dark where he’s at. – Oh I’m sorry, we’ve been busy. – No I understand. Should I just continue waiting here? – Are you hungry? – Hungry and also waiting for an assassin to kick in the door and kill
me at any particular moment. – Right. Yes. – It’s probably not happening! – Is she dead? – What? Who, what are you talking about? – Sit tight, we’re gonna
bring you some food. Over and out. Hang up. – You hang up? Everyone else kind of gets
this look on their face like are y’all supposed
to hang up now too? – I’d do it quick. – Beep. – Okay. – Instinctually grab a
pot from under the… Start cooking. – I was gonna mention that
there was some rat food around. (laughter) – Lacy just… Alright guess I’m going now. You see Kylan’s confused face just as the power to the line shuts out. – I think I should probably
work on that code now. Thank you for teaching me. – Sure you don’t wanna take one shot? Throw something? – I wanna surge a nearby
light onto the dummy. And do my tech onslaught. – Oh you want to surge a
nearby panel on the wall? – Yeah.
– Okay. Go ahead and go your tech onslaught. – Sure. – Uh the difficulty to hit this
training dummy here is one. – Okay. Um then I don’t actually need to roll. – I don’t think you do. – I only have one. – How much damage does this do? – Um eight. – Eight, okay. So you hear this whoosh and ozone, a very familiar smell thanks to Hopps because of the lightning energy. There’s an arc of electricity and energy that just races from the wall to the dummy and lights it up on fire immediately. And the moment it lights up, you hear (beeping and slushing of water) and water begins to
spray down on all of you. – Oh no, the soup. – What the hell?
– Wait even us? – No no no no, sorry. It’s just in that lab. No it it was raining down on everybody, the next thing here is Sal losing his mind and smashing the place to hell. – Here’s the raincoat. – Here’s the raincoat. The raincoat doesn’t
protect you from phobia. Just protects you from being wet. – Light em off, Lacy. (laughter) – And you’re being drenched. And you hear, Lacy, as you’re just sitting there drinking this filtered water
coming into the ceiling you hear your chair tell you that high levels of rain have been detected and that you should seek
shelter immediately. – Thank you Baby. – So we should have some
kind of a group meeting right now right? To figure out what we’re gonna do? About Kylan? – Yeah. – We need more spices in this kitchen. – Yeah we should. Should we go meet with the others? I mean I don’t wanna leave her alone. – Okay you stay here. – Okay. – I’ll go get Cass and Lacy, do you wanna to get Luma? – Yeah okay. – Okay meet back here. – Okay.
– Okay great. My body’s gonna stand still and my head and neck is gonna stretch. – I leave the room. – As you’re leaving the room Anton’s face is right next to you as you’re walking out. – Okay great. – Do we have any tupperware? – Uh I don’t know. – I don’t think so. I can just bring the pot I guess. – Wrong room. – Bye. – So I pass his head retracting. Wait I was supposed to go there. – I know. I’m nervous. – Bye Anton. – Training room. – I’m still laughing maniacally. – There is a smoking dummy and two destroyed dummies on the floor. And the place is currently being drenched. There’s also sparking, looks like an outlet on the wall has completely blown off
and has been cindered. And there’s an occasional spark going, (spark flying noise) – Is Hopps in here? I thought I was with her the whole time. Hey uh, y’all wanna come
back into this meeting room? Whenever you’re done? – Uh sure. – Actually, like now? Right now? – Shuts off. – Thank you, okay. Pot and lid, that should simmer. Okay meeting room, let’s go. – Luma, as you reach the meeting room you see a drenched Cass and Lacy into the room just trailing. (squelching noise) – Wait! Did you break one of the fish tanks? – There’s a trail of like, two sided trail of water behind Lacy. Anyone’s who’s been
around me this past week in the LA rains would recognize. Just a little mud trail everywhere I go. (laughter) – Okay you’re not wearing wet suits. What happened? – It went great. – Fire. – Wonderful. Fire, what? – Not anymore. – Water! You see Sal’s pointing at you. – Okay I’m ready to
work on the project now. – Okay we got another uh– – Let me get you a towel. – Situation?
– Yeah. – Towel! – Dry off. – Shake like a puppy dog. – Are you out of your mind? It’s one thing to bring someone
unconscious down here but Kylan, the man that
we’ve been, I don’t know, fighting the entire time,
who knows every master plan, we want to bring him down here, no! – What are we supposed to do? – Oh I was just gonna feed him. I’ve got some seafood gumbo cooking.
– We can just leave him there until we
figure it out, I don’t know. – I made a lot of it. – Like feed him sometimes. – When are we gonna figure it out? – I guess now. – That sounds so good right now. – Seafood gumbo?
– Yeah. – That does sound good. – Sounds so good. – Yeah that does sound good. But when are we gonna figure this out? – Who was that? – Can’t someone just like, you talk to people and make
their memories go weird. – Oh yeah I can do that. You can do that too. – So it’s not such big deal
if we bring him here right? – No, we should not… Okay what part of secret base
do none of you understand? – I mean there are ethical implications. – I’m just gonna throw this out there too because your characters would all, just because we’re coming
back into the season, just to give you… You do have a second base. If you remember correctly,
you do have a… – Yeah Lindy’s mom’s place. – Kylan’s primes. – Or my mom’s place. Let’s put the killer in with my mom. – We can go to Kylan prime. – He was though very
much hiding from himself for a long time. Maybe that’s a reunion he should approve? – Well first of all, the reason why he’s hiding in the first place is cause an assassin was after him and that is no longer in the equation. We don’t have to tell him that. Maybe we can just tell him hey– – I sort of told. – Oh right. – Sorry–
– No no no it’s fine. – I think we’re fine. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t know if everything that you say is something he’s gonna
take super seriously. (giggle) – I seem complemented by that.
– Yeah. Yes. – What I’m saying is, I mean
he probably doesn’t even know that Measure Z has passed you know? There’s no cable in the
warehouse that’s for sure. But all I’m saying is, if– – He’s gonna be connected somehow. – He told us.
– No he’s not. We made sure of that. He only had our number. – Oh yeah. – All I’m saying, if we go, we feed him whenever. He can go, he can do
whatever he wants now. Not much to go to back. Back to. – Oniko had an order in her right? So someone put that order in her. – Yeah. – So even though the assassin’s gone, we don’t know how many more there are. – Can we figure out who put that order in? – Um… yes, but not immediately. I have an idea of where that location could be where a person might be, but I could be completely
wrong and conflating it with where she got firmware updates. – Oh. – The one might lead to the other though. – Yeah.
– Right. So possibly but not immediately. – Okay so right now in
the warehouse he is safe. We bring him food, maybe an air mattress, a solar powered lamp, I
don’t know, whatever we want. Bring him a few basic comforts
and he can just stay there. He’s safe there. We can figure out what
to do with him later. He’s not the priority right now. – Lindy, eventually somebody’s
gonna find him in there. Somebody in this city
is gonna stumble across an incredibly famous CEO hanging out in an abandoned warehouse–
– Who disappeared famously. – Who disappeared. – Okay well that’s an issue that we’ll have to deal with when that happens. I don’t know, there’s too much at stake. We can’t bring him here. – I agree. – Should we give him a– – We should, ooh. – Should we call Kylan Prime
and give him a heads up? – With every can do it on the way. Either way we need to
leave here and go to him cause people need to eat. Even if they’re CEO’s. – I agree but we also have to remember Fletcher’s been hiding from him… No Kylan, sorry, has been
hiding from Fletcher for years. – And then we just bring him to him. – And now we just, you know, I think he might need a… Stake in this decision? I know if the roles were reversed, I wouldn’t want someone I’ve
been hiding with for years to show up at my house,
that is my only safe place. – Yeah that’s a good point. – Well so then we’ll talk on the way. We can make calls. – Alright, all I’m saying
is right now the warehouse, he’ll be fine there for a little bit. We don’t have to decide today. This might be an issue for tomorrow. Today we have this problem. Yes we’ll bring him food, but today, this should be our priority. – We should also make him tell us more. – Yeah. – Cause like last time we talked to him he was like oh I don’t
know more than this. But I’m not the one you should be… Whatever he said. But he needs to give us more to go on. – We’re gonna go get food. What kind of food, Luma? – Oh uh, seafood gumbo. – We’re gonna to get seafood gumbo. – No no no I made it. – Can you make it suck? – It doesn’t have any spices. We don’t have any in there. – Very bland, that’s good. – It’s mostly just water
and fish and some sauces that I found in the cupboard. – Seafood gumbo to Kylan in a warehouse. – I can improvise. – And on top of that.
– Torture’s usually wrong. But… – Oh torture? I thought this was an interrogation. – Making anybody eat bland
seafood gumbo, that’s torture. – Yeah. – I guess. – Oh I guess for him that would be nice. Put some mayo on it. He’ll like that. (laughter) – Nice burn. So delivering him bland seafood gumbo. – I have pride in my cooking. – You’re interrogating him, making the call on the way. When we arrive, we’re
gonna be good cop bad cop, good cop bad cop, good cop bad cop. – Ooh bad cop! – I’ll be bad cop. I really don’t like, I
still don’t trust him. I don’t like him. Bad cop.
– Same. But wait, you said that you
had a location for where– – Or do you still need
to get that location? – Uh that… I wanna work at one thing at a time. – Right but what I’m saying, if we go deliver the
seafood, get information, we could get even more information if we go to this location. After, you know. – Yeah. – What’s more vital, the
location or the information? Do we have the information
to get to the location? Do we have to go to the location,
come back to this location to then obtain that information? – I’m so lost. – Um what? – Cass take 15 points of intellect damage. (laughter) – We can bring all the information we need if we want to go there. I’m not sure if that’s
where we wanna go first. I think we should uh… Table that for now until
after we talk to Oniko. Cause Oniko could probably
tell us about the location because she went there. – Yeah, I wanna talk to Oniko. – So you said that we could take the information to the location? That’s gonna need an explanation. – Are you just saying lots of things with -ation at the end of it? – No I’m not meaning to. (chatter) – So step one is gonna
be to talk to Oniko. – Yes.
– But then I’d have to code. Can I code please? – Well we can’t talk to her
now obviously in a state so. – Lacy, can I help? I have an idea of how I can help. – Okay. – She’s a code genius.
– Cause the thing is, once we talk, once you get pass all the
security and everything– – That’s done. – You passed the security,
so once you create this new coding structure for her to operate, she’s gonna need to train
in and learn how to do that. I can create the training program. – Perfect. Clair-lation! – That’s another -tion word. – Ah, I’m catching it. – Cooperation. – I’m gonna need to meditation. – Celebration. – Pineapple juice. – C-C-C-C-Combo breaker. (laughter) – Okay I’m ready to do the thing now. – If anybody needs me, I’m gonna be standing by watching Oniko but I’m just gonna be relaxing. – Does that mean he’s gonna be
in two different rooms again? – Probably. – I’ll try to remain in this one room. – Do what you need to do. – Best of my ability. – It’s cool.
– It’s fine. – Thanks, good luck everybody. – So what are we doing? – Alright I’m building a coding. – Alright so you’re going
into montage right now. – To the blanket nest of coding! – Alright what is everybody else doing? – Actually, since we need to go, perhaps I can set Sweet Baby up to pilot because Sweet Baby is my co-pilot. Pilot Amelia to the
mainland from Blue Dolphin and I can work while
Sweet Baby’s piloting. And we can compress tasks. Would that work? – We’re gonna split the party. – No we’re keeping all the party together. – Oh.
– We’re just I’m coding from the minivan, rather than I’m coding and then we’re
getting in the minivan. – But you don’t need to
do any of that coding to then interface with Oniko?
– Yeah. – Who is sitting here at the base? – Yeah it was just a
question of if we wanted to tie up Oniko’s stuff, or if
we wanted to deliver gumbo. – I think we all gotta deliver
and interrogate together. – Yeah that happens either way. – And I guess the question is, so that for my understanding, do we want to have the
place that we can go to after Kylan warehouse or
do we wanna go do that– – That’s actually solid. Yeah then I should do this here. – Before we leave.
– And then we all get in the minivan. Solid. – Got it, okay. – Also should we leave her alone. – Not alone. – Oh Sal’s here. – Sal’s here. – She doesn’t need coffee
or pineapple juice. – Okay stop it. (giggles) Both of you, stop pointing. That’s very rude. – Sorry. – It’s okay. – It’s okay. – Anton should know better. – As long as you point
with purpose, it’s okay. – Anton.
– Respectfully. – Respect Anton. – Respect, Sal. Okay now sit down. – Sitting down. – Cross your legs, put your hands out. – Dear god. – You don’t want to chant your… Just do it. – Sits down and crosses his legs, puts his hands out. – Good, put them down to your hips, relax your shoulders, put your hands up into a
nice comfortable position. – You do the hokey pokey. – Comfort, good. Close your eyes and chant your mantra. But don’t tell me what it is.
– Mantra. – Okay good your mantra’s your mantra. Just keep repeating mantra over
and over and over again Sal. – Mantra. – Mantra. Keep going, keep your eyes closed. – Keep going. – You don’t stop until
a new thought occurs. – Oh new thought. – What is it? – Coffee. – You my friend has just meditated. Congratulations, enjoy your coffee. – Med. – Yes, med.
– Yes, med. – Now go on your journey
to get your coffee. – Oh dear god. – We’re out of coffee. (laughter) – Oh yeah I forgot to mention. – We’ll get that on the way. – Oh I always have some backup. I put a little thermos. You want some? – Uh yeah. – But we do need to get some more coffee. – Alright. – I’ll add that to the list. – Coffee, spices. – So we go into our… – Yeah we’ll collaboration. – I’m gonna start, as they
are working on that structure, I’m gonna start working on
a training program for it. – Okay so the two of you
are gonna be working this and the rest of you guys
are gonna go feed Kylan. Is that right? – No right now, we’re
all staying here I think. – Yeah. We’re all staying here so we can question Oniko
before we feed Kylan. – Oh so the goal is to get
only cooperational in a week. – Yeah. – So you can talk to her. – Yes. – Okay. This is gonna be pretty intensive. – Yup. – He can be hungry a little longer. – Okay.
– He’ll be fine. – It’s been a day. – Alright let’s see. – We’re not gonna starve him, he’s fine. – Um alright so– – He can go without breakfast. – So that would be good
because you’re working with Oya to build… Yeah. Essentially you’re building
the support system’s gonna be waiting for
Oniko when she wakes up. – And I can draw on the
existing architecture of the AI. Basically alter user ideally. – And there’s also, I’m
gonna put this out there. – Mm-hmm. – There’s also an ethical conundrum I’m gonna throw at you Lacy. – No. – Because all of the memory is of Oniko’s consistent rebooting backups and updates is stored in her brain. – Mm-hmm. – You have the capacity to remove them. – Oh. – Okay.
– Easy. Super easy question. That is a thing she can
explicitly consent to later if she wants. – Okay. – I’m not involuntarily
Eternal Sunshining someone. – Okay. – Oh yeah when you put it that way, okay. – Yeah. – I was just like yeah but
why would you, oh yeah got it. – Ah. – Okay so the two of you
are gonna go to work, we’re gonna get a roll. Before we do that, what’s
everybody else doing? – Pacing. – Grabbing beakers from the lab. Those are my tupperware now. – Okay. – I’m making little tiny
potions basically for snacks. – Gumbo potions?
– Gumbo potions. – I love this so much. – I’m gonna guess we’re
short of taking turns. Because you have rituals and I have rituals for like coding mode. (laughter) – It’s a day spent under the
waves at Blue Dolphin base as you’re all milling about
trying to keep yourselves busy. It’s the deep breath before the plunge, before the next move of the Callisto 6 to try to figure out what’s going on. Let’s go ahead and figure out a roll because we’re about to
come up on our break. Before we do, I’d love
to figure out how we do. So you’re coding to allow
Oniko to come to consciousness and be able to actually interact? – Mm-hmm. – And you, Oya, are currently trying to create a training
program, is that correct? – Yeah. – It’s gonna allow her to, what exactly? – So my thought is like, this is a… Her consciousness, the actually Oniko, has not been in control for so long so she’s gonna have to
learn how to control and how to operate. – Yeah I mean the glass half
full way to look at this is her brain does have the
capacity to receive data and be able to incorporate it. Much like a computer whose
getting software installed. – Mm-hmm. – It fact that might
be the delivery method in which Oniko would be
learning at this point. It’s worth also noting too that, Lacy, one thing you would probably take note of, is Oniko was the project name. – Ohhhh.
– Mmm. – And it’s just what she’s gone by. There’s no record of an actual name. – Cause we don’t keep the records. – There’s every bit of indication to suggest that Oniko was a clone. And one of the earlier clones
that were grown in by Cassium. – Okay. – So you’re literally gonna
be building a framework for her psychology to basically lean upon. – Mm-hmm. – So in order to find
it’s footing, so to speak. So this is a herculean task. Not necessarily as incredibly time… This should be time consuming
by months for a normal person but somebody who operates
at the speed of thought, and who has the backup of
Oya and the computer system, so you do, Lacy, could absolutely do this. It is going to be not easy though. – I’m working off completely
foreign architecture. – Yeah. – And trying to make code in that and I’ve never seen this language. It’s cool. – Alright I’m gonna… This… – Yeah. (laughs) – Sam’s already bracing for impact. I mean rated on the difficulty levels of things that you can do in this game. – Yeah I’m not breaking
the laws of physics. – You’re not breaking the laws of physics. – I got that going for me. – I would totally call this
however, a heroic roll. – What does that mean in numbers, Eric? – You already beat it,
it’s difficulty eight. – Okay, alright. – That is, what you are attempting to do, I would constitute as a heroic difficulty. – Okay cool. Alright. – Yeah. – Okay cool. – A task worthy of tales
told for years afterward. – Yeah you are literally about to do stuff that would become the subject
of scientific research for the next half decade at least. – So you gotta roll a 24. (laughs) – You can do it. – Uh so last time, I couldn’t use my intelligence
power shift for coding. – You can use it this time. This is absolutely coding. – Last time, after I
expending a little effort, I took it from eight down to one. Because I now have my power shift, if I expend a level of effort… – It goes to zero? – It does. – Oh my lord. – Superheroes, man. – We don’t deserve a Lacy. – I have one thing. Oh dear. – Oh no. – No no no no. – Okay I’m scared anyway. – I always look for juicy opportunities to insert a GM intrusion. But on this, I really wanna– – I would spend my way
out of an intrusion– – Would anticipate that, and I also I feel like this is definitely a moment not to rob from a player. This is definitely,
this is what Lacy does. This is what your
character is designed for. This is the abilities that they do. And the work you’re doing is so important. This is gonna be… You’re gonna have to have a lot of snacks. You and Oya are gonna be
burning the midnight oil. And running a lot of
diagnostics and going back and, it will probably, you have
an estimated completion probably about two in the morning. – I put a clock up there,
with like a countdown. Sometimes the countdown goes up. Sometimes the countdown does down. It does not run your time. We all encounter this when
you’re downloading a Steam game. – Yeah. (laughter) – When you’re downloading a Steam game. – I figure out a code blockage. – That’s my GM intrusion. You see a pop-up Steam sale. Just like right as you
start your operation. (laughter) – Diabolical. – I’m such a bastard. – I’ll be up with you to help but I’m probably useless in this. – Everyone is kind of this is kind of that scene
where everyone’s watching a surgery happen and you can’t do anything so you just kind of have to pace and make sure the
doctor’s doing their job. And keeping hydrated and relaxed. But Lacy and Oya, both the
two of them tag team this and deep dive into the tech. And for hours and hours on end without taking breaks, you
see the two of these people operating over Oniko and sifting through. And Oya, you’re starting to
see what Lacy’s working with. This code, you’ve never
seen anything like this. The advanced coding of that
is gone into programming Oniko is far more advanced than
anything humans are doing today. – Let’s try to comment some of it out. To help. Cause I don’t think the documentation here is super well suited toward forum users. – Right. When we come back from
break in ten minutes, we’re gonna find out what Oniko has to say. As you succeeded on this roll. It will be early morning hours. – Did we just forget
to feed Kylan all day? – Yes.
– Whoops. – On purpose. – Or I can fly a submarine minivan. – He leaved in privilege, he can do it. – There’s a food truck down
the street, he’ll be fine. – Until then, we’re gonna
take a quick 10 minute break so don’t go anywhere guys,
we’ll see you in 10 minutes. Stay tuned. And you are suplexed through
the wall of Blue Dolphin base. – What about my soup? – It gets plexed. – Dang it. – That is no longer gumbo. – It get completely perplexed. – It looks at you so confused right through the wall
of Blue Dolphin base. – Swimming things for me? – It’s floating in the water. I don’t know this narrative’s gone. – Who knows what’s going through. – No. – Didn’t you just say you don’t like puns? – I can’t swim? – This is a video game glitch. In a table top game. – Anger love. – Mm-hmm. – When something’s so
cute you wanna squish it. It’s that feeling. But manifested through puns. – With puns, got it. (laughs) – Welcome back. (laughter) Welcome back. Alright let’s go ahead
an jump straight back in to where we left off. – Kylan’s gonna be so mad. – Yeah. – To get Kylan out at 3.30 in the morning. – We’re not a delivery
service for food, okay? – Please rate five stars. – Now offering Uber deliveries. – I’m just cooking cause I’m nervous. – So around 2.10, you all get a notification from Oya popping up on your
screen wherever you are. If you are napping or trying to nap that the work has been completed. Lacy has written an
exorbitant amount of code that should not be possible
to write for one person even with an assist. It would take a team of people as I said at least three to four
weeks to complete the task that Lacy has done with their mind and computer, and a brilliant assistant. Basically constructing an
entire VR training program in tandem with the research
so at about that point Lacy, you’ve created a coded structure that will actually support and help all of the stimuli
that’s gonna be coming in when Oniko comes to. You’ve essentially written the revivify spell. For a character for a woman who has been sealed away by some vicious malicious
entity that has written a code that has just blocked out that psyche. And you’re ready to
implement that code now. – Hello. – Hello. – Ready, midnight code. – Midnight code. – What’s happening? Are we done, are we ready? – Mm-hmm. – Yeah it’s done. – Okay I’m ready. Let’s go. – We’re definitely out of coffee. – Let’s do some squats. It’s a study trick. – Yeah it works. – I was in the training room so. I hear ruckus. I don’t get the alert cause
I don’t have an alert. – People filtering into the
room all look a little tired a little sleepy except for Hopps who looks like Hopps always does. Completely wide awake and alert and focused on what’s going on. – Did you get any sleep? – I rested, yeah. It’s fine. Let’s just get this over with. – You’re a good team player. – Thanks Ants. – Yeah you’re gathered around Oniko. There is VR… There’s two ways to do this. There is just simply wake her up or you can literally wake
her up into a VR simulation. – That’s what my training program is. – What does the VR simulation look like? – It’s like a Windows 10 update screen. – It’s exactly what you are in tutorial. – This is where you live and
it’s what I’m terrible at. – It’s like a buffer room so that she can learn and grow and
practice and be comfortable and not just be out in the
harsh world right away. She doesn’t wanna be. So it’s looks like a very comfy room. There is like bean bag chairs and considering that she
has grown up without control I just wanted to give her
something not child like but something that’s kind of comforting and cozy warm place that a
child would take comfort in. – A playroom? – Yeah like a playroom
but not with toys around. It’s just like maybe shapes and objects that she could touch and hold. And big comfy chairs, bean
bags and nice comfy rug, and beautiful big windows that
have nice natural landscapes. – Very cool. – Okay. – So do we wanna meet in VR
and I can put a screen up with audio in and out? – Yeah sure. – For people who don’t want to? – Thank you. – Okay cool. Let’s jump in. – Alright. I loaded up. So who’s going in? – Do you wanna come in with us? – They want to. – It’ll support anybody
who wants to go in. – Yeah whoever. You wanna come too? – Yeah.
– Anyone with glasses or contacts. – I’m gonna watch from the outside. – Okay. – Also cause if I get
nervous and shock something, I don’t want it to frizz
the whole system so I’m gonna watch.
– I’ll also stay outside. And keep my eye on
Lindy but we’ll be fine. – Yeah we have the screen. – Yeah. – And also keep and eye on her body. In case she flips out too. – Okay. – Okay. – In we go to the tutorial playroom. – So darkness begins to
break across a straight line. Traces across your
field of vision and then you are all in this virtual world. Projected in for those of you who are wearing the glasses or
not, it’s a projection. It’s all in front of you. You’re still well aware that
you’re in this other room. But you see this very lifelike,
brilliantly constructed artificial reality waiting for you inside. Again, the difference between
the dark and the web is this is clearly a virtual
construction but very accurate. I wouldn’t say it looks cartoony, it doesn’t look like
for example MMOs today, but it does look like
incredibly well defined graphics that you are aware that you are looking at a virtual representation but
it is very realistic looking. To the point where I if
you look at your hands you can even see some pores near your hair follicles and
whatnot across your arms and the resolution is incredible. – Super high poly. – Yeah. – I spot a plant that I recognize from watching you practice
on it over and over again. You’re really nailing those now. – Yeah I love those. – Looks great. – Mm-hmm. – I’m impressed. – Very impressive. – And in front of you, you see Lacy who looks a little different
than the rest of the room. Everything around y’all looks
very graphically enhanced. Lacy looks like Lacy
looks in the real world. Lacy looks like there’s a human being. And it’s almost a little jarring. It doesn’t have as
dramatic of effect as say, seeing a human in toon town for example. But it does have that sort of
same quality of it looks like a living person being interposed
into a graphical CGI setup. – Is that how it appears on the screen to us on the outside? – Mm-hmm. – Very cool. – There’s a brief moment
where you see in Lacy’s spot a veiled figure with sort
of lens flare behind them. And then it switches back into Lacy. – The dark, for some it
just kind of seeping back for a second as you assert. – Deep dive? – This is physically there? This is the best that there is up here. This is really the best. – Whoa. – I collaborated with the best. – Is she here? – I can shade the protocols
whenever we’re ready. – I nervously pick up a bean
bag thing and move it slightly. – Is this good? – Let’s find out? – It’s like being in a delivery room waiting for a baby to be born. – You initiate the protocol and Oniko’s brain activity
immediately activates. You see it come alive. And all of you being to see this resolution begin to take place. Think of it as like
someone literally loading right in front of you. And it carries with it because of the nature of this interaction it too is a physical manifestation. So in other words, she looks
very much like Lacy looks. Since it’s literally her brain, you guys are jacking into
interposed over a VR setup. So you see, you know, like
in the original Tron movies, sort of like the hexes begin
to form into a human body and then I begins to fill
in with all the details until it eventually you see the Oniko who is laying at the bed
without the restraints laying on the floor. The only difference is is her clothing. Looks like a hospital dress going down to her knees. A little unexpected but Lacy, you and Oya would probably
realize that this is how for whatever reason it’s been chosen this is what Oniko’s… This is what is familiar
and this is what Oniko has subconsciously selected
as how they’re viewed. – I immediately sit on my knees to make my physical presence
less threatening looking. I don’t wanna be towering over her. – Okay. – I’ll awkwardly imitate. – Yeah I’ll get lower too. – Everyone sits down. – Yeah. – Okay.
– Nailed it. (laughter) – You see her eyes slowly
begin to blink open. And for a stretch of time maybe, long enough that
it’s kind of questionable, about 20 seconds of silence
as she just lays on the floor and stares up and blinks. And then after a few moments you see her finger start to move and she begins to slowly sit up. And as she sits up the
dress begins to fall away to reveal her suit underneath. – Okay. – And she looks at the dress
and immediately sort of melts away into data in her hands. As her mind let’s go of it. She sits up and you see she
just kind of looks at her hands. And she looks blinkingly at all of you. And then puts her hands
up in front of her face and looks at all of you. And then just… And she doesn’t say anything. She just looks like she’s
processing the sensation of moving her hands. She glances down and pulls her legs up to her chest and wraps her arms around them so she’s like sitting
in fetal for a second. You see this sort of like,
confusion on her face as she holds herself. – As she starts to sort
of look more uncomfortable or self conscious, I just
wanna hold my hands up and in sort of broken
ASL sign you are safe. – What’s great about this, Lacy, is because of the way you and
Oya are connected right now you’re actually able to read
some of the brain patterns that are coming through. I’m guessing you’re keeping tabs on how this is going on the outside as well. So you’re actually able to
keep tabs on her anxiety levels and like how her brain is
reacting to all of this. She seems slightly thrown
and a little surprised that she understands
what you’re saying to her as you sign it to her. And you hear a child’s
voice come out of her mouth as she says safe. Like she’s trying to understand
what that word means. – I don’t know if I would know ASL. So I’ll just say this out loud. You are in control. – It’s dream like the way the interaction
begins to take place. And you see text like being typed on a keyboard
appearing above her head. And it says what is control? And it doesn’t look like
she’s aware that it’s there. All of you become aware that
you hear what sounds like sounds like the sounds of like someone frightened
a flock of pigeons. And you hear feathers. (shuffling noise) All around you. Everyone hearing it. Oya, not in your program. And you see her kind of
just glance up for a second. And she begins to stand up. Like she forgot something. She turns towards one of the
walls and walk over to it and places her hands on it. Nothing happens but she just kind of stands there for a moment. – Another feature of this room is that on a different wall than
where she’s standing there is a chamber that she is the
only person who can access it. She can open the doors and enter it. And basically that’s the
entry way to the structure. Basically this is like a chamber. – Lobby of the tutorial right? – Yeah. – The tutorial level. – So if she wants to actually go out and actually operate and be in her body she can leave that way. So I stand up and I don’t come any closer, give her space, and I say control means you decide. – Her hands slide down the wall and as she turns around a looks
at all of you for a moment and begins to slowly
walk over to you, Oya, and then she reaches you. She reaches down and takes your hand unless you resist it of course. – No. – And then she runs her
hand across your arm. Like she’s trying to get sensation. And then she puts her face in your hand. She just reaches down
and you see all of this. It literally looks like somebody
who’s exploring the world for the very first time, trying to understand the sensory
input that they’re getting. She pulls away, you see the text again. And she speaks it just as
it appears above her head. And she says what is real? – Mm. – You said her voice is young? – It sounds like a young girl, probably in around her early teens, 11 to 14. – Okay. – It’s young enough that it
doesn’t necessarily, yeah. It’s noticeably younger
than how she appears. – How is that relative to the timeline that I can infer from her medical stuff? – It’s alarming close to about
the time that she probably was receiving a bulk of the
implementation of cybernetics. She may have inadvertently
with this new found freedom immediately started at zero and found the place that was
where she was still mostly her. And is begun from there. It’s looks like the coding has actually helped her
find some stability. – That’s all super accurate. – The rewrite is allowing
her to ask questions. And it looks like it’s allowing
her to understand language. Interestingly enough, she
does seem to be familiar with all of you but she doesn’t
seem to know how to process. – It’s good that she’s
not kicking out faces in. – Where there’s not a protocol that says execute, murder, terminate. Instead she’s like I mean her interactions with y’all have been cold and borderline violent. And now she seems to be
touching and asking and curious. But also bewildered. You’re not sensing any… Lacy, you’re not getting
any readings of like emotional roller coaster
going on inside of any kind. She just looks completely like she’s just letting it all come at her and she’s not stopping. Yeah in other words, the
code you wrote is working. She’s processing all the information. She’s not being overwhelmed by everything. And instead she’s is experiencing it. – Real is a big question. But you are real and you’re you now. That’s Oya, and I’m Cass. And that’s Lacy. – Lacy, Luma, Anton. – Will she see us too? – Whoa. – Um no, when she points
over in the direction where right next to Anton, and
doesn’t say anything. Just kind of points and says um… – And you? – And that’s when you see the face fall. And she goes completely silent. Her hand drops to her side and she seems to go
into a state of anxiety. – Oh sorry. – Like a realization
that that is a question that she doesn’t seem
to know the answer to. – Is one of the sensory things near us to immediately hand her to
deescalate rising anxiety? – Sensory things? – The exercises that– – Oh yeah. – Pillow shaped like a star.
– Yeah. Exactly. Immediate, like just
something else to focus on. – It definitely directs
her attention to it when she looks at it. And then she takes it and you see a dramatic shift in her face as she takes it and she runs
her hands across the fluff and you hear her go, ah! And she let’s her fingers
spread through all of it and then she puts her face against it. And squeezes it. And she begins to touch her
face as she’s doing that and she realizing she’s
reacting and kind of it’s literally like
somebody trying to explore and discover their own body
as she’s touching her face. – Eric, Lindy and Anton have been also keeping their eyes on
her like physical body. Has there been any reaction? Is she still hooked up to the uh– – She’s still hooked up to it. There hasn’t been any, nothing really. You’re there too aren’t you? You’re also jacked in? – No we are– – Neither of them are. – So we just have awesome
metaphysical tech moment where she pointed to what was the camera. – Yeah. – And some reached through to us and we were like whoa. – Yeah but she didn’t seem to know that– – We’re not there. – Hopps was there, yeah. – She can feel our presence. – Yeah.
– But we’re not in there. – Exactly. It seems like she identified
that she knows the six of you. And has identified the
six of you are a group because she names all of you off. And then… – Yeah. Almost. – She hold the star and she just clutches it her chest. And you begin the watch the suit change. – Did I fuck it up? – No no no. It’s all just learning. – There are also all the preloads that I built for Luma’s suit. That are available as
just easy grabs in here. – You see a fluctuation of
clothing beginning to appear and disappear on her. And she doesn’t even seem to notice. She’s just kind of looking confused again as she squeezes the star close to her. – Always reuse code. – Yeah. Okay. – Do I have that in here too? – Mm-hmm. – Okay. Point out clothes. – She nods. – What is she currently
changed to right now? – As you say clothes, you see
the clothes you’re wearing begin to appear on her body
and she just nods to you. – Huh. Switch to big fuzzy sweater. – Okay. She looks at the star and then
immediately goes over to you and starts touching your sweater. (laughter) And you see again, it’s night and day. It’s only cause of y’all know that stoic, stone faced
assassin doesn’t appear anywhere in the face of this young woman who’s smiling as she’s touching this fuzz. – Alright, sleek metal with mirrored quality. – Okay. And that kind of bewilders
her for a second. She’s looking and you see she stares at her reflection
for the first time. And she starts to touch
her face and stare. You again begin to see that anxiety spike. That identity crisis begin to
find it’s way back into her. But again the code kind of inferring and giving her that
stability to remind her she is in a safe space she kind of just goes… (sighs) And she puts the star down and says, you see the text appear. And she signs to you, I need to know. The text appears over
her head as she signs it. – I sign out each letter
because I can’t find the right questions.
– She smiles and then she takes your hands.
– And then I just say ask away. – And she takes your hands
and starts doing ask away. Like I’m showing you. – Thank you.
– And she nods. And she signs who am I? Where have I been? – I sign… – How old am I?
– Whoever you want to be. – The question start to get constrained. And she just says I wanna
understand what’s happening. – You can slowly. Your pace.
– What is this place? What is pace? The anxiety begins to spike a little. – Choice. – Is this the part where I
say the technical things? – Is there a way to manifest
a book of anything we know? About her or? Safe stuff? – Much lower poly, much
less attractive book. Real fast. I can make things happen
and they don’t look pretty. – See Oniko run, see Oniko kill. – Is it like a picture pop up book? (laughter) – It’s low poly. – Sure sure sure. – It looks like a Minecraft book. (laughter) – Okay. You give this to her. What’s the data inside
this book as she takes it? – Data has summarized by graphical history based on what I could conclude. I start there. Also in subsequent chapters lists the things that we’ve
done and lists what we know about her. – Okay. – Oh god.
– Yup. – It happens so fast. You hand her the book and she opens it and she goes… (gasps) She turns the page and you on the outside begin to see her heart spiking and the activity on her brain. And then she’s flipping
through the pages and you see the expression on her face resembles… She’s processing the information but the expression on her face has gone almost neutral with terror. As she’s flipping through
it and flipping through it. An image begins to form. Almost like an animation
you’ve drawn on paper and you’re flipping through it. And you all begin to see
a glowing pair of eyes begin to manifest inside this book and you hear this low, vibrating, rumble. Not a part of the program at all. You can see that Oniko’s
memories reasserting and– – I snag the book. – What do you do? – I, sorry, I run forward
and I grab the book. – Um you’re running
forward to grab the book as it’s happening. This low rumble’s happening. You rush forward and you all see a scrolling over and over
Fletcher, Fletcher, Fletcher, just scrolling like it’s a screen. Like somebody’s flooding the channel. And then you see her going… (hyperventilating) And you slap the book
right out of her hands. It literally explodes into pixels into the air and de-manifests. And she… (hyperventilating) You detect outside she’s
starting to hyperventilate. You see her body stiffen up against the restraints a little bit. – I grab my hand and I start
signing against her chest. Over, safe, it’s over, safe.
– There’s no Fletcher here. – Anton how do we make someone calm? – No Fletcher.
– Anton you can hear me right? – No Fletcher. – Her face… In this virtual world you
don’t see tears forming. Outside however you can hear the whimpers and you can see them coming
from the corners of her eyes streaming down the side of her face. In this VR world, the
woman is called Oniko. She grabs your forearms immediately and she looks into your
eyes and just keeps nodding as you’re talking and
nodding as you’re talking. – I’m just repeating the rhythm
so she feels someone on her. – She pulls away and
starts signing rapidly. – Okay, slow down. – You just see the text. There’s no space between words. He took me from me, he took me
from me, he took me from me. It took me from me, it took me
from me, it took me from me. – You’re back. – She nods. She stops for a second and says… She signs something to you
and it says, first time. First time here. – First time awake? – Always through a window. – Okay. – On the medical bed. You see her relaxing. But she’s inconsolably like, her face, even though her
body is kind of slumped back, but her face looks like somebody who’s experiencing a nightmare
and is crying in their sleep. But again she gently
grabs ahold of your arms. – I have an intuition because
we don’t have her name name. Her English name or records or anything. But it’s possible buried out. What’s your sign name? Cause I like have a friend
whose name is Rebecca and has curly hair, and it’s just R. Like a curl. She might just remember
that on a different level. – She looks at you and
nods as you’re signing and then just goes… It just called me pet. – That’s not great. Don’t wanna hear that. (sighing) – I’m sorry. – It’s not like you. No, it’s not like you. – Not like people? – Not human? – Yes. – She heard me? – No Lacy asked. – Oh. I was like whoa whoa
whoa, what’s happening? – Do you know what it is? – She just says, bad. – Bad. – It took me from me. – No more. – That’s over. – I want to wake up now. – I point to the chamber. – She glances over at the door, and getting the implication that she needs to walk through it, she hesitates and looks
back at all of you. Like she doesn’t want to leave
the room without you guys. She kind of stops and… – We’re coming with you. Together. – Few moments later, you all
turn and look down to see the woman known as Oniko. Her eyes blinking open
for the first time just… She looks little confused by
the sensation she’s feeling and the wetness all over
the side of her face. But you hear her just… (groaning) And she looks down and, ah! She sees the restraints and you see the spike of anxiety immediately. As all of you are jumping out of the VR you take them off.
– I take them off yeah. – She sits bolt up right, and for a second looks like she’s about to retreat but then when she sees
all of you, she just… – Real. Real.
– Real! – Hi. – Fuzzy sweater. – I roll up and just sort of
tilt the shaped side of my head cause that’s my favorite
sensory thing to play with. – Okay. – A sensory thing, I don’t
have a, like a thing. – Okay. She wipes the side of her face and just… You see her tug at her hair. And you see she starts to
feel the back of her ear where some of her cybernetics are exposed. And you see her just go… (breathes out) As clearly a memory begins to flood back into her mind as she… And she signs to you, no reboot. – Your choice. – No reboot. She says it as a statement this time. – No. Never again. – She just kind of… And then her breath catches. And her eyes go wide and
she looks past all of you and she cranes her head and she slides her legs off of the table and on to the ground. And she begins to walk away from you guys. Like slow at first. And you just see this the
wildest wonder on her face as she begins to leave the room. – Oh should we? – I mean we should follow. – Yeah. – You watch her approach one
of the glass walls of the base where moonlight is peeking
through the surface of the water 60 feet over your heads
and she places her hands up against the glass and
begins to stare up at it. And her mouth is just hanging open. And she stays there. The only indication that
she’s even a living thing is her breath fogging
the glass and vanishing. And she’s just staring up at it. – Wanna go swimming? – And then you all hear thudding noises. – I’ll be right back! – It’s actually in front of you guys. You see Sal approaching her.
– Oh I was gonna cut him off. – And she goes… And stares up at him and he just goes… Coffee? And she just stares at him. And he holds up a mug
and she takes it and… There’s a moment as
y’all are watching this. She takes it and then
she has to put her eyes back on the moon and Sal
just kind of looks at her. The rest of y’all find
yourselves in a moment where you’re looking at Oniko and Sal standing side by side looking up through the glass
at the moonlight that’s coming down through the
surface of the water. Completely quiet. Both of these people, one
was genetically engineered to be a monster and to kill things, and the other one was
grown and reprogrammed to be an assassin and murderer. And now the two of them
are standing side by side and both of them, what
you notice most poignantly about this moment is Sal is
standing in front of a glass that looks out into the
water and he’s not moving. He seems just as fixated on the moonlight coming through the surface as Oniko. And the two of them just stand
there silently gazing up. Not saying a word. – I know this is our lives
now but this is so weird. – I like weird. – They’re part of our family. – They’ve got a lot to be taught. (sighs) – Oh my god the code it
all worked, it all worked. There’s no expansions, there’s everything. Everything works, it works, it works. – What’s remarkable is
not knowing how to use… (laughs) What’s remarkable is as
a woman who doesn’t know how to use her body without
a program being fed to her she had the real risk of
hurting herself just by moving. I mean the joints she
spring loaded to move at incredible speeds. Yes, everything you wrote, Lacy, has compensated her brain patterns so that she knows exactly
how to move her body the moment she woke up. And the assist is working. It’s helping her move her body, it’s helping her feel sensation. And it just seems to be working
so well in the background that she doesn’t really
notice except for that she is purposely drawn to every
experience that she’s happening. Apparently it’s infectious cause
Sal’s right there with her. It’s just a remarkable scene. What do you do? – I don’t think we’re gonna
get hardcore intel tonight. – Yeah but maybe we should get
her a fresh pair of clothes. – So mainland trip? – Yeah or I can just alter one of the many many pieces I made Sal. – You have all of the disguises
and then I made the suit. Cause I was bad at
coordinating it with you. – Yeah we might be the same size-ish. Kind of don’t wanna leave though. They’re just so… – They don’t move. – I pull up a chair and sit next to them. I find a chair somewhere. – There are chairs. You can just find one out of the kitchen which is only about 30 feet away. (shooshing noise) You can just slide it down. – I intended it to be smooth. It’s super awkward and annoying. (laughs) – Well I’m gonna go
ahead and go back to bed. It seems like everything
is nice and calm in here. Which is good. This is a good vibe. Good way to end the day. Yeah we can just pick it up
back in the morning, gang. Really good job everybody,
really good effort. Really good hustle. (laughs) Goodnight. – Goodnight. – Goodnight Anton. – So we’ll do a scene jump
unless anybody has anything else. – The whole time, I’m
kind of off to the side with my hands clenched extremely. Like you can just see almost
fury buried underneath. Not mad at her obviously, but just enraged about the situation. And the entire time I’m just thinking the things I’m gonna do to the person when I catch whoever did this to her. Just furious. Like everyone’s enjoying
the nice moon and water and I’m just like seething to do– – There’s a motherfucker out there that needs to get his ass beat. (laughs) – It’s a monster. – We should kick it. – And Hopps is taking it very personal. – Okay. – So I’ll probably spend some
time in the training room. – So do you want to jump to the next day? You guys dropping food off to Kylan?
– Yeah. – So the city of Los Angeles is where we’ve taken to the next scene. It’s early early morning out hours. It’s safer to fly in. – Cool! – It’s safer to fly in
to early morning LA. – We have a lot of chill. We’re the most chill. – I have no points in chill. (laughter) – I have an inability in chill. – I got a better idea. Let’s fly this bad boy to Las Vegas. – Yay! (laughter) (chatter) – The moon! – Eventually. – The alamo doesn’t have a basement. – So touching down in the
wee hours of the morning just before sunrise. – Why did we get up so early? – Well if you wanna do this in
the broad daylight, you can. – You just let me complain, it’s fine. – Oh okay cool. – It’s not even really. It’s like noon. – Either way this is our LA map selves. You touch down um… Judging from news reports, since now you’ve all emerged
from Blue Dolphin base, judging from new reports, there have been a lot of activity
last night in Los Angeles. From Baldwin Island all the way down to down to Raft City, there has been a lot of
protests and counter protest, mostly peaceful. LAPD is out enforced, too. It’s just peace keeping. There hasn’t been anything like, there hasn’t been a lot of trouble making but the city is also in
the midst of celebrating. It’s not quite the city
divided that the… Let me just put it this way. There’s a lot of people
with really big microphones that wants to you think
everyone is a lot more divided then they really are. – Mm. – And when the smoke is cleared
from the vote of Measure Z, it’s beginning to show
that the city was in fact quite united against the future that was being written for them. They were being told it
was gonna keep them safe. They were being told
it was way things are. The way tyranny works. You’re happy, you’re fine. Everything’s fine and the
other side is your enemy. Not your fellow citizen. Los Angeles came to the
realization after that vote that they’re all citizens of LA. And it seems like a lot of
the protest and partying have definitely spilled over into little bit of the rowdy side but for the most part
you’re touched down out here next to this warehouse,
goes completely unnoticed. And as the ramp begins to descent, you see Kylan Krause leaving the warehouse and running to this and goes… (panting) – How’s it going? – He takes it. I’m sorry I don’t know what this is. – Drink it. – Why? – Aren’t you hungry? – Oh my god if we were gonna kill you, you’d be dead already. Just drink it, it’s not poison. – I suppose that’s true. He pops it off and… Is that gumbo? – Yeah you’re not
allergic to seafood right? – No, I’ve just never drank gumbo before. And just downs it. – You haven’t had very good gumbo then. – It took us hours to make it. – Thank you. So, now what? – I also picked up some uh, we got some In-N-Out on the way, some fast food for the next day at least. – You want me to stay here another day? – At least another day. Here you go, here’s lunch, here’s dinner. – Duffle bag of more potions,
put it around your shoulder. – Alright, well I thank you– – Sleeping bag. – He starts piling up and says, I’m sorry, I’m grateful,
don’t think I’m not grateful, but I am asking, what’s the plan here? Am I just supposed to remain here? – We’re working on it. – Do you have a better place to be? – It’s only a matter of time until she finds out where I am. She’s quite good at what she does. – I don’t think she’ll
be finding you here. I think you’ll be fine. – That’s what we’re working on. We’re trying to get to the bottom of it, right everybody? – My point is that eventually
she’s going to find out that I’m here and kill me. – Nope. – She’s not gonna do that. Trust us. – Yeah it would be really
sad if that happened. – Let’s just say that she’s
been taken out of the equation. – You’ve killed her? – Let’s just say that she’s
been taken out of the equation. – So she’s been neutralized but– – Let’s just say that she’s
been taken out of the equation. – Math is hard, I know. But look. You are obviously somewhat safe here and we have nowhere else
to put you so have at it. – I’m starting to think maybe I’m not as safe as I thought I was. – Okay here’s the thing. You have to give us more information. – Like anything! – What do you want to know? – Everything you know, just tell us. – Everything I know, I just tell you? – Yes who is this big bad that
we’re supposed to take out? So that you’re safe? – You said she was gonna kill you? Who’s given her those orders? – Yeah. – I imagine it must be
coming from Fletcher who wants to protect his investments. – And what is Fletcher? – What is Fletcher? – Yeah. – Who? – I’ve never met him. – Tell us everything
you know about Fletcher. – His order usually come to me through various digital messages
and more often than not they came through Oniko. – Mm. – Do you have records of
those digital messages? – Yes, they’re all back in my office. – Your office at Pyramid? – At Pyramid. – Okay I think it’s time for a little field trip.
– If you have neutralized or taken her out oft equation
then that’s not a falsehood. It shouldn’t me a problem for me to be able to access
that information again. And I’d be happy to give it to you. If you want it. – And we can trace the
origin of the messages? – I’m not a tech wizard. Theoretically yes. You have Lacy. – I have a lot of things
that could be answered with some information from Pyramid Star. – And there’s no other way
for Fletcher to get to you? Other than through
Oniko, who we all agreed we’ve taken out of the equation? – Well, Fletcher had
resources at his disposal but Oniko was his general,
so to speak, his enforcer. – Do you think I’d be safe to bring him? – I don’t care. I wanna know who Fletcher is, I wanna know where we find him or it. Whatever Fletcher is. – I don’t trust him. – Do we need to? – I can stay here but
if you go in without me, it’s going to raise… – Then we won’t. – Very well. – Enjoy your gumbo. – Go on TV and give away
your entire fortune. (laughs) – Oya burst out laughing. – I wouldn’t recommend that. – Why not? I know a few charities that could benefit. – I’ve never had a fortune. I always lived under the
account of Pyramid Star. It all belongs to Fletcher. – You do a good impression
of a rich asshole. – Well it’s easy when you’re rich. – Someone explain that to me. – I lived in the
privilege of Pyramid Star. I don’t have that anymore. If you go in there and
proclaim that you’re me and give away a wealth
that you don’t have, you’re just gonna get more
people looking for me. – That’s true.
– Wait. – All of his wealth is in options and all of his assets
were corporate owned. – Not to mention Pyramid Star employs close to 145,000 employees
across the globe. – Okay wait, I know how you can help us sniff this Fletcher out. What is something that would completely piss him off if you did? – Giving away all giving
away all his fortune? – He begins to unwrap a In-N-Out burger and shove it into his mouth. And he just chews on
for a second and goes, if you killed Oniko, that
would probably piss him off. – So would a disconnection from input output signals from her accomplish that same end? – You’re not very good poker
players, you know that? – We’re good at other things. – I’m playing with amateurs. – He puts the burger away on that note. He says, if you’ve taken Oniko from him, that would be one of the most
damaging things you could do. She has access to information
that nobody in my position have ever had access to. And for whatever reason Fletcher seems to have
taken particular pride with his work with Oniko, that as much, I can read. – A streetlight not far away explodes.
– Pops. Okay that causes him to jump. And has just kind of… I really need to take better
care of this part of town. – I hate myself for even asking this, but, what do you want now? – Not that it matters. Yeah like I don’t care but you know. – No of course not, of course not. He rolls up the bag and says, honestly I’ve never really had a life of my own. I’m not sure what I want. I’m not really sure I’d uh… What I’m good at yet. – Still not sorry I messed up your statue. – Well if it makes you feel any better, I am the reproduction
of many men who looked exactly like me beforehand so technically it wasn’t my statue. – That makes us feel better, yeah. – Mm. – I never took it personally. It was amazing you we’re able
to throw it that high though. – It was supposed to make
to take it personally. – Well what’s the play? – Okay I think, here’s the thing. They’re just gonna replace him, they’re just gonna replace Oniko, with someone else that Fletcher controls. So I think the answers is to get Fletcher to reveal himself somehow. – Call his bluff, make him go all in. – We’ll make him come out and
meet us on our playing field. Not just be this weird shadowy thing. And maybe it’s like we
say, hey, we killed Oniko. Or hey we whatever, but we
need something that will make him so mad that he
has to show his hand. – We bluff. – Bluff that’s so good that
he can’t tell the truth. And he has to come out
and see for himself. – The only way you’re
going to draw Fletcher out is if you have something
that’s going to make him desperate enough that he
had to reveal himself. – He’s gonna want Oniko back. – Yeah Oniko is one. I have no idea what he’s going to do now that Measure Z is passed. That’s going to significantly
weaken and change the entire playing field for Corporate LA. – We need to get into his office, get as much information
as we can from his files, track what we can, and send a message. – And let it be so convincing. – What if that message… – Can you falsify Oniko’s signal? Make him think Oniko’s back on the grid. Shift. And have him come to us? Make our own pot of honey? – Also I have something to add to that. But I don’t think you’re going to like it. Although you might
considering the advantage it will put you at. – This is too much preamble. – Well I was just thinking– – Stop pausing. – If you’re going to
portray yourself as Oniko, what would really make his head spin is what if Oniko reappeared and so did I? Right where we left off? – Hmm. – In other words, what if
I was once again the CEO of Pyramid Star Solutions? – And she win against his orders. – Then they can’t put a new stooge at the top of pyramid star. – Yeah. – Ugh!
– It’s true but… – The public has seen everything now. Everything that matters to them anyway. If you put me back in
charge at Pyramid Star, it definitely means he won’t be able to install his next puppet without drawing so many
questions from the media who now have complete
control and autonomy. – That puts you at risk. – Yeah. – Why are you so much
more comfortable at that? – Well a death mark from
Oniko, that’s a certainty. That’s a matter of time. Putting me in charge of Pyramid Star is dealing me back into the game. Not playing on the same
side anymore of course. But hiding out in the open so to speak is a lot safer than hiding in a warehouse. Even though I do enjoy In-N-Out burger. Sponsor us, In-N-Out. (laughter) – What’s to stop Fletcher
from stealthily killing you, replacing you, and then
we start all over again, and then we have no idea that
you’ve even been replaced? – I can fix that. – It’s a good point. – An insertable chip
that broadcast signal. It’s the same principle as Oniko. But stealth, so that we
can receive it if it stops transmitting like a dead man
switch, we would know about it. We would know that you got caught. And we would know where you are. – We’re gonna keep tabs on you. How do you feel about that? – Considering it’s my life, pretty good. – So to get back at the people that did what they did to Onako, to get back at Fletcher, we’re gonna do the exact
same thing with Kylan Krause? – He agreed to do it though. – Kind of a difference. – Just a transmitter, gosh. I would never… – No no, I don’t think
he meant it that way. I think he more meant just, look, I think Anton is expressing
the irony of the situation. – Yeah. – Well I’m about to help you be CEO. I’m aware of the irony of the situation. – How about just co-CEO? – Good news is, cause I
believe I was put in charge. – In my absence, Oniko was interim CEO. – Exactly.
– If I was to reappear– – So how about a partnership? – It’s possible but then keep
in mind if that’s the case you’d be devoting all of days
to working at Pyramid Star. – Not only that, remember– – What do CEOs even do? – Well right up until– – They do a lot actually. – Everything fell apart, yes. As your former corporate man can tell you. – Silent partner’s a thing. – Silent partner’s a thing, but– – I don’t know what kind of thing. – It’s not gonna do us any
good if we’re trying to be public about this whole thing. – Oniko was very rarely seen. – But I thought the point
was to draw out Fletcher. – Just let him see you a few times, let him get questions, and I’m sure he’ll come knocking. – We’ll have to make sure
Lacy’s close enough to at least put out some kind of signal to make him think it’s Oniko. – I have an idea. I can do it. – It’s time to tell you that
one piece of information that I don’t know if it’s relevant or not but it’s worth mentioning. There are other CEOs that are working in corporate LA at Cassium Traeger. They all answered to me at the
time I was working with them. And for the most part they all were, if you’ll excuse the phrase, recyclable, as Fletcher liked to call them. Which means we went through
them quite frequently. But right now I have no
doubt that they’re all struggling to find out who’s going to be Fletcher’s next lap dog. If you put me in control,
I can keep tabs on them. – Yeah. – Here’s another idea. We don’t need a Charlemange
rising at Cassium. After Rome falls. – That’s true. But don’t you think another
way to get Fletcher out is if he thinks Oniko did capture some of us? – No. – No? – Why? – Yeah keep going with that train thought. – Cause I’m thinking, what if we played every
card we have on the table to where there’s no way
he can’t reveal himself? If we put him back in charge,
put Oniko by his side, and then all of a sudden, have… I don’t know. – Are you talking about the real Oniko or are you talking about Luma? – I’m saying Oniko, Luma obviously. – If what he wants is
us, why not give him us? Make him think he’s got it. – Because then we could die? – No I’m not saying– – He could kill us? – But he won’t know that we know. – Oh he would know. – Using ourselves as bait. – I get it. Cause they were gonna capture
us alive and experiment on us. – But I’m– – But if we were in there then
I could access their notes and get their experiments and we would be experimenting on them. – Oh because Luma would
be in charge of this grabbing operation. – So the plan we’re assuming
is make Oniko public with Kylan Krause again and then, if contact is made make it
clear I have you in custody? – At least some of us. – Maybe not all of us. – It would definitely force
someone to come pick us up. – It would give me access
to all of the facilities. I could get so much information. – None of this will work. – Why? – Because Fletcher will know
he has no control over Oniko at the moment any
contact has been severed. He’ll know that Luma’s fake. – I hate you. – He’ll immediately know
that you’re luring… You’re trying to lure this into a trap and he’ll kill all of us. – What if we could spoof the architecture of the programming exactly? – I suppose you could do that but… You might risk encountering Fletcher. – That’s the whole point.
– That’s what we want. – No but in the program, right? – Oh. – It’s possible. Door’s open both ways. – Would that put you in danger? Part of it’s connected
to my consciousness. If it’s a separate thing putting
out the signal that I can communicate with, it’s
not attacking any sort of motor functions or mental functions, I suppose it would just be a simulation. It would just replicate
the signature to him. – None of this solves the problem of the power vacuum in Corporate LA. – That’s why you guys are there. – So you’re talking about
doing both of these plans then. – Mm-hmm.
– That’s what I’m saying. Play every card we have,
put it all out on the table. Make him come out. Cause I wanna see who this monster is. – It’s also something
I’m very curious about. – What? – I still don’t know
what the energy source that turned you into what you are is. – That’s what I’m trying to find out. That’s why I need to
get into Pyramid Star. – There’s only one person who knew. – Who?
– At least knew something. Dr Patel. She was the only one
that had an understanding of exactly what was going on. Or at least a hint of what was going on. – Cool you just reminded
me of how much I hate you. – We need her notes and we
need to find her family. What happened? At least notify next of kin? – So we need to get into Pyramid. – Yeah I think… I think this is the best way. Is this the best way? – It’s the only one we’ve got. – You wanna see a media frenzy, Anton? Something you’ve got some
experience with hyping up. Watch what happens tomorrow when I walk through the front
doors of Pyramid Star to take my chair again. And then I can get you
whatever information Dr Patel left behind. Just so you know though, if Fletcher’s watching,
that’s going to flag. So I might need your help Lacy. – What do you need help with? – Well if Dr Patel did
leave anything behind, she’s going to have buried it. – Mm-hmm. – Or it’s going to be in the
hands of Fletcher already. But I don’t have the mind
to actually anticipate where you might find such
a hidden bread crumb. So I’ll need your help. I can get you easy access
without throwing up any other flares of hacking job done on Pyramid Star’s mainframe. And then from there, Lacy. – Yeah? – I mean from there, Lacy takes over, – I’ll be there too. – What about? – What do we call you? – What do you mean? – What name do you using now? – I’m Kylan Krause as
far as I’m concerned. – Okay so you fucking
listen to me, Kylan Krause. – He folds his arms and says, alright. – I am sorry for how
little choice you got. And how things shook out
for you in the beginning. That sucks. If you turn on us, I will end you. Deal? – Deal. Happy to hear that your
convictions are in the right place. – She’s amazing. – Then tomorrow morning, let’s pay a visit to
our old place of employ. – You like this warehouse, huh? You wanna stay here another whole day. – It’s got me thinking
about what would happen if I should get my old job back. I’ve had plenty of time to consider it. – Actually this warehouse
gives me an idea too. – Blue Dolphin base where
you all make your home, used to be a Cassium lab, am I correct? – Yes. – There’s no reason in the world why it would raise suspicions
if I shifted funds to research projects under codenames. – So basically you’re bribing us now too? – You could call it that if you want. I prefer to think of
it as saying thank you and funding the Callisto 6. – Siphoning money away
from evil projects towards less evil projects seems
like an appealing thing. If Pyramid Star has less money, that’s good. – Wait, we’re less evil projects? – Yeah. – What do we do that’s evil? – We’re people. – We’re putting him back in charge so it’s kind of a wash right now. – Cass has got a point. She did threaten my life just now too. – Oh come on.
– That wasn’t a threat. – You don’t get to call us evil. – Hey you set the standard. I’m just reading it back to you. – He didn’t. Lacy’s the one that called us evil. – What? Look, there’s… – Sorry, less evil. – Is the devil we know. We may also be the devils we know. – I think we’re over thinking this now. – Fletcher has his hands
all over the city, right? He’s paying attention to the whole city. Especially with Measure Z. – That’s my assumption, yes. – Tomorrow morning, you guys are going in, getting information.
– Mm-hmm. – What if we created diversion? – Wait we want him to know that he’s back. We want him to know that he’s back, we don’t want him to know that he’s going into the system looking up Dr Patel’s information. – Well you wouldn’t have
to worry about that. Trust me. Hopps, me walking in the door, to think that chair again, that will be the diversion. – Oh yeah. – Alright. – Your head’s in the right place. – We’ll just call you all
the he senior partners of Pyramid Star. And uh, it’s good to be on the team. He gives you a handsome,
tooth, disgusting smile. You’re not the team. – Of corse, no, of course. I mean I had an hand in making you and– – Okay, alright. – This would’ve been my
dream a couple months ago. Yeah me too. This is my nightmare. – And I’m agreeing to this. – Alright so I guess stay here. We’ll go get you a new suit. We’ll need you’re measurements, uh sir? – Send them to you. – Great. – Also Lacy. – Whatever chip you’re thinking of. – I have a couple things I have to build. Off to the shop with me. – Well then. I’ll see you tomorrow. It’ll be a very interesting day. A new Los Angeles. – Let’s go. – Why aren’t as happy as I should be? – Yeah. – Why aren’t I as happy as I should be? – Just cause you win
doesn’t mean it’s over. – Just keep saying your mantra. Seeing him get something that he wants makes me really really not happy. – While we’re alive, he hasn’t won. – Funnel cake? – Funnel cake. – And beer. – That’s a good button to end on. (laughter) That’s our first episode
of season two you guys. (cheering) – We kind of have a mission. Like a pretty big mission. – Hey check us out. – Stumbled our way into that. – Season two style. – Yeah. – Right through the front door. – Alright. – So to close this out,
real quick, two things. I wanna extend, I wanna continue
on the long track record of thanking all the people
that make this show possible. I’m gonna thank the crew, Joey, who’s our director of photography. I wanna thank Jose, our sound mixer. And brad, our production designer, and he’s our team that did all
of this crazy awesome stuff. And of course Mikey, Dev, and I guess. And I’m not thinking Holly again. Cliff. Okay thank you Holly! (cheering) Yes, no seriously
though, they’re our crew. Because as you guys have
seen during the GNS, we look the way we look, and we do things the way we do around
here because of our crew. And so deeply deeply grateful for the incredible work that they do. – They make us look good. – Gonna celebrate by going to Las Vegas. (laughter) – It’s gonna be a picture
of Holly with a bird. (laughter) – So on our way out real quick, again, I just wanna, I’m gonna
be doing this a lot because it is so rad,
it’s supporting our show. It means so much to us. So thank you Oakie Doakie Dice. (cheering) I really appreciate it. And again you can find Oakie Doakie Dice at
or @oakiedoakiedice. – I just rolled another 20 on it. (chatter) – Oh thank you Oakie Doakie Dice for making her burn that 20 out of game. You can’t use it against me in game. And of course our beautiful, wonderful friends at Monte Cook Games. Guys thank you so much, thank
you for the Cypher System. And for all the work that
Monte Cook himself has done including Bruce, who by the
way, I just want to encourage everyone to check out The Strain. It’s one of the Cypher
System games that I adore and I have yet to run, but I always say it’s X-Files and Sliders meets X-Files and Sliders. (laughter) With a little bit of cthulu. So don’t forget you can
also use the discount code Measure Z at the Monte
Cook shop to get five… Is it $5? I think it’s $5 off, yeah. – Thank you for voting! – Oh my gosh. – So we will see you next Friday! Um stay tuned cause
our beautiful, amazing, awesome red casted vampire will be here in about an hour. Stay tuned and I’ll see you guys later. And until then folks, stay whimsical. (quirkly music)

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    6:10 Measure Z coupon
    8:30 Intro Starts
    9:20 Cinematic News Report
    10:30 12,000 Votes By Superpunks
    15:10 New Day
    18:30 Episode Starts
    33:00 Natural 20 (Lacy) First Roll Of The Season
    38:30 7 Of 9, Evil Corporation Is Evil
    49:30 Tier Two Characters
    53:00 Time Lord Shenanigans
    1:10:10 Hopps Disagrees With The Party… Again
    1:14:50 Bland Seafood Gumbo Torture
    1:17:35 Same De Leve Is Life
    1:23:20 Gumbo Potions
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    1:30:00 Break
    1:34:45 Being Decent People
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