Retirement of Detector Dogs Jagger and Chloe

My name is Officer Falzon and I’m a Border Services Officer with Canada Border Services
Agency, and I’m also a Detector Dog Handler and this is my
partner, Jagger. He looks for currency, so cash.
More often than not we’re arounnd the baggage hall.
Jagger’s trained to go people and sniff
their pockets and around their waist. For the public, when they see they see the dog running
around, it’s an experience for them. For me it’s just an everyday
occurence but for them it’s unique and
it’s an experience. My name is Officer Portiss. I’m
a detector dog handler with Canada
Border Services Agency, and this is
my partner Detector Dog Chloe. She’s an 11 year old beagle. What she’s looking for
specifically is food plant and animal products that are restricted or prohibited from coming into Canada. Me as a dog handler, watching
her work my proudest moments are when
she finds something that no one
else would have ever found. She’ll be
hard on a bag, nose on it, and indicate
on it, and you know, we’ll be
searching it and the other officers will be
saying there’s nothing here, and I’m
like, no there’s got to be something
here. And we look and look and look
and finally, maybe in the toe of a
shoe, there’s a little packet of seeds
that someone was importing. Not only
is that difficult to find, but
that’s a really huge risk to our
agricultural and forestry industries. What are your plans? What do you
want to do after you’re done here? I’ve got him qualified as a
therapy dog, so as soon as he retires
we’re going to be doing therapy work.
The plan is to continue his
experiences outside of the home and to
keep him happy, really. She’s cased out the best sun
spots in the house, and the comfiest
couch in the house, so she’s good.
She’s got a rotating schedule of places
to sleep. She does love to hike too, so
we’ll keep the sniffer busy by going
on hikes with her. I’ll take her and my
other dog and they love to go hiking
in the woods. You want to wave goodbye
to all the people? Here. Sit. Wave
goodbye. Sit down. Sit. Wave. Good boy!

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5 Responses

  1. darkstar9008 says:

    Happy retirement!

  2. Andrew Leung says:

    My question is… everyone brings some cash with them, so how does the dog know if the person is carrying small amounts of cash or a suitcase load of cash?

  3. Luna Wars says:


  4. Fringe Wizard says:

    What if you accidentally get seeds, chemical residues, or other stuff on you they'd smell and you don't even know it's on you and you have no intention of importing anything or causing any trouble but they smell it on you? How to explain oneself then? Makes me worried I could accidentally get something on me and not even know it.

  5. Nick says:

    Amazing how a dog can detect currency of all things.

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