Rhett Gets Hypnotized To Love Cats

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  1. Christian Tangerine says:

    I love both Rhett and link's experiences in hypnosis.

  2. The bigJ says:

    Tastes like mayonnaise

  3. Lokaikell Jean says:

    "I still see it"


  4. Sikemi Omotosho says:

    I love Rhett omg I cannot 😂😂

  5. S.R Animates some kind of trash says:

    (he could totally be a preacher ) Hypnotizer : YOU ARE HEALED YOUR HEALED

  6. Mastur Luck says:


  7. Rachel Law says:

    At the beginning they looked like mvp's 😂

  8. Katie thepotato says:

    He looks like a demon
    He acts like a demon

  9. Gucci TaeKook Shipper says:

    Is Rhett a visco boy. Lol. He has Vans

  10. Tabbi Cyat says:

    Oh god.
    I don’t think Rhett would like me-

    i have 4 cats and I really love cats, probably more than people

  11. Turtle 113 68 says:

    He's trying to resist

  12. Bubbles says:

    Can we all just take in Links outfit

  13. TrueGodz-_ says:

    I feel so bad for the hypnotist, he must’ve felt so embarrassed

  14. Budd3r Chi3f says:

    I just imagine link like reading a comment saying "RED TOMATO!!!!!!" and link silently whispering "(Gasp) I love tomatoes… :0

  15. Sean Hunter says:

    8:36 red tomatoes was in the tip of everyone's tongues all day because everyone kept saying it. Then she had mirror neurons that made her want to say it too. Neurons in the brain that lead us to copy others, they imitate the subtle behaviors of others

  16. RJisKewl says:

    Damn, Rhett’s still a smart ass even though he’s hypnotized

  17. MJ P says:

    Look he has love in his eyes for you!

    He looks like a demon.

  18. Danie Azcona says:

    when he said "it's mayonnaise" i lost it


    5:22 he was remebering a past event about link


    im tell ya i cant be hypnotized

  21. Mr. Langdon says:


  22. Jacqueline Day says:

    Now I really want to see Rhett without a beard.

  23. Aiden Mclean says:

    I got over a hatred for cats just overtime

  24. Man Child says:

    It’s mayonnaise lmaooo

  25. Brianna smith says:


  26. Immortal Shadow says:

    The reason for this is rhett is used to a dogs way of constantly showing affection at all times. But if your husband was constantly smiling at you and wanting to spend time 24/7, you would think it is unnatural. That's why I think cats are better than dogs, its because they actually act like a normal being. There are times where your cat wants to play, other times it doesn't or it doesn't always like being held up but some cats occasionally do want that. When i see dogs (most, especially large) they are constantly happy, constantly wanting to play which I think is weird

  27. Ranural says:

    not even god:
    rhett after tasting vanilla ice cream:

    ᶦᵗˢ ᵐᵃʸᵒⁿⁿᵃᶦˢᵉ

  28. HiyaMikaela says:

    ''i went to school for this?''


  29. Keaton Wittwer says:

    Link was holding on to that tomato for like 10 minutes

  30. Marianne Rose says:

    I see a bird

  31. Will Langmaid says:

    I don’t like the way you can see it’s butthole-Rhett 2019

  32. Pamela Panos says:

    14:38 i feel like he looked so cute and happy until he was like "it's a stuffed animal"

  33. Spook s says:

    Rhett doesn't believe in it and I think he is too dominant to be hypnotized

  34. Silver and Brass says:

    I like the part when that one person talks

  35. Purple Pickles says:

    the first 12 minutes are about tomatoes lol

  36. Deven Leclercq says:

    Yes ok ok

  37. Sarah Vruwink says:

    …😕… I got hooked watching these guys for like 2 days now but now I know Rhett doesn’t like cats…

  38. KCH studios: Homemade Movies says:

    Hypnos guy: it’s gonna be the best ice cream ever

    Rhett: it’s mayonnaise

  39. Profit Trump protégé says:

    Rhett is just funny 😂🤣

  40. BlinkinFirefly says:

    Rhett thank you so much for making my night a million times better. I was laughing so hard at the hypnosis session XD

  41. TTyrant says:

    Can you get hypnotized to love math and be good in it?

  42. Joona Illman says:

    I feel like he isn't even in the hypnotic state when he starts making suggestions to him. He's only very relaxed.

  43. Hunter Arnold says:

    2:21 noice

  44. Bailey Angus says:

    I'm dying

  45. Water Wolf says:

    “Can you make a cat like tomatoes?”

  46. Efrain Anguiano says:

    12:12 thank me later

  47. Audrey Hopkins says:

    whispers it looks like a demon 15:50

  48. Audrey Hopkins says:

    Ahahahahahahahah “wow isn’t that some great vanilla ice cream” “its mayonnaise”

  49. ActiveFNM says:

    I went to school for this😂😂

  50. Tuukka Oranen says:

    The therapist is so cool

  51. Fran McVerry says:

    OMG its sooo hard to decide whose hypnosis was funnier. I think for me personally, rhett's was funnier, but both of theirs had me rolling on the floor crying and laughing.

  52. asteria says:

    there's a painting with a bird behind him

  53. Twenty Øne Piløts? says:

    Rhett: “see, I don’t like that… you can see it’s butthole again!”

  54. Blue Potatoes says:


  55. Blue Potatoes says:


  56. TaLC says:

    he still didn't eat that delicious peach ? healding it with hist fingers like a rock

  57. Jenna S. says:

    whispers it looks like a demon

  58. mts2457 says:

    what was the purpose of the mayonnaise

  59. Dogo Bloogo says:

    "mm mmm… mm mmm… mmm.. yup. yup. yup. 'kay. mm mmm. okay."

  60. Thia Snow says:

    Rhett said I don’t like the way I can see its butthole! I was cracking up!

  61. Znder says:

    It's Vanilla

    Rhett: Its mayo u bit…… Its mayonnaise…:-;

  62. Anonymous Person says:

    Oh my god! He is invincible!

  63. Eryka No Badu says:

    I love Rhett so much, but I really would've loved to see Rhett hold a cat tenderly.

  64. HotDommy says:

    I never hated the stuffed ones. I Can't stand the real ones either 😂

  65. MAZOKU says:

    Its Rhett and Link not Link and Rhett

  66. MAZOKU says:

    Rhett Tomatoes

  67. Kneeco says:

    15:38 I don’t know why that made me laugh lol

  68. emwhyte says:

    My cat barely left my side for like 3 weeks when I was recovering from a motorcycle crash a few years back. Best pet ever.

  69. Larry Johnson says:

    Rehtt just hates cats too much

  70. Macey Weaver says:

    Rhett was so UNWILLING!

  71. Alaina Roberts says:

    Rhett is so stubborn 😂

  72. no one at all says:

    hypnosis guy: the claws feel great, you feel no pain.
    link:*puts cat on rhetts shoulder*
    cat:*stabs rhett*

  73. Nicholas Martinez says:

    Rhett’s so stubborn

  74. Harrison Ehresmann says:

    Hypno Guy: " look how beautiful this cat is"
    Rhett: " I don't like how you can see its butthole."

  75. the comentator says:

    Me with my friends when one does something without me 15:17

  76. Ashley Setzer says:

    “It’s mayonnaise”

  77. A Pitt says:

    Thats what I dont like… And look! You can see the butthole again.

  78. Hannah Rannah says:

    Rhett doesn't like cats because cats are the animal-ification of people who don't think he's a genius

  79. たっくん says:

    "Can you make a cat like a tomato?" 😂😂😂

  80. System K says:

    Rhett’s ankle is so skinny

  81. norsk son says:

    You can see the butthole again

  82. pheonix says:

    Disliking cats might be a mental illness no one knows

  83. Explorer Chan says:

    i s t i l l s e e i t

  84. jasmine aroyan says:

    I can’t understand why he hates cats, they are so cute!

  85. Jacob Nichols says:

    “It’s mayonnaise”

  86. Cora Miller says:

    Is rhet wearing vans?!?!!?!?🤨

  87. Alyssa Thomas says:

    19:46 Rhett’s foot looks like it was put on backwards lol

  88. Anonymous Political person says:

    Rhetts hilarious

  89. Anonymous Political person says:

    Hypnotist: do you like this ice cream?

    Rhett: this is mayonnaise

  90. Marques Acosta says:

    He TV ffgdff CB yrfxx VZ jo

  91. Marques Acosta says:

    I used my dogs pas

  92. Elisa Requena says:

    Rhett and Link’s new video brought me back here 🐕‍🦺🦮🐈

  93. STM Lifestyle says:

    I don’t think I ever hated the stuff ones lmao

  94. Foxy Shazaam says:

    This is me and cats.
    Oh my lord I love Rhett

  95. Max Krepps says:

    cats truly are devils

  96. Jordan's topic says:

    (Rhett) it's mayonnaise I start falling on the floor dieing in laughter

  97. Ethan Jillard says:

    I guess they hypnotized link to wear his hair up

  98. Jim carry a straight face says:


  99. Kirklin Pettit says:

    "I went to school for this?"

  100. Mace Windu says:

    18:08 Rhett's foot and leg Lois odd

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