Ribbon Girl Grand Prix! – ARMS Gameplay – Episode 2

(gentle instrumental music) – [Zebra] Hello Zebra
herd, and welcome back to ARMS, and today I’m gonna
be continuing on, of course, with our grand prix journey, if you guys didn’t see the previous
episode, the first episode I do ’em for that you go
ahead and go check it out. We, of course, talked a
lot about the game, and had a lot of fun. This game is a blast, we did level two difficulty as Spring Man last time, so I wanna be doing Ribbon Girl, so we’ll just step it up one more time with the level three, and hopefully we don’t get our ribbon booty kicked. I hope so. But thank you guys so much for your support on the first episode, and on this video as well, I really do appreciate it. Lets get started. Ladies and gents, get ready to dance, ’cause you’re tuned into
the ARMS Grand Prix. I’m Biff, and I’ll be your commentator for this evening, as always I’m
here to talk all things ARMS. Alright so here’s Ribbon Girl. Wow, the crowd’s going wild,
and why wouldn’t it be? Ribbon Girl has just taken the stage. Wait, no comment. She’s 17. It’s way younger than she seems. Not only is she everyone’s
favorite pop singer, but when it comes to ARMS she’s something. Her double life has
given her a double edge, I must admit, even I’m enthused. Sit back and relax, and
don your ribbons folks, the ARMS Grand Prix is about to start. The text goes by really quick, so if I miss something
I’ll just fill in the blanks with whatever I wanna say, ’cause you know what, that’s fun. And we’re going against
Spring Man, round one. Now we should be starting
on Ribbon Girl’s stage. Match one, belt it out. It’s Ribbon Girl versus
the bouncer, Spring Man. Put him in a tight spot, and he springs back stronger than before. Come on Ribbon Girl, tie him up in a bow. So this is the thing,
last time, of course, we were Spring Man and we beat
Ribbon Girl pretty easily, so hopefully that won’t be
the flip side of things. Now we can see we have
different ARMS here, we have sparky, we have popper,
and we have slapamander. I wanna start with a double sparky, I think it’ll be fine with Spring Man. Now the thing about
Ribbon Girl, one thing, is they all have their
own different throw. She throws them away, which is good for Ribbon Girl, because keeping distance is something that seems
to help her out a lot. Alright, woah buddy. Oh! I should’ve… If I went for the grab sooner that would’ve worked out way better. Oh boy, they really mean business at this difficulty already, don’t they? But she actually has a double jump, so I can jump, jump, dash, ouch! Where did that even come from? Did he just create a bomb? I don’t know, that just
popped up out of nowhere. Jeez, he’s actually
countering me pretty quick, I need to be a bit more patient. But I can jump, jump,
dash, jump, jump sometimes, I don’t know what happened there. There we go! Dodging his punches that worked out well, so if I could just go ahead and hop around like that, and just wait for him to throw out a punch
that’s when I wanna act, because I can really make it hard. Because before you know it she’s just right in front of you, and that’s why you wanna start from a bit of a distance, because you can just really capitalize it for the most part. Lets go ahead and wait
for him to throw a punch. Never mind, threw him. There we go, so Spring Man’s not getting the leg up on us
right away, at the least. She has a weird little
taunt when she wins, too. It’s just like… I don’t know it looks
like it would be painful, but then you remember that she’s made out of ribbons, so it’s like oh, okay. So the popper’s a weird one. It’s sort of like… It doesn’t like… The arm itself doesn’t extend very far, but then there’s things that,
of course, pop out of it, that sort of seem to
have the proper effect. So it’s a little bit weird. It seems to have more
of a precise hit box, you definitely wanna hit closer, because it’s like the more you hit on it, the more damage it seems to do. Like it’s not just a one kind of a hit. No, that was a mistake. Alright, so I’m gonna
try to catch him out to something like that, there we go. Go for him, wow, he blocked quick on that. Holy cow. Alright, oh I broke one of his ARMS there. You see the little exclamation point, how his arm it dropped to the floor. Oh you got me there, you
rocked me a little bit. So there we go. I didn’t even think I was gonna grab him with that one, I gave up
before it even landed. Wow, I didn’t even see him. Darn, that’s tough, so can I just… That’s right, you can really punch through these things, sometimes, it’s weird. There we go, I grabbed him that time, so I’m actually lower health
than he is at the moment. So yeah, that’s sort of
the thing about these. Is I actually didn’t notice that. These aren’t like… Oh, he got me! I can’t be losing in
the first round, dude. Stop with that. But something I never knew about these little platforms… Lets do a slapamander. This one’s weird. Is I didn’t know you could
just punch through them, they’re only as much in the
way as you want them to be. They’re more of a visual obstruction, than they are a physical, is the thing. There we go, got him that time. But I want… But the slap is like super long range, and comes from the side like that. Come on, come on, go, go, go, go. Yeah, that’s good, slap him like crazy, slap him like crazy. Once we get him up in the air, that seems to be when
things really change up. Oh, I almost got him there, but not quite. Almost is not succeeding. Okay so, so far I have
a decent lead on him. Oh, oh. That was a little bit too slow for me. Oh, he’s getting me, he’s getting me. I’m trying out different stuff, but because of that I’m
gonna have a hard time. Come on, he had both ARMS down. There we go. I’m gonna try for the long range slap, man we are keeping it close right now. Go, there we go, throw him! Land. (laughs) I got ya. So there is round one, won. Too bad it was way too close for my liking, I hope that’s
not a recurring theme. Or this might end up being something that sends me back to
level two difficulty. I mean there’s actually a crazy jump between two and three. Like we didn’t have much issues at all. We didn’t lose a single round
in level two difficulty. We already lost our first round on the first, you know, set of rounds. So that’s pretty scary. And now we’re in match two. I’m pretty comfortable
about going against Helix at this point, I think. Hopefully, match two, find your rhythm. It’s Ribbon Girl, versus
the man of mystery, Helix. The lab that created him is directly connected with the Grand Prix. Apparently it’s run by scientists involved with researching, and
developing top secret ARMS. Very cool. Lets get with this combo. And I’m gonna try to… I don’t know if I really want… Oh, that hurt. So he has a shield thing we actually unlocked at the end of last
episode, for Twintelle. Oh boy, come on, grab him. He’s being a little wonky, of course, he can sort of maneuver
around tall and thin objects like this, a
lot easier than I can. Oh, oh, I got him
between the shield there. Right between the eyes. Woah. Woah, woah, oh man, how
did that not get him? No! I just barely dodged that. Oh man, he dodged that well. So when he’s in his
little puddle form there it looks like I hit him with the grab, but I didn’t do too much. And of course guys, if you are greater at this game than I am, I am all ears for hearing some of your tips, as long as they’re, you know, put in a nice way. You know, if you’re being
rude, and you’re like Zebra, you’re the worst person ever, and I hope you explode, ’cause you’re bad at a video game, I might not appreciate it too much, but you know, if you’re kind about it, and like hey, you can do better if you did this, I might give it a shot. But also, my common
question focus for today will probably be, of course, what is your character choice, what is your favorite character to play in ARMS so far? You know, like I said, as of posting this video it should be out today. Episode one went out earlier today, so hopefully you’ve had time to try some of the characters, and not all of them, and you can throw out your thoughts. Now lets go ahead and try and flip that. Nice. Throwing him. Landed. So I’m almost at my
super, I’ve actually… I haven’t actually hit
my special move yet. So he actually got rid
of the shield this time. Oh, I’m gonna counter
it with my own, nice! That was awesome. So that’s why I really
wanna keep in the air. A lot of the time, unless I’m going for a punch, ’cause that’s
when I can get myself… End up becoming vulnerable. Oh what’s this gonna be? It’s gonna be another power up juicer, which is what I want. He threw out his ARMS, so I wanna make him pay for that,
and this might actually… I might actually be able to
get two charges in one round. Oh no, I’m gooped. Lets try to get some
direct shots in, if we can. Oh there we go. Sometimes, you know,
punching in the opposite direction of which arm it is, so if I’m throwing my left slapamander, and if I push him to the right,
that seems to sometimes help. But there we go, we won with that one. Very cool, this is actually one of the coolest maps aesthetically. It seems like there’s a lot
of little secrets in the game. Even a map in the background
that I’m curious about. And that’s why I really want a proper story mode for this game, so I can find out more about it. But for right now, Ribbon
Girl takes another win. Very, very awesome. So lets continue onward. Match three, we seem to be
going against Byte and Barq. It’d be cool, you know with the characters themselves, that they’re named in that little thing. It’s cool that there’s
like a little announcer. Now lets change it up
and play some v-ball. The rules are simple, hit the ball over the net, oh and the ball will explode after a bit,
so watch out for that. First to five points wins, now get out there and show some hustle. Alright. So lets go ahead, and lets
do something different. Double popper. Now you can lose on these special rounds, which is something I
actually don’t like too much, is that you can lose in
these special rounds, and it will count as an overall loss. So it’s like you might not be the best at v-ball, you could be the best splatoon fighter in the world, but if you’re not being perfect at v-ball
also, you’re gonna do awful. You know, you’re not
gonna be able to pass. And that’s sort of, I
don’t like that as much. Oh, that was good, so far
we’re doing pretty well, leading with two points. I got the spike too, oh
you’re not even prepared. You aren’t even prepared
dude, get out of here. And with Ribbon Girl,
it’s especially easy, ’cause we can just stay up here, right in front of the
net, for the longest time. But that’s not gonna change too much. Another thing is that if I throw up both ARMS, it definitely is gonna knock the ball farther, but it’s gonna leave me at a bit
of a vulnerable spot if he does hit it back right away. There we go. Hit it like that, there we go. Really giving him a problem here. Don’t you dare! At the last second, oh
my gosh, that was crazy how fast I turned that around, I don’t even know how I did that. Boom, hit it like that, this is like a weird version of rocket league. (laughs) But hey, Rocket League’s
coming to the Switch as well. That’ll be fun then,
because that’s cross play with everything but PlayStation. Gosh darn it. Nice. So we won that round, and that’s the only round we need to win. Oh yeah. See there we go, there’s another one done. Lets continue on. I mean I’m really enjoying this though, we’re only in match four though. What are we, almost 10, 11
minutes into this video? Going against Min Min, in match four. It would be cool, I really
didn’t mean to skip all that. This stage is right in front of her family’s ramen shop, the
Mintendo Noodle House. I like that. So close you can smell the broth. Very cool, I wonder if they
have any vegetarian options. Alright, lets see. Oh I missed. Lets try that again,
okay, that sort of worked. Okay, there we go. Just waiting for that block. Every time she tries to… Now that’s sort of
something you saw there, that’s actually pretty
important about Min Min is that she dashes backwards. Oh punch that at her, punch that at her. That was decent, but it needs to actually go to her, it did not. So, oh well. But she can actually dash backwards and deflect shots, like my throw. Oh, gotta be careful. She did the same thing there. It’s like whenever she dashes, she can deflect it, and that’s really cool. Oh, countering her there. And as long as I stay up here, it should make me very hard to hit. Especially if I’m moving around, a lot like she does. Oh, that hurt. Woah, ah darn. Come on now. But you can just completely circle opponents at some points. Oh she did good there. Her throw, or her grab, or whatever, is actually really good. There we go, there we go. I liked my grab better. But they’re both great. Oh no! Oh the direct punch, landed. So I’m gonna try to save
my power here for later. Okay, I’m just gonna
block, just gonna block, there we go, not a problem. See that’s sort of one thing you wanna wait for, is to keep your distance, because you might actually be able to… There we go! You know be able to take advantage of when they waste their
super, and that was awesome. I know it’s called something,
it’s not called super. But that’s what I’m thinking of calling it for right now. Don’t know why. Come on, come on, come
on, she’s almost down. This might actually be the first round I’ve ever timed out, oh no,
with one second to spare, a big old boxer punch to the face. Awesome. So I’m gonna go ahead and
mix this up a little bit. Lets do left hand popper,
right hand sparky. And I’m gonna wait for a good opportunity to go ahead and use our, you
know, our super, as per usual. Oh right hook here, that was good, that was good, that was good, she was getting ready to punch, so I figured that would be a good time. It’s just really weird, and of course there is a training mode to this game, but I don’t really like it too much, because it doesn’t like… It’ll explain when you’re choosing it, what the training is,
but when you’re in it, it doesn’t actually say anything, it just sort of pops you in. So it’s like if you’re getting a little lost in what you’re supposed to do, like you’re sort of on your own. Oh boy, oh boy. I’m sort of losing my
mojo here, ow that hurt. Come on, what, what,
oh I jumped into that. But I got my super again, so
lets go for it again, and boom. Two of ’em in one game is really awesome. This game puts a lot of
strain on my voice though. Like I’m just so into it. Lot of fun, but now we’re getting a little more used to
level three difficulty. It’s still, you know pretty tough. I don’t think I’m ready
for level four yet. I know that the best I’ve done is level three difficulty, you know, before this game launched. Kid Cobra, the Kid Cobra looks so cool, I can’t wait to play as him. He’s one of the characters
I still haven’t played. Match five, halfway
there, it’s Ribbon Girl, versus the speed demon, Kid Cobra. He’s a raw talent, but his pure athleticism has already
gotten him this far. Can Ribbon Girl stare down the serpent and live to fight another day? I sure hope so, and this map, actually we didn’t get to see
this map last episode, so episode two exclusive. Probably not, because we’ll
show it in other episodes, but it’s just so cool, because we get to be on these, I
guess snake boarding. That’s what he called it,
in the previous episode, Biff, called it snake boarding. There, we get to see somebody who’s actually using it, in the background. That is so cool. And the big goal with this one, especially against a character like Kid Cobra, is to get him off of it. Once you get him off of
it, keep him off of it. That’s from what I’ve seen, this map is a very weird one, like it doesn’t even feel like a real map, it feels like its like another v-ball,
or basketball mini-game. Oh get off that. He’s really like, you know… Ribbon Girl’s really great for doing that, because we can get off of these things, but it’s like you can
also do a little jump with them, so it is a little weird. But you have so much more movement, and mobility, when you’re on them, especially against somebody who is not. So that’s what’s really scary, is keeping them off of it. So far, we are, we just threw him into his own sign there, oh boy. How embarrassing is that. Oh, there’s a skateboarding
palace, all of his… His posse, his groupies, I don’t
know what they’d be called. Come on now. Oh I missed, I missed. I’m waiting for the good
opportunity I can take here, could maybe throw out my super move, but we’re doing pretty
well with taking him on. And there’s just so many moves though. I probably shouldn’t have done that, huh? He just moves so quick, too, that I feel like I sort of lose my
sense of strategy for these kind of modes. But he blocked that, I was hoping to maybe just sort of surprise him. I did land a little bit of it. Hey now, that’s mine now,
oh I took it from him. I took it! No, oh you got me a little bit. But I’m blocking some of
it, I’m blocking some of it. You got 10 seconds to lose buddy, and you’re not even gonna make it. Nice. We are cutting it close
with the timer now, though. Like I wasn’t expecting that too much. ‘Cause that’s never really
happened to me too much. I don’t think I’ve ever
really timed out in this game. Oh I like this combo. I think the slapamander
would work out better. Lets do popper, slapamander, this might actually end up ruining me,
so I gotta be careful now. Oh, but he’s doing double boomerang. So he’s making a little
bit of a wild move too. Let me go ahead and try to
do a bit of a slap like that. No. Woah, woah. Oh no. He has ice things, so. He has ice boomerangs. So he’s not getting hit
by that, neither am I. Oh, I got you though,
get off that skateboard, I thought I was gonna throw
him on to another one. Oh, I almost got him again. Okay. We’re doing alright right now. Like I’m just all over him. And that’s really good. Oh he got me off though,
he slapped me off, when I’m the one with the slapamander. Nice. Okay, we’re making it work. Oh, lets try to hit that. That was good, that was gonna
land right on top of him. Oh he can escape it though. And he was not able to block this, so this should slap him with a little bit. But as soon as he lands on the floor that’s when the invincibility time sort of comes in, so that’s not good. Okay he almost got back
on it there, was doing a little bit of a… Some crazy eights there. Come on, there you go. We got a little bit more
to do, little bit more. Oh. Boom, no? Trying to pop him, lets
pop him with the popper. Oh his arm’s down, his arm’s down, that was the best time to strike, but he’s moving around like crazy. We only got a couple seconds left. I also was watching the ARMS invitational competition on E3, and that was so cool. Like I was blown away with how much I actually enjoyed that. We’ll talk about that
more, maybe next round, or next, you know, next match. But we do win that round. Two for nothing, like most of the matches, except for the one I get Spring Man. That was good, 18 points for us so far. I don’t know if we’re earning more credits than last time, I sure hope so. I would hope that if it’s more difficult you earn more credits,
oh and this something we haven’t seen yet, against Twintelle. We’re doing some kind
of different game mode. Alright, match six, stay in tune. Lets switch it up, and
play some Skill Shot. You play by smashing
targets as they fly by. The more targets you can destroy in a row, the something, your opponent will be smashing targets too, so
watch out for incoming punches. Whoever racks up the highest… Why are you cutting yourself off? I didn’t press anything then. Was that you, Twintelle? So I’m actually not too much of a fan of this game mode, to be
totally honest with you. This is like one the
more frustrating ones, and this is honestly resulted
in the most losses for me, but the idea… Oh, she hit me already,
that’s not a good start. That is not a good start. But the idea, of course,
is to hit more targets than your opponent. Woah. No, no, no, come on lady. Come on. So far I’m winning, but if I just… Like it’s easy to get ahead
in points in this one, ’cause if you combo things, that’s when things get really scary. And you also do not want this to hit you. Every time I’ve gotten hit
by that, I’ve been ruined, and I’ve lost, but so far I’m in the lead of points, but this is when things pick up a lot, and
she’s hit everything so far. I’m just gonna move out of the way. Oh man, I missed so much stuff there. Look at that, she’s taken a huge lead now, but I’m trying to take it back now. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. Come on, stop that. Oh! Oh come on, come on! Come on! Hit that over there, come
on, come on, I’m winning! So far so good, we’ve got
five seconds left though, four, three, two, one! Come on, there’s no more targets, and I hit her for an
extra 10, just in case. I’m so glad we won that, because that thing can be a pain in the booty. Luckily if you do lose, you can restart from that match, so it’s not like you have to do the whole thing over. Awesome, we won. Okay, so we’re going
against Mechanica here, this is an actual match, so I figured this will be my chance to… What’s it called? Talk about the tournament. She’s something of a local celebrity here in her home scrapyard,
but how will she fare against a true pop star? Alright, so lets go ahead… Oh yeah, and that’s right,
I think there’s like, in the actual lore, Mechanica’s like a huge fan girl of Ribbon
Girl, which is really cute. That’s the kind of stuff I would love to hear them have actual voices, and be able to exchange words, be like, oh my gosh, it’s Ribbon Girl, I’m such a big fan, I’ve gotta beat you up now. You know, like I think that’s something I really like about games like Tekken, is that you have that experience, and it makes the characters fun to play, and just makes the whole
experience more rich. But yeah, the tournament was fantastic, there was an open invitational tournament at E3, for ARMS, and
if you guys don’t know really what that means… Oh boy, she got me pretty good there. Oh man, you’re getting me. It means that half of the participants were invited members
that were professional, you know, gamers, fighting
gamers, from different games. Like there was a Street Fighter, or Super Smash Brothers,
that kind of stuff. And then the other four competitors were all from E3, you could go to E3, play ARMS, and if you, you
know, just kept winning, you could just make your
way up, and eventually you could win and be a
part of the main tournament which was eight people tournament, and the best person wins
out of the whole bracket. And I think, yeah,
somebody from the actual show who entered, and
wasn’t like a pre-prepared professional won, which
is super duper cool. And the tournament itself was so much fun to watch, especially
since almost all of them were better at the game than I am. Probably all of them, what am
I saying, almost all of them. Don’t be so full of yourself Z-Man. Now let me focus on
this really quick, okay. She’s got the hammers, we unlocked those last episode, I’ve
never seen these used before. What? No way, come on Mechanica. Now I’m gonna get more in here. And then now I’m gonna go for… There we go, that was good, that was good, just keep juggling her. That was pretty good, I got a good chunk of her health out of there. I’m gonna keep you away from this as much as I possibly can, because I wanna earn it up more than she can. She already has it available. Jeez those things are so
huge, it’s hard to dodge. Woah, come on. Oh no! No, I was almost on the
floor there, she KO’d me. But they were so much better than I was, so it was invigorating to watch it being played at a faster, and
better pace than I can manage. I will do this. Come on now, we gotta take it home here. What you blocked that? Alright lady. You’re going down, big fan or not. You gotta get taken down. ‘Cause I know the official ARMS account was actually tweeting out a lot of really cool artwork, that I
guess the art team made, to sort of further the lore and the universe of the game, and I think that kind of stuff is so wicked rad. Now I don’t know what happened to my charge, ’cause I had
way more of that before. Weird. There we go, we don’t even need it though, ’cause I think we just won. So there, once I had a little more focus on what was going on, and wasn’t talking about the
tournament, I end up winning, so that’s good. And then at the end, whoever won, which I don’t remember
who won, like their name, but they were very cool. They went up against the
developer of the game, who kicked his butt, the developer’s like so good at the game, and
that’s really cool to see. But now, what are we going
against, match seven? Match eight, okay we’re getting a little close to the end here. So match eight is gonna
be against Master Mummy. Last time Master Mummy was round nine, so we haven’t gone against Ninjara, he’s the last guy we’re gonna go against. The tempo quickens, it’s Ribbon Girl versus the grim creeper, Master Mummy. The Mausoleum leaves nowhere to hide. You’ll have Master Mummy breathing down your neck, and his breath is horrible. Okay, lets do this. So yeah, that’s sort of the big thing about Master Mummy is there
is really nowhere to hide. Some of these, you know,
locations they have some obstacles… He countered me very well that time, and that hurt a lot, that might actually be the most damaging throw. I think, ’cause that did a lot of damage. ‘Cause I had… Oh no, oh that hurt, and these things are so hard to dodge, but you really just wanna make sure he gets vulnerable. I wanna start boning
this up as soon as I can. Lets try to slap him on the side, grab him while he is charging. Lets see. Nope. Yeah, I totally deserved
that one to be honest. Woah! Hey, look at this, hey this is cool. (laughs) I’ve never seen that before, the little bouncy trampoline in here. There’s nowhere to hide, except for the things that are hidden. Come on, I didn’t… Wait, when did I start then? I have no idea when I did that, but… You know I did it, and I might win, still, but I also might lose, I’m at half health. Okay. There you go. – [Ribbon Girl] KO. – [Zebra] And there we
go, we won that one. That one was a little wild, I gotta say. Now we’re just bouncing
up and down, I love that. Okay, lets go for round two, I think it’ll keep things majoritoraly the same. He’s changed things up, I think. I don’t think he had the little bird arm before, which I think is very similar. Oh, I interrupted his thing there. That’s good. I think his bird arm is very
similar to the boomerang. Alright, if you’re not… I always found it so weird that he’ll stay in that block for so long, he just won’t budge, but then it’s like you leave yourself so open like that. Like it’s just weird, ’cause
it’s like the Master Mummer… I can’t say his name sometimes. The Master Mummy play
style is just very odd, because it seems like a lot of the time, it favors you for playing really risky, but he’s also not a character that can really handle the riskiness of it. It’s weird, a lot of people say he’s a bad character, but I think it’s just a matter of a lot of people just haven’t mastered him yet, and maybe, hopefully, we see a lot of people master him soon. Because I don’t think
he was played a single time during that tournament
I was talking about. And that would’ve been cool to see. Just get over there, he only has one more shot he has to take. Oh, come on, come on, wow,
he’s getting me good here. Come on, come on, come on, no! Oh that hurts, yeah that’s
200 damage right there. There we go, we got him. Barely though. Just barely. 200 damage is so much for a
throw though, it’s insane. There’s match eight done,
gonna move on to match nine. 28 points, yeah I don’t know if we’re getting any more or
less than we did last time. It seems like it’s still four per match. Well we’re doing good, we’ve only lost two rounds in total. Which is, you know what
a decent little chunk. – [Ninjara] Ninjara! – [Zebra] And here’s Ninjara. Now the last time we went against Ninjara was in the volleyball. One note away, it’s Ribbon Girl, versus the student of stealth, Ninjara. Apparently he developed his midair agility by jumping from
tree to tree in the forest. Ribbon Girl’s no midair
slouch potato, though. Get up there and take it to him. Ah yeah, this map is really cool, ’cause it’s either constant uphill, or constant downhill, except for
two little flat pieces. We’ll go ahead and do this. ARMS, ARM-zu, I don’t
really know how he says it. Ah, it’s such an intense map, it probably has the coolest music to it. He’s such a quick character too. And obviously, as Twintelle is like… I don’t know, Twintelle
reminds me a lot of, what’s her name? Sombra from Overwatch. He reminds me of Genji a lot, obviously because of the, you know,
the location, I guess, of the character’s
origins, but sort of just how the characters are designed too. These quick, stealthy,
obviously with Genji, and Ninjara, are these quick, stealthy, very, I guess, flinch
movement based characters. Like these little half second decisions are what are gonna determine
whether you win or lose. And that’s very similar
with Genji, and Ninjara. I don’t know if the play style is similar for both Twintelle, and Sombra, because I haven’t played both of those characters! Oh boy. Oh boy, no, I don’t wanna deal with that. You just… Oh wow, you can block that? Well, lesson learned, I
was gonna go crazy on ya. Oh, okay, that worked out
okay for a little bit. Man. There we go, I got him a
little bit with my punch there. What, what. Oh, you got me, that was pretty good. Now he has a pretty stro… He actually has a 210 damage grab. That’s crazy. If I saw that correctly, woah. Woah. Come on get him, there we
go, that was a good reaction to that one, and we KO’d
him for the first round. We got more to do. We got more to do, indeed. It’s hard for me to say… Like the question I
asked earlier in today’s episode what is your favorite character. It’s hard to say which
character’s my favorite, at least when it comes to game play, because I haven’t played
every single one of them. Hopefully soon that can change, you know, throughout the series,
throughout the next, you know, 10 episodes or so. We can hopefully answer
that more properly. When it comes to, in terms of design, I’m also pretty stuck. There’s a lot of really cool
characters in this game. But I think I have to lean towards either Twintelle, or… Hold on, I gotta get you out of here. No, I missed that? Man, you are quick, he
is so incredibly quick. But, Twintelle, or Kid Cobra,
both very cool characters in terms of design. But when it comes to game play, out of everybody I’ve played it
might actually be Ninjara. I wasted that. ‘Cause it was totally by accident, but I’m still gonna
land a few shots on him, so that was good to see. Now he has used his as well. Or has he, I can’t
remember if he has or not. I mean I guess he has, if
he doesn’t have anymore, he’s definitely had a
higher build up before. Oh he just did not dodge at all. Okay, okay, what? He dodged that like crazy. I’m still in the good chunk of a lead. ‘Cause what happens is he kicks you up for 60 damage, and then smashes you back down for another
150, like 60, 150, so in total he has a 210 grab. That’s more than Master
Mummy, crazy, crazy stuff. Okay, you have a little
bit of health left. Oh, oh. Okay then, I see what game you’re playing, go play it over there buddy. See ya, I just love how
far she can throw them. No matter how large they are. You can tell she’s very
strong, just because of that. She can throw Master Mummy
that far too, which is crazy. Very good, there’s all nine matches done. Now time to take on Max Brass, or is it… Yeah Max Brass, or not Mass Brass? I think it’s Max Brass. Okay, lets do it. Grand prix finale. Grand finale, grand prix, yeah. I really hope we can unlock
this character in some way. Like I could totally understand we can’t play him online, but I really wish there was some way to
play as these characters, ’cause he has too cool
of a mechanic not to try. Well it’s going against
the comish, Max Brass, he’s head of the ARMS
league, and constructed this floating arena himself. This is the moment Ribbon Girl has been dreaming of, but can
she make it a reality? It all comes down to this, knock him out, and put a bow on this
tournament, lets do it. So I think we’re gonna go ahead… Oh, lets do this. Lets get to it. Got vulnerable right away, which is what I like to see. He’s got the double
hammers again, and I really don’t like going against these things, ’cause they’re so stinking
big, they’re hard to dodge, which is a big part of
Ribbon Girl’s, you know, idea here, is to dodge a lot. Oh, I had a good opportunity
there, but I messed it up. There we go. But the fact that, you know, the longer you go without hitting
him, the stronger he gets is so cool, and I would
really like to see that, you know, in first person, being allowed to play that way would be really cool. We are doing a good
number on him right now. Here punch him directly, directionally? I have no idea. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to… Or have to use my super here. I would hope I wouldn’t. And so far we’re doing great. Oh no, I really don’t
want him to be in that. Woah, he’s huge right now. Nope, no, that was a really bad mistake. Come on, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. With the last seconds
I have I really messed that up, I did not mean to activate that. It’s so easy to activate,
I don’t like that. Oh, I’m slapping him around right now. Slapping him around. It’s what the slapamander does, but… Oh no, he dodged that well,
but he won’t dodge this! Yes he will. Oh, oh, how did you not
get hit by that one buddy? He’s got a lot of dodges, and he is doing a lot of damage,
100 per hit is a lot, and I’m not a fan. I am not a fan. Grab him, yeah! Round one to me. Barely. If I got hit one more time there I think I would’ve been GG. I haven’t seen him actually grab yet, I don’t know what his grab is like. Probably not fun, I gotta
take a lot of drinks of tea. Sorry, if not my voice gets too strained, because of how intense this game is. I also love how the barriers to this is actually the belts
that you end up winning. If you win, if not, all his. But he’s really cool, I would like to know more about Max Brass’ back story as well, of course he is the commissioner. Would that mean that he was the first person to have ARMS, I’m not really sure. Is he a good guy, or a bad guy? I can only assume, nothing really alludes me to think that he’s bad. You know, beyond the fact that he just really likes a good competition. He’s bad to the bone when
it comes to his skill, oh man, he really did a good
job with blocking that one. Which is crazy because
I thought that maybe I could’ve gotten him
before his arm retracted. ‘Cause you cannot block while your arm is retracted, of course. Same thing that you can’t dash while your arm is retracted either. Alright. Oh, no. (groans) Yikes, that was a lot of
damage right there, at 360. Punch him, I gotta get out of the way. Oh, no I don’t, ’cause I already won! Wow. So there we go, defeating
Max Brass without too much of a hiccup. We almost lost the first round, but we don’t have to worry about it, bada boom. Alright, so yeah, 40,
I think that’s the same amount we got last time. If not, I thought we got 42 last time. Well, who cares? We got a good amount either way, so level three difficulty done. Look alive people, the award
ceremony is about to begin. Lets take a look at the final results. So we did a-okay, only
lost two rounds in total. Now that’s a score worth celebrating. Could a new ARMS legend be in our midst? I really wanna see what
this 11th round is. I think I know who the
final, final boss is, it’s just a matter of… He shows up online is the thing. Get ready to go crazy,
which is really funny, because when I got this game earlier, they were like don’t
show off this character. And he shows off during
the global test punch, and I was like, what the heck? From singing to bell ringing, she can do it all, congratulations! She looks so cool with the belt, too. As another ARMS Grand
Prix draws to a close, I’d like to thank all the competitors, and the fans at home. See you next time, folks. Awesome. So another Grand Prix is now ribboned up, instead of wrapped up. Yeah that… And that’s awesome, we
have 55 of these things in total, so I figure each time we will do another 30, we’ll just keep on doing it with Spring Man. But actually no, we’ll
do it with Ribbon Girl. No, I said Ribbon Girl. It doesn’t matter who
you do it with though, ’cause you still get the same thing. If I go into 30 every time, every episode, and hopefully we’ll have
a little bit left over, every time, like we have
so far, as long as we earn more than 30 every time. And hopefully that means
we can do the 100 ones, that cost, you know, a little more. So, so far, so good. Punch that over there. And then… Oh, I got it! It was almost a little too bad. So we got, actually,
more Ribbon Girl ARMS, which is great. I messed that up though. Course the sooner we hit
these, the better for us. Hit those two. I gotta get another timer, hopefully there’s another timer sitting around, I wanna get more than one present. Level up. Come on, that was good right there. Come on. Oh, I got it. Come on, but it’s not much extra time. There we go, got that one. Oh we got some ARMS for Byte and Barq. Pretty cool, and that’s all we’re getting. That seems to be about, you know, on par, for the 30, you know, 60 second one. Or the 30 point, 30 second. You know, the lowest tier one, you seem to get two ARMS per round. So we got the retorcher here. Someone put some revolvers together wrong, and now they shoot fire, happy accidents are the best accidents,
until they catch you on fire. That’s a fire damage one. And we got the Byte and
Barq one right here. This is electricity. Big, strong, heavy, high
powered, electrifier. What more do you want? They are a bit slower than megatons, but pack just as much of
a punch as a megawatt. Very cool, two more ARMS
for us, very, very cool, but that’s where we’re gonna be finishing these things off for now. There’s episode two of ARMS, and I hope you guys have been enjoying this series, stay tuned to episode three,
where we play Ninjara. But for now, thank you
guys so much for watching. Now if you enjoyed today’s episode of ARMS, thanks so much for walking. I’ll Z you next time. Bye-bye.

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