Ring MMA: Dale Bean vs Malik Lewis

Andrew: Welcome to the Quantum CBD H2O Rumble
at Remington, presented by Sailor Jerry. We are at Remington Park Racing and Casino
in Oklahoma City. I’m Andrew Speno, ringside, with the champ,
Darrin Humphrey. We have the first fighter in the ring, Dale
Bean from Lawton, Oklahoma, moving around and warming up in the blue corner. Malik Lewis from Abilene, Texas is going to
be fighting out of the red corner. Darrin, this is three rounds catchweight fight,
MMA. What should we expect? Darrin: Well, it looks like there’s going
to be some fireworks tonight as we always get with an HD Boxing MMA card. With Malik Lewis coming in out of Texas, just
getting in the ring here, over here in the red corner, he looks like he means business
and I think he came here to fight. Andrew: It looks like the fighters are ready. Let’s send it up in the ring to Thomas Treiber. Thomas Treiber: Ladies and gentlemen this
MMA contest is scheduled for three 3-minute rounds, brought to you by HD boxing along
with their great sponsor, Monkey Shoulder, Scottish whiskey. Our three judges scoring on a 10-point must
system will be, Sarah Atwood, David Sutherland, and Gary Ritter. Our referee in charge, third man in the ring,
will be Gerald Ritter. [bell ring]
Thomas: Introducing to you first, fighting out of the blue corner, he stands 62-inches
tall and weighed in at an even 160 pounds. His MMA record, 5 wins with 3 defeats. Ladies and gentlemen, from Lawton, Oklahoma,
he is representing Lawton Martial Arts Academy. Please welcome, Dale ‘Middle Rumble’ Bean. [applause]
[bell ring] Thomas: Across the ring, fighting out of the
red corner, he stands 6-feet tall and weighed in at 164 pounds. Hailing from Abilene, Texas, he is undefeated
with four wins. Let’s welcome, Malik Lewis. [bell ring]
Gerald Ritter: All right, fighters, we’re going three rounds. You’ve already received your instructions. Obey my commands, protect yourself at all
times. Touch your gloves and let’s go to work. [background noise]
Andrew: Here we go, three rounds, mixed martial arts, amateurs fighting. They are fighting in the ring not in a cage
because we have boxing coming up here at the Rumble at Remington. These guys are going straight at it right
away. Darrin Humphrey, it looks like there’s not
much of a feeling-out period here. Darrin: No, Lewis came right out at him and
it looks like Bean maybe took advantage of that. He’s got him front head [unintelligible 00:05:09]. We’ll see what happens here. Andrew: He’s trying for the guillotine. He does not have it under the chin it looks
like. Fighters break themselves apart. Darrin: Nice jab there by Bean. Andrew: Malik Lewis 4-0 as an armature. Both these guys look to be in great shape,
Darrin, what do you think? Darrin: Well, I agree. I think Lewis looks maybe a little heavier
fighter, looks a little more muscular. Bean, however, he’s got that long ranging. He looks like a cagey fighter. It would be in his best interest to, probably,
keep Lewis on the outside and work everything from the outside. Andrew: Bean seems not to really be using
his height and reach well– Although, he did there a bit. His height and reach as much as he could,
keeping Lewis off balance with the jab. He’s really not throwing the jab. Darrin: No, he’s not. If you notice, these two guys– It seems to
me, a lot of these MMA fighters square up so, I think, that’s maybe why they can’t use
their length and height. Andrew: Oh, good shots on the inside landed
by Malik Lewis. You’ll see Lewis, now, has a trickle of blood
coming from the nose. Oh, nice one-two, Lewis countering with an
overhand right. Darrin: Yes. Lewis threw a knee there before that exchange
that would have ended the fight had it landed. Andrew: These two have yet to go to the ground. This has all been on their feet. A striking game, although, they did tie up
briefly against the ropes as Bean was trying to– Oh, what a right hand. Darrin: Oh, lights out. It’s over. Come on, man. Andrew: Referee jumps in to stop contest. That may have gone on a few punches more than
it should have. Dale Bean KO’d in the first round. We will have the official time and perhaps,
a word or two from the doctor when we come back. [silence]
Andrew: We are back at the Quantum CBD H20 Rumble at Remington. Our one and only MMA fight tonight, an amateur
bout, ends in the first round. Let’s send it up for particulars to Thomas
Treiber. Thomas: Ladies and gentlemen, here is the
official time, 1 minute 52 seconds of round number 1, your winner by way of knockout,
Malik Lewis. Andrew: Malik Lewis, his amateur record moving
up to 5 and 0. Darrin, what a brutal right hand that dropped
Dale Bean. Darrin: It was. It was a heavy right hand and it dropped Bean
quickly. I’m not too sure I care for the sportsmanship
that Lewis displayed there. He knew the fighter was out once he hit the
ground and he continued with two or three more heavy punches. Andrew: I hate to speculate for the fighter,
but at least, from where we were seating, he was clearly unconscious when he hit the
deck. I don’t know if Ritter was slow jumping in
as the ref or if Lewis should have held himself back, but it looks like Dale Bean is doing
fine. He’s up walking around. That’s the advantage of being young. Darrin: In Lewis’s defense, he was in a fight. Andrew: Yes, he was. When you’re in the zone, it’s up to the ref. We still have boxing yet to come here at the
Rumble at Remington. Stay with us.

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