Last night robbers tried to rob a bank. police are in search of them. This picture is of some shop located there. Put some other channel brother, I don’t want to watch the news. All the money has been saved bravely. Hey, what have you put now? I feel like all the the traffic of this city has entered my ears and are honking. Shut it off please. Oh my lord! You are asking to put off this music. This music is the best to earn in lakhs. Easy way to earn lakhs, how? Start your own rock band and organize a show and then earn in lakhs. If rock band goes flop then people will throw eggs and tomatoes on us. Why will rock band be a flop? I like to earn in lakhs. Ghasitaram, why don’t we start our rock band? Hey I have got twenty years experience to start a rock band. I will go and bring Dr Jhatka, let’s start the preparation. C sharp and c measure. Ok, you start when I say one two three. One minute. Oh my god! He doesn’t trust our talent. I trust neighbor’s talent than ours. One, two and three start. Oh! No. I will teach them a lesson. There comes the neighbor, anyone else need a helmet? Hey! what are you guys doing? My Ears drums got damaged, window glasses has cracked Now it is time for you guys. No! Will you play this band again? Say? No! It is so peaceful here, this will last for ever. Patlu my friend my dear, don’t be so negative. Here nobody can stop us from practicing. Ok let’s start. One minute. Oh my god! Patlu is not going to improve. Ok let’s start, one two three. Patlu do you have an extra helmet? I also want a helmet. Oh my lord! Give me a helmet. Run! Help! Today there is live performance, only on our news channel. Oh my god! So many people have come, Motu Patlu have become the star. Today fresh news, the hero of Furfuri nagar Motu and Patlu will be performing their first live show. which is shown only on our news channel. Camera man Rajesh with Kuldip on Furfuri news channel Sab tak. Close it, close the band, enough not any more. Look at the audience they are asking for more, they are waving and motivating us. I am going to do something which all the rock stars do, ok. Not ok, stay here. Chingum sir! Stop this band, all the glasses of Furfuri nagar has cracked. Oh my god! I cannot shut this band they have taken the permission to perform this band. John the don, If you manage to stop this band then I will give you free samosas for ten days. Now tell me what are you saying? Just manage to stop this program, I will give you whatever you say. one thousand, two thousand, ten thousand, whatever you say, you will get. Now there will no music and no dance, give me soon ten thousand in advance. Wow boss what a poem you made, isn’t it no 2? Yes. Chingum sir, John the don took away our instrument, please help us. Oh my god! First time John has done some good job, not only me but the entire Furfuri nagar is with him. Dr. Jhatka please do something fast. One Minute friend. Motu Patlu, now you stand on this and hold this rod. Hey big brother what are you doing? You have to tie a robber and not us. Hey, big brother. Did you send us for a view of the India world? John has already escaped, Motu my friend, my brother, don’t be upset. This is a new machine and I forgot something. Stand on this machine again, and John will definitely be caught. We don’t want to go round and round again on this. Don’t worry dear, this time you will fly and go. Hey! Help! Hey, who has landed on top? It is Motu patlu boss, they never accept the defeat. We also don’t accept the defeat, let me send them to the god. You guys have come here but won’t be going back. Where is the bullet of my revolver? Boss when you were ill for three, four days, doctor had told to roll two tablets in the bread. What, for two days you were feeding me bullets rolled in the bread. Yes boss, we had only these tablets. Hey, how are we flying? Where is the land? Bring us down. Patlu how do we land this? Dr.Jhatka how do we land this? Don’t worry my dear, my brother, when the battery becomes weak the fan will stop rotating. And it will come down automatically. Hey! You all came here at thief’s places, what? So you guys from rock band. It means English singers. I like English songs, start singing and playing instrument. These people are rock band player, I am not. I am John, John the don
I don’t sing and play the instrument. Okay you don’t sing but you dance. I won’t dance, I will never. No! No!

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  1. Kamran Abbasi says:

    Moto patlo Tom Mary pas A jay

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    Motu is best

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    please make movie of war

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  8. Shaikh Shaikh says:

    Hehehe 🙂

  9. Syeda Aysha Kaleem says:

    Very very interesting episode

  10. Na Bin says:

    Nice cartoon

  11. Ahsan malik says:

    wow nice cartoon

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    Uhh v

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  15. Samha Labiba says:

    I love this cartoon

  16. Max Roskilly says:

    that drum sync 2:05

  17. DJ Donkey says:

    I am a wow kid

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    East West Motu Patlu is Best talk kinza

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    So nice

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  25. Fahad Abbas says:

    very nice

  26. crazy girl says:

    nice kawita

  27. Saurav Khadka Kc says:

    Dear friends if we are real fans of motu patlu than lets help WOW KIDZ by subscribing..
    coz they try so hard to entertain us so its us responsibility to help growing large..
    lets make WOW KIDZ so popular

  28. Saurav Khadka Kc says:

    friends if we are real fans of motu patlu than lets help WOW KIDZ by Dearsubscribing..
    coz they try so hard to entertain us so its us responsibility to help growing large..
    lets make WOW KIDZ so popular

  29. Saurav Khadka Kc says:

    lets subscribe together

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  31. Yahya Sohail says:

    nice cartoons please upload more movies

  32. Ahmedfrighter Ahmedfrighter says:

    I like motu ka song
    l like motu team

  33. Aaryanten Plays says:

    im a wow kid

  34. Irfan Hussain says:

    over acting

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    motu patlu very good because bast

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    nice motu

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    Very nice

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    Pic ol

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    I love this band

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    This rock band saved my life

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    PLEASE UPDate more episode

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    Please 🤗

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    My favorite anime

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    I Love Motu Patlu

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    I love motu patlu cartoons

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    Very funny no 1 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Wow funny

  65. Abdullah Ahmed says:

    Wow nice

  66. Mainali Prokash says:

    Nice comedy 😃😃😂😂

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  68. Milan Luchoomun says:

    I am wow kind

  69. Abu Bakar says:

    i much love wow kids i love motu patlu

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    Motu patlu

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    I like motu and patlu

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  75. Muhammad Soban says:


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  77. Md alomgir Hossen says:

    Cingam is best funny

  78. Kaloo Ghulamullah says:

    So very funny

  79. pakistan zindabad says:

    Hhhh NYC kids

  80. hajinazeer Gujjar hajinazeer Gujjar says:

    Goods cartoon

  81. Farhana Hameed says:

    Very funny cartoon

  82. Asia Siddique says:

    Lovely cartoon

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    I. Like. This. Song😎😎😎😎

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    I lik moto parlo

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    Wow nice motu patlu

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    wow kidz

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    I like motu

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    Mutu is the best of all time

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    East and west motu is best

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    It is so funny

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    Very good Very nice

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