Rock, Paper, PUG!

Hi We’re back to the Evie and LoLo show
Let’s get playing Evie’s favourite animal is
pug, dog, pug dog and my favourite animal is a baby kitten
kitten then one day I wish to be a princess
one day I wish to be in primary seven and be a princess
of the PUGS! and we met a pirate
and we got our picture taken with him and did you see our mermaid magic?
well if you did we have four episodes
so if you didn’t watch it then watch it you don’t have to if you don’t want to
but remember to like and subscribe for some more Evie and LoLo fun
Yeah and just spell Evie LoLo
and if it doesn’t show up then just spell mermaid magic
and try and see if you can see some more of our exciting stuff
watch the one where we talk or we don’t talk or see the one where our brother is there
our brother? don’t talk about that anyway
I love pugs I love pugs I like kitty’s
Kitty’s, kitty s! I love kitty’s
Why do I keep singing songs? I love the songs
Let it go Let it go
and I’ll rise like the break of dawn
let it go, let it go that perfect girl
how many edges does a circle have? None!
Why ,it’s a straight line! How about cuboids, spheres and pyramids?
How many of you are named Evie and Lois? Have to be, conceal don’t feel, don’t let
them know! How are we going to make this video end?
This will be going on forever! Makes everything seem small
and the fear that once controlled me can’t get to me at all
I’m one with the wind and sky Let it go
Let it go Turn away and slam the door
How about? Ok What did the elephant do when it got run over?
I don’t know It went to the hospital
Let’s play hedgehogs Running hedgehog
Skipping hedgehog Sleeping hedgehog
Who’s missing? Lois
You are Flying hedgehog
Lovely hedgehog Silly hedgehog
What did the elephant do? Raaaaar!
Let’s play a game Rock paper scissors!
Rock paper scissors Rock rock, no
Let’s get playing ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!!!! I got lava
Lets do it again Rock paper scissors
I got lava Rock paper scissors
I got lava again rock paper scissors
LAVA I got lava too
Paper can go over rock LAVA!
No I put holes in it Gun!
No i got lava i melt you Oh nooooo
I got pug! I got pug, good day, good to meet you
dancing, dancing people rock paper scissors
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To put daddy’s shoes on!?!

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