Rocky IV (4/12) Movie CLIP – If He Dies, He Dies (1985) HD

(bell, crowd cheers) Creed is down for Round 2 dancing around. The legs appear to be a little rubbery. (Apollo grunting) Hands up! And now it’s the Russian trying to intimidate Creed. (commentator drowned out by Apollo and Ivan) (Ivan grunting, Apollo groaning) (he shouts in Russian) STOP THE FIGHT! (commentator still drowned out by Ivan and Apollo) Throw in the towel! Apollo: Ugh! NO! commentator: I’ve never seen Apollo take this much Punishment. Duke: Throw in the Damn Towel! (loud punch) Duke: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Apollo dies) Apollo’s wife: MY GOD! commentator: Creed is down! (crowd screams) The winner, Ivan Drago! Let me through! APOLLO! Ivan: I cannot be defeated. Man: You OK? Rocky: SOMEBODY GET A DOCTOR IN HERE! There is no movement from Creed. Rocky: Get that light off! Ivan: I defeat all men! Man: Is he dead? It is absolute pandemonium! Rocky: You can make it, Apollo. You can do it! Ivan: Soon, I defeat real champion. Rocky: Where’s the stretcher? LET HIM BREATHE, FOR GOD’S SAKE! What has started off to be a joke, has turned into a disaster. Creed seems to be in very serious condition. Is he alive?! Ivan: And if he dies, he dies. Subtitles by Cool Connor 1995’s Channel.

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90 Responses

  1. Fútbol Total says:

    1:06 when i saw this i was in shock

  2. More Lions says:

    Real russians are not as strong as it can make out in films. Somewhere theres always a stronger fighter. Rocky was smaller but still beat ivan.

  3. Melissa Sauls says:

    After 0:51 what's that ringing sound

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    I can hear Bane's voice saying "you fight like a younger man with nothing held back, admirable but mistaken."

  5. daniruls123 says:

    Did rocky secretly want apollo to die,so he could get the mega fight with drago

  6. Schmevie Schmeves says:

    Seriously? There are no ringside doctors for emergencies?

  7. E VO says:

    Rocky killed Creed

  8. BIGWORM 510 says:

    Ivan Drago can cut better promos than 98% of todays WWE roster.

  9. XFX Trader says:

    0:35 So unmanly lol

  10. Incognito Ninja says:

    Apollo never could take a punch the show off wimp he deserved what he got act cocky this is what happens.

  11. Jasmine Rhodes says:

    It looks likes the white dude got plastic surgery on his face

  12. Marcel Mann says:

    What are we talking about, Drago blew multiple shots after the bell of the previous round, this round should never have happened … would have deserved a proper suspension by the athletic commission

  13. The MIC - Music Inspiration Channel says:

    He was originally supposed to say, "If he dies, he doesn't die." But they had to edit it for time.

  14. MotoMaximus says:

    What makes me laugh about this movie is that the roles are reversed. Russians never had that kind of tech in the 80s and yanks never trained by running through snow while lifting logs. Yanks were all doors up on roids, they just were not caught until years later.

  15. Hispanico //90 says:

    Like how Rocky and Drago look at each other..
    Rocky is like "You're gonna pay it you bastard"
    And Drago is "now you'll be next"

  16. OrganicSwagg says:

    Thanks man ur my hero

  17. Paul Fischer says:

    When life literally punches you in the face!!

  18. Comics Book Awesomeness says:

    Ivan Drago= Broly
    Apollo Creed= Frizea

  19. Y Chromosome 99 says:

    Apollo was saying "NO!" even as they were trying to stop the fight. He meant no stopping the fight NO MATTER WHAT.

  20. E-Leazy says:

    What goes around comes around

  21. wt8012 says:

    2:08 Not a single iota of remorse shown on Ivan's face.

  22. Christopher Law says:

    That here is the law of the natural world. There is only the hunter and the hunted as my father once told me.

  23. Zoltan Verdon says:

    Rocky was BEGGED TWICE to throw in the towel and he wouldn't.

  24. Shack83 says:

    Exhibition bout or not, the fight should’ve been stopped, starting when Drago pushed the referee out of the way.

    However, he must have had some kind of diplomatic immunity. That would explain how he got away with literally beating a man to death…on national television, at that.

  25. django willis says:

    Closed captions at 1:04 – (Apollo dies)

    Way to twist the knife, LOL.

  26. Kar Che says:

    Drago is better then Rocky. Dragon has a body which rocky hasn’t.

  27. WhyEXE says:

    Apollo Creed would have lasted longer if it weren't for his ego and cokyiness at the start of the fight, and at the press conference.

  28. Marcos Perez says:

    Ivan you MURDERER

  29. Nicholas Blasi says:

    1:52 when you accidentally step on a big

  30. Osama Manan says:

    Media guys don't let you breathe ??

  31. Giselle Barragan says:

    I can’t believe that Apollo died!???

  32. IsaacH1273 says:

    Dolph could've made a good Terminator.

  33. LiverpoolRetroGamer says:

    0:55 that smile ?

  34. 999,999 views says:

    Uncolored Sheep: PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!
    Pewdiepie: if he dies, he dies.

  35. Connors Stuff says:

    0:56 when you dont have your favorite food in 6 months

  36. Davzviet says:


  37. Mr.K Plays says:

    2:04 when my dad see me rage on ps4

  38. Bo Zi says:

    My favorite part of the movie?

  39. Baby Goku says:

    The Smurk on Ivan's wife was bliming making me angry

  40. Meme Regards says:

    0:47 he knocked the lights out of him

  41. Kevin Johnson says:

    Mario "if he died he dies" Yamasaki, made me want to re watch this clip lol

  42. Michael Whittaker says:

    What my mum usually says to me after a vindaloo

  43. regestrop says:

    Al Apollo lo madrearon gacho

  44. sandinyourshoes says:

    Drago wasn't heartless. He felt shame in taking it too far. Well, living with the guilt is tough…

  45. Green arrow says:

    Man rocky should have thrown the dam towel what was he waiting for

  46. Reda Henouda says:

    Creed is big mouth viva russia

  47. aaf1218 says:

    When you wait all day to get it in, she finally gets on top of yo meat and you buss in 5 seconds. 0:52

  48. YaBoyShizo says:

    When you’re kayaking and the tourist guide falls out 1:52

  49. Marko Scientist says:

    He wanted to drop his panties…


  50. T-ZER0 says:

    2:06 It was at that moment. Rocky knew what he had to do.

  51. Jeff Walker says:

    Dolph Lundgren was hands down the best villain of all the Rocky movies! The Siberian Express!

  52. SalemGhassanHanna says:

    The photographers trying to get the best possible shot of a great person's death rather than staying out the way and letting paramedics do their job better reminds me a little of Princess Diana's car accident, when paparazzi's first instinct was to photograph the aftermath instead of helping her out :'(

  53. Yankeefan24 says:

    "If he dies, he dies" ??‍♂️

  54. jules wilkins says:

    hands down worst death of any movie i cry everytime.

  55. Hine Webster says:

    Keep your hands up apollo

  56. SNGaming says:

    He was instantly killed wtf

  57. Jamal Baker says:

    if she cooks, she cooks

  58. John Seed says:

    I watched Rocky 3 but did Apollo come out of retirement in the 4th to fight this guy or something?

  59. BCRunch says:

    Even if rocky had thrown the towel, would that of stopped drago?

  60. Lukáš Semecký says:

    I miss this movies

  61. Tsar Alester says:


  62. Plo Koon says:

    1:52 the Republicans' atitude towards extremely sick people who can't afford healthcare

  63. Anderson C says:

    I think they could have been even more dramatic had Creed not be on his feet so long being punched to death. If he was that powerful it shouldn't have taken so many hits. maybe 5 or 6 "devestatingly" clean punches. Would have a greater affect. And if they got a shorter Drago…more muscular. Mr.T was better…build wise…I liked Clubber Lang better as a villain. Balboa had to work on his movement. More bellievable. Made Drago too strong and seemingly invincible. Also…when you get an actor as tall as Dolph at 6'4 and "slim"…his punches looked awkward. Even if he supposedly had a kickboxing and Karate background. His movements weren't as fluid as Mr.T. And Drago moved around in his white onesie…looking unominous…which was the effect they were going for. Should have kept his stone cold face all the time and not relax. No dancing around the ring.

  64. Chris The Man says:

    1:52 when yo homies know you finna get that asswhooped

  65. kool kev says:

    In a way death was a mercy because he would of suffered permanent brain damage from the force of those blows to the head.
    (and before some fool says it.
    In fact in anticipation, I know it's not real, Carl Weathers is alive and well. ) ?

  66. Carlos Carmona Gallego says:

    0:45 throw the damn towel ???

  67. Eric Fisher says:

    Did refs back in the 80s not stop boxing matches or did they just say ahh he will be alright…

  68. Luke Lawson says:

    It's the refs fault he was gonna stop the fight and drago pushed him away so he just let him carry on if your gonna stop the fight you stop the fight

  69. Plautus egal says:

    "i cannot be defeated" lmao

  70. ifarted69 says:

    Not only is Ivan so powerful, he has 100% accuracy

  71. The Gamefp says:

    " throw the damn tawl"

  72. Kp4l Kp4l says:

    2019 anyone???

  73. Lar Carter says:

    Who else came here after Porzingod posted that picture ????

  74. Greg4fun says:

    Awesome part of movie history, but in real life a doctor would be on Creed in seconds. haha

  75. the wrestling geek says:

    1:47 this guy really pisses me off

  76. traveller4life123 says:

    The ref tried to stop it. In real life that’s murder.

  77. Dean Bean! says:

    0:33 manslaughter

  78. Marty Taylor says:

    The fight should have been stopped after the first round I would have stopped it after the first

  79. Dwain Wilson says:

    Never understood the difference of the outcome even if he did throw in the towel?!?! Cause Dragos on a freaking man slaughter rampage here, it’s like nothing could stop him!!!

  80. Chuck bartowski says:

    Ipman 2 cop from rocky

  81. Taylor Ahern says:

    With this more deeper, more realistic awareness/appraisal of the Soviet's strength, power & Olympic conditioning, along with this better, far more thorough preparation, this prime Apollo (ages 23-35) could have beaten Drago, either by taking him the distance, or via this 9th-12th round KO.
    For a younger, better conditioned & more deeply informed Apollo, with the advantages of youth, speed, agility, stamina & focus, would have won??????

  82. Aktsar Abdikar says:

    Apollo Creed is inspiredy by Ali's character
    But let me tell you some
    What happens to Apollo in this fight was exactly what all people thought about when Ali try to fight George Foreman.
    Everybody thought Ali is going to get killed in the ring

  83. SoundLogik says:

    0:58 when you do a massive anonymous fart at a loud concert

  84. Emmanuel 123 says:

    2:06 : Killer stare

  85. Mahmood Hussain says:

    I just find it rude the camera men don’t give space

  86. GAMING GOD says:

    Me: make me a sandwich 0:39

  87. Wildcard Arts And Entertainment says:

    Creed in serious condition? Kinda, yes.

  88. Michael Song says:

    Other than the "pushing the referee away", Drago is completely right in killing Apollo. Boxing ring is a place where you can legally kill a man. Apollo knew that. Rocky knew that. Drago knew that.

    Hell, even the referee holding back Drago is technically unethical of the referee. Either the referee calls the referee-stop (referee can do that by going between the fighters, not by holding one fighter's arm), or he stays out. He can't just interfere in a fight while NOT putting up a referee-stop, unless one of the fighters was doing something illegal. And Drago wasn't.

  89. Godzilla 2019 says:

    1:44 Area 51 raid in a nutshell

  90. Jason Smith says:

    I think if Ivan didn't shove the referee than it wouldn't have been so bad. The referee's job is also to make sure they don't get seriously hurt but you don't shove them aside. Now if Ivan killed him and didn't shove the referee than it'd be a little bit more believable. I know it's a movie, but what universe do they live in that Ivan clearly breaks the rules for shoving the referee for doing his job and then kills someone?

  91. Dino Don says:

    His wife is very hot.

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