Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese | Trailer | Netflix

Summer 1975. Rumor came around that
the inspired Dylan was back… gathering all his forces. I wanna tell you something. The idea was to put a tour up. You should be playing
20,000-seaters. But instead, 
he wanted only small venues. We’re really running
short of time. I wanna introduce Bob Dylan! Boy, I sure hope
we get to Boston on time. The tour was a catastrophe. It wasn’t a success… not if you measure success
in terms of profit. The nation was so divided. So they embarked
on a journey through America. Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, 
and Jack Elliott, right in the Civic Center. You know me. I’m too old
for that kind of thing. Oh, well… The charisma that he has,
I’ve never seen anywhere before or since. It was a circus atmosphere. It was a feeling of being alive. We didn’t have enough masks
on that tour. They said, “How about if you
come on the road with us?” He hasn’t done an interview
in 20 years. Joan Baez and me could 
sing together in our sleep. Bob’s always been searching
for something else. -I think he liked the chaos.
-Focus in on that. Life isn’t
about finding yourself… or finding anything. Life is
about creating yourself.

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