RotMG: Unlocking 36 of each new Mystery Pet Skin, (108 in total)

Please Kill Me

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  1. SomePerson47 says:

    Surprisingly it actually took me a long time to make this video. Other than cropping and stuff. My CPU broke, so I have to use my mac, and for some reason sound doesn't work, so I have to find a ''good song'' song that's downloadable, then find it on my phone, by downloading an app and making an account JUST to hear it, then when I find the song I like, that's that, but then I had to find the Mystery Pet Skins for my title, because realmeye has not put up images of them yet, so I had to find a free image editor where I can crop the image of the mystery pet skins (So they don't have an ugly border) and it has to work on Mac, so I gave up on that, don't ask how I got these images.

  2. RobVil Dffoo says:

    Biggest gei

  3. Jecome says:

    Playing Geometry Dash 100%

  4. Mito A says:

    Nice outro giving it a like

  5. Fuyo/Fiow says:

    ey ey ey, this pretty gey

  6. Htc Alhec Marin says:

    man its actually not useless as you state at the end this is one of the only sources that shows what this mystery items give.

  7. RobVil Dffoo says:

    Tfw u have more dislikes than like omegalul

  8. WangleLine says:

    This whole channel is one huge fucking meme and I love it

  9. WangleLine says:

    I know you're making jokes, but the minecraft music actually makes me emotional :c

  10. Kenshin Yang says:

    Your breath smells like you have been sucking dick. 1 dislike=1 hate comment

  11. ppmaks says:

    fuck you

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