Rottweiler Performs “Someone You Loved” By Lewis Capaldi | Season 2 Ep. 10 | THE MASKED SINGER

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100 Responses

  1. Meeho Shrewdroad says:

    That tone, that vibratto, that range.. fck only Chris Daughtry had those! Gawd I miss that guy! Please make an album again, the music industry needs you. We all do! I’m crying fck!

  2. Austinator 91 says:

    Spoilers: this guy came from Cadence's high school band.

  3. Terri Clark says:

    Sorry,I don't think Chris Daughtry by long shot. Rob Dyrdek or Jared definitely not Chris Daughtry

  4. UHDEWSEA says:

    I love that chris daughtry has lost most of his southern accent while singing

  5. Maritza Vargas says:

    It's Daughtry <3 big hint look at his other video…Chris Daughtry and Jencarlos "Demons" Duet — Song Only

  6. Rena Wilson says:

    I sure love Chris's Voice!

  7. Cool Guy says:

    This is Chris Daugthry !!! Amazing voice….

  8. Heidi S says:

    I think its the lead singer from Panic at the Disco, Brandon Urie

  9. Melissa Holcomb says:

    Chris daughtry love him

  10. jamie duckworth says:


  11. jessiekat04 says:

    Not Daughtry. Darren Criss from Glee.

  12. Reyna Garcia says:

    My favorite song done so well!!!!❤️❤️

  13. jessiekat04 says:

    And Fox is Terrence Howard, the first Roadie in the first Iron Man. Flamingo is either Demi Lovato or Adrienne Bailon, both we’re baptized in Israel.

  14. Austin Pinkerton says:

    Chris Daughtry

  15. Austin Pinkerton says:

    My favorite American idol contestant.

  16. Alyssa Knapp says:

    I love Darren but how can they not tell it's Chris! It's so obvious.

  17. Kodi J. Ellis says:

    Chris Daughtry for sure. But I cant be the only one that cried over this one? Such a beautiful and heart wrenching song.

  18. Corby Westbrook says:

    First few lines into this song… (I hadn’t seen previous episodes this season). But it should hit you like a brick.
    If that’s not Chris Daughtry.
    Good grief it’s a twin he didn’t know he had.
    Incredible cover. I liked it even more then original.
    Thank you Chris D. ?

  19. Dopey Lyn says:

    This made me tear up! So powerful! ? chris daughtry

  20. emilio rubio says:

    Low-key sounds like Adore Delano?!?!?! anyone else?

  21. boomer1529 says:

    When the masked version is better than the original

  22. Jordan S says:

    Can I just have a soundtrack of this seasons songs to download from Rottweiler? My God he’s talented.

  23. timelordess227 says:

    Yep, 100% Chris Daughtry

  24. dbzking02 says:

    DAUGHTRY?!?! IS THAT YOU?!?! I mean, come on! Just listen to 0:52 for instance!

  25. Prism king says:

    100% Chris!!!!

  26. Kilsey Melissa says:

    Chris Daughtry k
    new from the voice

  27. Brendan Duquette says:

    Is that Chris Daughtry? Enrique Iglesias?

  28. shy bill says:

    This guy can sing.. Man eater and Someone you loved awesome

  29. Jackie Watson says:

    I’m sure Rott and Fox will be in final 2. This suspense is killing me. They’re so good

  30. Diane Daniels says:

    It is absolutely Chris!!

  31. Frankie Tortonesi says:

    Chris for sure. All the clues lead to him. I hope he wins first place this time.

  32. jordan says:

    I don’t know how someone couldn’t know this is Chris Daugherty

  33. Lady Beldaran says:

    So there's a part of me that is like "its so awesome they think this is Darren, I'm sure Darren is flattered"…but then…I honestly can't see how anyone with any knowledge of Darren's career or voice could possibly think this was him. I can't think of a single clue that has anything to do with Darren and none of the things associated with Darren are anywhere to be found. And while Darren has an amazing voice…this sounds literally nothing like him.

  34. BerryinHI says:

    Is his version of this song available for purchase? I could listen to it for hours.

  35. Emylee Salkind says:

    I see everyone’s sayin it is Chris Daughtry, but anyone else hear Trey Songz?

  36. Juju Bee says:

    First song, I knew it was Chris from his cute little hitches that he puts into his notes. COME ON JUDGES! It's Daughtry!

  37. Josephine Fuentez says:

    Well I didnt know….and I love him

  38. Bree H says:

    I know….EXACTLY who this is!

  39. kazehana877 says:

    Before this song I thought Castle on the hill was the best performance, but this one blew it away the Rott is the best singer!!!

  40. Marla Rogers says:

    The Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry! I love him!

  41. Gary Cassibry says:

    Chris Daughtry

  42. Robin Kirk says:

    How do they not get it's Chris Daughtry??? ??

  43. Robin Kirk says:

    Listen to Daughtry "As you are!"

  44. Andrew Ehlke says:

    Chris Daughtry deserve to win.

  45. Asia Mountford says:

    He better win!!!! He is pure gold!!! That voice is like an angel!

  46. Christine Courage says:

    Can someone please contact Lewis capaldi and tell him to sell his rights to the song?! Amazing

  47. Celica Renee Lopez says:

    This performance was minding blowing, I truly hope Chris makes a single of this song, I cried like a baby. ????

  48. LisaDaVonne says:

    I’m crying!!! I love you Chris?

  49. Veronica D.I.A_Artistry says:

    NO ONE HAS A VOICE LIKE THIS MAN! How is it NOT obvious to these judges!? His voice is INSTANT goosebumps.

  50. Dana Gorham says:

    Ive seen Daughtry live and He made me cry then. The fact they don't know who he is right off the bat let's you know that they don't know many rock singers

  51. Ciara Cee says:

    That IS Chris Daughtry. You can tell it through the entire song.

  52. Jose Rivera says:

    Im team wayne brady, but daughtry kills it.

  53. Shell Benji51 says:


  54. Trollis Anzaldua says:

    Reminds me of his days on idol when he was amazing people then. I feel like a lot of people including himself forget how good he really is

  55. Keila Vieyra says:

    Uh I would pay for this version of the song. I am loving it!!!

  56. Katelyn Perry says:

    This is my favorite song sung by my favorite character and singer on the masked singer

  57. Katelyn Perry says:


  58. Tamara Brashear says:

    How can you dislike this !?!?!? Come on now !!!!

  59. Sarahlynn says:


  60. Brace Hail says:

    I can't wait to see the expressions on the judges faces when they find who it is.

  61. David Chacon says:

    If I'm correct he wins the whole thing. Last season the judges didn't guess it was T-Pain even once, so far the judges haven't guessed Chris Daughtry even once.

  62. Tori Angel96 says:

    Chris daughtrey called it since day one

  63. Beth Ann says:

    That's definitely Daughtery. They HAVE to know. Wtf.

  64. Raybon Britt says:

    Chris has a chance to finally/rightfully win a singing competition! Shouldve won the first one ??‍♂️

  65. Emma Hunter says:

    In one of the clue packages when he siad its not over chris has a single called its not over and amazing song so for the judges that dont recognize his voice is ridiculous

  66. bethpat9 says:

    Wow! Amazing!

  67. J NE says:

    Imagine writing/performing an amazing song, and someone else comes along, and completely connects with it in ways you could never. This must be what Dolly Parton felt like when Whitney sang, "I will always love you.". Both versions are great, but this one…

  68. Sara Parrish says:

    I could tell by this performance it was him

  69. Jesse Nathan says:

    This guy sang the song better than Lewis Capaldi

  70. Justin Gardner says:

    Lead singer for Theory of a Deadman, Tyler Connolly

  71. Mike Maxim says:

    Chris Dogtree

  72. Adroit Artist says:

    never seen an episode until this. wow this is beautiful and it sounds like daughtry

  73. Ivernn Pang says:

    I hope Chris Daughtry wins bcoz he was robbed in Idol. This is like a comeback

  74. Elena McGee says:

    I Love Chris Daughtry!!!

  75. Tin man says:

    T-Pain 0:23 – "OMG"

    That's how we felt when you sang Stay With Me. Chris sang the heck out of this!

  76. E c h o says:

    I could listen to this over and over…and I am! That vibrato! The emotion! I love Chris Doghtry! (get it, because the dog is Chris 😀 )

  77. Lawrence PROLFC says:

    Daughtry door kicked off American idol so now he’s bout to win the masked singer! Payback!

  78. hunnerdayEDT says:

    I'm kinda getting use to the Rottweiler winning…

  79. Brady Lee says:

    From the first note of the season, I knew who this was. Rott is by far the easiest to know who it is. The fox and flamingo are also obvious.

  80. Calvin Charton says:

    He's much much better than the original version!??

  81. Anthony P. L. says:

    First note and I'm its Chris Daughtry

  82. Jess K says:

    Aghh. I loved this performance.. this is def Chris Daugherty.

  83. panicbrendon says:

    100% Daughtry

  84. erin king says:

    Never really watched the show before this night. 2 bars in and I told my wife it was Daughtry. No way it can't be.

  85. Jhon Barns says:

    I can’t stop watching this he’s so good?

  86. Second Opinion says:

    Some of the clues are confusing but def sounds like chris

  87. Scott White says:

    Better than the original?

  88. Sheree Chandler says:

    I honestly feel bad for Chris that the judges don’t know it’s him. He has a very distinctive voice. Makes me want to punch all of them lol

    Very beautiful performance ❤️

  89. mdmelnoelle says:

    Daughtry sings a little lower than this….maybe he’s trying to throw people off?

  90. Neil Jarman says:

    Definitely, Chris Daughtry.

  91. James Johnson says:

    I’m a heterosexual man, and that performance gave me both goosebumps and hard nippies.

  92. thebailey family says:

    To the Rottweiler (cough cough) Chris…. I couldn’t agree more with some of these comments but mostly PLEASE cover this song. I’ve listened to ur arrangement 100 times and I cry EVERY time. Beautiful job!!! Blessings to you and yours

  93. Ann Jarada says:

    Hit like if you believe rottwieler is chris doughtry…

  94. Dewey Sensenbrenner says:

    The 55 dislikes must be Taylor Hicks fans.

  95. Casey Masters says:

    This is the song that gave the singer away to me. Almost identical to his time on American Idol

  96. Dawson D says:

    Man Chris is good! One of my all time favs! I’m gonna cry when win or lose when he’s revealed! His music has had such an impact on my life.

  97. Chrissys Critiques says:

    I was so blown away by Chris’s performance I just noticed the background, there’s his rose tattoo ❤️

  98. sirenmuscle says:


  99. Susan Rice says:

    Omg that's definitely chris

  100. Rolonda Chipman says:

    I wasn't totally convinced that the rottweiler was Chris Daughtry until this performance!!!!! He had me in tears!!!! So AMAZING!!!!!!

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