Roxie the French Bulldog | Bring Your Dog to Work Day With P. Allen Smith

Well, my name is John Owens, and the name
of my dog is Roxie, and I’m the President of P. Allen Smith Companies. Roxie is a French
Bulldog. She’s fawn red color, which is kinda rare for a French Bulldog. She’s very, very
lovable, very protective. She’s good around kids. She gets a little aggressive sometimes
with other dogs. She has a lot of tricks that she can do. I don’t know how many of them
I’m gonna be able to get her to do today because she’s so excited. She’s very vocal. She likes
to make noises. She sings. We sing together quite frequently. “On the perilous night…”
Are you not in the singing mood? Roxie’s 5-years-old. Nickname’s Roxie Boxie, Nugget. We have two
other dogs that she — in our home, and she thinks she’s the queen bee. Is she the queen
bee? Yes, she is definitely the queen bee. Roxie came from Northern Arkansas. She was
bred right here. The French Bulldogs are making a resurgence. You may not know it, but French
Bulldogs were originally bred from English Bulldogs. And the way you can tell the difference
between an English Bulldog and a French Bulldog is the French Bulldogs don’t drool like the
English Bulldogs do. She is very happy right now. She likes all the attention. Her favorite
treat would be a piece of cheese. She has to take a lot medicine — she has skin problems,
and usually I use cheese to give it to her.

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