Safety of Stainless Steel Pet Food Bowls

Mary loves her dog Buster, so she does her best to keep him healthy. Giving him plenty of exercise and good clean food. Mary thought she was doing everything right until she discovered that Buster’s bowl could affect his health, too. It turns out that many pet food bowls are made of cheap and toxic materials. Nasty stuff that Buster might absorb along with his dinner. Stainless steel is a great option, but be careful. Foreign-made bowls can have toxic impurities like lead and even radioactive metals. That’s why Mary was so happy when she found the high quality stainless steel bowls at Basis Pet. These dishwasher safe, easy to clean bowls are made in the USA from food grade stainless steel. She loves that they’re backed by a five star customer rating, and independently tested for lead, mercury, and cadmium. So Mary can relax and get back to spending time with her best friend. Learn more at

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