Samoyed Dog Gets Hair Did, While Siberian Husky Gives A Massage | Kritter Klub

Ouch, huskie! Huskie hit me [insert autotune]. And that really hurt The Return of Superman Dad to the rescue~ Imma hug you so tight that you can’t do nothing to nobody Calm down Kill em with kindness Gimme a massage instead! You’ve heard of a Thai massage, but have you ever gotten the Siberian Husky massage?! Meanwhile, this samoyed dog is as calm as can be While getting its hair did by the owner Becky with the good hair

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33 Responses

  1. Λунαи тυянαи says:


  2. Cat Buddies TV says:

    Hi! Thank you for sharing your cute video! i spent alot of time making cat videos, hoping for little support.. 😸

  3. oceans ! says:

    Cute 😻

  4. Vikram Singh says:


  5. نور سمير says:


  6. Golden Will says:

    I like the Thai massage.

  7. Maria Laura Valdez says:

    Que video divertido !!😁😊

  8. Wahyuni keisha Wahyuni keisha says:


  9. Linda Lopez says:

    At least a dog looks healthy

  10. Evan Abbott says:

    Hehehe he loves that hair dryer😁👍

  11. Farzana El-Syed says:


  12. Pranav says:

    The Hi There! In the beginning always scares me idk why

  13. Maria Zenilda says:

    Eu tenho essa raça o meu e bem colmo

  14. Gloria Tintaya says:

    so cute😃

  15. Will The Person says:

    Huskies, the cutest dogs!


    Wow… that looks like a cotton candy… I need one..!

  17. Incognito Dorito says:

    The second dog is a gentleman

  18. Leo Vijayan says:

    Both the dogs are cute but the 2nd one amazed me. Wonderful video. I saw it 3 times. The video makes me happy.

  19. Angelica Eleutério says:


  20. Diana Dobson says:

    So funny and adorable. 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐾🐾💚❤💙💜💛

  21. Pretty Panda Bear says:

    Kudos👏👏 to that furr 💞 baby 😍 for patting on his back…..he thought he will never pay him like that lol😂

  22. Connor Your CyberWife says:

    Becky with the good hair lol

  23. py ro says:

    lmao that title

  24. Sydney Lim says:

    I need this video after watching the terrible incident with the dog that was starved 😞🥰

  25. Coracao Formoso 123 says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️🐕🐈lindos anjos amores gratidão eterna pelos resgates dos anjihos lindos 🐕🐈🐾🇧🇷❤️ saludos desde Brazil ❤️

  26. Loli-potato- says:

    Husky: gives a horrible massage to the daughter, dad comes, gives a hard massage on his back. *floofy cotton candy: gettin' my fur done~ uwu

  27. Joi Davis says:

    who else thought the Husky was giving the Samoyed a message

  28. Milade Axundova says:


  29. Solarnight UWU says:

    0:46 reading subtitle
    When did my country goes in the video oof XD

  30. Queen M :3 says:

    "Becky with the good hair"

  31. Janet Hope says:

    So funny and hilarious.a doggy dog getting a haircut at the barbershop.

  32. Dravity says:

    Lol and my dog always hides its head underneath something while using the hair dryer on her.

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