Scary Sound To Make Your Dog Come Close & Hug You | try not to laugh lol

Sound To Make Your Dog Come Close & Hug You

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  1. Alejandra Fierro says:

    Well that didn’t work. My dog kept eating 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Røsë Eđitš and more says:

    She wanted to know where the noise was coming from and started licking me and then sat down and started crying lmao

  3. Artistic3dd says:

    my dog tried to hump me

  4. Morgan Smith says:

    My dog continued to beg for my food

  5. Adriana Veljkovich says:

    It actually worked and she not the type of dog that will do this

  6. The Smart Roll says:

    Thiis Worked in my pitbull Puppy

  7. James Thompson says:

    She rides my arm

  8. frankafer says:

    My dog just started humping my leg so I had to stop early

  9. your day dreamer says:

    Lmao when the video started my dog picked up his paw and clicked another video 😂😂😂😂

  10. •Miss Heavenly• says:

    My dog got scared and cuddled me

  11. That One Gryffindor says:

    my dod ran away from me

  12. SleepyMcFroggo JR. says:

    My dog was asleep when I played this and she looked scared while sleeping..

  13. Autumn Bunny49 says:

    It kinda sounds like dragons or dinosaurs soooo I'm fine and my dogs are still under the bed

  14. • OldGranny • says:

    Nah he went in the dark corner under my bed

  15. Lon Ner says:

    My dog maybe small but she is not afraid

  16. Unreal Kookie says:

    This made me come to my dog and hug him

  17. Yariceli Rojas says:

    My dogs just layes down like they couldnt here anything

  18. Jj Henderson says:

    My dog got up and payed down w me

  19. LydelTheBossXD 09 says:

    I'm getting scared

  20. Randhir Singh says:

    It just fucking did nothing to my pitbull 🧟‍♀️

  21. Lemon Sauce says:

    my dog tryed to play a game with me he took tha toy he had and just gave it to me and waged his tail lol

  22. Melissa Coleman says:

    My dog started whining and howling and barking lol

  23. Reese Lavene says:

    My dog is a brave girl she is comforting me and holding my hand

  24. Noah Redmond says:

    This made me scared not my dog lol

  25. Andy Dm says:

    Didn't work

  26. Sparkles f says:

    She came and sat beside me close enough right

  27. Chloe Mackins says:

    My dog went straight to me and wined.

  28. Kinley Elrod says:

    This had 0 effect on my dog😂

  29. Bongo Chihuahua says:

    My dog kept sleeping

  30. Dustin D. says:

    They still sleeping they used to my violent horde hunting video games and loud porn by now

  31. Hermes the cinnamon roll says:

    Okay I was the one who got scared af

  32. Jessi Mong says:

    This is the stupidest thing ever my dog didn’t do a thing just continued to do his usually thing

  33. Ella Mae says:

    My dog just tilted his head and fell back to sleeo

  34. Esamisipho Nxumalo says:

    My dog didn't do a damn thing he just carried on snoozing😁

  35. USER_NOT_FOUND 2.0 says:

    I can't believe this actually worked

  36. Noah Rees says:

    My cat did more then my dog

  37. Siddhant kumar says:

    My dog just listen this sound & sleeping well

  38. Nicolaj Damgaard says:

    My dogs Thinking what are you doing😑🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  39. Fabiola says:

    My dog kept looking around to see if there was anthing 😂 then found out it was my phone

  40. Shawn Matthews says:

    You shouldn’t play a Sasquatch mating call if you live close to the woods.

  41. Eva Kim says:

    My dog kept looking out the windows

  42. Sarah Sheppard games says:

    Lmao my dog didn't care at all

  43. Zoe Langford says:

    I laughed

  44. Allison Theiss says:

    My dogs just sniffed my speaker and walked away

  45. Zoe Harris says:

    My dog is scared of my phone 🙄

  46. W4rrior says:

    My dog just started growling

  47. Bronte Trainor says:

    No now my dogs just following me

  48. Drawing With Destinee says:

    This works, I did it and I acted like someone was hitting me and he came up and cuddled me (he's a German Shepherd puppy)

  49. OAKISTRY says:

    my dog wanted right when i played the first bit lol

  50. Alyssa And Faith The Powerful says:

    My poor ears

  51. Kamiz Puppy says:

    It made my dog lie down in her side

  52. ItzjustLetha says:

    My dog tried to attack my face

  53. AVE SHINX says:

    It's so scary I Hug my dog

  54. n Beats says:

    Sound to make your Puppy Sleep within 5 Min !!!
    Check this out and let me know how your Cute puppies reacted to it 🙂

  55. AWEJA Squad says:

    My dog bit my ass

  56. Melissa Efird says:


  57. Its Jessie says:

    It worked they stopped fighting😂

  58. sleepy lemonade says:

    she looked out of window to see who is there lol?

  59. Yucari's slime recipies & more says:

    Well that didnt work

  60. Pringle says:

    My dog did nothing

  61. Symphony Kuykendall says:

    my dog just kept playing with my other dog

  62. Jessica Bean says:

    My dog getting move

  63. Valentina Ponson says:

    Keeps laying down on the floor it doesn't do anything

  64. ColdMiggitymike says:

    I think it scared my Sister than the dog 😂

  65. Logan Ramos says:

    My dog was laying down and looked up at me and gave me a "turn that noise off im trying to sleep look" then went back to sleep…..

  66. John Mint says:

    I pretend I’m possessed with this sound. Which scares my dog

  67. Benedick Andes says:

    its like a demon and Dien animal,s💔😫😭😭

  68. TheBrickBros says:

    My dog just started crying

  69. Styles clasher45 says:


  70. It's kitten UwU says:

    You're so mean my baby is only like a little baby I protect her like you you only want to scare my dog

  71. Liyah Rozett says:

    My dog sat their and sometimes looked at me

  72. Jordan Thomas says:

    My dog fell asleep listening to this

  73. Carlos Bravo says:

    This just made my dog lick her private😂😂

  74. Brokenhearted _Liisa says:

    The sounds scared me more than the dogs😂 I ran to them but the walked away

  75. John Doe says:

    Never hugged me

  76. Brienna King Porto says:

    I forgot I had headphones on 😂😂 the only scared one is me

  77. Megan Rose says:

    My dog just slept so funny

  78. Nancy Trujillo says:

    This didnt make my dog hug me it made me hug her😂

  79. Mykayla Malshuk says:

    Wow your dog must me a scared cat because my dog could care less

  80. NiranXNaruto Uzumaki says:

    My dog did not even bother listening what the hell disliking vid

  81. Mr - Anonymus says:

    He just kept playing with his ball – until I went to him to hug him…

  82. RODARK RK2666 Serafin says:

    is the first one dinosaurs?

  83. Theresa Webster says:

    My dog started whining and shaking and ran up to me and laid down on me

  84. 1971 Ford pinto channel says:

    This shit sound skary asf

  85. Phantom ARMY says:

    When I did this she ran away

  86. F.D Vlogs! says:

    He tried to bit my face when i pushed him away

  87. Yagmur Karabag says:

    He just go away😂

  88. sarah warden says:

    Didn't work and my dog is right in front of me liars liars

  89. Lucid3x says:

    My dog just braked

  90. Zach Baden says:

    My dog started whimpering and then tried to run away

  91. LLJD Squad The gansters says:

    My dog just sat there😂😂

  92. RG Studios says:

    She came close to my thigh lol

  93. Ryan Mowlds says:

    It didn’t work!!!!!!!!!

  94. Rose Plain says:

    My dog is laying on my neck she doesn't care about the sound

  95. XxTay_YTxX ! says:

    haha this made me go close to my dog , my dog wanted me to get away from her😂😂😂

  96. sakura studios says:

    My dog was looking for where the noise was coming from

  97. That Bitch says:

    My dog just got excited and happy. Might start playing this sound when he's sad.

  98. default default says:

    My dog didnt care he just kept playing with his Barbie lol

  99. the naughty boys says:

    ..he doesnt care at all😂

  100. marcus reinus says:


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